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  • Funding Your Commercial business with Receivable Factoring
    Do you collaborate with business or government clients? If you addressed yes to that concern, that indicates that you are additionally made use of to waiting as much as 60 days to obtain your billi...
  • Let's love when we still can
    Dear Friends, This morning, I read some information on internet, I took a look at pics of the earthquake in Nepal. It’s hard to explain my feeling at that time as what I am feeling right now. I...
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    • English
    • Kelly
    • 3 minutes ago
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  • ゴールデンウィーク
    ゴールデンウィークの予定は何ですか。 私は今年予定はしなかったんです。名古屋でいるかもしれない。 きゅうしょく(job hunting)のじゅんびをやらなくちゃいけない。 家でも押し入れをかたずけなくちゃいけない。 うんよく(luckily)働かなくてもいいんです。 服を買いたくても、できない 今日のダイアリーは以上です。 寝る前に宿題をやったり、子供をお迎...
  • school
    enough I hate writing...................
  • Helloo
    Hello, my name's Thao.I'm vietnamese. I'm studying accounting in HN. I want to learn English.Can you help me please?
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    • English
    • Thao
    • 12 minutes ago
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  • 你好!こんにちは!안녕하세요!
    I am more fluent in Chinese at the moment so I will write in Chinese. I am hoping to become more fluent in Japanese and Korean too. 你好!我学汉语,日语,和 朝鲜语。我希望帮人学语和人帮我学语!我希望我们成为朋友!始めまして!너를 만나서 반갑습니다!
  • "to put on make up" and "to wear make up"
    I want to know the difference between "to put on make up" and "to wear make up". Someone tell me please! :) Thank you!
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    • English
    • aoi
    • 15 minutes ago
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  • Domingo
    El mayor logro de hoy es que tomé mi perro al parque para perros que más le gusta. El parque está situado al lado de la bahía y es un gran pedazo de tierra con el espacio abierto, hierba, árboles, ...
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    • Spanish
    • Yi
    • 19 minutes ago
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  • Introduction To Myself
    Hello, my name is Xiao Jun, a native Chinese speaker, and you can call me Alex. I am just a junior student in an university located in Guangzhou China,majoring in EE and doing a lot of research ab...
  • Improving my Japanese
    i've been learning Japanese for more than a year by watching anime and got help with youtube. i like Japan and i hope i can continue my study to Japan. but i find a difficulties about my language p...
  • At the doctor
    I'm a doctor. My name is Sandra. I always have a lot of patients. This is my first patient. - Hello! What is your name? - Hello! My name is Julia. - What do you have pain, Julia? - I have ...
  • помагите мне пожалуйста найдти что-то неправилено
    Это мой реферат дисердации: Сегодняшему обществу требуются практические таланты, но сейчас в многих институтах студудеты получили теоретическое знане а не практического. Из-за этого в сегодняшем ...
  • My daughter
    My true love is my beautiful daughter. When you are mother your world change completely. Sometimes I feel desesperate because My daughter goes me crazy but I have to understand that she is only a b...
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    • English
    • Odalis
    • 42 minutes ago
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  • Надоело учёба
    Школьником надоело учёба, это уже стал обычным явлением и серьезной проблемой в средней школе. Каждый школьник хочет, чтобы в будущее время у них есть прекрасная жизнь. Сейча надоедание учёба не то...
  • problem solution essay
    PROBLEM SOLUTION ESSAY Nowadays smoking has become a grave problem all over the world.Smoking is quite common globally at offices,homes,shops,restaurants and even schools.To solve this issue some ...
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    • Azeri
    • Esmira
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