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  • 방학 숙제15
    1) 새 스마트폰을 사러 어떤 백화점에 가려고 해요? 2) 여름에 바다로 갈까요? 3) 그 백화점에서 책을 사고 싶습니다. 4) 저는 버스카드를 네장 샀어요. 5) 그 교과서의 십번 연습을 하세요. 6) 숙제를 해야 하니까 제 교과서를 주세요. 7) 그들은 저와 같이 대학교에 다녀요. 8) 내일 우리들은 그들을 만날까요?
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    • Nadya
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  • E-mail has improved people's life in the modern world
    Email, electronic mail, is a product of modern technology. Nowadays ,more and more people are exchanging a great variey of information by using his high-tech commnunications tool, instead of tradit...
  • "That's when the selection began."
    Can I also write "That's the beginning of the selection."? Is there any difference in nuance or else between those two sentences?
  • 我的课 ~ 第二 ~ 一
    我们开始吧? Shall we begin? 电脑 Computer 手机 Mobile phone 你用你的电脑还是手机上网 Are you using your computer or your mobile to go online? 复习 Review 嘟嘟车 Tuk~tuk 人力车 Rickshaw 相同的大小 The sa...
  • About tattos
    To make a tattoo is a serious decision. You need time to think to make the decision, it is for a rest of you life and is not a thing easily extracted. I think a tattoo must represent your personal...
  • Course Introduction
    Hello,I`m a student that final year of university. I can teach you different stage of Chinese. You can choose the basic course (Chinese phonetic letters, simple words of daily life) or intermediate...
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    • Nicole
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  • I love rock and roll
    Rock and Roll is my favourite music´s type. My favourite band is Oasis. I love Liam and Noel Gallagher. I like other bands how Scorpion, ACDC, Lez Zeppelin... and Spanish bands how Extremoduro, Mar...
  • My job
    I work as a nurse specialist in a hospital in intensive care unit with more critical, life-threatening and difficult cases in all the hospital , there I need to be more concentrate, give quickly an...
  • "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan "Like A Rolling Stone" is track #5 on the album "The Essential Bob Dylan". It was written by Bob Dylan. .Once upon a time, you dressed ...
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    • Bruce
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  • Permettete che mi presenti
    Buongiorno! mi chiama Francine.molto bene! Vengo da Parigi, Francia. Sono francese. vivo in Beijing nella capital in Cina.ho ventisette anni. sono traduttrice e professoressa di francese. non ho ...
  • Music and Life
    Some musıcs are very relaxing,some irritating, but music same life so I want to tell if you are sad you listen to slow music,but if you are happy you listen to moving music. I like clasic müzik. I ...
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    • Salih
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  • Can you help me correct this notebook entry?
    1> A old year is ended, a new one is begun. I hope that 2015 will bring happiness, blessing and prosperity for you all and people in the world will have better life .They won't suffer from war , Eb...
  • how to say this sentence?
    how does work this machine?
  • The older generation
    Do you know anyone who is retired? Yes, I do. My father is retired. How do they spend their days now that they do not go to work? My father get up early every day. He have breakfast and he go ...
  • My city and my ideal holidays
    I grew up in Palma del Rio, a town near Cordoba, located in the Guadalquivir river's valley, in the south of Spain. It's bordered by 2 rivers and many areas of fertile farmland. The weather here is...
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