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yuándàn kuàilè =Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to every one! All best wishes for you all my friends!
Most people know新年快乐(xīnnián kuàilè) means "happy new year". But maybe you met some of your Chinese friends are a little bit confused when you greeted them on January 1st. Since this phrase is also can used during the Chinese new year, January 1st is taken as westen new year. Chinese people call it 元旦(yuándàn),which means a new start of a year. 元(yuán)'s original meaning is "head", so it is used to indicate a start or the highest statue (such as 元首yuánshǒu:head of state).旦(dàn)originally indicated the sun just after sunrise, so it's also used to indicate start. 
So in Chinese we normally say 元旦快乐(yuándàn kuàilè) on January 1st to indicate "Happy New Year".



A complemence:
At the beginning, 元旦yuándàn is used to indicate the first day of Chinese new year, 大年初一(dànián chūyī).

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