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What does everyone here use to improve their Persian? A couple things I use are: khosh migzare! -Dave



1) online Dehkhoda&Moein Persian-Persian Dictionaries ( largest comprehensive ones ever) but to use this you should be a native level persian speaker or even better. moreover you need to learn how to type persian. i)you can install persian fonts(if you donno how to do it, ask me without hesitation). ii)you use online persian typing machines and copy paste it on the Mibo search(for instance: or iii) if you cant even read persian alphabet you better start learning

2)translating english text to persian: ( better than nothing  oO)

3)english-persian persian-english dictionaries: i) my favorite with a user friendly interface:  ii)  

4) some proverbs:

Thanks for sharing these links! The site seems to be down...
I like this dictionary:
I'm looking forward to learning more farsi with you. As for now I'm a complete beginner :)

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