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Here is a good "virtual" keyboard... I know there may be others, but this seems to be a good "virtual" keyboard to allow you to type Russian letters. You can change the language on the bottom left of the keyboard, type what you need, then just highlight and cut/paste onto another webpage. (press control c to cut, then control v to paste). It seems rather awkward and slow, even to me, but it gets the job done!




Yes that is one. I like the one at the following: this one allows me to use my own keyboard to type the russian letters then I can cut and paste to wherever. I also brought russian stickers for my keyboard. They are overlays on my english keyboard and work very well. anyone who wishes to get some just let me know.

Actually the stickers like you mentioned would be even better than the other virtual keyboards, since I can switch between English and Russian letters already with some encoding thing I downloaded. Where did you find the stickers to buy?
It is no difficulty having the russian keys in your lap or desk top. GO to control panel, go to regional and language select russian. When you want to use it just use alt - shift. That becomes your key to be russian

Thanks for sharing, very useful

Here is another one with complementary functions, such as spellchek and e-mail sending . But unfortunately, these functions are available, only if you use Internet Explorer as a browser.
I recommend:  - there is also explanation how to russify your Windows...

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