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  • After more than 11 years living in the usa I am still learning english
    When I first came to america I spoke little english. I started taking private lessons and working at the same time. I am feeling comfortable with my english skills but I need to work in pronunciat...
  • 外汇且苏格兰的独立公
  • Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money. Does it fair?
    Successful sports professionals are always the focus of media no matter inside or outside the courts. Their fame always bring they huge salaries and numerous commercial endorsements and people ofte...
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    • English
    • Jacob
    • 6 minutes ago
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  • La dissert sur mon voyage (partie 3, la dernière) Corrigez-moi svp!
    Tout la journée suivante nous allions vers le Pays-Bas vers à travers l’Allemagne. Le jour suivant nous sommes arrivés au Pays-Bas.. Amsterdam c’est vraiment une belle ville! Il fesait beau, ciel...
  • Back to the future
    Right now, I'm developing a calculator aplication in Html5, css and JavaScript. It's my third exercise in this technology.
  • Develop Any kind of Web services
    I am a Dot Net Developer having experience of 2 years.
  • Bonjour!
    Bonjour! Comment allez vous? Je m'appelle João et je suis brésilien. Je parle portugais et un peau de anglais. Bonne Journeé!
  • こんにちは
    初めまして ポムと申します。 日本に住んでるタイ人です。 タイ語が勉強したい人が居れば教えてください。 英語も話せます。 よろしくお願いします。
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    • Japanese
    • ポム
    • 39 minutes ago
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  • Volunteer Activity Plan
    This weekend we are going to volunteering to visit the old people in the old people's home. l am making a plan for this. l think we can talk with them about interesting things,they will get h...
  • 어제밤에 꿈에서 고등학교에 돌아왔어요.1
    요즘 피곤이 바로 쌓여 있었고,에제밤에 쌓인 피곤이 가장 많아졌어요.수업을 끝냈고,하숙방에 들어갔다가,직접 잠을 잤어요.그리고 새끗한 꿈을 꿨어요. 꿈에서 제가 공부했던 고등학교에 들어왔어요. 원래 고등학교에서 처음 떠난 때,제가 이거 경험이 신간이 가면서,사랄 거다고 생각해요.새로운 생활에 익숙한 후에 예전에 경험한 일을 잊은 것이 당연한 것 같아요.
  • Homes For Sale in Hawaii
    ForSale2Honolulu is found in the isle of Oahu and is recognized throughout the world like a main tourist location. Honolulu is the main path to Hawaii along with a major path to the Usa. It is also...
  • Qingmin Day is coming soon
    Again, Qingmin Day is coming soon, it is my time to go back hometown, where it is a rural town in southern of China. With my age is growing, family members in the town are getting less and less. S...
  • akuzativ sg.
    Doplňte vhodně tyto předložky s akuzativem: na, přes, pro, nad, pod, před, za, mezi, mimo, ob, po, v Můžete si cestu zkrátit přes park. Vezměte si to na památku. Kdy půjdeš na oběd? Ten seminář ...
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    • Czech
    • Lili
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  • Cher client 2
    Sur le coût d'expédition, vous avez acheté 4 points avec un coût d'expédition de 6,47 EUR (1.79 EUR pour le 1er article et 1,50 euros par chaque objet supplémentaire), le coût d'expédition comprend...
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    • French
    • Hossam
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  • First note
    Hi everybody. It's my first note in the notebook. My name is Marine. I'm French girl. I learn English and Spanish at school. I love to meet new friends.