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  • Farsi Keyboard
    Can anyone recommend a good Farsi keyboard to download onto my android tablet?  
  • Persian words with no English equivalent.
    Can people please list as many words as possible with no English equivalent and say their meaning.    My friend Neda said there was a word for a place where you and you friends commonly h...
  • American television dubbed into Farsi (
    Does anyone know where I can find American series dubbed into Farsi?  I know the satellite channel Farsi1 has many shows dubbed into Farsi, but I don't know if it is possible to watch any of t...
  • learn to tell a joke in Farsi
  • “Childhood is the best period of one's life.” Do you agree?
    We didnt have any concerns.We just played......................
  • I would like to learn Persian (Farsi)
    I want to be able to talk in farsi with my relatives who live in Iran. My native language is english and I would be happy to exchange english for farsi lessons. 
  • ادبیات فارسی
    سلام. ادبیات فارسی از شیرین‌ترین مباحث در یادگیری فارسی‌ست. اگر به سطح قابل قبولی از یادگیری زبان فارسی رسیده‌اید، به شما پیشنهاد می‌کنم کم کم متن ها و شعرهایی از ادبیات فارسی م...
  • Verb Conjugator
    This is so cool! It conjugates verbs from both Persian writing and Fenglish!  Check it out guys! :)
  • يادگيرى زبان آلمانى
    از دوستانى كه زبان آلمانى را در سطح بالايى بلد هستن يا به اون مسلط هستن كسى هست كه تمايل داشته باشه از طريق اسكايپ به من آلمانى ياد بده؟
  • Trying to Learn Farsi.
    I can teach English. I would like to learn Farsi. If you an help me out let me know! Thanks a lot.
  • Persian Months
    "Persian months run in perfect tandem with the months of the Zodiac.  The first month of the year is Farvardin and corresponds to Aries and the last is Esfand which is exactly in parallel with...
  • i am new here!
    hi. i am new on this website  and i dont know use question is that: is there free language courses?can i chat with anyone here? i want to find farsi courses! thank you for you read my text.
  • iranian people
    what do you think about iranian people ? do you like theme or hate ?
  • conditional ("If") sentences.
    Can people give me any type of if sentence or sentences they can think of in english and i'll translate it to Farsi?
  • imperativ forms
    Listening to the iranian songs i have learned some verbs in 'boro', 'begu/begoo', 'biaa' it polite (do I have just to say lotfan before or after)? I mean, there is another of ...
  • دانشجو در دانشگاه
    اهل دانشگاهم… روزگارم خوش نيست!ژتوني دارم ، خرده عقلی ، سر سوزن شوقي ! اوستادی دارم … ، بهتر از شمر و یزید!!! دوستانی همه چون من مشروط!!! و اتاقی که همین نزدیکیست … پشت آن کوه ...
  • meaning of sardameh
    I saw this in a song: "Arash, bi to sardameh, ey eshghe man!" i would like to know more about the word "sardameh"   it seems to be a junction of sard+am+eh sard - cold am- refering to "me" eh ...
  • (brazilian) Portuguese
    Is there anybody here learning persian and portuguese  (an iranian learning portuguese, or a brazilian learning persian or whatever!)? tem algum brasileiro por aqui aprendendo persa? Poderiamo...
  • What's the meaning of this expression ?
    I want to know what is the meaning of the expression " If you say so "  in Farsi or English , and where should I use it ?   thanks, Melody          
  • Man daram rooznameh mikhoram
    Man kheng hastam!   mikhoram, mikonam, mikhooram, mikesham, mikaram   These verbs are killing me. Is there a way to remember them easily?