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  • I'm going to introduce myself.
    Well, notwithstanding the fact that nowadays I live in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I was born in Madrid which is a really nice city, and I am completely falling in love of it. I like living in The Arch...
  • J'ai une question pour les instructeurs (Sur un essai pour ma classe)
    J'ai écrit une composition pour ma classe de littérature et je cherche quelqu'un qui peut m'aider l'améliorer. C'est un peu long, approximativement 6 pages, et il s'agit du thème parent dans La...
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    • French
    • Georgia
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  • spanish intro
    I take Spanish class. and im trying out what I know: Hola! Como estas? Mi nombre es Jay, y mi apellido es Visser. Yo soy alta. morena, y inteligente. Yo tengo cuatro perros. Me gusta gatos y aqu...
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    • Spanish
    • Jay
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  • Climate Change
    The first ten months of this year have been the hottest since 1880, when data began to be collected. The average temperature of these months have been 0,7 degrees Centigrade hotter than the average...
  • The Weakness of The Mind 2
    Unfortunately she screwed it up at first. The whole thing was mess, she made things worse by coming here.When they first meet on the death row, as tough as he was acting, Garcia figured out his sca...
  • Learning Arabic for free :)
    Learn Arabic on my channel for free. Imparate l'arabo su il mio canale gratuitamente:
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    • Arabic
    • Fadi
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  • My exam
    Two weeks ago i had a psycology exam, i was nervous because it was the first exam of the academy year, also it was the first one in my begginig at university. I started to study one month before a...
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    • English
    • Sylvia
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  • Subjuntivo inglés, revisión 2
    Gracias a todos por ayudarme con este ensayo. Un problema con italki es que no permite usar letras cursivas, negritas, o subrayadas. Se puede ver el ensayo en la forma que quiero con este enlace: ...
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    • Spanish
    • Daniel
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  • 書き込みの日本語
  • Christmas
    在英国,最大的节日是圣诞节,这也是我的最爱。我们先喜欢装饰圣诞树,然后包装很多的礼物。通常我们去邮局,一些礼物送到北爱尔兰但这可能花费了很多钱,所以今年我们将在亚马逊网上购物,因为你可以买到一切有。12月市中心太忙而人成为购物狂,所以购物在家里比在市中心轻松。 今年我也会去看看我的孩子们唱圣诞歌曲,在他们的学校音乐会。这将是很可爱! 我认为圣诞节是一年中一个梦幻般的时刻,不仅有乐...
  • плюсы и минусы моей работой
    Я работаю с компютерами в компании в Калифорнии. Она розличная компания. У неё есть более 600 магазины. Мы продаём одежду. Вообще мне нравтися мая работа. Я поговорю плюсы и минусы моей работой...
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    • Russian
    • David
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  • J'ai tué ma mère
    /On aime sa mère presque sans le savoir,et on ne prend conscience de toute la profondeur des racines de cet amour qu’au moment de la séparation dernière.- Guy de Maupassant./ Ca apparait au début ...
  • help!!!!!!
    hola, estoy estudiando ingles pero tengo muchas falencias y en mi u tengo examen final la próxima semana alguien me ayudaría? :)
  • уровень моего русского
    Привет! У меня есть уровень В1 на русском языке! Надеюсь что скоро достигаюсь уровеню С2 русского языка!
  • Alcohol - Part 1
    Few things in our life is too knows like the Alcohol. We can find this element on movies, soap operas, histories, books. In our life, reflectect in brothers, fathers or in the street where we see p...