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Let's begin

Let’s get Greek letters on our P.C: Go to e-explorer tools -> Internet Options -> Fonts. Select Greek in the 'Language Script' area to add a new language at your browser. Lesson 1# Greek alphabet = Helliniko alfavito - Ελληνικ? αλφ?βητο (= means how it sounds, and - how we write it): Αα = Aa. Ββ = Vv. Γγ = (something between g and h). Δδ = (something between d and th). Εε = Ee. Ζζ = Zz. Ηη = i (don’t confuse it with the English Hh, this is 1 of the 3 basic i that we use). Θθ = th. Ιι = Ii. Κκ = Kk. Λλ = Ll. Μμ = Mm. Νν = Nn. Ξξ = Xx. Οο = Oo. Ππ = Pp. Ρρ = Rr (don’t confuse it with English p). Σσ-? = Ss (here is an exception: this ? s we put it at the end of a word, so every word that ends with s it’s always this ?). Ττ = Tt. Υυ = i (the third basic i). Φφ = Ff. Χχ = Hh. Ψψ = ps. Ωω = o.



Something is wrong: Every ? you see is α or ς.


Looks bit complicated to me. Will try to keep up, Sir.

hi i would like to learn the greek language and i dont know how to do it 
i need some information

it looks like it will be fun

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