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  • Pouvez-vous m'aider à corriger ce texte ?
    La dernière fois que j'étais dans l'enseignement à temps plein était il ya plus de dix ans - l'Internet commençait vraiment juste de décoller et d'étudiants ont été alors seulement en s'appuyant su...
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    • French
    • DMur
    • 2 minutes ago
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  • Today 28.08.2014
    Today is good day! I chated with a lot of people, they are all nice people, who can help me to improve my English. I met with Billy. He is from England. We talk about ourselves, our families, hobbi...
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    • English
    • Zhanna
    • 15 minutes ago
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  • A New Begining
    A new school term is start.I'm a junior now,but I still confused for my future.I don't know how to earn my life in this cruel society.My aunt asked me to make a life plan but I even don't know what...
  • Кто знает его имя?
    Мой коллега нашел в интернете старую фотографию молодого человека и спросил: «Ты узнаешь, кто он?» Я посмотрела, подумала, но не набрала смелости сказать чей-нибудь имя. Да, этот человек напо...
  • God's Not Dead
    Hi Guys, Today i watched the movie God's Not Dead. Wow, it's an amazing movie. To renew my faith. Watch also. :D
  • The perfect city
    I am just 16 now, but in the future I would love to move to England. I've always loved the English style and I think people there are really lovely! I've been to London twice and I fell in love wit...
  • factory
    Today, i'm going to write about my job i got 2 days ago. i make a cell phone ingredient. like a case,battery board before i got this job, many freinds of mine scared me about factory. there are ...
  • Job am Wochenende
    Hallo Ayman, stelle dir vor, ich habe einen Wochenendjob in einem Supermarket gefunden, ich arbeite als Kassierer, ich mag sehr diese Job weil ich gut Geld abzählen kann, und ich bin sehr offen ...
  • Deutsch für Ärtzten
    Ich habe immer algemeine Deutsch Sprache lernen. Aber vom kurz habe ich einen Gespräch mit dem Deutschen Artzt. Er ist aus Russland aber arbeitet er im Deutschland schon seit 20 Jahren, zu genauer ...
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    • German
    • Valerie
    • 32 minutes ago
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  • Help me
    It is rainy now, a heavy rain. Sometimes, I see the rain and wondering that if my life is so hard? I always feel busy, stress.. I always feel tired, exhausted with everything: learning, family, fr...
  • Summer holiday will be over.暑假结束
    Tomorrow I am going to have a meet. 明天,我要去开会。 It means that the summer holiday is over. 这意味着暑假结束了。 But I have not finish my homework. 但是,我还没有完成我的作业。 We must read a book named HPL.(how p...
  • Saving Money
    Today, I was reading a news on a website and, for my surpirse, I read that: A 10 year old boy saved money and bought him a car! I thought: "Oh my god! He is only 10 years old!". He saved money f...
  • 你好!
    你好! 我叫李。 我是澳大利亚人。 我想学中文 可是中文很难。 我工作网络工程师。 认识你很高兴 :)
  • Now, I know I have a dream
    Last night, I got off job at 11PM. It was rainning. I just wore a thin coat. I felt cold and lonely. Every night, I often go to bed late. I often watch film all night and wake up late on the next d...
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    • English
    • Lotus
    • 53 minutes ago
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  • Who gave you for the referral to see a retina specialist?
    Who gave you for the referral to see a retina specialist? 어떤 의사님께 망막 전문의사 추전 받으셨어요?
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    • Korean
    • Mary
    • 57 minutes ago
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