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who will be my first portuguese teacher?

dear all,
i need a real patient teacher to learn portuguese. both colloquial and written.
who will give me a hand?
lily da china (here so many lilys)



 Hi, Lily!

 How are you doing?

I can be your first Portuguese teacher.I'm Brazilian, Portuguese is my mother tongue, so feel free to send me your doubts. You can also talk to me on line if you want it.It'll be all my pleasure.....So talk to you soon....Have a good time.

hi, Jonas,

thank for reply and nice to meet you,  usally  when you are online? i learn a text book so maybe we can discuss that first and then we talk sth related. i also like to ask many questions, if you don't feel well with the question, just let me know. i don't ask any private things but i can hear from friend, happiness and sadness.
i try my best to use portugues, but of course with many mistakes. please always underline and correct it. the word i put in english means i don't know how to say, pls. teach me. so i start the first question, como se descrever um bolo? forma, cor, qualidade,  e ingredient.
bom dia e obrigada,

Hello... If you need, perhaps i can help in all things about portuguese... Send your quetions... Bye!!! 
Hi Lily!
The best way to ask your question would be: Como se DESCREVE um bolo?
regarding to the answer to that question, I'll let it to Jonas!

Hi! I can help you, if you want! Check my website :)) you can see some things about mee :D


My name is Moises. 

It is a pleasure to share a little of my culture with foreigners and know that I can also acquire knowledge through this cultural exchange. I'm a Brazilian who lives in the south of Brazil. I'm a talkative person who likes to share experiences, knowledge, plans, and likes. I like to do many things such as play soccer, watch TV, read a good book, sing, dance, listen to music, facebook, and have a good conversation with interesting people. I want improve my English and help people who are learning Portuguese.

Skype ID: moises.martins.chaves


Oi :)

My name is Paloma and I offer portuguese classes by skype. If you want to learn portuguese in a fast manner, please visit my Italki profile.


Um abraço!

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