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  • Composition
    Look at the picture below. Think about it and write a 120-word essay on it. In your essay, you should  (1) Describe the scene in the classroom; (2) Explain why the pupils are tire...
  • Where are you running?
    There was a village among the dark forest. He was at one of homes and slept lying on a floor. Ungry sound was coming from a field... That moment he was waking... -What is it? This voice of wild ...
  • Maybe Trip Number 2
    じゃ、マンハッタンから女友達要ります。今年「エグザイルトライブからジェネレーションズ」はアメリカに来て、だから今私は「ファンガーリング」です。X﹏X もちろん、彼女は彼らを好きしなければなりません、それともそれは楽しいない。。 どうしよう? o(╯□╰)o 一人でを行くすべきですか?本当に行きたい! Well, I need a girl friend from Manhattan. ...
  • Como eu aprendo.
    Eu aprendo o Português pincipalmente nas manhãs. Quando eu dirijo na escola eu escuto alguns podcasts do gente que fala Português. Minha audicão está melhorando muito, eu entendo quase tudo des...
  • Fitness
    I have to say I'm not interest in sports when I was young. Because I didn't have talent in many sports , such as running, soccer and so on. But I started to play soccer at junior high school and I ...
  • 인사~
    안녕하세요~ 저는 싸이 입니다. 대학생입니다. 3학년입니다. 20살 입니다. 제 전공 이 중국어 하고 일본어 입니다. 한국어 를 공부해요.아주 좋아해요. 만나서 반갑습니다.
  • My Birthday
    Yesterday is my birthday,also is the Monday,so everybody need to work. Me too,but all my good friend remember the day,they give me some surprise to make me happy. Thanks! Thanks my parents,give me ...
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    • English
    • Chaury
    • 48 minutes ago
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  • 4月27日 - 今日は
    今日は、いい天気でした。  うれしかった。 明日も、いい天気願っています。 ふーん... やっぱり、四月好き。 平和だね~
  • Help me Guys!
    Hey Guys!I'm looking for at least one current book in BRITISH English, maybe with real conversations(SLANG,IDIOMS). PLEASE recommend me one of this book.
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    • English
    • Edoardo
    • 59 minutes ago
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  • Vivo en una ciudad de azúcar
    Vivo em Salvador, uma ciudad muy conocida por hacer siempre mucho calor. Creo que mucha gente no acredita cuando digo que hoy la ciudad fue tomada por la lluvia. Me he acuestado a las 5 y el suelo ...
  • Summer time!
  • Verb ending to add meaning of "can" + te form
    PLAIN FORM + ことができます = can ... Also て form song to help match ごだん verbs with proper て ending Other notes on hard drive.
  • Got Milked?
    For example, pumpkin seed is obviously a better choice of magnesium intake and two teaspoons of dried and ground basil powder have an equivalent amount of calcium for a glass of milk.
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    • English
    • Jenny
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  • Español 4/30/2015
    Hoy, aunque me voy podria salir, pero muy ocupada. (Today, even though I am on leave, but I am very busy.) aunque - even though podría – could salir - leave
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    • Spanish
    • Misa
    • 1 hour ago
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  • My Resume
    Hi everybody. Actually I am doing my resume, and i want to share it with you to know if there are any suggestions or corrections. A highly motivated and reliable professional with six years e...
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    • Juan
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