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Petition to United Nations


My dear friends!   Мир вам! - السلام عليكم ! - Peace to you! - Paux à vous!

Sign the Petition to the sitting of Security Council of United Nations Organization (January 13, 2009)
where will be passed judgment to conflict between Israel and Palestine.

To: United Nations 

Dear Members of United Nations! 

We, the undersigned, people of all countries, religions and races appeal through you to all governors of countries, parties, motions, movements, to people of whole planet. 

The intolerance is the main cause of wars and conflicts. We all are equal in front of Creator. We all are interconnected. 

You (governors of countries, parties, motion, movements) are people like we. Believe me; it is so sad to lose your relatives, friends, and children. And we really have a lot of friends all over the world. We want to live and to be glad when we see our children are happy. 

There is no justification when innocent people, who were drawn 
in the conflict, are perished. There are not winners or losers in the war. All of us suffer! 

The real force is love! Love to world, to people, to country…This force is able to stop everything, is able to build not to destroy. 

They, who want war, do not want peace. Who have said that aggression is force? But, maybe aggression is fear and greed? 

Only peaceful suggestions can calm this war and extinguish fire, unmask everything and everyone. 

People! If you are sensible, stop! All of us need peace! 

Мы, нижеподписавшиеся, люди всех стран, всех рас и религий обращаемся через Вас ко всем руководителям государств, партий, движений, ко всем людям планеты. 

Нетерпимость является главным источником всех войн и конфликтов. Мы все равны перед Создателем. Мы все взаимосвязаны. 

Вы (руководители стран, партий, движений) такие же люди, как и мы! Поверьте, это очень больно терять своих родных, детей, друзей во всех уголках мира! А у нас действительно много друзей во всём мире. Мы хотим жить и радоваться жизни наших родных, детей, друзей. 

Нет никаких вам оправданий, когда гибнут невинные люди, втянутые в конфликты. Нет никаких вам оправданий, когда гибнут дети планеты! В войне нет победителей и побеждённых. Страдают все! Любовь к жизни, к миру, стране, людям - вот что является движущей созидательной силой. 

Мира не хотят те, кому выгодна война. Кто сказал, что агрессия это сила? А может быть агрессия это страх и жадность? Только миролюбивые предложения, раскрытие подлинного лица и мотивов войны могут погасить её. 

Люди! Если вы люди здравомыслящие, остановитесь! Всем нужен мир! 







Sign the petition on the site 

Thank  you mt friend .I hope that all theworld live with peace . no wor any more . I agree with u that love is that magic force u can affect with it on any thing in yr daily life .

I  am totally with this but Israel  have to be judged and need who to stop it 

I did.. All we hope for is that they will take some time to read and think about it.
Thanks Aziza for the link.


My dear friends! I need your help. Who can check the text of the petition with the English translation into Arabic? Please send me your translation.   


الاعضاء العزاء فى الامم المتحده

 نحن الموقعين ادناه والناس من جميع البلدان والاديان والاعراق تناشد من خلالكم الى جميع حكام الولايات من البلدان والاطراف والحركات.

التعصب هو السبب الرئيسى للحروب والصراعات ونحن جميعا سواسيه امام الخالق ونحن جميعا مترابطون كما لو اننا شعب . ان الامر يسبب لنا غايه فى الحزن عندما تفقد الاقارب والاصدقاء والاهل والاحباب واننا نرى ان جميع من فى العالم من مختلف الجنسيات ولااديان يرغب فى ان يعيش فى سلام وامان ليس فقط من اجله وانما من اجل اولاده واحبابه.

لايوجد اى ذنب اقترفه هؤلاء الابرياء الذين قتلوا فى هذا الصراع لايوج فائزون وخاسرون فى الحرب فالجميع يعانى من فقدان الاحباب..


ان القوه الحقيقيه الحب الحب الذى يمكن ان يصدى لمن يريد تدمير العالم وبث الفوضى والخراب والحب يمكنا من البناء ويبعدنا عن التدمير .

ان الذين يقومون بالحرب لايريدون السلام وانما ارداوا باستخدام القوه الخوف والعدوان والجشع.

الاقتراحات السلمية وحدها ممكن ان تهدئ ويطفئ الحريق ، ويكشف كل شئ للجميع.

كل منا يحتاج الى السلام


I hope you will understand me.   Look at what the message was sent to me.

"hello aziza how are you if want to live an ancien country you can go there (gazza) ı upset for they but they are not modern person ı think you don't know them very well or you don't know their culture you(to be a woman) second person in the life you don't have to say anything they know everything for you but ı am also upset for they think again"    
No problem... Everyone has their own opinion.  But  I replied.


"I try to explain to you my attitude. 
War is like a fight. There are no winners and losers in the war. Every human being suffers from it. The pendulum of war (the chopper of the war) involves all stakeholders. The peace needs all people. Do you understand me? Yes I am looking for my friend Mohammed. He has a wife and 5 children. My mother died 12 Oct, 2008. It is the first of my friends supported me. I thank all my friends. I have many friends with realistic views. They are wonderful! I am ready to take his children to preserve. Do you understand? We are all equal before God! I respect people of all races and religions. I came here to learn and help others to learn Russian. Is that clear? I want to have honest and good relations with everyone." 

Do you understand my attitude?

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