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  • can you plz write this text in hanzi here ?4
    can you plz write this text in hanzi here ?4
  • 怠け者
  • can you plz write this text in hanzi here ?3
    can you plz write this text in hanzi here ?3 in this text there isnt any pinyin,so i cant understand
  • #Experience of teaching foreigners Mandarin- 2015/3/6 #
    One day,I saw there was a post on the internet need tutor so i just sent the message to one who posted it.And I have never thought that i will get the chance to tutor. I have been teaching Manda...
  • all about me :)
    hello all , i am just a student who will learn about english more. please help me if I write many false sentences. am Desi Nofiyati , all of you can call me Desi or Nofi.. i am studying at univer...
  • ¿Es esto correcto ?
    Y tal vez la próxima vez que realmente va a hablar en persona!
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    • Spanish
    • DMur
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  • look for language study partners
    I'm new here .My name is Jon Chai .I can speak mandarin. I'm glad to teach you Chinese.And I wanna introduc my country china to everybody.Then I'm interested in improving English. I hope find some...
  • Sleeping
    ※This story is a fiction.I make sentence for my English study. When I was 3years old Iwas difficulty in hearing. I had an operation and it was a success. So I can hearing now. I got surgery...
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    • English
    • ai.k
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  • Help me !!!
    How Can i say in english !!! the word ( houve ) ( português ) . Would be ( There was )
  • Hi everybody
    I'm Hannah from Vietnam. Nice to meet you all. I'm interested in learning English. Please contact me to make friend and exchange our language:)
  • Un jour d’enfer
    Le pire jour que j’ai passé dernièrement était mon premier jour de travail. Récemment j’ai travaillé comme téléphoniste dans un centre d’appels en prenant des appels de clients d’une importante ent...
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    • Carmen
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  • Перев. отрывка из текста сербского писателя Момо Капор
    Ищется один мир, позавчера исчезнувший. Ищется надежда... эта давная надежда которую мы возлагали на нас самих и на будущее. Ищутся все те, которые нас разносили по кускам, частями: отрезки нашег...
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    • Lidija
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  • Welcome to
    Hi! My name is Igor. Several weeks ago I decided to start a new blog for web developers. This is my second blog and this one will be different: my new blog is not only for me, it is more for peo...
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    • Igor
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  • European Union and deaf people
    Our project proposal comes from the fact that there is currently no easy communication access for deaf citizens with both public and private institutions. Such difficulties are increasingly evident...
  • Entrada No. 3: Mis Sueños
    ¡Hola! Me llamo Lacera. Me encanta Batman. Yo sueño de convertirse en una enfermera. Me encanta a ayudar a la gente. Yo no estoy convertirse una médica porque yo no estoy bueno en las matemáticas. ...