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  • The college entrance examination Chinese in Russia
    The college entrance examination Chinese in Russia next year! WOW! 汉语明年将成为俄罗斯的高考科目之一了!哇塞!
  • Free apps to learn Chinese?
    I'm wondering if there are any good free applications to learn Chinese for Upper Intermediate and Advanced users? I know ChineseSkill seems to be very popular, but it's best for beginners and inter...
  • Exchanging Chinese/English with Arabic
    Hi guys,   hope all is well!    My name is Ting, I am a native speaker of Chinese. I lived in Egypt for 5 years, however I am in no way fluent. In fact, my level is pretty low. ...
  • Chinese email address: numbers
    Why do Chinese email addresses contain so many numbers?   It looks extremely odd to non-Chinese. It doesn't give a good impression to the rest of the world - I think normally, we would associa...
  • Obsessed with pronunciation ?
    Adult education classes in my country are full of people who may speak the language they are learning more-or-less correctly in terms of grammar, but do not even try, it seems to me, to develop aut...
  • 你会去哪儿.......
    如果你明天能去世界上任何地方的话, 那么你最想去的地方是哪儿?
  • Sleeplessness 失眠
    Recently I've been sleeping poorly, and insomnia is causing me a lot of discomfort, so I would like to discuss this topic with you. Do you sleep well? Do you often suffer from sleeplessness? What d...
  • 初入italki,对外语学习的一些想法
    刚加入这个网站,觉得真的很好,至少这里的人都是“活的” 我们先不谈费用这个话题,就说免费的效果 目前来说我的英语并不好,考试分数估计也不会和蒙的有多大差距 我一直坚持,语言是要用的,我们不懂语法,但是我们可以沟通 就像我们学习母语一样,如果我们把每一门语言都当成母语,会不会不会被语法烦恼了呢 看到一篇文章说很佩服老外学中文,一年就能沟通了 其实我觉得中国人也可以做到 ...
  • 没什么卵用。卵用是什么意思。谢谢
  • language exchange about chinese and english
    Hello, I am a Chinese girl,I want to make foreign friends and improve my oral English. If you have similar thought and want to learn Chinese, please contact me without hesitation.E-mail: 13085...
  • Learning Article : 6 Chinese Food Slang Phrases
    Discuss the Article : 6 Chinese Food Slang Phrases6 Chinese Food Slang PhrasesFood and eating are very important concepts in Chinese life. As a result, the Chinese have created many food-related te...
  • I am a Chinese
    I   am   a  Chinese.   I  want to learn English  .
  • italki problem: Notebook entry not appearing
    I have written two notebook entries in the last five hours.   If I look up the recent notebook entries in Chinese (mandarin), I can't see them. However, if I go to my profile to look in my not...
  • 你喜歡哪一種茶?
    大家好, 我以前對茶沒有興趣, 我經常喝了茶 但是我不在乎茶葉的種類, 從我去中國起, 開始查關於茶葉的資料。 我現在覺得紅茶是我最喜歡的。 我很喜歡紅茶的味道, 我也覺得紅茶很香。 我現在要問一下 哪一種茶是你們最喜歡的?
  • one singer
    Does someone like to listen the songs of Dengzi Qi.
  • 中国十二生肖
    The Chinese Zodiac is part of an elaborate and laborious system based on Chinese astronomy, cosmology, and divination. It was used as a method for counting years, months, days and hours in the Chin...
  • 中文的歌曲
  • 初学者的搞笑经历
    1.有次房东问我did u eat anyting yet? 我说no.(没吃)她听后重复了一遍so u didn't eat anyting. 我说yes...(吃了)房东老太太犹豫了下,又问did u eat ?我说no.(没吃)她接着说so u didn't eat .我说yes ......(吃了)估计她当时要崩溃了2.刚上班不久,有个公司的A/R打电话来催支票,我循例问了一下他是哪...
  • 怎么提高我的中文会话?
  • What's the difference between dim sum and dumpling?