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  • Describing a Picture #2
    The picture below is absolutely charming. We can see a little cafe in the street. It's early autumn, the trees are covered with yellow and red leaves. But the weather is still warm, so there are so...
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    • English
    • Nelly
    • 15 minutes ago
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  • Effective Pos Systems are the Right Decision for your Store
    Mankind is continuously searching for solutions, that can help spend less, increase the income and streamline business processes. The motive is very easy to understand - you won't ever get to a new...
  • Effortless approach to finding the very best Point of sales systems is available down below
    It is no huge secret we all reside in a contemporary society, crammed with various ongoing technology and also incredible impressive alternatives. All kinds of products, gadgets and gizmos surround...
  • Hey and Hi
    Hello friends, Can you help me? My Canadian coworker starts his letters to me with "Hey". And some of Americans say "Hey" to me. When I asked my friend from US what the difference betweem Hey an ...
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    • English
    • Oleg
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • 我心向往与残酷现实
    既然没有净土,不如净心。让心慢慢放松,听着音乐、想象自己住在净土。听着鸟叫声、流水声、风吹树枝声、动物鸣叫声。人与自然融为一体,是那样的和谐,一切是那样的自然而然。 风吹在我的脸上,吹起我的发,我的衣服是那样飘飘然。我感觉我自己会飞,像云一样,随风而动,飞往我心向往的地方,很是自在。 OK,两分钟过后,回到现实。继续过着我苦憋的日子 ,继续努力和忙碌的工作,继续在无良老板的指导下做着违背...
  • Remarkable on-line pokies are fantastic for virtually any fan of wagering
    For better or even worse, but betting has long since turned into a large part of our traditions. People used to gamble starting with medieval times. Considering that, who would not like to make som...
  • If it is possible, Please correct my mistakes) University and Class
    I think attending class is important because it gives to people discipline and can be useful more when a good teacher hold it. Students can be more prepare for learning when they have to attend cla...
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    • English
    • mahsa
    • 56 minutes ago
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  • In my opinion...
    I think it is a very good exercice to correct other people’s writings. We can observe how they express themselves by doing mistakes due to their literal translations they do sometimes.That help...
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    • English
    • Gloria
    • 57 minutes ago
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  • Enjoy Free Pokies On the internet to Get a Taste of Secure Gambling
    In my view, life is an exciting game with lots of gamers and low chances to succeed, which makes this process a lot more interesting! Every thing we do is for some reason related to gambling since ...
  • little things
    I really believe in dreams. Do you want your dream will come true? You should to work hard, if you want to. Sometimes the lazy people say "I want to travel" or "I want to be rich"...Hey! Lift your ...
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    • English
    • Kate
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Correct me if there are any mistakes
    Ahmed Gamal Ziada is a journalist. Ahmed has been arrested from Al'azhar University for more than 280 days at Aboza'bal prison in Egypt. Ahmed is not a terrorist, just journalist doing his work. Z...
  • ( ノ゚Д゚)こんにちは
    はい。みなさんこんにちは。 中国の学生です。 日本のアニメが大好きなんですが、いま、日本語を勉強しています! それで、みんあ「hey say JUMP」が知っていますか? その中で、山田涼介さんと中島裕翔さんが大好きだから、ずっと彼らと会うために一生懸命頑張っています! なんか、もしあなたは私と同じ気持ちを持ってだら、私と友達になりましょう~
  • israel palestinian territories
    For over ten years, considering that the uprising of your second Intifada, Pierre Rehov has set out to debunk most of the mythologies which poison the political condition from the Center East. When...
  • Morning
    Every mornig I wake up at 9 a.m. I think what I have to do in all my day and all the responsabilities that I have at work. All days I wish I could sleep a little bit more, but the clock never stops...
  • are these sentences correct plz?8
    我是外购学生。 他们是讲座。 我爸爸是买家。 这个美丽的家园。 这个年轻的女人。 这是我的车。 这是一个长大衣。