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  • Success Quotes from One of the Richest People in the World
    Success quotes from one of the richest billionaires in the world. Knowledge - Dated Goals - Action Plan - Take Action = Success
  • Can someone please correct this short proposal?
    In my opinion, you are setting up a very interesting series of documentaries which can affect a large number of people of all ages. Please find below my suggestions about four unusual hobbies. T...
  • Find Out Extra Details Of effective irritable bowel syndrome treatment.
    According to the countless researches that have been made, scientist made a decision that not all diseases can be cured with the traditional methods. By way of example, such disorders as diabetic p...
    I want sepeak about my job. I´m secretary in a digital newspaper. For to be secretary, you need firstable to have study for this, in my case I studied for five years and I think the most importa...
  • I want to visite to the mountains!
    Today I'm a little sad because I have to go to dantist:) and weather is awful - rain, wind...I feel lonely and want to talk to someone)) my cat helps me=)))) and I I really want to go to the mounta...
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    • Galina
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  • Is crime a problem where you live?
    I live in a big city. My apartment is located in sleeping quarters. When people usually go out or at work some house buglars rob someone dwellings. To protect your dwelling it's better to insta...
  • My native city
    Zaporozhye - a city on the Dnieper River, the administrative center of the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine. Is one of the largest administrative, industrial and cultural centers of the south of Ukrain...
  • students' behavior
    There are more problems with students' behavior in many countries. What are the causes and what are your solutions? Nowadays,many students' behavior is not as good as their parents did before....
  • International aid
    Some people think that giving aid to poor countries has positive effects, while others believe that international aid should be stopped. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Nowad...
  • 工作费用
    我下星期有个工作面试。想跟老板谈谈费用。其实面试时说英语,不过还想知道怎么用中文说。 我是个摄影师,也可以帮老板宣传他的鞋子品牌。我一般按时间加费用,但是这次要长期合作。所以我想以百分比的利润为偿我的佣金。 I want a percentage of the profits to be my commission。 可以这样说吗?求帮助!
  • My English e-mail plz help ~!!
    I'm asking you to fill out this form for reporting starting your project to MM. And I think you already know, MM will support your insurance. But first month you should pay it with your own m...
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    • anne
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  • The Blacklist
    These days, I have watched the "The Blacklist", the program is so intense that I couldn't leave my ass from the seat for just one minute. I found Robert Sean Leonard, who played Dr Wilson in “Docto...
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    • Peilin
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  • 上海 。。。。
    五年前我去过上海。在上海我去过外滩,看过雕塑群,隧道和情人墙。白天,外滩是繁华热闹的游览胜地,晚上又是情人们的恋爱天地。 这里散步,近看是黄浦江的景色,远望是对岸浦东地区的新貌,感受着大都市绿树,花坛,园林的风味,享受着城市少有的清新空气和温暖的阳台。 隧道给我留下的印象。整个过江时间约需5分钟。背景有音乐。 情人墙建在黄浦江边,全长约1700米。观光台地面是彩色的,有方灯,花坛。 ...
  • Best dry eye therapy accessible
    In these days, many of us live in a quite fast-paced community that's constantly continuing to move forward, looking to succeed in addition to manage various responsibilities together with tasks as...
  • Impressive potential benefits to MDMA drug
    With time, new and new things are made for our entertainment. In the present day, MDMA drug has seized the interest of tens of millions individuals globally. Molly drug is more and more popular in ...