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  • Learn a new language by Christmas. How to learn Taiwanese?
    Hello Everyone,Welcome to my new project; I would like to learn to speak MinNan (Hokkien) also known as Taiwanese by Christmas. Given the amount of time available, I would be very happy to be able ...
  • 台語很難(PS我是台灣人)
    我是台灣人,但不是很會說台語。 每次去鄉下,聽那些老一輩的說著流利又有鄉音的台語都快崩潰了 直到最近看了很多民視的八點檔才學了不少 不過近年來會台語的笑連郎越來越少柳
  • 台湾与中国汉语的差别
    我是印尼华侨,而因为从小都在看台湾电视台,所以我就习惯看繁体字了。现在我在大学学的中文是用简体字的,所以我想了解一下这两个语言有哪些不同的地方。   目前我知道的就是台湾有台语(闽南语)与国语(汉语)都用繁体字,而中国有七个方言,而都用简体字。 除了那些差别以外,还有什么呢?   请大家的指点 谢谢  
  • 中文的類別
  • 所需要的量繁體字.
    大家好。 For a beginner, is the amount of chinese characters necessary to have some sort of understanding of mandarin orally and writing chinese more then 200?   I'm trying to learn to read and wr...
  • Chinese phrases.
    What are the most important 100-200 phrases in mandarin?
  • 台灣具體的工作
    大家好我準備一個介紹關於到台灣具體的工作。我在想茶界,香界。從原材料到轉變的過程到具體使用方法我還想珍珠奶茶界。你們有什麼其他的想法?   Hello everyone, I'm preparing a presentation on occupation specific to Taiwan. (or on occupations in Taiwan that are not c...
  • 論語討論. 歡迎
    子曰: 學而時習之, 不亦說(悅)乎? 有朋自遠方來, 不亦樂乎? 人不知而不慍, 不亦君子乎?  
  • Who want to learn Chinese?
    Hey everybody I want to promote my English to gain more competition . If you master in English and interested in Chinese , we can advance our language together.I will teach you Chinese and correct ...
  • 我是福建人但我会讲台语
  • Learn Taiwanese with me. : )
    Hello! Everyone. I am Hannah and from Taiwan. I make Taiwanese lessons regualrly on Youtube. Those of you who are interested in learning Taiwanese dialect. Welcome to visit my Youtube channel. See ...
  • 台灣的種族情況
  • Questions about Taiwan Flag & Politics
    大家好 I did some research about the Taiwanese Flag and I'm a little surprised about what I found. Having your point of view would help me understand. But I don't want to create any political struggle...
  • Кто живёт в Самаре России ?
    я буду поехать в Самару на сентябрю все ещё не знаю о самаре кто живёт там и посоветует мне что-нибудь   
  • It is common in Chinese culture to express an abstract idea with concrete things.
    For example, "竹解虛心是我師" means that the bamboo with hollow stems is like an open-minded person who is qualified as our teacher. Is there any other example in your language?
  • 我想学台湾话啦
    同上 我十分想
  • If i learn Chinese can i understand Taiwanese when i go there?
    I started learning Chinese and then stopped and asked myself if it will even help me if i learn? If i learn how to talk Chinese, And go to Taiwan will i be able to understand them and them me? Or ...
  • 生緣不生貌
    "聰明女. 生緣不生水". It is a Taiwanese saying which means that an intelligent woman would prefer the feeling destined with a man to beautiful appearances. If there is a choice between the two, which ...