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  • How do I dive in to a new language?
    I have started to learn Irish this week and have been exposing myself to the language online as much as I can by listening to Irish radio. I have written down nearly 100 common Irish words, their E...
  • Tá eagla gorm roimh na todhchaí na teanga
    D'fhéach mé go díreach físeán faoi na todhchaí Ghaeilge. An creideann sibh nach bheidh i gcúpla bhliana aon gaeilgeoir dúchais fágtha ...
  • Irish please
    Dia duit   I would like to learn irish from someone. I know Irish speakers know english, but can someone help me learn the language? I can teach a little spanish and a little french. 
  • Can anyone help me learn Gaelige? I want to spread it!
    I love the language. I have ancestory in Ireland and I think it's important that the language comes back. I would love to help and spread the language in any way possible. I am great with languages...
  • Learning to read Irish
    hello all,   I've started learning Irish with Pimsleurs' audio course - it's been fun and not too hard.  But I find reading it completely baffling and most of the explanations of the orth...
  • 爱尔兰的人很好吗
      听别人说爱尔兰是个很好的地方 对吗
  • Can you help me with a sentence?
    Could you help me with the following sentence? I'm afraid I'm still a beginner in Irish ;)    A taispeántas grianghraf eagraithe ag    'A photo exhibition organized by'&n...
  • Cabhair / Help
    Dia dhaoibh, a Chairde, I'm working on getting a PayPal account set up for myself so that I can begin officially teaching here on iTalki. I already so do in weekly sessions where I live and am alw...
  • Leabhair / Books
     Dia dhaoibh, a Chairde, One of my former students (locally) bought a book for me from Ireland! :-) It's a book of poems simply called "Dánta" (Poems) by Eoghan Rua Ó ...
  • hi i am new and need tons help plz
     hi i am irish but i cant speak it can someone help me