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  • Hola 1
    10 SECRETOS DE LA FELICIDAD 1.- La Actitud La Felicidad es una elección que puedo hacer en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar. Mis pensamientos son los que me hacen sentir feliz o desgracia...
  • Mein Heim
    Ich wohne in Krasnojarsk mit den Eltern. Unser Haus liegt am Stadtrand. Man muss etwa ein/e Uhr/Stunde vom Stadtzentrum mit dem Bus fahren. Das Haus ist ein Neuebau neun Stock hoch. Es hat einen ...
  • New Academy
    My English teacher has comunicated us today that the Academy will close the next school year. That is why she will work as a teacher in a private school and both are incompatible. I will be happy...
  • 오빠집
    지금은 우리 오빠 집에 있어요. 어제는 저녁으로 초대했어요.오빠가 저와 우리 엄마, 언니, 여조카들도 다 같이 걔 (그의=his) 집에 데리고 왔어요. 오후 6시쯤에 도착했어요. 오빠네 도착하자마자 커피랑 과자 먹었어요. 몇 분후에 부엌에 릴라언니 (오빠의 아내)를 좀 도와드렸어요.상을 차리고 다 같이 모아서 전역을 먹었어요. 디저트와 차도 먹었어요....
  • Money
    It's obvious that money is something everyone needed. But in China, money is a kind of symbol of success. Wealthy people are respected. Poor people are helpless. Yes, this is true. But it's unneces...
  • Self-introduction
    Hello,my Chinese name is 邱蓥蓥.I am a Chinese girl.I am 16 years old.I have many hobbies,such as singing,cooking,playing games,watching TV.My favorite singers are Eason Chen,Jay Chou,and Taylor swift...
    Hello, What´s going on? I hope you are well. You won´t believe what happened to me yesterday. I was robbed last evening. Un believeble. Nowaydays nobody is safety. I went shopping at the big mal...
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    • ANA
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  • ..såå.
    Så, i dag er onsdag og klokka er ti over halv fire. I dag er sakte men fint samlet. Jeg ser andre norsk tv show på web, jeg praksis lytter hver dag og jeg snakker med en norsk jente på fb. Hun var...
  • Making Japanese sentence with new word-06
    夏 [なつ] summer ここの夏はとても暑いですね。 The summer here is very hot.
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    • 慈清
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  • ice bucket chall
    ice bucket challenge activity is very popular in China. I d like to see people who pour ice have natural reflection. just like shake and says"oh my good""it's damn cold". not happy,laugh say"oh ,...
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    • 冉也
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  • Северная Каролина (Часть Вторая)
    Я был в Северной Каролине только несколько дней но я постараюсь описать штату для вас. Моя семья также сходили Южную Каролину но это сказка для другого дня))) Прежде всего, С. Каролина теплее чем ...
  • The construction is not my business
    Today, I have had two workers in my house. They must to repair some walls and some electricity switches. Early in the morning, I took coffe with they. One of them was very speaker, but the other wo...
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    • Jorge
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  • mi Español
    Muchos de los nativos de habla español no se dan cuenta que nuestro idioma es algo valioso y complicado y también lo son los demás.. Cada día que estoy en mi colegio y me pongo a analizar cada det...
  • Как это правильно, пожалуйста?
    Я думала, что это упражнение легко, но я вообще не знаю правильного ответа.
  • May y Can
    Alguien que me pueda ayudar a entender la diferencia entre estos dos conceptos... Cuando se pueden usar? Gracias.
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    • Mayda
    • 48 minutes ago
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