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  • Hi woeld
    I'm little scared, i don't know what to write. Maybe i'll write what i need here: i'm looking for some one that want ti ne my new pen friend (i don't know if i van say kt in that way). I'm also wil...
  • Emagrecer (parte 1)
    "Você está gordo demais. Chega de ser preguiçoso e vai malhar!" Eu também acreditava nisso, só que essa formula funciona para quase ninguém. De fato, eu sempre tive sobrepeso. Teve um tempo que eu ...
  • El primer dia
    (No puedo usar los acentos) Hoy yo hable con mi maestro nuevo Alfredo. Es de Montevideo, y el fue muy bien a aprendando español. Yo disfruto la lección mucho.
  • Direct and Indirect Administration (part I)
    The Administration in Brazil is direct and indirect. The Direct Administration is formed by the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Municipalities. They are entities. The entity is a ...
  • I hope to be a good person.
    I want to live in peace till my death. Life is short, I hope to do good to people and help every one during my life. I wanna be patient and kind! You know what, that sort of people when you read or...
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    • Ghada
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  • My Presentation
    Hi i'm Rudy, i'm 22 years old and i'm from Xalapa, Veracuz. The reason why i stay here is because i want to learn English. My wishes for this site is know new friends and talk about many things, al...
  • Presentation
    My name is Luz Adriana Bautista Santiago I was born on april 28th 1995. I am from Mexico I live in the state of Veracruz. I have 20 years old in my free time I like to sing,swim,read,and see movies...
  • My presentation
    My name is Valeria Flores. I am student for teacher. I have twenty years old and I am from Veracruz city. i love travel and visit my family. I would like to learn the english language. I would...
  • Are there any mistakes?
    Besides, I attended related conferences which are presented in the university. Additionally, I started the learn English as a second language and completed 4 levels of it. Spanish and French are a...
  • I want to make friends
    Who wants to be my friend
  • I'm back!!!
    After 3 months... I'm back! I can teach again!! Thanks God!
  • Started...
    Hi, my name is Orlando, I´m from México. I´m 20 years old and i´m studying to be an elementary school teacher. I came here because my English teacher asked from homework. I hope meet nice people...
  • Writing- Part 2 الكتابةُ أو الإنْشاءُ - الجُزْءُ الثَّانِي
    Bismillaahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem Assalaamu 'alaikum and Hello A blessed Friday upon all! :) The following is the continuation of my notebook entry on writing. English الإِنْجليزيّ: Writin...
  • First notebook.
    This is my first note book. I went to the driver's license center to update my license today. I was caught for speeding before so I needed to take 2 hours traffic rule's class. I felt it was very...
  • Greek Words
    North: Βοράς South: Νότος West: Δύση East: Ανατολή I regret it: το μετάνιωσα Look forward to it: ανυπομονώ To surprise: να εκπλαγούν To interest me: να με ενδιαφέρει Polar Bears:...
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