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  • and learn
    Fatness is booming. This is not good. We stuff our faces with too much of the wrong type of food. Exercise ( is an ambition rather than daily fact for ma...
  • Ejercicio 6
    a) 1. Escribe las palabras aquí. 2. Pedro mira en el tablero. 3. Miguel, vayan a la pizarra y corrija el error de Pedro. 4. Mira esta foto. 5. Es muy bonita la cosa. 6. Llueve, cierre la ventana. 7...
  • Good or bad news
    Today, I heard a news from my tutor, that is the state of my paper is underview. When I heard it, I am happy and spontaneously a little worried.Because I worry that maybe it is to be rejected in s...
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    • English
    • yanglh
    • 22 minutes ago
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  • i need some help, please!!!
    Hello! I'm come from VietNam and i'm living Da Nang city now. I'm looking for a job but i can't get it because my English not well. I hope anybody can help me improve English and if you want i will...
  • Los estudiantes sudaméricanos y centroaméricanos estudian en Australia. Hay una emisora español
    Hola estoy aprendiendo el idioma castellano y hago intercambio de idiomas con los estudiantes de latinoamérica que estudian inglés, maestría y doctorado en las universidades en Australia. Esta Sem...
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    • Spanish
    • Shanzi
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  • subconscious mind
    could you pleas tell me how to plant an idea in someone's subconscious mind ? it's a science fiction actually
  • "don't give up" told to myself.....but...
    A lot of people with my same age, are able to speak english without problems. They want to improve yet their english, to try to get FCE ENGLISH DIPLOMA, to certificate that their english belong to ...
  • Exercises
    Exercises 1 1- I´m eating my sandwich 2- Carol is opening her lunchbox. 3- You´re drinking your milk. 4- Did they talk to their teacher? 5- I´m doing my homework in my room. 6- Is Tom weari...
  • The confession
    ***There is church downtown in Rome called 'Sant'Antonio dei Portoghesi'. Yesterday I was nearby this church, during a walk. I do like walking around Rome, it is my own way to take posses of the ci...
  • why speak english
    the world will be more and more international . different people contact each other again and again . i once met foreigner , she come up to me ,then asked me where is the No.46 bus , i understood w...
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    • carter
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  • Interview For An Internship
    I went to a textile company to have an interview for an internship. I applied for a foreign trade merchandiser. During the interview, the interview asked me about my career plan. I told her I want...
  • Football and English!!!
    I used to a big fan of football (soccer) when I was a student from high school to college. After I graduated, I realized that my knowledge and skills were very limited. Especially, my English abili...
  • Di Solito, com'e la tua giornata?
    Di solito, mi sveglio alle 7.30. Mangio il colazione con mia compagna de casa alle 8. Mangiamo toaste e beviamo caffe senza latte. Ho una doccia, e andiamo all’universite alle 9.30. Leggo il gio...
  • Its More Fun In The Philippines :)
    Ang aking Bansa ay maipapag malaki ko kahit sino mang banyaga at kahit sa anong bansa sapagkat ang aking Bansa ay puno ng magagandang tanawin,masasarap na pagkain at napaka mabuting mamayan. kaya ...
  • Seeking a woman for conversation Russian/English
    I have a very jealous husband, so for communicating seeking a woman only :)