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  • Anyone interested in another Irish tutor?
    I've just signed up and I've noticed there's only one Irish teacher here for teaching Irish. Maybe there isn't a massive market of people here wanting to learn Irish but I was wondering if people w...
  • beginning gaelic
    Hello everyone, I am new to this site so I don't know where to start. I am trying to learn irish and only know very basic stuff. If you are fluent or even intermediate irish speaker I'd love to try...
  • Irish language
    I am an Irish native and I get the feeling that the Irish language is dying out. :( I would hate for this to happen because it is a part of my culture. Does anyone have views on the matter? 
  • Dia dhuit!
    Hey, I've been learning Gaelic for a year and a half now (Specifically the Ulster dialect) and I was wondering if there are any teachers who would be willing to lend me a hand? Go raibh maith agaibh!
  • The Gentiive Case In Celtic Languages
    Perhaps someone could verify this for me since these grammar books that I have only go over the progressive tense in Cornish with direct objects that are pronouns. For instance, "I was kissing her....
  • The Particle Go With Predicative Adjectives In Irish
    Recently, I heard "deas" instead of "go deas" used predicatively in an Irish song. Several people nicely commented on my question and explained that it can actually be just "deas" instead in some p...
  • How do I dive in to a new language?
    I have started to learn Irish this week and have been exposing myself to the language online as much as I can by listening to Irish radio. I have written down nearly 100 common Irish words, their E...
  • Tá eagla gorm roimh na todhchaí na teanga
    D'fhéach mé go díreach físeán faoi na todhchaí Ghaeilge. An creideann sibh nach bheidh i gcúpla bhliana aon gaeilgeoir dúchais fágtha ...
  • Irish please
    Dia duit   I would like to learn irish from someone. I know Irish speakers know english, but can someone help me learn the language? I can teach a little spanish and a little french. 
  • Can anyone help me learn Gaelige? I want to spread it!
    I love the language. I have ancestory in Ireland and I think it's important that the language comes back. I would love to help and spread the language in any way possible. I am great with languages...
  • Learning to read Irish
    hello all,   I've started learning Irish with Pimsleurs' audio course - it's been fun and not too hard.  But I find reading it completely baffling and most of the explanations of the orth...
  • 爱尔兰的人很好吗
      听别人说爱尔兰是个很好的地方 对吗
  • Can you help me with a sentence?
    Could you help me with the following sentence? I'm afraid I'm still a beginner in Irish ;)    A taispeántas grianghraf eagraithe ag    'A photo exhibition organized by'&n...
  • Cabhair / Help
    Dia dhaoibh, a Chairde, I'm working on getting a PayPal account set up for myself so that I can begin officially teaching here on iTalki. I already so do in weekly sessions where I live and am alw...
  • Leabhair / Books
     Dia dhaoibh, a Chairde, One of my former students (locally) bought a book for me from Ireland! :-) It's a book of poems simply called "Dánta" (Poems) by Eoghan Rua Ó ...
  • hi i am new and need tons help plz
     hi i am irish but i cant speak it can someone help me