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  • comparer l’école des beaux-arts de france et de chine
    dans l’école des Beaux-Arts de france, moyenne 150-200 élèves de chaque école, ce qui est cohérent avec l'idée française d'une 《 écoles professionnelles, formation des élites》??? Cependant, Dans ...
  • Hi everybody!
    Hi there! My name is Juan, I'm mexican, I am studying the major for being an English teacher as well as Translator, I love languages and well my favorite language is English because is an unive...
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    • English
    • Juan
    • 7 minutes ago
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  • Brain control
    Our brain is so interesting and amazing. Sometimes it acts in mysterious ways that we can't even explain, plus there are so many things to discover about it. Wouldn't be cool if we could have a bet...
  • Primer Holá
    Soy el señor Tomé. El Señor Tanasovski realmente, pero me gusta señor Tomé más. Hablo muy poco Español pero quiero hablar bien. Soy de Brooklyn, Nuevo York. Muchos hombres y mujeras habla Españ...
  • Greetings
    I hope you had a great day in your lives, Blessings :)
  • An introspection after failure in a competion
    I'm depressed. Recently There was a company interior competition about innovation. I failed before the finals. And it was the finals today and I was an audience off the stage. Although I went up an...
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    • English
    • Ewan
    • 25 minutes ago
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  • The importance to improve yourself!
    Nowadays the influence for learn and improve in other language it's so important and necessary, and this is determinate with one and simple word "globalization"; jobs, study, relationships, inv...
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    • English
    • Esteban
    • 26 minutes ago
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  • Goes law to face children overload immigration crisis
    A law iniciative to face children overload immigration problem advance in Senate, as a movement to solve the crisis in the border with Mexico before the start of vacation break in the Capitol in Au...
  • Argentina!
    Hello! I want to talk about my country, Argentina. Since I was little, I travel with my family on vacations to different parts of this beautiful country. In those travels we see a lot of foreign ...
  • But de la vie
    chacun de nous a graines de la grandeur en nous.
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    • French
    • Tanisha
    • 52 minutes ago
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  • Nota 01;
    Tengo pensado en empezar a estudiar la lengua española de nuevo. Digo 'de nuevo' ya que hace años desde que yo he estudiado esto, así que ya no me recuerdo nada más. La parte dificil és la simi...
  • Improvement of the languaje
    I'm recently watching > and I realised if I watched them withouth subtittles my mind is hardworking to understand the literal messages because I just was doing anything else and I realised I was pa...
  • Own Your Life and Have Success!
    Taking responsibility for your life is an empowering thing which empowers you to greater and bigger things. It's also still okay to ask and get help from others when you need it. It's a good thing ...
  • Introduction
    Hola, Mi nombre es Adam y tengo 38 años. Soy de Pais de Gales en el Reino Unido. Me gusta leer y hacer Jiujitsu.
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    • Spanish
    • Adam
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Schedule of the life
    Will you write down a schedule for your nearest year nearest days to increase your work efficiency, save times? I just found I need to do one by myself, but I used to know that I can't follower all...
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    • English
    • Tanya
    • 1 hour ago
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