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  • first time to learn
    I just learn from my coworker . "i need to charge my cell-phone 10,000 peso" to spanish" Necesito recargo mi cellular con (numero), 10,000 peso" it is first time to learn spanish.
  • にちようび
    わたしはきょうは日本語で勉強しますよ。 日本語は面白いですよが僕は日本語で話しません。 大変ですよ! 頑張って! こんばんは :) I hope this makes some sort of sense!
  • Hello! Help me with translation PLS!!!!!
    Can you help me with this text - translate into CHINESE!! *__* I know I am a little bit romantic. But this letter is the only way to make you understand what I want to say to you. I feel sad be...
  • 숙제 2
    1) 가: 과일 값이 어때요? 나: 겨울보다 싸졌어요. 2) 가: 기분이 어때요? 나: 어제보다 좋아졌어요. 3) 가: 서울의 교통이 어때요? 나: 저녁보다 복잡하지 않아졌어요 (안 복잡해졌어요.) 4) 나: 날씨가 어때요? 가: 겨울보다 따뜻해졌어요. 5) 가: 감기가 어때요? 나: 지난 주일보다 ...
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    • Korean
    • Nadya
    • 10 minutes ago
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  • Learning English
    I am Learning English. I am starting today.
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    • English
    • Andreia
    • 27 minutes ago
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  • 中文书
    中国朋友们,你们好! 我有三个问题想听到大家的建议。 1。什么书现在在中国是最流行的?我想看中文书,但不是红楼梦样子的,而现代的,以及我能看懂的。请告知我你们最喜欢哪本书? 2。中文书在网上能找到吗?我本身在莫斯科。中文书在这里挺贵。你们常看online的书吗? 3。教小孩子中文(1年岁以上)能用什么书? 预先谢谢大家!
  • Travel to Peru
    Hello! I'm From Peru. Lima is principal City in Peru. In Peru all people are funny and friendly. You can to visit Peru in your next holidays. You might travel for 3 weeks for example: first week...
  • Real language exchange
    I'm looking for English native speakers to talk with, especially who learn Arabic, because it's good chance to practice and share our cultures so if you're looking for Arabic native speaker, don't ...
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    • English
    • Nader
    • 32 minutes ago
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  • My name
    My name's Greveli. At college I had a teacher who used to call me Grave, because according to him it was a more accurate way to pronounce it. I'm from Venezuela and here there is the custom of comb...
  • beginner (a little info about me)
    salaemaAaleekum. Esmi Tim. Ana min Slovenia. Omry talatin ahshar sinna. Anna ishtaghal Telecom, bayaeA muwbaylaat. Anna taAallum arabi t'eellif maAa Dubai. Aala keefak ishtaghal guwwa Dubai. maA...
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    • Arabic
    • Tim
    • 35 minutes ago
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  • Having fun and learning
    I know I'm not a good singer, but I like singing anyway. This is something really helpful if you are learning a language. Just find a song you like¡
  • Fast to learn when we have friends for talk and practice
    Hello! I hope I can have a good experience in this site to learn the English language and know different culture.
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    • English
    • Vanessa
    • 42 minutes ago
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  • Practicing Live
    Whats's up guys, i'm new here and i hope find a lot of friends to change experience and learn more and more, english for exemple. Does someone knows some link to speak with natives ? Skype or anoth...
  • Regen
    Weil ich war 8 Jahre alt, ich sah den Regen, ich dachte, wenn ich die Stadt weggehen würde, fühlen traurig nicht in Regen. Das war wahr, weil ich zu meiner Universität gegangen bin, ich hatte kein...
  • Well, I'm back to italki
    I came back, after a long time ago.
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    • English
    • Jorge
    • 52 minutes ago
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