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  • magka parehong
    parehong veut dire the same. what is the meaning of magka ? In this sentence: aling mga tao magkaparehong edad at magkaparehong kasaran. Salamat Gabriel
  • To Fellow Tagalog learners, I have a question
    I'm starting to learn Tagalog, What's the way to go? where do I begin from? I spent sometime in the Philippines when I younger, so I picked up some words and phrases, but getting committed to the a...
  • Kape o Tsaa?
    Mas gusto ko ang kape kaysa sa tsaa!  Alin ang mas gusto mong Kape o Tsaa?
  • Filipino movies to watch?
    Hi, I'm just starting to learn Tagalog and really want to start getting used to the sound of it - can anyone recommend some good Filipino movies or TV shows I could watch online?  I'll pr...
  • favourite Tagalog songs?
    I very recently started learning Tagalog. I'd like to start listening to Tagalog-language songs. What are your favourites?   Thanks in advance!
  • Paborito ang sine
    Anong ka ba paborito ang sine?
  • What's your take on CHEd's decision to abolish Filipino subjects from college curriculum?
    Personally, I'd rather have them change it to regional Filipino language subjects where Cebuano colleges should focus on Bisaya, or schools in Baguio on Kankanaey and Ibaloi, so that Tagalog w...
  • Filipino and English Language
    Who wants to learn a Filipino or English Language ?
  • Abanakakabasanapalaako
    Paano ka natutong magbasa ng wikang Tagalog?   This title was originally coming from my favorite author named BOB ONG.
  • Practice My Tagalog
    Hi all! I am really interested in practicing my Tagalog. I can understand it almost fluently, but I feel like I am always too nervous to speak it!  I am planning on visiting my family there in...
  • How are you going to introduce yourself in Tagalog laguage? :)
    -My name is _______. Ako po si _______.   -I am __ year/s old. Ako ay __ taong gulang or Nasa ika-__ taong gulang na ako.   -I live in________. Ako ay nakatira sa_______. -I was born on ...
  • Tagalog sentence construction exercise
    Here’s an exercise in sentence construction for those who are learning Tagalog/Filipino.  This may also add new words to your vocabulary.  The aim is to form sentences defining fami...
  • Tagalog Grammar books/references
    What are the best references that we can use to learn Tagalog grammar? Books, online websites, e-books etc. I live in the Philippines but sometimes find it very difficult to find language lear...
  • Whats the difference between pagbasa and bumabasa, nagbabasa etc
    So pag+verb means "the act of doing the action expressed by the root; or,the manner in which the action expressed by the root is performed" according to the learningtagalog website. Pagbasa=reading...
  • Teaching my dog tagalog
    I want to teach my do a few words in tagalog, so how do I say:   - Sit down - Stay (as in don't move) - Be Quiet - Eat now   Any help will be much appreciated!
  • I need help with Korean & Tagalog, are there any English speakers that can help?
    Hi, I need help learning some simple phrases and pronounciation in Tagalog an Korean. Anyone speak either language and English and have time?
  • Tagalog group conversation
    I just made a Tagalog group conversation on Line app. I am thinking if anyone of you wants to join us in this group. Meet Tagalog speakers and learners for conversation and fun! Message me your Lin...
  • Looking for native Ilocano speakers
    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can teach me Ilocano through Skype. I'm very serious to learn and willing to pay. Please send a message if you're interested. Thanks!
  • Wanting to learn Tagalog! ^_^
    Hello! In about a week or so I am leaving for Cebu. I would like to learn as much of the language as i can before i leave. In exchange i will help you with English (if needed). Any help would be mu...
  • Learn Tagalog
    I love you- Mahal kita I love you very much- Mahal na mahal kita (I love you very very very much!)- Mahal na mahal na mahal kita I need you- Kailangan kita I'll be waiting for you- Hihintayin kita ...