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  • Introduction
    How do you introduce yourself to a person you have just met.Different genres of people considering their ages and gender.Time of the day, year or something.
  • 哈咯!请问一下!中国幼儿园,小学生,周中学生经常在校玩什么游戏?
    哈咯!请问一下!中国幼儿园,小学生,周中学生经常在校玩什么游戏? 比如:红萝卜蹲,三的倍数,剪刀石头布,跳绳。还有哪些呢?
  • Skype group for people just starting to learn Chinese and Chinese tutors.
    Come join us in our Skype group and use our free lessons and get free help from Chinese tutors.   Leave a message if you want to join.
  • Dont be sad,He is with you forever
    Not in the name of Lord and God,but just merely gambling between politics&economy. From bombed body of men,in every women's crying tears,glance those eyesight of shocked&innocent kids Human...
  • WeChat instead of Skype
    Is it true that WeChat works better in China than Skype? Is that more popular in China?   A Chinese language partner asked if I had WeChat, I did not know it.
  • What do you think about chinese textbooks?
    Hi all, I would like to know your opinions about those textbooks for learnin chinese, do you like them or not? which textbooks have you used and what do you think about them? There's been a long ti...
  • One Chinese Sentence everyday/Cada día una oración china (每天一句中国句子)
    2014.05.15:你好( nǐ hǎo )!Hello/Hola 你 means you and 好 means good, this is the most common way in China to greet people. 你 significa tu y 好 significa bien, es la manera mas comun en China para saluda...
  • Chinese people, do you know deviantart?
    The URL is Is it blocked in China? Do many of you use it?
  • Learning Article : Chinese is REALLY Easy. Yes, I said it. Here’s Why:
    Discuss the Article : Chinese is REALLY Easy. Yes, I said it. Here’s Why:Chinese is REALLY Easy. Yes, I said it. Here’s Why:It’s the Mount Everest of languages. The language that everyone tells...
  • Basic Words of Chines
    let me help on the basic words of chines, just like Hi Hello How Are you? where you from? how old are you? nice to meet you welcome thank you
  • 普通话 Language Partner
    Looking for a language partner to help me improve 我普通话的能力. I can also help you with your english.  谢谢!
  • Chinese and English language exchange
    I live in China Guangdong I am a project mechanical engineering and looking for some new friends. I have been studied english for 6 years. I can help you with Chinese.My skype ID: Frankuang
  • Language exchange. Chinese to English/German.
    Language exchange. Chinese to English/German. Suche Partner, wer Chinesisch lernen möchten und mir Deutsch lehren können.
  • 他走了,有一点难过因为少个人教我中文,聊聊
  • 你们好!!!
    大家好! usually throughout my day I cleverly replace words that sound similar in the languages I know. for example: sure and 是   this one is my all time favorite because my friends don't know I s...
  • 我在找两个新语言交换的伙伴
  • 最好的中国电视节目为外国学生:你的建议?Chinese TV shows for foreign learners
    大家好 One of my language partners recently introduced me to CCTV's 快乐汉语 series (available on YouTube). This is aimed at learners of Chinese, and while the grammar covered in each episode is quite bas...
  • 有人看过“爱杀17”吗?还有类似的电视剧推荐吗?
    我在找一场又好玩又刺激的电视剧,大陆的台湾的都行,但受不了浪漫爱情的,对我来说真没有意思!好像大部分的为年轻人制作了这场电视剧是这样,但最近我终于找到了一场我觉得很合适的,已经看完了,这一场叫"爱杀17"(英语: "Bump Off Lover"),让我紧张的,真好看!这样的悬念惊险片正是我想要看的,如果你看过类似的好电视剧,请随便提个建议!
  • 你们的天气是好吗?
    今天我们的(美国的)天气是很热的。 我住在Texas,El Paso。 现在我们的天空是灰色的.
  • smart phones app
    HELLO,  I would really like to have an "italki" app on my smart phone/tablet  that would be awesome.   and thanks for this amazing site.   looking forward to hear from you, shoh...