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  • 私の自己紹介 + 日本語勉強の理由
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    • Japanese
    • Kevin
    • 19 seconds ago
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  • Os minutos
    É tão tarde. Eu quero ir lar. Meus pensamentos não estão no trabalho. Eu quero estar com minha familia. Minha esposa é bonita. Meus filhos me fazer feliz. Trabalho esta chato. Os minutos parecem dias.
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    • Portuguese
    • Ben
    • 6 minutes ago
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  • die einladung
    Mein Bruder hat Abitur abgeschlossen. Meine Familie ist sehr glücklich dafür. Er hat ersten platz in seiner klasse. Aus diesem Grund haben wir beschlossen, dass wir eine Feier machen werden. Norm...
  • I need friends~
    I am 21 years old and I learn english now for my IELTS test. I want to make friends all over the world and I can help your chinese~ Talk to me~
  • Second day
    Yesterday i chat with two guy's. One from United States and another one from north Ireland, is very interesting and difficult speak with they, but i have the support with traslete and vocabulary it...
  • Preparando por sus primeras conversaciones en un idioma nuevo
    Hace unos días tuve mi primera conversación inglés/español en voz alta. Sentía malo después porque no era una conversación 50/50 pero más como 90/10. Aprendí varias lecciones importante durante ...
  • Mon français
    Je m'appelle Viktoria et je suis ukrainienne. J'ai commencé à apprendre le français il y a 5 mois. Je vis en France depuis 4 mois. Dans un an je dois apprendre et améliore mon français. C'est mon b...
  • Lost memory
    I have ten days off , it started yesterday. My Brother picked me up with car, he rode his car for two hours and then he felt a little tired so he asked his friend to ride a car. they switched the ...
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    • English
    • Roeker
    • 25 minutes ago
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  • holidays
    Next friday I coming to holidays. I coming to Morocco. This african country is very beautiful, we have a desert, mountains and beach. My objective in this trip is learning one new culture and sty...
  • 23-7-2014
    This is the first time that I write here. I would like to talk about my background. I like playing sports especially basketball. Basketball is a sport that has passion and energy. It is a great spo...
  • Langweilig Sommerferien
    In diesen Tagen ist es sehr heiss,die Temparatur ist schon um 41.5 grad steigen ,eigentlich besichtigen zu lernen,vor dem Wetter gehe ich Nerven auf Studium .seit Ferien machen,bin ich fast taegl...
  • Traveling is the way of explore this world
    My title might be misunderstood that I've been to a lot of countries. Actually, I just have been to U.S., Japan and Korea. I was graduated from university last year, so it means that i'm out o...
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    • English
    • Irene
    • 39 minutes ago
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  • Online boutiques australia
    Having decades of experience in fashion designing have designed number of clothing and today launched women jumpers which will enhance the look of any women and make her more stunning and elegant. ...
  • My school introduction (School trip)
    I go to a high school in Tokyo.My school emphasis on globalization and usually admit over seas students.(high school students and college student who can teach English for Japanese students)And the...
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    • English
    • aki
    • 43 minutes ago
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  • Both companies and tour operators should pay for the pollution clean.
    There is no doubt that who should pay for the pollution clean have became a huge problem. Many argue that companies and tour operatours should be the only payers. Infact, I believe that solving the...