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TESOL/TEFL Certification Choices-Preferences & Why


I'd like to get some ideas and feedback about the various available ESL certifications that other ESL teachers have, how each came to choose that certification, and why.




I'm beginning my cert process with Bridge-Linguatec in Colorado (USA).  Has anyone taken this program? Why or why not? What did you like or dislike about it?

As much as I know, TESOL (stands for Teaching English to Speaker of Other languages)and TEFL(stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language).  So, by getting a certificate with TESOL, you will be certified to teach both ESL and EFL students.

Here are all the courses and differences in TESOL certificates:

1.TESOL for children.  If you love children and have already got appropriate certificates in this field, this would be your choice;

2. TESOL for business.  I think this certificate is suitable for those who wants to stay in an EFL(English as a Foreign Language)country.  For example, china.  There are a lot of courses to help employees to improve their English.

3. TESOL advance.  This goes deeper in the pedagogy.  

I hope this has helped.  Good day to you!


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