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  • Hilfe für mein Freund
    Guten Abend liebe Elisabeth, ich habe dass entdecken heute. Es scheint interessant und nützlich für das Arbeitssuche! Es ist nur für startups und junges Firmas, aber, ...
  • Lady Braknell´s thoughts. please! correct it soon! I need it!
    Lady Bracknell´s thoughts What? A fortune about a hundred and thirty thousand pounds? In the funds! How can this be possible? It doesn´t matter. The point is that Miss Cardew has a huge amount ...
  • Olá (a 240 quilómetros por hora)
    Agora mesmo estou viajando de Boston, para New York (nos EUA). Estou sentado em um trem, e estou olhando as coisas através da janela. Vejo: o mar, muitos barcos, e muitas, muitas árvores. Porque é ...
  • Wie kann ich Genitiv vermeiden?
    In Russisch spricht man viel im Genitiv - "die Katze des Chefs des Freundes von meinem Vater" (die Katze, die gehört zum Chef einer Mann, der zufällig auch ein Freund von meiner Vater ist) usw. ...
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  • Buy Instagram Followers
    Why Should I Acquire Fans? We are now living in a field of social websites. For this particular date, greater than 90 million men and women use Instagram from month to month and also the figures...
  • Indispensable belongings you would be wise to find out about sports betting
    Does one delight in sporting activities? Most of the people do. Over the society there is dozens of premier sporting activities with admirers numbering into your thousands and thousands, otherwise ...
  • I don't know the right version of sentence
    1. In my opinion you should think of things which you are interested in. 2. In my opinion you should think which things are you interested in. 3. In my opinion you should think about what is real...
  • movie I recently rewatched
    A week ago i watched "vanilla sky" it's about a rich guy who inherited his father's company . he involved in a car accident which his friend who was driving decided to commit suicide and killing ...
  • Japanese Practice 02
    Adjectives: この時計は高いです このコーヒーはおいしくないです 山下先生は元気です 天気はよくないです 明日は暇じゃないです 昨日は忙しかったです 宿題は難しかったです 私の部屋はきれいじゃありませんでした 天気はよかったです 日帰り旅行は楽しくありませんでした 切符は高じゃありませんでした Adjectives + Nouns: 親切な人を会い...
  • Köpeğim
    Lütfen)) Hatalarımı düzelt.. Teşekkürler!!! Benim bir köpeğim var. O ailemde birinci uyanıyor. Uyanıp yatağıma gidiyor ve uyandığımda bekliyor. Ben uyanınca o çok mutlulanıyor. Ben onu okşuy...
  • # La 2ème semaine : Ma dernière année du lycée.
    Cette lundi, j'ai commencé ma dernière année du lycée et je suis encore deroutée de tout ça. Cette année sera difficile, je le sais, parce qu'on va prendre notre Bacalureat. On doit étudier beaucou...
  • The avatar, the last airbender
    I have been watching this television series in order to improve my listening skills. I had seen a few episodes when was a child but I was never a follower. I am in the fifteenth episode of the w...
  • Simple English
    In my view, English should be taught at different levels, but not simplified. For example, if a student wants to study to be a translator, it is not enough to know common phrases. He must be able n...
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  • Mi familia
    ¡Hola! Me llamo Katya. Esta es mi primero texto en leñgua española. Yo vivo en Moscu. Yo soy periodista. Yo tengo una pequeño familia. Mi hija se llama Julia. El nombre de mi marido es Vlad. Yo muc...
  • משפטים עם "אילו" - צריך בדיקה
    תבדקו בבקשה א אילו היא לא הייתה צריכה יולדת, לא היינו מצפים כל יום לטלפון ממנה ב אילו לא אהבתי את המחשב שלי, הייתי מנסה מחשב חדש ג אילו הם לא היו מגלים את הסודות שלנו לכולם, היינו יכולים לשחק ...
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