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  • How I learn new language
    I am very new on this site but I think this is a good place for people who want to practice and improve their knowledge. I started to learn English two years ago because of my work. At the beginn...
  • Hallo
    Ich heisse Tea. Ich kan nicht die Deutsche buchstaben auf meinem Handy finden aber ich muss etwas in Deutsch schrieben. Ich habe Deuch fur Jahren gelernt in Schule aber jetzt habe ich kein Zeit etw...
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    • German
    • Tea
    • 2 minutes ago
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  • Grammatik Praktiken
    Här skriver jag flera ord och pröva att skriv dem korrekt; att titta - jag tittar TV idag - jag tittade TV igår - jag har tittade...jag hade tittade att undra - jag undrar om framtiden - jag ...
  • Please, check me
    The purpose of this report is to present the activities in the college canteen about selling unhealthy food in it. There is a lot of unhealthy food is being sold in the canteen and students spen...
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    • English
    • Tere
    • 7 minutes ago
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  • Un texte
    Bonjour. Je veux écrire un petit texte. Je suis chemist. Quand j'ai ete l'étudiant, j'ai ne plu pas à apprendre les sciences et j'ai été un étuidiant mauvais. Depuis quelque temps, quand je finissa...
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    • French
    • Dmitry
    • 8 minutes ago
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  • A large group of people came to our company today
    I haven't written an essay for some time. An event happened to our company and I would like to write about it. This afternoon, a large group of people taking three buses came to our factory. In...
  • El estanque
    El otro día paseaba cerca del estanque. Antes el estanque era cubierto de malezas. Los habitantes del esto lugar limpiaban de él, construían los puentes, decoraban con piedras y han traido los pa...
  • France's geography specific.
    The biggest natural attraction in france is George du Verdon. It is famous because, the river which is named after its startling green emerald color, is one of the gorge du verdon's most beautiful...
  • My holiday plan
    I'm going to have a nine days long paid holiday in January or February. I can't have any longer holiday because I'm working at a company now. (I wish I had two or three months vacation...) I want...
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    • English
    • Kaori
    • 21 minutes ago
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  • Reading Skills
    I had many difficulties with reading academic articles three years ago because of insufficient vocabulary, lack of reading skills, etc., so I often felt uncomfortable reading the academic reference...
  • suave and debonair
    I was chatting with my girlfriend on we chat so I was going to impress her with my chinese skills of being able to read penyi. We are both christians so I was reading to her 1Corinthians 13 the lov...
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    • English
    • Jerry
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • Bonjour :)
    Je m'appelle Belle. Je vis Arabie Saoudite. J'ai vingt deux ans . Je suis professeur à l'université. J'enseigne la linguistique. Je suis enchanté de faire ta connaissance. professeur = Does...
  • an Exercise for the IELTS Speaking Test
    This is a link to my exercise. This recording is kind of boring because I only recorded it for the test's sake. The thing that is good for my listen...
  • and learn
    Fatness is booming. This is not good. We stuff our faces with too much of the wrong type of food. Exercise ( is an ambition rather than daily fact for ma...
  • Ejercicio 6
    a) 1. Escribe las palabras aquí. 2. Pedro mira en el tablero. 3. Miguel, vayan a la pizarra y corrija el error de Pedro. 4. Mira esta foto. 5. Es muy bonita la cosa. 6. Llueve, cierre la ventana. 7...