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  • Annotation of scientific article
    «Hostility mosaic»: internal enemies images in Soviet Ukraine newspapers (end of 1920th – the first half of 1930) Annotation. The report presents the results of the study of internal enemies im...
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    • Olga
    • 2 minutes ago
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  • Mobile phone
    When I was in Junior highschool and it was the first time where mobile phone becomes popular here. I don't know exactly the year but I remember my older brother was the first person in my family wh...
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    • Rifki
    • 8 minutes ago
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  • Tamil Actress, the fad and the Reason
    The Tamil film industry (generally known as as being the Kollywood and Chennai movie industry) has at the moment another biggest film maker in India. After Bollywood it is publishing movies interna...
  • Mi vacaciones de primavera
    Yo trabajo el profesor en la escuela de secondaria. Las vacaciones escolares en Sydney comienzan este Lunes. Es las vacaciones de primavera. No voy lejos durante las vacaciones. Este vacaciones de...
  • The Development of Technology
    Last century saw a unprecedented development in information technology which resulted in a huge advancement in air travel and communication. As this evolution does good to human in a range of ways,...
  • ユリア・リプニツカヤ
    ユリア・リプニツカヤはロシアの有名なフィギュアスケート選手です。1998年6月5日にロシアのエカテリンブルクで生まれました。 ユリアさんのおばあさん(エヴゲーニヤ・コクロワ)は若い頃にアクロバットやスケートやセーリングをしました。 ユリアさんは4歳からスケートを始め、2009年は深刻に将来のことを思いかけました。スポツをやめる(やめるはどんな漢字で書きますか。止める・辞める。辞めるでしょ...
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    • Japanese
    • Diana
    • 43 minutes ago
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  • Slot cars
    Slot cars is my recent favorite. Slot cars is miniature cars that is powered. Vehicles run on the guided track. I often go playing it with my children since the courses opened in my city last...
  • Who is your favorite composer?
    I know that this topic is enough banal to discus, but I don't mind speaking about it.Today I feel a bit under weather so I chose Frederic Chopin's nocturnes. If you don't mind share with me about ...
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    • maiko
    • 52 minutes ago
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  • 0917 Journal~
    Haha~ I am writing yesterday Journal. Yesterday was fairly tough. I stayed up all night and I just took a nap 3hours. I think it was success for my mission. Yesterday, I slept earlier tha...
  • please correct me
    Hello everyone, I search an English-speaking language partner I can help you with your Spanish and anything you want to know about south american countries thank you
  • Improve your webpage visibility with SEO techniques!
    If you would like to make your business successful you can't neglect the world wide web. These days the majority of the people have got profiles on different social networking websites and get well...
  • Find your Perfect Soul Mate by Dating in Liverpool Online
    Love is, basically, every thing we've got to offer a individual we would like to please and in contrast to money, pricey gifts and other material stuff, this gem can't be lost or destroyed. The for...
  • Me and Korean - 1
    After a long way in learning Korean online, I decided to take the Korean class (finally). That just started last week :D To me, learn the foreign languages are kind an investment for the future. I...
  • 한국에 대한 나의 사랑
    my love for korea started a really young age For me, it's definately the people, the language, everyday life. My love for Korean culture didn't come out of KPOP or Korean Dramas. It came fro...
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    • Rakia
    • 1 hour ago
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  • willingness to learn
    Hello. My name is Ivan, I'm from Russia. I'm very bad speak English language. Really want to learn