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    Respuestas de la lección 5 del libro "Español para Brasileños": A) 1. - Juliana, ¿qué estás haciendo? - Nada de especial, mamá. Estoy leyendo algunas tiras cómicas de Locuras de Isidoro. ...
  • Travel
    Today my sister and I went to hangzhou , we buy some medicine in the hospital first. Then we buy two books in the bookstore. hangzhou is a metropolis. It has many scenic spots.But we haven't time t...
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    • English
    • jade
    • 6 minutes ago
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  • What about your day?
    Hi everyone! I'm working today :( It is an interesting day. The weather was sunny and rainy all morning. I woke up and washed up in the morning. I cooked my lunch and went to work. I don't eat ...
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    • English
    • Yana
    • 9 minutes ago
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  • The forest is the lungs of nature
    From the picture we can find there is a person in the forest cutting one of trees, meanwhile the man's head is being pecked by a woodpecker and there are some words in this bird's mind, there must ...
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    • English
    • toni
    • 10 minutes ago
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  • Hi! I'm me
    I'm a woman of middle age, trying to remember my basic english from the school... it's fun and difficult... i mentioned my advanced age? i will be happy if someone help me.
  • Lets Improve Our English On Skype
    I would like to speak English with you all on Skype Chat Me to know my Skype Id I'm waiting you :D
  • good way to learn languages
    I think a good way to learn English and other languages is reading differents articles by the net. I'm learning English this way and I'm looking for someone who read these articles and record it. I...
  • Buscando una nueva patria
    "¿Dónde podríamos vivir? ¿Dónde podríamos encontrar una nueva patria? Demasiado tiempo estamos buscando. No podemos vivir en nuestros barcos para siempre. ¡Dioses, hacednos una seña!" Los Dioses l...
  • How old are you?
    How is my pronunciation here? Is there room for improvement still? :-) Hány éves vagy?
  • Complain Letter
    Dear GM Quip Bed & Breakfast Phuket, According to our company were booked 8 rooms and pain in 2 days. The V/C 148 was stamped and signed of sales name completely. Afterwards, the coordin...
  • Respostas do capítulo 2 do livro "Português Instrumental"
    1. A sugestão da mesa foi enviada àquela palestra, por se constituir numa solicitude de longa data daquele povo. 2. O contador, ao colocar o aparelho na mesa, sentiu uma dor profunda nas costas. ...
  • Brązowy koń i żółty kot
    Grammatyka i slowa języka polskiego są bardzo podobny do języka rossijskiego. Uczę sie w Internecie i wiem już najważniejsze słowa: brązowy koń i żółty kot.
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    • Polish
    • Clair
    • 35 minutes ago
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  • Il mio giorno
    Il mio italiano non gia e multo bene, ma sto imparando. Oggi e Pasqua and vado alla casa di mia madre per una cena. Mi piace multo mangiare e cenare! Buona Pasqua a tutti!
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    • Italian
    • Neal
    • 39 minutes ago
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  • Me duele el estomogo
    ¿Por que? Semana hay un examen,me siento neviosa ahora.
  • Mountain Climbing
    Yesterday I asked a friend whether he wants to climb mountain. About half an hour he replayed he and one of his high school mates want to climb. And then we decided to climb the WuTong Mountain whi...