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  • Wass kann man gegen Prüfungsangst tun?
    Es ist Fakt, dass Prüfungsangst etwas ganz normal ist. Dafür spricht, dass die meisten Leute sehr nervös sich fühlen, wenn sie eine wichtig Prüfung machen sollten. Ich glaube, dass man unter Prüfun...
  • English Writing Exercise
    Does the following paragraph make sense? Could you (native English speakers) correct it, please? As far as I know, the first letter of every noun (wherever they appear in a sentence) is written...
  • Visit my parents
    Today, I go to visit my parents, they live in Murcia, 35 km out of my city. My mother is coocking a paella, she is a nice coocker
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    • Pedro
    • 7 minutes ago
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  • English taught me teach you Arabic
    I'm looking for native English speakers who interested to help me and also I can help who want learn Arabic!
  • Book review: Lord of the Flies
    ‘Lord of the Flies’ seems to be the best known work of Nobel prize-winner English writer William Golding. That’s a profoundly moving story about children, who… No, that’s more about peoples’ cruel...
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    • Tanya
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  • Við vatnið
    Íbúðin mín stendur alveg við vatnið. Ég bý á fimmtu hæð og því hef ég fallegt útsýni. Héðan get ég séð blóm, skóga, hús, sundlaug, fugla og vatnið. Á sumrin fara þar ólika báta. Svo sem er þar ferj...
  • How to deal with stress?
    Life can be stressful; sometimes you'll have to deal with ongoing stress positively. Stress can have a variety of causes such as family problems, job problems, financial difficulties, or poor healt...
  • plz help me correct the following writing
    We offer photo framing, picture from picture,good picture from spoiled picture,making picture small and large.A good collection of worshipping items and books are also available here.
  • Penoy blossoming in winter
    Not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter as well as fertile fileds , ample sunshine and big differences in temperature between days and nights in Lintao are adaptable for Paeonia papavera...
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    • 牛牛
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • En viktig forfatter på 1900-tallet
    Oskar Maria Graf var en av de viktigste bayerske forfattere på 1900-tallet. Han stammet fra trange kår. I romanene sine skildret han livet i arbeidermiljøet i tiden av første verdenskrigen og 1920-...
  • What I like?
    What do I like? My range of interests is wide. No, I am just too curious about anything. Photography, A guitar, singing, English, and whatnot. I have been interested in a whistle. It has been my ...
  • Places and forms of power - Social media influence in our society Part 2
    Hi! This is the second part of my text "places and forms of power" for my oral examination. Thanks if you're correcting it :) (See part 1) Part 2 : But why can we consider this p...
  • Please correct my writing. Thank you!
    Topic: parents are the best teachers? There is a public debate today that whether parents are the best teachers. Some people believe that parents are the best mentors ever, while other people th...
  • My love will get you home--review of the movie "The water diver".
    If you wander off too far/My love will get you home/If you follow the wrong star/My love will get you home/If you ever find yourself/Lost and all alone/Get back on your feet and think of me/My love...
  • Дневник
    Дневник Воскресенье 26 - ое апреля 2015 Сегодня было холодно. Я оставался дома весь день. Утром я стирал одежды в стиральной машине. Мне нужно больше стирального порошка! Днём я пересмат...