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  • In Spanish, what preposition do you use with the adjective "dotado"? dotado de? dotado para? etc.
    What preposition follows the adjective "dotado" (gifted, talented) in Spanish? de, para, con, en, any of these?
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    • English
    • Tony
    • 24 minutes ago
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  • 7/30/2014
    Left-handed person are known as “lefties”. This group of people is a minority group of people, Because of that most of the equipment or tools invented are for right-handed. Nowadays, left-handed ...
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    • Misa
    • 35 minutes ago
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  • My lotus
    Last Spring I got some lotus seeds from mother in law. In her hometown, people grow lotus to get its seed. I carefully cut one seed open by a saw. It was quite dangerous because the shell of seed w...
  • Talking about marriage.
    The other day I was talking to my friend and somehow this topic about marriage came over. He told me that we cannot always be happy, and I was like "what do you mean?. He went on telling me: "You ...
  • 作文
    今日(きょう)、私(わたし)仕事(しごと)をしていませんでした. 土曜日 曇り
  • Сайн байна уу?
    Сайн байна уу? Миний нэрийг Жессе гэдэг. Би Америкaaс ирсэн -- Тантай уулзсандаа баяртай байна.
  • Pour l'instant
    - Fille ! peut-on vous inviter à dîner ? - Non, je ne mange pas à la nuit. - Alors, peut-on aller au cinema ? - Je télécharge des torrents. - Peut-être allons chez moi pour regarder la télévisi...
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    • French
    • Dmitry
    • 54 minutes ago
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  • Interview time
    Yesterday i went for interview,i did well give my best effort.At a one time i thought i got selected but my bad luck they rejected me.But i am very satisfied i did my best.Thanku god
  • 2014 - une année pas très bonne
    2014 a été une année très mauvaise. Il y a des difficulté dans ma famille, il y a problèmes politique en Ukraine et au Vietnam et il y a cinq accidents d'avion déjà. J'espère que 2015 serait une me...
  • ポモドーロ
  • You help me
    I'm searching people that want talk to me in english language, because I want learn it language. I can help to you in the language of the Italy. I ask to you of correcting my diary. Thank you ver...
  • haoxiao de dianying
  • Intro
    Bon em. Me nao Cheval ue estao aprendem Portugeusa. Queroi ayudem.
  • Tout sur moi!
    Bonjour je m'apelle Jeremy! Je suis enchante! Je suis de Melbourne, d'Australie et mon aéroglisseur est plein d'anguilles! Lol. Je travaille une manufacture de torte et le-weekend je suis plong...
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    • French
    • Jeremy
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Back Again for practicing English
    It's been a long time since the last time I visited here. My work made me really busy that I cannot find an ample time for pleasure and habit even for learning things such as learning languages her...