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  • Advices and disappointment
    Is in your life has already come a moment when you decided not to listen what others people say and started to do what you really want to do? First of all, "Other people" are your relatives and fr...
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    • English
    • Iya
    • 2 minutes ago
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  • Je me présente
    Je m'appelle Federica. Mon nom de famille est Santi. Je suis italienne est j'habite à Padou. J'ai 18 ans et je vais avoir 19 ans bientôt. En effet, mon anniversaire c'est le 23 novembre. J'ai en...
  • Mon Quotidien Jusqu'ici
    Je me suis levé à neuf heure quarante ce matin. Oui c’étais tard. Je suis une personne qui aime se coucher tard et de se lever tard J’ai fait du café. Je me suis brossé les dents et j’ai saut...
  • a friend is more than we think
    If you want a treasure, you can dig in the ground, and you find what you want. But if you need a friend, you have to ask the lord Allah in the highest sky to get you one. It's such a feeling when y...
  • Vorstellung
    Hallo! Ich heiße Nora und ich bin 18 Jahre alt. Ich habe Deutsch 8 Jahren lang gelernt aber ich kann das nivht so gut sprechen. Ich möchte meine Kentniss entwickeln. Ich bin eine Studentin und i...
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    • German
    • Nora
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  • Dans une forêt.
    Un renard court dans une forêt. Un singe va à contre-courant de lui. Il demande au renard : - Renard! Où courtes-toi? - On a voté un neuve impôt de la fourrure pour nous. J'ai peur qu'ils prend...
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    • French
    • Dmitry
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  • "Experience" (only for men. My attempt to translate a Russian short story)
    When I was 14 years old, I dreamed, that some day I would have a girlfriend. When I was 16, I got her, but there was no passion between us. Then I decided to marry a passionate girl. At univers...
  • Introduction in Slovenian... help me :D
    Hej! Sem Nora, stara 18 let in se želijo naučiti slovenščine. Trenutno študiram univerzo kot fizioterapevt. Rad imam šport, smučarski skoki, je ena izmed mojih najljubših.
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    • Slovenian
    • Nora
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  • Nachrichten
    Nach dem Ankauf von Nokia, Microsoft wird demnächst sein eigene Lumia anzubieten. Diese Smartphone wird temporär die Nokia Handelsmarke tragen, bevor es Microsoft Lumia tragt. Eine neue Problem ...
  • Arrangerte ekteskap
    Arrangerte ekteskap er et ekteskap hvor foreldre velger hvem barna skal gifte seg med. Det er overhode ikke populært i de vestlige landene, men det er fremdeles ganske vanlig i noen steder i verde...
  • Práctico hablar idioma Espanol
    ¡Hola mi amigos! Soy estudiante de doctorado y profesor. Tengo una pregunta. Cuando a ir a Madrid, qué hacer no mirar similares la turista? I'm trying to ask what to do to not like a tourist, an...
  • Hello. Second try.
    Hi, I'm spanish and I'm looking for native English speakers for 50/50 language exchange on Skype and also make friends from all over the world.
  • Writing. Could yoiu explain mistakes. Thanks
    How are thing going at work and at home? What is the weather like? It is very cilly here and gloomy outside. Things are not bad for me. The day went well and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow ar...
  • 1- What is so enjoyable about learning languages?
    before I begin I must mention that I'v deactivated my last account because everything had gone on that and when I was posting there nothing would be posted for others but I could see my massages, n...
  • 今天。。。。。。。。。。。
    今天有两个课。先有汉语课,然后有英语课。汉语班一共有4个学生。Nana 和 Mirza 今天没来上课了。有只我和Dudit。他是国际关系学生。他会说日文还有英语。他真聪明! 今天我们先写生词,读课文,学语法和发音,然后做练习。发音不太难,汉字很难:( 今天的生词很多。。。我希望能记忆很多汉字。