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    Where does your sister work? em gái của Chị việc làm ở đâu? Do you ever go to the movies? Bạn bao giờ đi đến xem phìm ạ? How often does it snow here? bao nhiều lần ở đây có ...
  • gariib 'mbaarefi
    Mbaarfia filam't qaadaf fii hada ana lak habeeb. Huwa taflof ana mafuuna. L'faawal ana rafad (huwa fahemt ana harah huwa, d'arra huwa asked ana afad huwa!), kail sit ana gayyar rayi. strange d...
  • Buongiorno!
    Mi chiamo Mina. Ho 27 anni. Sono di Serbia. Io vivo a Belgrado. E' bella città. La gente è molto gentili. Io lavoro in un ufficio. Mi piacerebbe Italia e l'italiano. Lo studio e vorrei viaggare in ...
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    • Mina
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  • Droplet lenses for smartphones.
    This could be really interesting . A video of some work done at a University in Australia. Now where can I get one.
  • Practice for a exam.
    Hello. I am practicing because I will have exam to get a certified of english in my school. I am nervious because I am not a good speaker, and my listening is terrible. This is the motive of why i ...
  • Nonfeasance
    It's common to ask for help when we are in trouble. But whether it helps depends on the people you turn to. How to deal with the nonfeasance of the project managers?
  • My love story. ( 1)
    Let’s me tell you about my love story. 2 years ago, when the first I met my boy friend. I had Iistened to his speech. He gave a lecture about dream, success, what can we do to make dream come true...
  • Last class of course about design
    On Wednesday I had the last class of course about design. The last class was interesting because we showed the posters that we made with knokledge that we learned in the course. We all did differen...
  • personal statement 2
    Therefore, I chose another option which is engineering, for it is the project which is a not just a kind of practical science but also another kind of art. It is once said that the modern society i...
  • 我累得游不动了
    16.我累得游不动了, 滨还太远呢。 帮助我爬船去。 17。这些人物画多么漂亮啊。 你知道谁画它们? 18. 她一听到儿子要回家来,她就高兴得哭起来。 她的儿子在莫斯科学习四年,现在回家乡来。 19。 我只有挣钱以后,才能探亲。 20。这个贸易代表团是从上海来的不是从北京来的。 21。 红楼梦小说一共有两千叶。 三国演义也是那么厚的书吗? 22。 我不记住人民英雄纪念碑什么时候...
  • personal statement1
    Engineering is the result of the equation: Scientific knowledge + Mathematics; and holds the purpose of creating processes from which all Earth's inventions develop. It is a concept which dates bac...
  • Fiesta de Pascua
    En las vacaciones de Pascua, con cinco días libres, yo he hecho muchas cosas. El jueves, yo estudié las clases de la universidad y después salí con mi madre. El viernes, jugué voleibol toda la tard...
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    • lup
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  • Email to 선생님 ~
    선생님께 저는 4월29일 심리학 시험이있어서, 한국어수업을 들을 수없어요. 비디오 상영회 후에 수업이 있을 거예요? 않으면 가족소개 쓸 거예요? 저는 주말에 준비하고 싶어요. Thanks! Regards, 하이디 English: Dear 선생님, As I will be taking my Psychology Exam...
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    • hotdog
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  • 造句-01
    1. 优点 我的优点是很容易适应.我吃的东西只是在家做的,什么吃都觉得很好吃.而且,我每天都运动,所以当吃饭的时候都觉得好吃.如果是我做的,虽然不太好吃,但我自己尊敬我的劳动.如果是别人做给我吃,我更尊敬因为是他们的心意. 我很容易睡觉.只要有干干净净的地方,我都会有好梦,不一定有床,可以在车上,桌子上,椅子上都会睡好的.哈哈,写到这里,我觉得我好像胖胖的猪子.\\^_^// 我学的东...
  • Mi Segundo Notebook
    Esto es mi segundo vez para hacer una entrada en notebook. He estudiado español hace un año pero acabo de descrubir italki anoche! A veces creo que conocer mucho español, pero entonces oigo algo ...
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    • Brad
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