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  • Sick and lazy weekend
    Today is Sunday and i was sick all day. Only i need is a huge cup of chocolate and a Being human marathon and i'll be better tomorrow. Aidan Turner gonna be the best medicine.
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    • English
    • Karla
    • 1 minute ago
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  • something that make me confused
    This is link for learning language right? But why there's so many people talking about another crazy things and chatting about sex? Sorry I don't like it and I don't want to speak with people like ...
  • the marriage
    Today I talked about the marriage with my friend. He said that you have to look for someone you like to be married. The marriage is not something like waiting until someone appear and you are going...
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    • English
    • Yuta
    • 12 minutes ago
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  • I’ve made a Public Video Pledge for the italki 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge
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    • English
    • Yada
    • 16 minutes ago
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  • An off today
    I am off today, it's a nice thing for me. I have worked six days from Tuesday to Sunday.On every weekends.lots of kids needn't go to school instead of kinds of interesting calsses. I think parients...
  • Die wahre Bedeutung des Bacherlorstudiums
    Ich habe selbständig seit zwei Jahre gedacht, warum ich versucht habe, fleißig an der Universität zu studieren. Offen gesagt habe ich angemeldet, um ein Abschlusszeugnis zu erhalten. Ich wollte Mat...
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    • German
    • Jae
    • 28 minutes ago
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  • New miss universe 2015 Colombia :)
    Amazing !! Beautiful woman. After 57 years again Colombia Miss Universe :) Que viva mi hermoso país !!
  • Épisode 2 Au bar
    Dans l’épisode précédent M. Chatel, un homme d’affaires, est venu à la réception d’un hotel parce qu’il a rendez-vous. Arrivé a l’hôtel, il demande à la réceptionniste d’informer (de prevenir?) so...
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    • French
    • jack
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • 日本語の発音の練習-お酒#10
    お酒は穀物や果物を発酵させて作ります。日本酒を発酵させる主原料は主に米です。上質の日本酒は最上質の水で作られるので、口当たりが非常にいいです。 世界的に普及しているお酒はビールですが、これは麦芽を発酵させるので漢字では「麦酒」と書きます。最近の日本ではビールが課税対象となり値段が上がり庶民の手に入りにくくなりました。 そこで、ビールと味をそっくりした「発泡酒」が人気です。発泡酒は原価が安...
  • Aula de Segunda-Feira
    Este manha, eu acordei, abrei as cortinas e estava a primeira vez numa semana que afora nao esta com neblina. Estava ensolarado. Mas as vezes eu nao certeza se a neblina esta neblina ou poluição...
  • Magamról
    Sziasztok. Júlia vagyok. 22 éves vagyok. Dolgozik. Mérnök vagyok. Kazaksztanbol jöttem. Beszélek oroszul, angolul és egy kicsit németül. Sajnos nem beszélek jól magyarul de tanulok! És te?)))
  • My favorite TV play
    I really love TV series, especailly family comedies, such as Morden Family and Rasing Hope.In addiction, I also love The Vampire Diaries and The originals. Recently, I have been watching The Walkin...
  • Hubo un crimen
    Esta noche, estaba caminando a una clase de yoga. Cercano del clase, hay una “Home Depot.” Home Depot es una tienda de mejoras para la casa. Hubo la policía y coches de noticias de televisión....
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    • Spanish
    • Nikki
    • 59 minutes ago
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  • Hej alla!
    Hej alla! Jag behöver hjälp med min svenska, så jag skulle uppskatta om du kunde hjälpa till med min svenska
  • Don't say that
    Please help me, how do you say in Italian " don't say that, you must not speak like that" Grazie