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  • 我第一个Italki笔记簿项目
    这是我第一个 Italki 笔记簿项目。我要用 Italki 练习说,写,和听懂中文。 今天我有了很多作业。我在数学课要考了一个测验。在文学,我学了古代的英国诗。我也听过了一张古代说的英文录音。古代说的英文跟今天说的英文不一样!我不能听懂这张录音。古代说的英文听像德语。我的大第在学德语,可是我想德语的语法太麻烦。中文语法比德语语法很容易!
  • Choosing a career...
    Since I graduate from school I've been thinking about what I wanna be in the future. This has been one of my hardest decisions because I actually don't feel totally atracted to only one professio...
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    • Paola
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  • The first time!
    Hi, my name is Desirée, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Spain. Right now, I'm learning english because in the future, I want to be a good teacher but I can't improve my english because in this moment...
  • Berufliche größte Herausforderung?
    Meine größte Herausforderung war die Organisation einer Abteilung namens "Degreasing" mit 5 Anlagen. Wegen der Probleme in Bezug auf Qualität und Quantität, wurde diese Abteilung den Engpass für di...
  • My first text in iltalki,
    Hi people I am new in italki , I wold like to see how it's works. This is my first test and if some one watch some mistakes in my text , please let me know. I have study english for long t...
  • Hello
    Hi, I'm from Mexico. This is the first time I am writing on this page. I hope to learn something.
  • my beautiful contry
    first i don´t know write in english but i try , sorry for the mistakes , I am born in Bogota- CoIombia but I live in Riohacha-La Guajira COLOMBIA, here is majestic place ther are beach, sea ,bre...
  • 克里斯托弗·哥伦布还是中国人?
    我在一边看一很有趣的电视节目一边看这张日记,这个节目很有意思,是关于谁最先发现了美国的,克里斯托弗·哥伦布还是中国人。主持人总是说起一个中国人,可能是一个很有名的monk,可是主持人中文说得很不好,我听不懂他说什么,但是可能是 Zhang He。 好啊,我要去看这个节目,它已经播出了5分钟,它看起来很有趣,我等不及看到他们会揭露,也许我明天来这里写一张关于这个节目的文章。再见!
  • Hola 3
    ¿Por qué te gusta viajar? En primer lugar, este no es el típico diario. Sencillamente, he decidido escribir sobre viajar. Hay muchas personas a las que supongo que les gusta mucho viajar. Viajar ...
  • Be yourself and believe
    I'm here because i want to show for who read this,BE YOURSELF AND BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS. I believe in me and you? Never say never :)
  • The Painted Skin 畫皮
    This is the result of a request from "K", She asked me to translate this famous story from "Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio" (聊齋) as she could not unde...
  • J'ai besoin de pratiquer mon français
    Bonjour, tout le monde. Je m'appelle Alexis. J’apprends le français depuis trois an, d'une façon indépendant. Je comprends la longe parlée assez bien et je peux lire, mais parler c'est très diffici...
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    • Alex
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  • People may hate you for being different...
    People may hate you for being different and not living by society's standards, but deep down they wish they had the courage to do the same.
  • Speaking a foreing language
    Learning a foreing language is so fun If you know how to seek the information you need, how to use the tools you have at the moment and how to focus that data to express yourself confidently. Th...
  • School!
    Hi ! In 4 days I am going to go in an High School. I think it will be great. Last year was so easy and then so annoying. I've had a very good mention. I expect better this year. But I decided t...