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  • 今日、あなたは何をしていましたか?
  • 【Uyghur / 维吾尔语】yaxshimusiz.
    yaxshimusiz. men Shérengül. men yaponluq. Uyghur tili öginishni yéngi bashlidim. texi sözliyemeymen. texi yazalmaymen. 你好。我叫Shérengül。我是日本人。 刚开始学维吾尔语。还没说。还没写。 +++ (参考资料)大阪大学ウイグル語独習コンテンツ
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    • Uyghur
    • kei
    • 5 minutes ago
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  • for better dealing
    hi my name is alsiddig i all of you are fine. I speak arbic language very good because it is my mother tongue if any one wants to speak arbic i can help am trying to speak english if any o...
  • Belleza Real
    Diferentes personas piensan diferente sobre la belleza real. En mi opinión, la belleza real incluye la apariencia y la corazón. Cuando encontramos personas nuevas, la primera impresión es la aparie...
  • The Eyes of A Wise Man / The Eyesight of A Wise Man
    The Eyes of A Wise Man / The Eyesight of A Wise Man A business genius was invited to be the guest host of a TV show. The audiences hoped that he could talk about how he succeeded. But he just smi...
  • Magnifica Presenza
    Magnifica Presenza di Ferzan Ozpetek La coppia di regista e attori Ferzan Ozpetek e Margherita Buy, Stefano Accorsi, ecc ecc non cambia la formula che ha fatto il loro successo. Ecco un nuovo l...
  • Today is the interesting day to me
    today is the saturday, i get up at 6a.m and go to school at half past six by bus. it is really early to college students, so i feel absence on the stress, i see a restaurant and go to it, wow in he...
  • Short Essay
    Academics have been always one of my interests, knowing the importance of education and enjoying it was from my childhood. I came from a family that highly values education, both my elder brothers ...
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    • English
    • Maher
    • 21 minutes ago
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  • Introduction of my paper (part 2)
    Dear Friends This is the second part of my article I hope you would help me to edit my text :) . Furthermore, active and passive control schemes for vibration suppression of structures or n...
  • Lördag, 19.04
    Klockan är kvart i tre. Idag jag har latat. Solen skiner och utomhus är 14 graden i skuggan. Jag har druckit mycket kaffee idag. Just nu jag äter äppelmos, det är mycket bra. Jag ska läsa "Harry Po...
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    • Swedish
    • Sorve
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  • April 19
    To day,l went to school morning. I studyed three subjects. So I am tired. This after, l went to hospital because my grandfather is be in the there. I hope to he become fine!
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    • English
    • Ritu
    • 32 minutes ago
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  • Vacation
    Hello people!! I am a person who love Traveling and mainly staying in Hostels! In this kind of accomodation you meet people from all around the world, so why I do need to improve it. I took a co...
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    • English
    • Joyce
    • 38 minutes ago
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  • First entry
    Hello! I'm Guillaume and I'm studying English principaly. Like many people I learnt English in secondary school. But after that, at the university, I didn't practice it for a long time. Last year I...
  • Taxi's zijn 24 uur per dag beschikbaar.
    Kom naar het New International Hotel, handig gelegen in het centrum van de stad. Het hotel ligt slechts enkele minuten verwijderd van een geweldig winkelgebied. Een bank en een beroemd café bev...
  • 晴天提前到了。
    虽然现在只是春天,但最近天气超乎寻常暖和。很多的植物提前开花了。在英国四月的天气 通常阴沉,但今年春天的晴天多了。我很喜欢热天,因为我非常喜欢园艺。在我的后花园种着很多不同的花朵, 还有水果和蔬菜。不幸的是,因为这天气很异常,所以我没及时准备好。因此前几天儿子被晒伤了。后来我不得不去买防晒油。我从来在四月买过防晒油,太疯狂了!