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  • First italki
    Hello. This is Jun and i started because I want to increase my English-skill up. This is easy passage but nothing is hit upon,so I stop writing here. I don't understand this website so much,so I...
  • Principal stuff you really want to understand about the new Samsung Galaxy
    The most recent launches from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Case ( are an intriguing providing. While a large number of would realize it challenging to distinguish around th...
  • 300 words on saya favorit rumah makan
    Favorit saya rumah makan Panera Bread. Saya suka Panera Bread kerena itu memiliki murah dan sehat makanan. Panera Bread juga memiliki ganjaran acara. Panera Bread memiliki banyak toko. Biasanya say...
  • HP Designjet Plotter Repair 914-490-2636 UT
    HP Designjet Plotter Repair 914-490-2636 UT (
  • 日本語の発音の練習-番外編-サイコパスのセリフ
    本はね ただ文字を読むじゃない 自分の感覚を調整するためのツールでもある 調子の悪い時に 本の内容が頭に入ってこないことがある そういう時は何が読書の邪魔をしているか考える 調子が悪い時でも すらすらと内容が入ってくる本もある なぜそうなのか考える 精神的な調律 チューニングみたいなものかな 調律する際大事なのは 紙に指で触れている感覚や 本をペラペラめくった時 瞬間的に脳...
  • A long term unemployed man’s everyday routine
    Hi again, dear fellows. Today I'm going to try and explain briefly what a single day of mine looks like. Although I've been on the dole for the last two years, I still get up when my hard-workin...
  • I'm looking for new friends!
    Hello! My name is Anton and I 12 years old. I from Russia and I speak English on pre-intermediate level. I'm looking for new friends. My hobbies is video recording, web design, 3D model and GreenPe...
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    • English
    • Anton
    • 37 minutes ago
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  • Barcelona ( I wrote this text by ear )
    - Oh, Greg, I'm so worried. Will you phone me as soon as you get there? - Yes, of course, I will. - Where will you stay until you find a flat? - In a hotel. I've already told you. - What will ...
  • Упражнение
    Вот Мария Петровна, которая работает в библиотеке. Она едет на работу на автобусе. У неё маленькая красивая квартира. В свободное время, она любит читать книги и гулять в парке. Раньше она работала...
  • Sur moi!
    Je m'appelle Andre. Je suis etudiant de seconde annee. J'ai dix-neuf ans.J'habite a Voljski.Je suis de la Russie. J'ai une petite famille. Ma mere, mon pere et ma petite chatte Marie.Je suis ne dan...
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    • English
    • Andy
    • 50 minutes ago
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  • A Song Is Prepared for Two Years later....
    I can't not handle this song right now, but I really like it. The melody is simple but so vivid. It is soft while the notes are dancing. Playing it is still need solid basic skills,just like scale ...
  • strong octogenarian
    A journey to the roof of the world, a 80 years old Japanese mountaineer has became the oldest man to reach the summit of Everest. It is unbelievable , what a miracle, how Japanese could be strong l...
  • Egipto
    Estoy orgullosa de ser de Egipto. Es un país muy bonita y la gente son muy amables
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    • Spanish
    • AmiRa
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Pусский неприятности
    сегодня я чувствую себя очень глупо , и ничего не делать . Я видел русский словарь , я написал много слов , но не использовать . например, " bad weather" , как использовать толь...
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    • Russian
    • Han
    • 1 hour ago
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  • l'inglese non solo una necessità
    Ho sempre considerato l'Inglese una materia, prima a scuola poi a lavoro...