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  • Warum studieren im Ausland
    Als ich 20 Jahr alt war, studierte ich in Spanien. In die Universität studierte ich Spanisch und daher wollte ich es üben. Bekanntlich wohnen im Ausland mit Sprache lernen sehr hilfreich ist. Desha...
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    • German
    • Maria
    • 1 minute ago
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  • Benim odam
    Benim odam çok büyük değil. Burada benim kanepem var. Bu odamde büyük kahverengi dolap ve küçük dolap var. Burada ahşap bilgisayarlı masa var. Burada kahverengi pencere var. Bu pencerede iki çiçek ...
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    • Turkish
    • Danil
    • 3 minutes ago
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  • Watting for me
    I am going to British recently for improving english. My girlfriend has been there, we will get different experience live from my country. However, I have to leave my stable job that makes me har...
  • Write about the disadvantages of internet
    Could you help me to correct this essay please? Thank you. Nowadays, the internet is one of the most powerful tools in the world because of its benefits. Besides the massive benefits the...
  • Dovrebbe fare una corsa quando c'è una ondata di calore?
    Pensava che non dovrebbe fare una cora quando c'è una ondata di calore però mio marito è fatto una corsa di 20 chilometri stamattina. Adesso, alle 17:00, rimane ancora restando sul sofà. Davvero, e...
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    • Italian
    • Peg
    • 9 minutes ago
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  • My work
    I work with design of process plant,my specialty is Piping,Stairs,platforms,ladders and Equipments Statics,I use softwares of modeling 3D,I'm student of mechanical engineer, next year I will to Eu...
  • Russo mulheres nomes
    Hoje falei com uma amiga e ela me perguntou o que os nomes das mulheres há muito popular na Rússia. Ela não sabe como chamar sua filha. Elizabeth é uma origem hebraica e nome traduzido literalment...
  • seeking for a language exchange partner
    I am looking for someone who would like to teach me English, and I will do my best to help with his/her Chinese. Since I have been in a UK university for almost 2 years, I come to acquire the abili...
  • French teacher want to move to UK.
    Hello everyone ! I'm Laura and live in Belgium, although I am trying to save as much money as possible in order to move to UK next year, as soon as I get my graduation in January. Indeed, I am ...
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    • English
    • Laura
    • 27 minutes ago
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  • Essay about pollution FCE
    Write about: 1 thw harm we are doing to the environment 2 what we are doing to save it 4 Your idea Nowdays the mankind attention is constantly captured by too distractions such as mobile ph...
  • Does anyone want to speak in a spyke or wechat now? Mandarin, English is ok
    Does anyone want to speak in a spyke now? :)
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    • English
    • EVA
    • 31 minutes ago
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  • Meeting Is Delayed To Tomorrow
    I was supposed to have a meeting with one of my colleague for English translating. She asked me to translate a presentation that is written in English to Korean. I tried very hard to translate it p...
  • My presentation
    Hello!!! I go to write mi presentation that I have in Spanish and I need that you correct me jajaja. Hi! I´m Iciar, and I am 21 years old, I study psychology in Salamanca, but I´m from Madrid. I...
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    • English
    • Iciar
    • 35 minutes ago
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  • nombres rusos de mujer
    Hoy hablé con una amiga y ella me preguntó qué nombres de mujeres hay muy son más populares en Russia. Ella no sabe cómo llamar su hija. Elizabeth es un origen nombre hebreo y traducido literalme...
  • Kalimat ini benar?
    1. Bisakah bertanya sekarang? (Can I ask you a question now?) 2.Saya sekrang perlu gambar dimension ini. ( I need the drawing with this dimension now.) 3. Saya mau membuat business c...