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  • A letter.
    Dear John, Thanks for your email. I am very happy because a new gym has opened near your house. We can go together to gym twice a week. Near at home there is a gym but I do not like a lot ...
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    • HELLO
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  • Jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014.
    Soy un professor de secundaria, y después de las clases hoy mis collegas y yo tuvimos entrevistas con los padres de nuestros estudiantes. Entrevista a los padres un par de veces durante el año, y ...
  • Universities Should Give the Same Amount of Money to Their Students?
    I agree with it really because I think people’s health is more important. Usually Health rational exist in health body! But in my country you can see that there is not update books in universities...
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    • mahsa
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  • 日本と南アフリカの違い
    日本は南アフリカの7時間まえです。 南アフリカで11ヶ国語でも日本で日本語だけとおもいます。 南アフリカは日本より841、968km²おおきいです 日本は南アフリカより人が7432万です。日本の2倍より多くの人です。 もっと書きたいでも時間がない! パート2まで
  • ejercicio 4
    a) de Tus amigos, estudian en la universidad? 2. Sus hermanas que viven solas? 3. Esta calle ancha? 4. Desayuno está listo? 5. Esta chica es María? 6. Este dictado difícil? 7. Tus amigos les gusta ...
  • Some phrases. would like someone correct that for me? Thanks.
    If you told me you only spoke and you never wrote. Could tell me in wich kind of website you can talk? Yes, we talk to you later, but both accord the hour because there is a difference hour...
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    • Tonia
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  • 23-10-2014
    A noticia diz que durante poucos tempos no futuro o estado do SaoPaulo vai faltar agua pra tudo mundo. Agora já tem algumas zonas tá afectado por sem agua neh, tem muitos estudantes no podem ir-se ...
  • A Letter
    Dear Jim, How is everything going? Last weekend I left my coat at your place after the party. I think it could be on the sofa in the living room because I remember sitting there most time. If it i...
  • Calling all gamers?
    Are you a gamer? Do you enjoy online gaming websites? I don't but I have a good friend who has just launched a site for nerds who enjoy this kind of activity.So if you are one of them please check ...
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    • Ruthi
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  • Please correct my mistakes If possible. Why Do You Think People Visit Museums?
    I think people like to visit museum due to learn about history, society, philosophy, customary, culture and etc. People can understand about past of a place. They can amuse with visit museums. Peop...
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    • mahsa
    • 1 hour ago
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  • I love mountain and I lo ve people who love her
    I love the mountain the risk you can feel when you are there. When "she" is cold and when she is hot....I like what she does me feel...the sense you are not going to arrive todo the cime And the s...
  • Viviendo en los Emiratos Arabes / Aprendiendo un idioma
    A veces la vida te abre caminos, te abre puertas donde nosotros decidimos si entramos o no?... En mi caso Dios me dio la dicha y la oportunidad de vivir en este maravilloso pais que se llama Emira...
  • About the Ceta and TTIP agreements
    The planned trade agreement between the EU and Canada is seen as a blue print for the controversial TTIP agreement with the US. Right before a debate in the German parliament, president Joachim Gau...
  • Is it correct?
    What department did he put through to?
  • My husband is an elephant
    My husband is an elephant. He eats as much as an elephant; he sleeps as long as an elephant and he weighs like a little elephant. It's very difficult to live with an elephant. Our mattress on the b...