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Only could speak a few Portuguese words, but I'm very much interested in learning more. I speak Mandarin (native), English (quite good), and some Japanese (also looking for Japanese exchange partners). Hopefully to find Portuguese exchange partners here. Obrigada~~



Hi Iris!
How are you?
I speak Portuguese as a native language. I think we can Portuguese exchange partners, because I'm interested in learning chinese!
We can use skype or MSN.

Hi Forvill, 
Thanks very much for your reply. I wish to start from the alphbets. Right now the learning materials I have are 10 lessons of beginner level, which are printed Chinese-Portuguese copies, coz here we do not have much Portuguese learning materials. 
I'll be very happy to teach you Chinese (Mandarin). so let's find a way to work this out. 
Have a nice day!

Posso estar de ajudando, caso queira...

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