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Some help with adding words to my vocabular

Hey everyone.
I've just learned all the hiragana and soon i'm finished with katakana too :)
The problem is that I have a hard time finding words to fill out my vocabular with so I cant use the kana I've learned. So feel free to post some japanese words(in hiragana/katakana) and the english meaning so I can learn some new ones :) Thanks!



Hi Anton,

Read Read Read! Thats the best advice I can give you. It sounds like you finished the Hiragana and katakana, so now i suggest trying to read very simple things. I reccomend getting a copy of the Doraemon Manga comic book. There are almost no kanji, and it is very simple for learning simple every phrases.

Best of luck!

Yeah that sounds like a good idea, just that I don't know many words, so then I have to translate every new word I read. And in the beginning it will be almost every single word... Do you know of a site that you can translate kana words easily?

I use:

It helps underline what my mouse points on. Try going there, and then using it to read another website! Good luck

There's this great kanji dictionary I use as well, it turns it all into furigana for you, if that will be helpful. I agree with AJ, reading manga helps a lot, especially because it comes with pictures. Also, flashcards! Make flashcards of every new word and go over them every now and then, it really helps.

Kanji website:

I would start by learning things in categories... Animals, location words, colors, numbers, etc. Find words that would help you create sentences. Ex. Say you learn how to say I like something... Find words to fill in the blank. (I like cats would be watashi wa neko ga suki desu) Watashi - I Neko - cat Sukidesu - to like Ga - particle

Do a search on anki you should be able to find some good online flashcards

Hi !(ハイ!)

I'm sizuko (ワタシハ(wa)、シズコ デス)

I ate udon noodles for lunch today. (ワタシハ(wa)、キョウ、オヒルゴハンニ、ウドンヲ、タベマシタ)

Have you ever eaten udon noodles ? (アナタハ(wa)、イママデ、ウドンヲ、タベタコトアリマスカ?)

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