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  • Mein computer
    Hallo , Wie geht's ? Ich habe einen computer , er ist eckig , er ist aus metal , schwarz und sehr gut , aber mein computer ist teuer , aber suffer ich in internet gern. Ich mag Fussball spielen i...
  • How Is It to Live Without Electricity?
    Have you ever thought how is it to live without electricity? I think about it often these days. Why? Because our house is being rewired and I do not have electricity during the day. Result of d...
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    • English
    • Pavel
    • 7 minutes ago
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  • Couples Day (5)
    Not that I don't have any complaints but, when looking back, I have to admit my husband has done his fair share of fulfilling responsibilities for the last 37 years. Although he is from Kyungsan...
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    • English
    • Bella
    • 11 minutes ago
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  • I have been Thinking of a Turkey Today 我今天一直在想着火鸡 2
    感恩节(gǎnēnjiē) 被(bèi)…所(suǒ) 越来越(yuèláiyuè)… 熟知(shúzhī) 一早(yìzǎo)就(jiù)… 微(wēi)信(xìn) 发(fā) 张(zhāng) 图片(túpiàn) 看到(kàndào) 惊奇(jīngqí)地(dì) 虽然(suīrán)…但(dàn) 大多数(dàduō...
  • TOEFL integrated practice 5 - please revise my writing, thanks :)
    According to the reading passage, there was a ground breaking experiment conducted by a graduate student and his advisor at the University of Chicago, which called as "primordial soup". Stanley and...
  • I have been Thinking of a Turkey Today 我今天一直在想着火鸡
    I have been thinking of a turkey today Today is Thanksgiving Day that is known by Chinese better and better. This early morning when someone sent a picture in Wechat saying Happy Thanksgiving, ...
  • Weekend!
    Weekend is getting closer. The only thing I do just yelling "Yippie!" all the time, while I'm also waiting for Saturday morning which is the day I could heading back to my hometown. I'm back home ...
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    • English
    • Gina
    • 28 minutes ago
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  • 있어요, 없어요
    잭 있어요. 한국어 사전 없어요. 영어 있어요. 목도리 없어요.
  • Nhớ đất nước của mình :)
    Mình là người Hàn Quốc, sống ở Việt Nam năm nay được 3 năm rồi. Mình sống xa gia đình từ 20 tuổi. Mỗi khi gặp những người mới sang Việt Nam, họ hỏi mình rằng, "bạn không nhớ gia đình à?". ...
  • A Nice Alone Trip
    Just want to write down my little story :) I planned for a motorbike trip to a mountain 2 weeks ago, and I mentioned it to my single team but they weren't interested in travelling by motorbi...
  • О новостях
    Друзья, Я работаю на заводе по изготовлению буровой установке скважин на нефть и газ. Это личная информация. Каждый день много дела, посколько только что устраивался на этой компании(заводу)...
  • Can somebody help me with my assignment about a presentation of a book
    has collected vocabularies in many different kinds of fields in Joseon Dynasty. Which is a characteristic vocabulary-collected dictionary. It is was the first anthology of vocabulary in Korea, and...
  • Ich denke....
    Der schlimmste Fehler, der Mensch ist von Sinnen versuchen etwas, das von Herzen kommt.
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    • German
    • Leandro
    • 55 minutes ago
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  • My best friends
    I have a lot best friends , and I think they are my best friends but I do not whether they are also consider me as their best friend. How do we judge someone as a best friend ? may be when we want ...
  • Thanksgiving
    Thank you for giving opportunities in the past year. Thank you for all helps and solutions. I would like to work with you all the way.