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  • 开始中文课
  • My family
    In my family are eleven members. My father, My mother I have thee brothers and one sister, two sisters in law, one neace and two nephies. I see my nephews everyday, they like play soccer and we pl...
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    • Muqui
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  • What are the suitable words in the brackets
    Break time Adjusting • (Are you over)______ your jet lag? • (Do you have)_______ traffic this morning? • (Are you) _________________enjoying the rain?! • Are you adjusting to (adapt th...
  • Welcome
    Hi, my name is Marce and i´m from Mexico, i´d like practice this language, because is very interesting and the most important, is the language universal. I think that my english isn´t perfect, but...
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    • English
    • Marce
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  • 今天是雨天
  • I want to learn Russian! - Brazilian here! And I can teach portuguese!
    Is there some youtube chanel to learn Russian language?
  • История Ломоносова
    Тест Михаил Васильевич Ломоносов был удивительным человеком: сын рыбака, он стал первым русским академиком занимался наукой и литературой, историей и искусством. Ломоносов родился 19 (девят...
  • 病気がある
    (実は、病気関係の言葉と表現はまだ勉強しませんので、よく知りませんのことです。でも、頑張ります!) Actually, I haven't studied words and expressions related to sicknesses yet, so I'm not too familiar with these terms. But, I'll try my best! ...
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    • Baggio
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  • 巴西我爱你~~
  • 인사 Basic Greeting
    안녕하세요 제 이름은 저스틴입니다. 미국에서 왔고 한국어를 배우고 있습니다. 한국 영화하고 음악을 좋아해서 작년 팔월부터 한국어 공부하기 시작했슴니다. 취미가 스키 타는 것입니다. 스키 타는 걸 아주 좋아해서 겨울은 제 제일 좋아하는 계절입니다. TTMIK이라는 웹 사이트에서 많이 공부했는데 한국어를 잘 할 수있는 사람을 찾고 있습니다. 한...
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    • Korean
    • Justin
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  • A souvenir
    a famous person you would like to meet. I would like to meet Jim Parsons, my favorite actor. He is an American television actor, whose most well-liked role is in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory...
  • на предложном падеже
    Cегодня я смотрю на предложном падеже: Cейчася, живу в Нью-Йорке в манхаттэне. я росла в пэлэме. это городе за пределами Нью-Йорки. я жила в Массачусетсе когда я собралась в университет, кроме о...
  • an old thing
    an old thing I would like to talk about an old photo. It has been kept in my family for twenty years and was considered my family treasure. Twenty years ago, my mother's best friend—auntie Wu—...
  • learning arabic
    انا جديدة هنا. ارد تمر اللغة العربية كل يوم بقرى و بكتب و بتتكلم ان ممكن.
  • Una frase(55).
    Algunos criticos le censuran a Chavez por motivo de que Chavez manipulaba la gente a que actuara de su intención Algunos criticos le reprochan a Cahvez por manipular la gente para que se moviera p...
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    • JGW
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