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Voice chat on skype.

People, I'm looking for friends that use skype. I would like to meet new friend that can talk in English and get some oral practice.
If you are interested, please send a message.




hi  my friend. i like to talk english, can you help me?

naasinaasi1-----skype     adress

my skype id : mafiamafia878

i'd like to talk to sb in english.
my skype id is:
 hello every 1
i am here to meet and make new friends and learn languges

my skype is:eagle0111111

 my skype: ss911ss

my skybe is: msaadnegm
my msn:

Count me in, the topic builder should set up a time to start chating regularly and let ppl in this table ..Skype:bonnycarter

My Skype ID is lazarchik.evgeniy
We need to know time zones of everyone to schedule chat properly.
My time zone is GMT+2


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