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  • 友達は来た!
    先週の木曜日は私の友達は沖縄から来た!友達は旅行するのに、来た。私たちは3年くらいあっていなかった。だから、会うときに、「久しぶり」と言った。私は英語で話しいたし、私の友達は日本語で話していった。でも、私たちはお互いを理解した。ははは。。。長い時間が日本語を使っていなかったので、しゃべるときは、ちょっと恥ずかしい。突然、覚えていなっかた。忘れたと思う。 とにかく、私たちは楽しく遊んだ。...
  • About me ^^
    こんにちは! はじめまして. わたしの なまえは Olivia です。わたしの しゅっしん は アメリカ です。 わたしの すきなどうぶつは おおかみとへび です。わたしの すきな たべものは ピザ です. わたしの すきな くだものは ももです。わたしは えをかくのがすきです。わたしは りょうりをすることも すきです。 わたしの すきな まんが は ですのーとです。よろしくおねがいします。
  • Sadness
    I'm in my last year of university, I need just 4 month to finish everything and graduate... But 3 month ago started a strike of profs so I cant finish my career... I feel so stress out and sad, it'...
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    • Maria
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  • Health benefits for being a vegeterian
    There are some benefits of being a vegeterian. One of them that vegetarianism is a good basis for nutritional eating becouse poor nutrition is a greatest risk our health. Vegetarianism does lower ...
  • 我最好的理念
  • make ten sentences with the words of vocabulary of unit five
    New words: perhaps, fancy, amount, mushrooms, dish, feeling, tin, hallway, tears, spicy, lively, He goes perhaps tomorrow to classes. Juan make a cake very fancy The house of my friend is fan...
  • hoy es trenita de noviembre ,voy a presentar mi compania
    me llamo ramon ,de china de YiWu ,actual sirvo de Vendedor de comercio exterior a mi compania mi compania es un empresa de comercio electrónico, nuestras comercias exportacion a Japón ,USA,Espan...
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  • An English Joke
    Dear friend, I'd like to share a joke with you today. A soldier wanted to ask for a leave from his commanding officer, so he said he would go to attend his sister's wedding. The officer asked hi...
  • When I started learning English...
    Hi everybody, thanks in advance for your corrections! When I first started learning English, I didn’t even know what a phrasal verb was. However, I thought it was a good idea to start translatin...
  • Introduce myself
    Hi everybody! I'm Isaías García a native Spanish speaker from Mexico, I´m programmer and I develop apps. I want to practice my English skills with native speakers or who want to practice it. Also...
  • I dreamed a dream! My favorite song title >;<
    Yeah! This is my first entry. So in this entry i will write about the Dream. I believe every single person also have a dream in their life. When we were a child, we dreamed about who we a in the fu...
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  • IMF a annoncé que RMB a fait une partie de membres de SDR
    IMF a annoncé que RMB a fait une partie de membres de SDR à partir de 2016. C'est un événement très encourageant, lequel a impliqué les efforts que la Chine a donné pendant une période de 5 ans son...
  • 工作的日记
    今天在工作,我建设了一个洗手间的浴柜。浴柜的尺寸是长23.75英寸,宽36英寸,高29.5英寸。浴柜都是枫木造的。明天,我要建设浴柜的三个抽屉。我是一个木匠。我喜欢用自己的双手建造东西,特别是家具。这样的工作令我有满意的感觉。 谢谢你看了我今天做的事情。
  • Learn from The Economist
    His bad reputation causes a lot of people to overlook his talent. Could Computing underpins many internet company. A new computer game from a big internet company will go on line in next week, pr...
  • La felicita della mia vita!
    Sto cercando la felicità in tutto ciò che ho fatto, ma le mie lacrime scendono pensando a te.. Dove sei felicità della mia vita? Sono stata con te per un breve viaggio, ma il mio cuore si riem...