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  • ¡Hola!
    ¡Hola! Me llamo Eleanor. Soy de Australia. Hablo inglés. Me Gustaría practicar español. Mucho gusto.
  • 2nd Essay - From Orient to Conquest the World
    The relation between Orient and Ocident always have been conturbated. Since from Media Age until now, this contact is protagonizated for interactions among dominator and dominated, whereon Europe...
  • about me
    I from venezuela, I'm 25 year old. Right now I Learn english because is very important this language in my occupation, I'm engineer of telecommunication. In my country Venezuela almost never any pe...
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    • Eduin
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  • Ce matin
    Le sonore de mon réveil retentit de toute ma chambre ce matin. Comme toujours il était 4h de matin et le soleil venait de se réveiller. Mais pour un raison quelconque j'avais l'impression que c'éta...
  • Response to email inqury about no technology background for a position
    Dear XXX, Thank you very much for your email, I believe that my qualifications have caught your attention and I would like to take this opportunity to discuss with you about my skills briefly. R...
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    • Miley
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  • my name is abimael and i want to learn english with you if you can help me tell me. thanks
    saludo estoy estudiado ingles y quiero alguien que me ayude con el idioma ingles good I'm studying English and I want someone to help me with the English language
  • 공부 환경
    맹모삼천지교이라는 말이 있잖아요. 저는 한국어를 공부하다 보니까 맹자의 엄마가 자신의 아들을 키우고 가르치기 위해서 왜 3번이나 이사를 했는지 알게 됐어요. 언어를 배우는 데 공부 환경이 굉장히 중요하단 말이죠. 저는 가능한 한 효과적으로 공부하려면 공부 환경을 최수선으로 봐야 된다고 생각할 정도로 공부 환경을 중요하게 여기고 있어요. 특히 독학으로 ...
  • My new friend for language exchange
    A couple of days before I met a girl who is learning spanish, she is from Unites States and of course she is an english native speaker. Today in the morning we could have a little talk through sky...
  • Sobre mí
    Hola, mi nombre es Amelia! Vivo en los Estados Unidos en Colorado. Me encanta Colorado porque tiene las montañas entonces es muy bonita. He ido a California y Oregon y otros estados de Ameríca. Per...
  • My weekend
    My weekend was a little be fun. Friday I went a japanese restaurant with some friends. It was very fun. I love to hang out with my friends. Saturday I woke up at midday, had breakfast and then I st...
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    • Laís
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  • My best friend
    Hello everybody! Today I want to write about my best friend; his name is Alejandro, he is a man very intelligent, good looking, funny... He always is when I need you and he always make me laugh.
  • O dia de hoje
    Hoje, fui ao centro da cidade. Pude seguir por várias direções, e realizar algumas pesquisas e trabalhos diferentes. Conheci novos fornecedores e comprei matéria-prima. Um dos locais mais visitad...
  • Fashion night
    The Teacher of administration got us a project. It was a wonderful gangway where the students showed beautiful costumes of differents companies. The models who participated they were students o...
  • My carrer
    I finished my preparatory when I was 17 years old, And I really didn't know which carrer study, so I thought during two weeks ( in that time it will be the exam to enter to the university) so I de...
  • 私の紹介