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  • Hi everybody! i'm learning english and i'd like you to help me for improving my english
    Pls let me know how to create a good way for being good at english to teach a beginers group. Thk u all. I'd like to get some resources, activities etc
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    • English
    • Ruth
    • 36 seconds ago
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  • Introduction
    My name is Irina, an international student from the south of China. It is terribly hot in summer and cold in winter. Before I came to Canada, my past education experience and life are like most of ...
  • 2010年上海度假
    我去上海世界博览会。 展品很漂亮。 许多人,许多人参观。 在那之前,我从来没有见过这么多的人。
  • je me souviens de mon village
    J`ai grandi dans un village très petite où les genes ont s `aidè. Je me souviens que il y avait une petite place à côté de l'église où les enfants jouaient balle. Actuellement, la place est le même...
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    • French
    • Isa
    • 3 minutes ago
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  • identidade humana
    Saber falar outra lingua é mais que necessário na vida humana, em um termo social a sociedade tem que sempre procurar saber, estudar,viver e entre outros conhecer muito outras culturas e modos de v...
  • The Black Figure
    Some fifteen years ago in the summer time, two teenage girls discovered by chance some neglected kittens in a cemetery. The girls felt sorry for the kittens and decided to feed them. So they would ...
  • Deutschlernen
    Lass mich über mein Deutschlernen erzählen: Ich lerne es seit ungefähr 2012, aber ich habe es viele Male aufgehört. Ich habe Deutsch mir selber beigebracht und habe nie in einer Sprachschule. Ich ...
  • Another exercise from My Korean 2
    It's supposed to be done with a partner but I'm answering the exercises all by myself at home so I just typed my answers into the file ^_^ 읽어 주셔서 감사합니다!
  • Почему я люблю читать?
    Почему я люблю читать? Привет. Я люблю читать, особенно классическую художественную литературу, потому что благодаря чтению я узнаю много нового и интересного. Я люблю ходить босиком по город...
  • La nature, l'autre point de vue
    La nature, c’est un mot qui vient d’un endroit profond , parce qu’en realité c’est moi, c’est toi, c’est nous. La nature – où on regarde, où on respire… où on aime. Elle represénte pour moi un lieu...
  • translation from Russian into English and then into Korean
    1. The Institute of Foreign Languages ​​learn different languages: English, German, French, Japanese. 외국어 대학교에 다른 말을 영국어,득일어,불어,일본어 배웁니다. 2. Foreigners studying the Russian language only. 외국 사람...
  • Grateful
    Thank God for all the wonderful things in my life
  • Drop Dead Diva
    This is the American drama that I was watching, called 'Drop Dead Diva'. When I was choosing American dram in rental DVD shop, I was attracted this full figured woman on this DVD package by chance....
  • Lektion 10 | Übungen 4, 5, 6
    Ich gehe zur Universität. Ich muß zur Universität gehen. Ich mußte zur Universität gehen. Wir holen die Münchner vom Bus ab. Wir wollen die Münchner vom Bus abholen. Wir wollten die Münchner...
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    • Erika
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    Категория числа имени существиетльного проявляется в противопоставлении форм единственного (het enkelvoud) и множественного (het meervoud) числа. В нидерландском языке имеется два продуктивных сп...