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  • Living healthy
    I'm just thinking, living healthy is awesome. But just thinking :D I don't live healthy so I don't know how is it. I'm just wondering xD I love chocolates and chips so much. And 'eating' is my fav...
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    • Suuu
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    ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS What is your job? I am serve public. What’s your address? I am living in Belo Horizonte. What’s the name of your neighbourhood? My neighbourhood is Mariana Do you l...
  • Uma Notícia
    Por causa de jogo, como um único lugar que pode ter assinos, Macau ganhou o grande número da receita no ano de 2012, até mesmo ultrapassou a Suíça e ficou a 4a posição na lista que divulgou do Banc...
  • A Night Owl
    Beginning tomorrow, I will be returing to school for a sonography course. I feel excited about this course. In fact, I used to hope that I would been gained that skill for a long time. Now my drea...
  • Could Amy Winehouse have been saved? Who´s to blame for Amy´s fall? Was it better for Amy to die?
    To give an answer to those questions is almost impossible from my point of view; nobody knows exactly what she had to go through, besides the breakup she had with her boyfriend there were a bunch o...
  • spending a lot on celebrations is a waste of money but others think it is important.Discuss
    Some people feel that spending too much on various celebrations is meaningless as well as wasting of money. And other people believe that holding celebrations has positive effect on both the youth ...
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    • Hola
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  • Ma "nostalgie" pour l'étranger
    Ce midi, je fais la sieste au balcon ensoleillé et bruyant, une brise fraîche me réveille et me signale l'arrivée de l'automne. Un image de vie passée me vient tout à coup dans la tête: c'était...
  • A little story
    I had to write a little speech yesterday for my English class with these words: "a man", "his wife", "a unicorn", "a psychiatrist", "a policeman", "a strait jacket", "the madhouse". This was the st...
  • Politische Lage in der Ukraine Teil 2
    Erst im Finalstadium der Untersuchung, wenn die Beschuldigung erheben wird, erklärt man in der Abteilung, dürfte man über den Untersuchungsbeginn von zypriotischen Strafverfolgungsbehörde sprechen....
  • ¡Imagina que los gatos fueran más grandes!
    Anoche vi un documetal que trataba de los gatos, a mí, no me gustan los gatos y siempre que pasan a mi lado me pongo nervioso. ¿Has visto cómo te miran? Siempre ponen cara de inocente como si fuera...
  • Die Übersetzung (politische Lage in der Ukraine)
    Zypern wird der Ukraine kein eingefrorenes (gesperrtes) Geld von Janukowitsch zurückgeben Im Rahmen von EU-Sanktionen wird auf der Zypern die Vermögenswerte von ehemaligen ukrainischen Behörden in...
  • Weddings in Canada - Know the Terms
    As autumn rolls in, wedding season is coming to an end in Canada. Because Canada has two warm and two cold seasons, spring and summer is usually full of weddings. I had to attend four weddings this...
  • Helfen Sie mir bitte !!! Korrigieren Sie bitte meine Fehler !
    Welche wertvolle Erfahrung haben Sie im Leben gemacht ? Aber ich habe die große Erfahrung im Leben gemacht dann , wenn ich in andere Stadt sehr weit abgefahren ist, um an der Univers...
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    • Kara
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  • add me on skype
    hey everybody whoever who would like to teach me French or help me perfect my English (British and american accent) add me on skype: "liwaa mohtar" in exchange I can teach Arabic, if some one ne...
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    • Liwaa
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