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  • The second day and the tears
    My goal is one meaasge every day. I think it's a good idea for traning myself. Let me tell about one old story, I read today. The title of story is "The Boy and the Apple Tree". I never read th...
  • The song.
    "Dios nunca muere" is the hymn of Oaxaca. Oaxaca is a state of Mexico city, I think you should to know about Oaxaca.
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    • English
    • Alexis
    • 3 minutes ago
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  • My first experience of learning english
    When i was at junior high school, i always got bad score at english subject. I did not know why, perhaps because i did not feel intrested and my environtment was not supported me. At senior high sc...
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    • English
    • Irfan
    • 6 minutes ago
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  • IELTS TASK 2: (15). Young People and Sport News Via TV. Thank you for helping me with corrections.
    Question: In many part of the world there is continuous coverage of sport on TV. Some people believe this discourage the young from taking part in any sport themselves. Discuss this view and giv...
  • Дискуссии под статьями в интернете
    В последнее время я читаю с интересом мнения читателей под разными статьями в интернете. Как эти мнения отличаются! Первый говорит кое-что, а второй не согласен и сердится на него. Иногда дискуссии...
  • Proposal. Practice for the CAE exam :)
    Proposal for integrating new students into college life Introduction The aim of this proposal is to suggest ways of facilitating new students to be integrated at college. Foreign students’...
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    • English
    • Isabel
    • 27 minutes ago
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  • Games With Cheats - Wonderful Tips and Guidelines
    Games With Cheats ( Playing online games is never entertaining when what you are doing is losing especially when competing with someone you know. This kills...
  • Officier de immigration
    Je dois utiliser ces verbs: Accorder qch à qn Accuser qn de qch /de faire qch Acheter qch à qn Etre adapté à qch S’adresser à qn S’agir, il s’agir de Le text Officier de immigration a...
  • Working day.
    Today, I didn't have a car. So I had to get on a bus. But I never went to office by bus.....and I don't know How I go there. I got on wrong bus. I lost the way. T^T when looked on my watch. I ...
  • Heute kommt das Schweize Ballett Zürich nach China Ballet tanzen.
    Heute kommt das Schweize Ballett Zürich nach China Ballet tanzen. Das Ballett Zürich wurde im Jahr 1834 gegründet. Zur Spitzenklasse des Balletts nicht nur in Europa sondern auf der Welt gehört das...
    Normally ,we spend much time in our job and don’t have time lunch, so we eat junk food and don’s sleep well, in the weekend we are tired and the same again and it is a problem. We should eat health...
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    • English
    • emi
    • 45 minutes ago
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  • My Language Partner
    My language partner is a Russian girl who is one year younger than me. In this June, when I was searching for English partners, I knew her Skype ID. Actually at that time, I added quite a few forei...
  • Chess And Politics
    Chess is a popular game which was invented in India many centuries ago. This game arrived to Europe in the Medieval Ages and it was spread by the Muslims. From that time, it has been known as the g...
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    • RAMON
    • 58 minutes ago
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  • Do not forget to be a person who can make people smile
    Do you like to see people smile? Do you try to make your friends/ families/relatives smile? I think it's a wonderful and amazing thing to make the people around smile. Recently, I watched a shot ...
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    • Rosy
    • 1 hour ago
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  • my family's abilities
    all person has abilities so i talk today about my family's abilities . My father can drive , swim , and speak Arabic . But he can't cook ,and speak English . My mother can speak two languages , coo...