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  • I need to learn cantonese!
    Yo hablo español, inglés, quiero hablar cantonese,  si alguien puede ayudarme gracias.  I speak Spanish and English I want to speak cantonese, if anybody can help me thank y...
  • let's have a Cantonese skype group
    to those people who would like to learn Cantonese or are native Cantonese speakers  Please come and join!!! comment below and I'll add u guys   see you guys on skype ^^ 
  • 我好想搵個人陪我一齊學語言啊wwwwww我可以教你講廣東話嫁www
    我想搵個人想學廣東話而佢又可以教我英文/日文/韓文/普通話/台語或其他語言。如果你想學廣東話就搵我啦www 除左廣東話,其他我都係得半桶水。 I want to find a person who want to study Cantonese, and he/she can teach me English/Japanese/Korean/Mandarin/Taiwanese/other....
  • 点解学英语可以速成捏?
    点解日日都喺咁学英语就喺一地地进步都某?讲得少净喺用得少啊!点知喔...唔掂啊 好鬼烦
  • Please can you help me to learn Cantonese.
    In return I will help you with your English. My partner speaks Cantonese and his family cannot speak English. I cannot understand them and I am desperate to learn. He says he will teach me but just...
  • Language partner (Portuguese[PT]-Cantonese)
    Looking for someone who wants to have skype exchange conversations in Portuguese and Cantonese. I am from Portugal, don't expect Brazilian accent There is a pledge to be made to join me in this. &n...
  • Is anyone learning both Cantonese and Mandarin at the same time?
    I'm considering learning both at the same time, but am not sure if it would be too confusing. Does anyone have any experience with that?
  • I want to learn English .i can teach mandarin and Cantonese
    My English is very I would like to make some friends who can speak English well.I also can teach you guys mandarin and cantonese.thank you
  • anybody want to learn cantonese?
    i live in hong kong ,and i want to learn eng, i hope we can help each other!
  • THX for our mummy (^_^)
    Today is Mother's day,you are my one and only,I always love you,mum.今日系母亲节,妈咪,我爱你,你系我的唯一。
  • iTalki - more Cantonese informal tutors
    Hi iTalki,   Is there any chance of encouraging more Cantonese speakers from Hong Kong to become informal tutors?   There are only two at the moment, I believe.    Cheers!
  • who wants to practice Spanish?
  • 我想成為一位出色的Apps Developer :D
    如有機會的話,我想去一下Google或Microsoft的公司看一下,其實我同學都建立了一個小小的Team,它叫做CMspeed+,Website: ,我是主Developer大家可以看一下:D
  • How do you go about learning new characters?
    Hello, everyone! I've decided at this point I want to start learning traditional characters (don't try to convince me that simplified is better! My significant other's mother would kill me if I wen...
  • Best apps for learning Cantonese?
    I've had a go using iAnki and found it difficult to set up the cards - maybe I'm not doing it right?   Just found  and I really like it, there's different opt...
  • 台湾香港朋友请进。
    近日在一次会议上冯小刚导演提出:建议恢复部分繁体字,而后有网友开玩笑反击说,让冯导先抄写一百遍的繁体版“忧郁的台湾乌龟”再说.  你怎么看? PS.你可以自己手写出繁体字的“忧郁的台湾乌龟”吗?
  • New person
    Hi,   I am new here? Are there any free lessons or you need to buy credits? Thanks!   Looking for Cantonese practice.   Cheers, Dan
  • 我想學廣東話 (我想学广东话)
    我來自台灣,很喜歡香港跟廣東話❤,想請問香港的朋友或是會廣東話的朋友,如果想學說廣東話的話,除了看港劇、港片外,有沒有其他方法能學習呢? 另外,怎麼學寫跟用電腦打你們的中文呢?有很多字我打不出來......  (我来自台湾,很喜欢香港跟广东话,想请问香港的朋友或是会广东话的朋友,如果想学说广东话的话,除了看港剧、港片外,有没有其他方法能学习呢?另外,怎么学写跟用电脑打你们的中文呢?...
  • 新年啦//大家會點慶祝新年啊?
    我今年新年要上堂過,仲要無咩人陪./A\" 不過都希望大家新年快樂wwwww 今年大家都羊羊得意,心想事成,萬事如意~ SP:我個侄仔初二就出世啦wwwwww
  • Wanted: Hamburger Boy...
    When I was a child, I was mostly exposed to the cantonese language and watching a lot of cartoons in cantonese. In fact, I think it was the only thing I would ever watch because I didn't know any o...