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  • Как в Сибири!
    Я не знаю, сколько чехов лично побывало в Сибири – наверное, их было бы легко посчитать... Хотя зимой, и даже не только зимой, чехи о Сибири часто упоминают. Когда на улице (или в другом месте,...
  • Emma Watson - Stirring Within the Potter Magic
    Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was given birth to in Paris around the 15th of April 1990. She first starred from the Harry Potter movie when she was only nine yrs old. She'd no movie acting experienc...
  • i can't send message :(((((((
    i have many messages in my inbox but i can't answer anyone,and i don't even know why? :((((((((((
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    • English
    • Renas
    • 19 minutes ago
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  • My pet
    I have one dog. It's a schnauzer and her name is Odie (like the dog of Garfield). She is 5 years old and I spend a long time with her. She is so loving and she likes to run in my garden and eat coo...
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    • María
    • 32 minutes ago
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  • Please correct my entry.
    Before the second woman had an opportunity to speak, a man pushed himself in. He gushed out in a foregn language. Jane, who didn't understand a word, only shruddered her shoulders and said nothing....
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    • Tomas
    • 36 minutes ago
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  • spanish-english
    Hi everybody!.I am spanish guy who are looking for people to speak english and improve my english. I can help you with your spanish, I am native
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    • Jesus
    • 37 minutes ago
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  • 練習A
    1.ここに入らないでください ここで写真を撮らないでください ここで野球を遊ばないでください 2.危ないですから、押さないでください 大丈夫ですから、心配しないでください 大切な資料ですから、なくさないでください 図書館の本ですから、何も書かないでください 3.毎日漢字を六つ覚えなければなりません パスポトをみさなければなりません 市役所へ外国人登録に行かなければな...
  • Die ganze Sammlung
    Ich möchte die ganze Sammlung der Filme entspante.
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    • German
    • Deyan
    • 45 minutes ago
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  • Could you please correct this text? Thanks a lot.
    Could you please correct this text? Thanks a lot. This photo is a studio made image that I made for the weekly theme "XXX". I used an approach of axiomatic design trying to make all the e...
  • A Heavy Typhoon Will Land Tonight
    Today, it's raining heavily and constantly with strong wind, as a result of an upcoming typhoon tonight. When I get off work, as the rain was too heavy, if I had walked to the bus stop, I would be ...
  • Lunes
    Mi lunes ha empezado solo ahora). Habitualmente no me levanto temprano por que tengo una costumbre despertarme tarde. El lunes trabajo en mi casa y es bueno para que empezar la semana nueva. En par...
  • こんにちは
    こんにちは! 僕は 一年から 勉強のにほんごを しました。 ロンドンで 勉強しています。
  • Subjuntivo
    El fin de semana,he pasado mi tiempo para entender el subjuntivo. Hay muchas veces que se puede usar el subjuntivo,debajo hay algunos ejemplos. Espero que venga a mi casa esta noche. Deseo q...
  • 27th of February – 1st of March 2014
    On Wednesday on the 5th of March in less than 100 hours the consecration of us, 5th year students, as readers will be performed. I wish I were considered worthy of at least the name of a Christian,...
  • Physical Description and Personality.
    Physical Description and Personality. I am already an adult woman, physically people who know me say I look younger. my height is 1.60 meters, I think I am physically well-building.- I have brow...
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    • English
    • Tonia
    • 1 hour ago
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