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  • learning as much as languages you can ,,, it means the world is between your hands
    hello everyone ,,, I can speak 3 languages , Arabic , English , Persian (Farsi) and jsut a little French ,, now i am studying Spanish and welcome to everybody from any country and any languages...
  • True happiness, hidden behind our paradigm
    I was in a course about innovation. In one of the sessions, the instructor made a discussion about what is meant by value. He led the discussion of-course, at the end, he concluded it in money. som...
  • Una frase(93).
    Reducir la complejidad de la inteligencia a un número suena insensato. Representar la complexibidad de la inteligencia en un número suena ridiculo. Gracias, les quería dar el mismo significado....
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  • IELTS TASK 1: Chart 23. The UK and The Travelling Methods.
    This table shows the changes in the methods of travelling in the UK between 1985 and 2000. Travelling by car was the most popular method preferred in the Britain in both the years 1985 and 2000; h...
  • Quiero Mejorar mi Espanol
    Yo he practicado hablando en Espanol, pero no he practicado mucho escribiendo la. De hecho, no se grammatica muy bien, solamente digo y escribo lo que suena bien (en mi mente). Sera bueno si pued...
  • child
    My elder sister have girl ,her nike name is KaiXin ,she is 3 years old.She has short black hair,her favorite is cookie and milk drink,she like to singing or dancing when she is happy.I found a poin...
  • 日本で臨床心理学者になるのは本当にそんなに難しくて不可能こと?
    まずは自分の学歴やなんでこれに興味があるかを説明する。 今月で二十一歳になる。専攻を心理学にしてて、二年生だから後三年間が立ったら卒業する。その結果の学士号を取ってから日本へ来て、英語教師や翻訳者として働きたい。でもそれをして二・三年間ぐらい立ったら、色んな理由で修士号も取りたい。そうするには奨学金が必要だろう。奨学金は大学へ通い続けるには条件の一つだと思う、個人的に。 でも一番興味...
  • The food!!
    I love eat!, I am nighteen and can devour any food in the morning, afternoom and evening in any hour ofe the day, often I attend a bigs Buffets in my city,, this is very pleasant..
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  • Tudo bem?
    Boa tarde. Hoje Eu escreveu meu primeiro livro de notá entra. Eu acidentalmente escreveu minha irmã viajou o brazil. Minha irmã vivos para do brazil. Ela tem para nove anos. Ela é casado a um bra...
  • could anyone correct these sentences?
    Please correct the sentences below. Thanks a lot. 1.Pod protects grain against invade insects. 2.Flavor is the main ingredient of cooking. 3.Civilizations created in good place for cultiv...
  • yesterday morning
    Yesterday morning I was awake at six o‘clock,then I player my mobliephone.I got up at seven o'clock,then I washed my face and rinsed my mouth.I went out for buying moom cake.My breakfast was abunda...
  • Could you correct my short post? Many thanks in advance!
    How are thing going there? What is the weather like? Here when I woke up was rainy and even in my dream I could hear rain patting against the windows. I am going to have a shower now and then I w...
  • Frecuencia
    A : ¿Juegas bastante al tenis? B : No, poco. A : ¿Cuántas veces normalmente juegas al tenis? B : Pues, normalmente lo juego una vez por semana, todos los domingos. A : ¿Con quién lo juegas? ...
  • 20140830
    Hello, everyone on italki! I'd be happy if you would correct my writing and teach me good expressions. Here are several sentences from my journal, but they have nothing to do with one another in p...
  • please tell me my mistakes .
    the passed 3 years we were working on the biggest cms that helps webmasters to have a great system(website) for making their site, now we are promoting this tool for arcade industry , we have 200 w...
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