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teng = pain; ai = love why does "teng ai" = to love deeply?



usually, "teng ai" in chinese , the mean : that love from elder to kids ,and that love from them heart deeply.

Well if it "pains" someone to "love", then he/she must be "deeply in love". With respect to parent-children relationships, isn't there a saying in Chinese that says 打是疼骂是爱? :D
打是疼骂是爱 is a joke there is anthor sentence after 打是疼骂是爱 full sentence is 打是疼骂是爱 实在不行搁脚揣 哈哈

kingborn.... stop wasting time... just come right out and say you think Eva is "hot"

can you guys show it in chinese....the word "teng" and use it in a full sentence..please.. i just want to see

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