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  • The World in My Fist
    With the break of the dawn I find a Rose in my lawn, She is a pink one, The petals are fresh, bathed in morning dew. The garden is now in a novel hue. Makes the garden a heaven, The rose w...
  • 今天是下雨天
    我今天要去买东西的时候开始下雨了,我那时没有带雨伞,然后我跑到家去了,什么都没有买。 我明天必须去学校学习,希望明天不要下雨。我真的讨厌下雨天,但是我睡前很喜欢听下雨的声音,觉得很舒服。 我们巴西这里现在是春天,夏天快要到了!今年我真的想要跟朋友们一起去海边玩。去年我们没有去过海边玩,因为我们那时没有空也没有钱。我是巴西南方人,虽然巴西南方的天气没有巴西北方那么热,我还是非常喜欢去海滩玩。
  • blessé la jambe
    Hier soir ma copine est tombée sur les escaliers et c'est blessé toutes les deux jambes. Maintenant est à l' hôpital parce que le docteur a décidé de opérer la jambe gauche parce que la cheville e...
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    • nicky
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  • Help please! Verification of translated text
    The flight in both directions, stays of 10 days, food, tours and transportation, Souvenirs and gifts, visa. Thank you for your attention.
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    • Andrei
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • Once Upon A Time
    I watch overseas TV dramas for one of studying English. Recently, "The Good Wife" has finished, so I was disappointed a little. However, I found a new interesting drama! The title is "Once Upon...
  • My Sunday Morning.
    Today, I spent my sunday morning by cooking with my mom. So, I helped my mom to make Perkedel Kentang, Lawara Bonnte Doang, Urap, and Soup. I love cooking so much hehhe. After I helped my mom, I...
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    • Diah.
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  • Introducing myself
    My name is Atika . I was born in Malaysia . Malay is my mother tongue . I learned English since kindergaten . During my mid-term semester , I get 'D' in English . I don't have any interest in writi...
  • Today It`s A Good Day !
    Dear Day, I`m very happy that you have begun! Today my little cousin, Arkasha, are going to celebrate his first jubilee!!! I love him so much, therefore it`s a one of the wonderful days of my sho...
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    • Kseniya
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  • Games are Very Effective Language Learning Materials
    In my experience, video games, especially PC games such as Civilization, Sims etc. can be used as language learning materials and they are very effective in this purpose if you can balance the fun ...
  • Beginners for Japanese (1)
    N私は日本のラブ。 私は日本語の学習をしています。 ありがとうございました。
  • こんいちは!!
    こんにちは!私はアロンソです。コスタリカにすんでいます。26歳です。日本語を勉強したいけれど、あまり時間がありません。ここに書くことができますからわたしに手伝って ください。
  • 저의방학계획
    저는 이번 방학에 부산에 가고 캄보디아에 돌아갈거예요. 부산에 생선을 많이 먹을 거예요. 친구들과 함께 가면 행복을 거예요.그리고신장에 먼저 돌아갈 거예요. 또 캄보디아에 돌아가려고 해요. 돌아가서 가족과 같이 여행할 거예요. 다음 친구들과 같이 만나고 먹으려고 해요.그후 저는 학교에서 새학기가 시작을 거예요.
  • Aprender chino :D
    Si alguno o alguna seria tan amable de enseñarme chino (mandarín) se lo agradecería mucho
  • This week
    Unfortunaly, this week I didn't have much time to study english. I like to spend 30 minutes a day to study the language. But we had a holiday in my state this week. So, I had to work mote time in t...
  • L'alimentation
    C'est un devoir pour l'école, merci pour m'aider. :D L'alimentation est très importante et malheureusement aujourd'hui il n'y a pas beaucoup de changement dans notre formes de manger. Beaucoup...
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    • Emily
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