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  • blasting company
    Your rock breaking system gives a powerful yet safe and less expensive solution to this concern. We offer an extensive system with the lowest explosive cartridge, kitchen appliance equipment, initi...
  • 我们的中国假期 -Our holiday in China
    我们的中国假期。 我们2010年1月去了中国。两周-一个星期在广州和一个星期在北京。 我们先去了广州。那里天气很舒服。我们参观了广东民间工艺博物馆和越秀公园。我的太太购物了。她买了很多东西。衣服在中国比衣服在欧洲很便宜。 饭店好,小区很漂亮。很多小商店,很多饭馆。人人很客气。菜很好吃。之后我们去了北京。北京天气比广州天气很冷。我们北京附近看了长城。 我们参观了故宫,颐和园和月坛。我们看在...
  • Describe a decision you made that wasn't popular and how you handled implementing it.
    I’m a BA, my daily tasks are implementing new system’s modules, reingeniiring business processes, correcting user manuals and so on. So, I can say that almost all my decisions are unpopular in grea...
    Good morning! Autumn is maybe my favourite in the year. Every year, is the station I usually wait more impatient because Autumn means a special sitution for me. I´m a teacher, so, how school sta...
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    • English
    • José
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  • I way I lean English
    I'm in my 30s, a little older for a student. I have struggled in English for many years. Even When I do my best, my English is still not good enough to make a conversation. It's painful for me. I a...
  • L'importance d'un livre grammaire
    Apprendre une langue étranger pas soi-même n'est pas facile mais pas impossible. Quand je suis allée commencer à apprendre le français, j'étais douteuse. Je n'ai pas été sûre si je peux le faire. S...
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    • French
    • Marcelle
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  • I endorse someone on LinkedIn
    XY is an open, social and friendly person, with excellent technical knowledge. He is a real problem solver, who can deal with any kind of problems: do we need to change something on the continuou...
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    • Ákos
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  • Today I'm going to go to the gym.
    Today I'm going to go to the gym. I will do exercises for bottom of body especially for my foot's. On Monday I did exercises for top. It's the chest and arms. I have to do exercises correctly t...
    Hi ,everyone. U can call me michelle. I have been in shanghai about ten years. I graduated in the east china university of science and technology. As my parents suggest me stay in shanghai , u k...
  • Nye Hus :)
    DANISH: Snart, jeg vil flytte til et nye hus, i går gik jeg til se det nye hus med min roommates, når ser jeg inde huset, troede jeg det var meget smuk og praktisk. Det er praktisk fordi der...
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    • Danish
    • Miranda
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  • Сейчас я не люблю дождь
    С прошлой недели начал ходить дождь в Шанхае, в прошлой суббоду и воскресенье я была дом, читала роман и ела арбуз, очень удобно, тогда я очень любил дождь. Но в этой недели идёт дождь каждый день,...
  • 我回来了!
    大家好! 很长时间我都没来到这儿。现在我认清了我又是要找一些中国的朋友,跟他们聊天,问他们的建议哪些中国的电视剧,音乐现在特别流行。我离中国挺远对我学汉语有影响。已经过一年了从我最后一次去中国了。 欢迎你们当我朋友!
  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz correct these sentences
    电气工程师 =Electrical Engineer :我想当个电气工程师。 土木工程师 =Civil Engineer :我想当个土木工程师。 建筑师 =Architect :我想当个建筑师。 主要=major :在大学我的主要是业务。 业务=Business:在大学我的主要是业务。 心理学家 =Psychologist :心理学家总是研究人类的性格。 律师 =Lawyer :...
  • 勇敢勇敢在勇敢
    Pain makes you stronger ,Tear makes you braver ,Heartbreak makes you wiser ,So thank the past for better future! stronger 坚强 braver 勇敢 wiser 睿智 makes you stronger使你更勇敢 makes you braver 使你更坚强 m...
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    • lai
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  • sunny day
    Today is a sunny day and not very hot. The summer is going to be end, I commute to work by bus every day and repeat the same work, it's quite boring and that's not I really want to be.