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  • Venezuela:un oposicionista fue fusilado durante su reunión con los electores
    Una semana antes de las elecciones parlamentarias en Venezuela uno de los líderes regionales de oposición fue matado. Luis Días fue fusilado justo durante la reunión con los electores en el Estado ...
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  • can you help me to fix this paragraph, please ?
    This is the first high-level meeting hosted Vietnam in his capacity as host country of ASEAN in 2010. This is a private meeting between ASEAN leaders and routine ASEAN is also an occasion on the i...
  • 日式拉面的成分:关于日式拉面的四种主要类型的图解指南
    九州与福冈市,尤其是福冈市因猪骨拉面而出名。 亚力克斯·马莫著(本文由Wanderlust - Japan赞助) 在日本时,拉面会是你所吃到的最好吃的东西之一。我在这里住四年了,尝试过的美食数不胜数,因此我决定刚说的话无可争议。 日式拉面就像大部分的日餐一样,它本来是种由多国家的特色而产生的美食,然而其来源有所争论。我们所知道的是,到20世纪中...
  • 日语中的月的别名(1)
    日语中有月的别名,日常生活中也偶尔出现。下面想解释它们的由来。 也许会有专门的解释,但就为学习中文,自己试试翻译:) 大部分是有力的学说。 一月=睦月(むつき) 该月内,亲属熟人彼此来往,和睦相聚。从这个观点取名的说法有力。 二月=如月(きさらぎ) "如月"这个汉字是,从中国古代的二月的别名过来。"きさらぎ"的叫法,因该月寒冷,把衣服穿得多。就从"着更着"的日语读法过来。另...
  • My trips corrected
    Once upon a time, a little boy lived at Saint Brévin les Pins. During his youth he stayed here and knew his town. Then, he grew up and he had to leave his region for the military service. His...
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  • First note - 29.11.2015
    Hello everybody! :) My name is David, I am from Russia. My English language coach has said me about this web-site and here I am :) (Was it right to use Present Perfect instead of Past Simple in pre...
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  • Récemment l’espérance de vie a beaucoup augmenté, mais est-ce nécessairement une bonne chose?
    Afin que nous définissions ce qu’on entend par l’augmentation de l’espérance de vie, nous devons considérer le problème du point de vue des personnes âgées. Le phénomène s’accroît, et bien qu’initi...
  • Would you please correct two paragraphs for me? it is very important for me.Thank you in advance
    I appreciate you if you correct these phrases for me. I want to have them polite and respectful. Thank you again. 1- In addition to improvement of the .. equation, following the referee's opini...
  • “El dinero no puede hacer que seamos felices. Pero es lo único que nos compensa del no serlo.”
    Es importante entender correctamente la definición de la felicidad – es cada vez más confuso lo que significa la alegría. En la actualidad, con una cultura floreciente de consumismo, no cabe duda d...
  • Que feriez-vous pour diminuer les embouteillages?
    Au Brèsil, la question sur le transport en commun est une attribution du maire de la ville. Au cours des dernières années, le nombre de voitures a augmenté 105% à Belo Horizonte et cette augmentati...
  • Starting a Change <3
    Before I joined this community, the first thing that popped into my mind is to learn Korean/Hangul but it changed when I started to read some forums about this ad. I think it's not that bad to unde...
  • summary of my essay
    The development of the Neo-Confucian philosophers, Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi s’ system of political thought relied on the eight clauses of Great Learning as guiding principles. At first, this paper wo...
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  • ¿qué significa cargador??
    ahora yo estudio sobre cosas de casa pero no entiendo la palabra ,cargador, por favor explica me en inglés mucha gracias!
  • Translation- Part 2
    Lonesome | by Wu Nien-chen (Part Two) The man retired from the army soon after that. He started to work as a janitor in a factory, sometimes on day shift and sometimes on night shift. Her moth...
  • An informal email
    TO: Anne FROM: Ainara SUBJECT: Collaborating on X-mas. Hi Anne, How are you? What have you been doing since we last met? Guess what? I’ve been working at a food bank at Christmas for a week! ...
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