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  • moi et langues
    je vais ecrire un article et il y aura trop de (mistakes) . les mots que je ne sais pas leurs traduire , je les mets entre paranthesis . je ne sais pas que je fais maintenant . je suis tres fat...
  • Hiiiiiii
    Need friends for practicing english..
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    • English
    • Vishal
    • 2 minutes ago
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  • Today
    Today,I had a class in university from 9 o'clock. But I woke up at 8 oc'lock 20 minutes.... I couldn't eat breakfast because I don't have time when I eat anything.
  • Meditation trial. part 1
    I've heard a lot of times the word Meditation and at last I got eager to try it for me. By myself. As russian proverb say "Better 1 time to see than 100 times to hear". Althow "to see' is not for...
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    • English
    • sur
    • 4 minutes ago
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  • My job
    I 'm to working this moment I work eigth am until seven to night, in a wherehouse of hardware about ten years.
  • วันนี้
    วันนี้มีเรียนตั้งแต่9โมงเช้า แต่ตื่นนอน8โมง20นาที.... ไม่กินอาหารเช้าเพราะว่าไม่มีเวลากินอะไร
  • Roman adventures
    Foremost, i wanted to go not to the places i had visited. Budapest embassy had busy timetable for the whole next month. I had no any choice, and I decided change my trip. I came to Roma. In the l...
  • I want to cook ravioli
    Do you like ravioli? Its an italian dish. I want to make it with riccotta and spinach. But i want to do it with flour, salt, some eggs, and water. If my ravioli taste good, then i invite my fat...
  • 대학교의 시작
    내일은 대학교가 시작합니다. 토요일이고 수업이 아직 시작 하지 않았습니다. 이 주말은 그냥 새로운 학생하고 선생님을 만나고 대학교에서 어떤 것을 하는지 배우겠습니다. 그리고, 저희 동내의 집 없는 사람을 위해서 일요일에 집을 짓겠습니다. 시간이 많이 걸리겠습니다. 재미있을 것 같습니다. 수업은 화요일에 시작하는지 수요일에 시작하는지 ...
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    • Korean
    • Carolyn
    • 27 minutes ago
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  • Please, help me to correct these sentences
    My parents are 77 years old. They live in 600 km from Moscow. My mother is ill (the defects of the heart valve). The doctors recommended an operation, but she think she will not to stand it ( ?) ...
  • Hello
    Hi! My name is Masha, I m from Russia:) Lets talk!))
  • How fast time flies
    I suppossed I haven't been on Italky for a year. It occure that just only 6 monthes. Not so long. Time... Usualy "Time goes"? Then one wants to point out the pace -"time run"? A quick changes...
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    • English
    • sur
    • 43 minutes ago
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  • What is the difference between change and change up?
    What is the difference between change and change up? Thank you
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    • English
    • Isabel
    • 45 minutes ago
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  • der weg
    der grade weg ist der kürzeste und der beste
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    • German
    • ALI
    • 48 minutes ago
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  • Rainy day
    Today is a rainy day. And now I don't know what to do. It's quite a long time since I last visited italki. And I realized that I haven't practised speaking English for a month. I don't know why...