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  • Une carte par un ami.
    Cher ami, Ça va tout? Est-ce que vous avez quelques nouveautés? Comme vous m'avez questionné je vous vais parler de mes vacances de cet été. Je les ai passée le plus part du temp à Paris, avec m...
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    • French
    • Meery
    • 6 seconds ago
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  • introduce myself
    hello,everyone !I am yunli ,i come from china .I works in a comeputer company .In my spare time ,i like to read books .frome here ,i want to improve my english , if you want to help,please connect ...
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    • English
    • yunli
    • 1 minute ago
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  • Translations Ukrainian
    1. скажіт буд ласка, як її свати а що її прїзвмще? 2. знайомтеся, ось мий старий друзі Іван Козаценко. 3. Іван добрий студент. 4. лвова їхне улублене місто в україні. 5. ций молодий чоловік не ...
  • Introduction
    Hi, I am originally from the States. I have always reckoned it would be an amazing idea to have a second language, as it could reaffirm me when I am on a job hunting. I really am into French since ...
    There once lived a little girl named Miranda and she loved to eat bread, she wanted to eat something besides bread. Next week was her birthday so she decided to invite all her friends, and she orde...
    Now Formula only had one little bad habit, actually she was always very bad to people sometimes. She tried to be good, but every time she met a new girl she always teased them when they couldn’t an...
  • As palavras mais importantes
    Eu li um artigo que diz que pra comece a falar uma língua é importante saber cerca de 2000 palavras, os mais comuns. Que vocês pensais disso? Eu olhei para uma lista de palavras, que me ajuda a tr...
  • En mi ciudad
    Acabó de llegar en Osaka, la ciudad en la que nació y creció. Ahora voy a la casa de mis padres y reunir con ellos.
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    • Spanish
    • Eric.A
    • 13 minutes ago
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  • 一番好きなバンド
    ずっと前からOne OK Rockって言う日本のバンドが大好き。今年の七月日本に行った時、One OK Rock のコンサートとは間に合ってとても嬉しかった。素晴らしいライブだった。これから毎年彼らのツア行ける為に日本で住みたい。それは私の夢なの♪~(´ε` )
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    • Japanese
    • Pei
    • 21 minutes ago
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  • mi entrevista:-
    Hola! me llamo Shalika . soy de Faridabad(India).he hecho mi graduacion en espanol desde Amity universidad en este ano. he hecho mis estudios en ano dos mil y doce(2012) Mis aficiones jugar badmin...
  • كيف أكتب باللغة العربية؟
    يوم من ايام أنا كنت طالبة متحمسة باللغة العربية. حبيت اللغة و شعبها. كل كلمة كانت بنسبة لي مثل المسيقة. لكن اغرقني محيت اللغة العربية مع الوقت و ذبحني طلاب الصف. ما قصدني هنا في استخدام كلمة "ذبح"؟...
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    • Arabic
    • Grace
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • How do I use these words" by/with " in sentece? İf you have diffrent senteces, can you share to me?
    We noticed that we need a drawing about attached image for the control jig . İf you don’t have a drawing , we can make to design *( by / with)* on comment or to consider depend of in the pr...
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    • Turkish
    • Tuncay
    • 36 minutes ago
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  • Ohne Titel 3.
    Heute regnet es. Taeglich hoere ich Info-Rado RBB zu, um Deutsch zu lernen. Tatsaechlich fuehle ich mich manchmal langweilig, nur die Nachrichtungen zuzuhoeren. Aber die Sprecher sprechen sehr ...
  • A little white rabbit went to fishing
    The first day, a little white rabbit went fishing, She spent the whole day on the bank, but She got nothing. The second day, The little white rabbit went fishing again, She went fishing a whole ...
  • Nota 17
    Usted trabaja por las mañanas y durante este periodo de tiempo necesita una persona que cuide de sus hijos: Buenos días! Me busco a un cuidador para mis hijos a causa de mis periodos de trabaj...