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  • July 1, 2015
    kyowa atsui deshita. watashi wa okane o agemashita.
  • The wonderful of Language
    Language is very important in human being. I can not imagine if life without language, may be it is like rainbow without color. There are thousands language in the world. Each language consist of b...
  • ¡ Hola Italki!
    Es mi primera nota! Soy Bianca, una estudiante de Alemania. Actualmente aprendo español porque visito Valencia dentro de tres semanas con mi novia. Tenéis una recomendación por visitar Valencia?...
  • Me gustaría practicar mi español con un 'language partner'
    Hola a todos. Acabo de terminar mi bachillerato ("A level") de español y voy a tomar un año sabático antes de ir a la universidad. Durante ese año, me gustaría practicar mi español lo más posible e...
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    • Spanish
    • Migi
    • 11 minutes ago
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  • My first time in Italki
    Hello!My name is Maria, I'm spanish and I'm living in a city closed to Madrid. I studied english and french, since I'm sitting for an oficial exam and I need them. Besides, I would like to understa...
  • 日本語で文10
    日本語で文を書きました。 1)正子さんが病気だと聞いたから、電話した方がいいです。 2)彼は「仕事で忙しい」と言ったから、迷惑をかけない方がいい。 3)今朝、いい天気があるから、海に行った方がいい。 4)韓国に行ったことがないけど、美しい国ように見える。 5)アリは馬肉を食べてみたことが一度もない。 6)弟はまだ運転免許がないから、運転ことができない。 7)暇に何をすること...
  • hi everyone :-)
    hi guys :) I was born to 1996, and I live in South Korea. I want to talk the other people in the world. Today I was found 'italki' and this site is so useful at me :-) I like it! my plan is wri...
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    • MIN
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  • Taking care of yourself
    Hi Pete. What have you been doing lately?. You haven't writen to me since last summer. This January I have decided to take care of myself in order to get a more healthy lifestyle. So I've bee...
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    • English
    • Raquel
    • 26 minutes ago
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  • Please correct spelling and grammartical errros and unnatural expressions.
    If you could give me some advice on how the essay could have been better (e.g. coherence and so on), that would be greatly appreciated. Essay topic: "Some people think that the teenage years a...
  • 無駄な人生か
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    • Japanese
    • cathy
    • 29 minutes ago
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  • young people
    Young people have the necessity of leaving their parents' home independently from which country they come from. To some extent , if there is an academic reason involved we support this a...
  • health in schools
    Nowadays, we live in a society where schools need an improvement in how to deal with health as a major isssue .There is a necessity of introducing healthy education in every school. An educati...
  • Practicando griego :3
    Ελληνικά και πρακτικό για διαφορετικές γλώσσες ως μια προσωπική πρόκληση, ελπίζω ότι μπορώ να βοηθήσω με τα ισπανικά, και ότι αυτή είναι μια ανταλλαγή πολιτισμών, τις προοπτικές και τη ζωή :3
  • Hello
    Hi everyone! My name is Semyon. I'm 14. I studing English in Russia. I wanna have a new teacher in English.
  • I miss smt
    Dk pass is 2:07"441 bad lap 1 and 2 I can get maybe 2:06"8xx) or 2:05"9xx) but Run needs to be good laps so also i am mk7 & mk8 but this car is good but I hate snow