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  • Tolérer la vie.
    On s'étouffe dans cette vie, mais il y a un moyen, disons un privilège qui peut la rendre tolérable, c'est le fait d'être capable d'apprendre, ce sentiment quand on se sent avoir progressé vers le ...
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    • misha
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  • About myself
    Hello everyone I am Gopal Kumar from Delhi. I am a CA/CS student at final level. I speaks hindi fluently, however as far as english is concern I am little slow and always make mistakes. That is why...
  • Mon motivation pour améliorer mon niveau en français
    Je suis très déterminé à améliorer mon niveau en français pour pléthore des raisons. Je considère le possibilité de continuer mes études en France et je trouve l'éducation de les langues agréab...
  • my friend who doesn't exist now
    you misbehaved. don't you remember? the rights of forgiveness are up to me, not you. i know you think like me, because you are smart or, you were. Frankly maybe in your mine i will be in nowhere...
  • A long short year
    You might think the title makes no sense and you are completely correct. It is just like the political and economic year we had in Brazil: a big paradox. We had two huge events this year and both o...
  • Journeé une
    Aujourd'ui je ai fait beaocoup the travail. Je ai ecries mail et je ai parles avec mon employees dans le bureau in Safi.
  • Could anyone correct my homework? Thank you
    Paris is the capital of France and it’s also one of the most popular and beautiful cities in France. Paris was founded in the 3rd century BC by a Celtic people called the Parisii, who gave the city...
  • my grammar lesson. Here we must to insert the article, if necessary
    1) There is a big tree in the garden. 2) There is a bank near here. - Were is the bank? 3) There is a new supermarket in the centre of our town. 4) There is a hotel over there. The hotel isn't chea...
  • 我介绍我的家乡‏
    大家好, 今天我要向你们介绍我的家乡,布鲁塞尔。 我是比利时人。出生在布鲁塞尔这个位于比利时中心的首都。布鲁塞尔有大约一百万多居民。 在这里大多数市民说法语或者荷兰语。布鲁塞尔是一座国际都市,来自世界各地的人共同生活在这里。 布鲁塞尔的啤酒很有名。中世纪修道士在城市的郊区制造啤酒,它对于人们就像是一种液体的面包。现在啤酒已经成为了布鲁塞尔的传统特色,大约有一百多种啤酒...
  • My captions in french (mes légendes en français?)
    Hello, I've made some captions in French for some pictures I took during my holiday. Would you please correct my writing. Thank you 1. L’hôtel travalogde est situé dans la banlieue de Madr...
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    • Catrin
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  • Un jour anime
    Aujourd'hui, j'ai profité un jour anime. D'abord, j'ai completé mes devoirs et j'ai fait un examen du maths. En revanche, c'était anime mais également c'était agréable. J'ai publié des articles...
  • Portuguese and English
    Hello. I want to learn another language! I'm brazilian, so, portuguese speaker. I can speak in english too! However I'd like to learn about other cultures, languages and people! Muito Obrigado!
  • kindly postman
    I failed with my work yesterday. Our country has customs that giving and receiving a New Year's card with our feelings of gratitude each other. I was making the cards and failed to have the pri...
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    • Tomomi
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  • The pot
    Today I have had an interesting conversation with my older brother. It was like an extract from Russian film “Election's Day”. Well... My brother has write me in “whatsapp” the massage, that my au...
  • Speak about medical professions
    I think all of the medical professions are very important. Many people work in the medical profession: - ambulance drivers take us safely to the hospital; - nurses look after us and make us feel ...