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  • please help my english sentence
    Dear Hans We found strawberry instead of vanilla, in wooden pallet, while we unwrapped pallet for secondary sale we found intermix item in pallet, it was came from Nalagarh factory.
  • I and my friends.
    I and my friends are the students in master's program.We have class from Monday to Thursday because on Friday we have to observe the teaching of professional teacher at high school.Sometime we feel...
  • 认识你们很高兴
    大家好,这是第一个对你们看看我自己的经验的,不过今晚让我比较累,不能写什么兴起的下去。希望下一次跟大家一起学中文吧 :) 认识你们很高兴
  • 我今天公司裁员了 My company downsized from today.
    HR部门要求一些同事今天就是最后一天. HR Departments require some of colleagues toady is last day. 对他们来说,显然太突然了,他们无法接受. For them, apparently too suddenly, they could not accept the. 更过份的是,只赔偿 n...
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  • People are too dependent on technology
    I agree with this point. The science and technology is developed from society development and human progress, because it can give out produce a lot of good things and make convenient. But if people...
  • Kelkaj frazoj pri mi. Some phrases about me.
    Thanks in advance for looking over and correcting this entry! 1. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING • Kion vi faras por viventi? Esp >>> Mi estas faciligisto de dialogo; mi faciligas dialogojn inte...
  • how to practise for pronunciation in Burmese language
    In learning Burmese, how to practice for pronouncing Burmese words are very important.
  • I hope they feel the Earth early.
    I have two children. One is a girl and the other is a boy. The girl is 7 years old. And the boy is 5. They are learning English at school too. They had a friend who came from Canada, but his f...
  • The Most Common Mistakes Koreans Make When Speaking English
    Since I moved to Korea, I've noticed a lot of regular mistakes Koreans make when they speak English. To help English language learners improve, I've created a list of the most common mistakes that ...
  • For Indonesian who has just began to learn Japanese
    For Indonesian who has just began to learn Japanese, Maybe it would be better if you know the differences of basic structure between Japanese and Indonesia language first. My thoughts, there are...
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  • I Have A Great Idea!
    I was thinking that If somebody needs learn Spanish I can give my phone number for add me to whatsapp and practice Spanish and I practice English with she/he too. Doesn't matter if is woman or man,...
  • I'm back
    After a long month of hard work I'm back. Maybe you'll think I exaggerate: I was working around 12 hours daily ( -I was earning millions haha- mode ironic off) and without free days, it was very mo...
  • Knowingly and Voluntarily
    The U.S. States Supreme Court has consistently ruled that every time a defendant pleas guilty, or in the alternative, no contest, the plea is required to be knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily...
  • fall season
    어제 퇴근할때 진짜 추었어요. 날씨가 벌써 변했고 해질녘도 더 일찍 와요. 오전에 날씨는 진짜 좋아지만 조금 쌀쌀해요. 문제가 가을 옷을 거의없고 언제나 쇼핑 좀 해야돼요. 그리고 시간좀지나면 겨울도와요. 그때는 잠바도 필요할거예요.
  • Salir Para Nachos y Bebidas
    Ayer fui a un restaurante mexicano con mi novia. Los nachos de este restaurante son muy delicioso. Así que pedimos nachos y bebidas. Tuve cuatro cervezas y ella tenía trés margaritas. Despues, ...