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  • The University
    Today was a really hard day, the teacher said that we have to do a realy complicate homework, we have to meet and speak whit an Eanglish speaker and also we have to do something like "report" about...
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    • English
    • John
    • 20 seconds ago
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  • Tyrannis
    Sic semper tyrannis. Ego, egis, egit, egamus, egatis, egunt.
  • Qs help
    ""He is a police as quickly as becoming a robber."" Can I use this sentence to express " he is also a police and robber"?
  • Путешествие к сердцу добрых магов. Глава 30 (Редакт.)
    Однако, у меня была козырь в этой ситуации. Пара вряд ли поверила бы моим словам о магах, так что стереть их память менее важно. Но почему рискнуть с другими людьми, которые ничего не знают о магах...
  • I love... I like...
    I love dancing because It's my form the de-stress, as I study all day. I love extreme sports, I think that help me lose the fear all, in fact a few things I fear!. I like reading books because I ca...
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    • English
    • Genesis
    • 14 minutes ago
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  • Kanji
    皆さんこんにちは!ルクマーンです。 私はまだ漢字を勉強し始まらない、なんか恥ずかしい。たとえば、いくつかの漢字を読むことができる、しかし、えんぴつで書くことができない。私に教えてください!ありがとうございます。
  • 短作文
    エルサルバドルで危ないバスといえば44のバスです 大きいシャツが着ている人はバスに乗ったら携帯電話を使わないでください。 そしてこころと一ドルを準備してください。 それに運転手は速すぎて非常に危ないので気をつけてください。
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    • Japanese
    • Alex
    • 31 minutes ago
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  • About me
    Hello, my name is Nick, I am from Russia. About food. I prefer meat, especially fried pork. I like almost fruits. I don't like fig, watermelon and mango. About vegetables. I don't like pumpkin, ...
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    • English
    • Nick
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  • Margarita Blanca
    De lejos , me sentí atraído por un elfo blanco Ah, margarita blanca Recuerdo que es tuyo flor favorita al igual que recuerdo todo el tiempo alegre que hemos compartido juntos. Pero no voy...
  • vocab practice
    Some words I'm trying to learn today, I put pinyin + characters because I don't know the characters so well yet. yihou hui jia yihou wo xihuan he yi bei pijiu 回家以后我喜欢喝一杯啤酒 yiqian xue zhong...
  • A Memorable Record
    I returned home earlier yesterday so I had time to have dinner with Lin (my couchsuffer). After that I took Lin to my favourite restaurant to eat coconut Ice-cream (Ice-cream inside a fresh coconut...
  • 한국 버라이어티 쇼
    요즘에 한국 버라이어티 쇼 많이 봐요. 한국 버라이어티 쇼는 캐나다 버라이어티 쇼와 매우 달라요. 저는 한국 버라이어티 쇼 좋아하니까 캐나다보다 더 착해요. 이전에 재 제일 좋아하는 한국 버라이어티 쇼가 런닝맨 있어서 요즘에 런닝맨은 진짜 재미없어요. 지금 재 제일 좋아하는 버라이어티 쇼가 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다. 이 쇼를 좋아하는 이유는 아버지와 아이들이...
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    • Korean
    • Meaghan
    • 46 minutes ago
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  • Who is responsible for making free health service to world population? The UN or nation itself.
    Although Almost everyone agrees that all general public in this World should be provided free medical service, there is some dispute about whether the UN or individual nation is responsible for thi...
  • Need your advice asap :)
    I'm a new lecturer at the university, and I usually face a lot of students who cheat and copy their homework from each others and later then send it to me with the same mistakes etc which is so st...
  • Die Entwicklung des Rechtssystem in China
    Bereits hat die chinesische Regierung in der Konferenz des zentrale Komitee proklamiert, dass die Aufbau des Rechtssystem zu wichtigste macht. Als alle Leute weisst, dass China ein sozialistischer ...