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  • help me with this please..
    I'm writing an essay about living longer... so I have to write about overpopulation, consequences of living longer... and I wanted to know how to write something about housing problems like for ex...
  • Dologok mondok
    Hogy kiejtésem? Nekem segíthetsz kiejtésem? Nehéz jógazni magyarul. Ma delután, Embassy Indiai mentem és ittem chait. Azt nekem emlékeztetett, hogy Keniaország voltam. Sosem mágikusnak letag...
  • Looking for someone to practice spanish conversation
    Hi everyone! Ma name's Nelson from chile. I'm an engineer looking for someone to practice my english. Obviously, I could return with spanish practice conversations about culture, sports, academics,...
  • 一点的信息
    你好! 我叫Karl。 我是瑞典人。 我喜欢看书。 我会说瑞典文,英文也一点普通话。
  • 강을 시작이에요
    오늘은 날씨가 좋아에요. 가을 돼서 공기가 정말 선명이에요. 가을에는 저 요리와 사과 하고 호박을 너무 맛있어 또한 만드는 재미 있어요.
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    • Korean
    • Naomi
    • 14 minutes ago
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  • Few hours here..
    ok. my first impression.. too many russians. looks like for each who learn russian we have ten or more russians, who is ready to help. So probably I have no a chance to do the same, since every ne...
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    • English
    • Rion
    • 25 minutes ago
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  • My best travel experience.
    I want talking about my most memorable experience. It was the trip to Bulgaria, I had three years ago with my dance group to participate in international dance festival. This journey was already se...
  • Fortid, nårtid og fremtid på en ting.
    Agustin d´Hipona var en filosof. Han sa: "Hva er, da, tiden? Hvis ingen spør meg det, jeg vet det; men hvis jeg vil forklare det til som har spørt det meg, jeg vet ikke det". Det er ikke nødvendig...
  • i form china my name is tongkaibao
    my english sucks, i from china ,I can speak Chinese, we can learn from each other, how
  • Min resa till berget Lushan i Kina
    I sommar deltlog jag, min kursin, min morbror och hans fru i en väns bröllop. Efter hans bröllop arrangerade han en resa för oss till ett berg i hans stad som heter Lushan. Lushan är ett stort berg...
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    • Swedish
    • Yilia
    • 41 minutes ago
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  • Please correction my sentence
    1.Are you busy with someone ? 2.Today will you come in my office? 3.I'm waiting here just only for you. 4.Just finished my lunch. 5.Have you finished your lunch. 7.when you come to your office...
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    • English
    • Sagar
    • 43 minutes ago
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  • Sehr geehrte Frau S.
    Sehr geehrte Frau S. Mit großem Interesse habe ich Ihren Brief gelesen. Das ist die schwierigste Entscheidung, wenn man zwischen seine Wünsche und seine Freundschaft wählen muss. Die Freundschaf...
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    • German
    • Uliana
    • 43 minutes ago
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  • 我和小儿子一起看了电影
    这个周末过得不错,星期六晚上我和小儿子一起看了《Happy Feet 2》,我已经看过《Happy Feet》,但是没看过续集。我们吃了爆米花,喝了可乐。我们在他的床上相互偎依在一起来看,我们一起谈笑了。电影非常好看的,很多有名人给人物他们的声音,比如说:罗宾·威廉斯(R.I.P)、布拉德-皮特、伊莱贾·伍德、马特·戴蒙,还有P!nk, 真是一个star studded的演员表。虽然这部电影...
  • English Students!
    Hello, I hope you're having a good weekend! I have times open this week and I'm hoping to meet new students! I've had a great weekend teaching and watching American football. I hope you've had an e...
  • Just joined italki
    Mi chiamo Delaney e vivo in Florida, negli Stati Uniti. Studio italiano da due anni e posso leggere abbastanza bene ma non parlo molto bene.