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  • TodayNotes: Random Sentences
    지금은 제가 집에 혼자있어요. 내 엄마와 아빠가 할머니 집에과요. (Now I'm alone at home. My mom and dad go to Grandmother house) 야, 어디에요? 스카이프로 오브라인 왜요? 당신은 너무 바쁜요? (Hey, where are you? Why your skype offline? Really bu...
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    • Ailsa
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  • Anxiousness, my old friend.
    I'm currectly in a marathon study, because there're just 15 weeks left to the first "SAT" I will have to do. And if you're eager person, you may know how I'm feeling right now, but imagined it mult...
  • English skills
    All topics related to English and other will be discussed during the course of learning.
  • Meu día
    Passámos quase todo el día na praia. Gracias a Dios no vimos ninguma tuburao.
  • much worse
    policeman:why didnt you shout for help when you were robbed of your watch? man:lf l had opened my mouth,they'd have found my four gold teeth.that would be much worse.
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    • lily
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  • José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori.
    En ces jours, j'ai eu l'occasion de lire un article dans le journal sur le rapatriament des restes humaines d'un homme très important dans l'histoire de mon pays; un homme qui a exercé la présidenc...
  • biography of a friend
    Colombian engineer civil Jessica Paola Florez was born in municipality Los Patios, on April 21nd, 1993. She has one brother and one sister, your father is dead and your mother not live with her. ...
  • Hello everyone!
    My name is Maria and I live in Brazil. I am from Uruguay and I would like to learn English! You can chat with me anytine
  • les jeux vidéo
    j'ai beaucoup les jeux vidéo, chaque jours je passe environ 2 heurs de jeux, vraiment ça me prend trop de temps, vaut mieux de passer ce temps à étudier. alors, premièrement, je vais me débarrassé ...
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    • Anas
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  • ehhhhh
  • Bilingual Blog for Learning Japanese
    Hello! I've been translating a Japanese blog since June and I thought I'd post a link here, since I think bilingual texts are a really fun and effective way to learn. Here's the Japanese versio...
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    • Sarah
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  • コンビニに行きましょう!
    五カ月前ごろ、私は日本語を勉強することを止めました。 でも、日本に行きたいので、今月からまた勉強を始めました。 私はお店から帰るところです。私のアパートにいます。 今この部屋はとても静かです。部屋の中には机や本箱や扇風機があります。 私は机に座っています。コンピュータを使ったり、 日本語を練習したり、お茶を飲んだりします。 私の友達は「日本にはどこへ行きますか?」と私に聞...
  • バイリンガルのブログ
    今年6月から日本語のブログを英語に翻訳していますので、、今ここで紹介しようと思いました。 英語を勉強している方々は、私が翻訳した英文ブログを読んで、日本語のオリジナルで意味チェックを行って、英語学習が楽しめるようになると思います。(@^u^@)/ 英文ブログはこちら→ 日本語はこちら→ http://insight-fap...
  • My friends on italki
    I registered italki in June. And I made several friends on italki. They are very nice. Henry, my American friend, is learning Chinese. He learns very quickly. He can speak Chinese quite good afte...
  • Swimming pool
    Was so cold and also was raining yesterday then my dad made to us coffee and tea, so my brother, my cousin and I spent time on the whole night talking about the first time on the swimming pool. Was...