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  • 昨天看电影
    昨天 看电影。 名为看电的标题"国际市场"。 看电得很深刻。
  • silence
    No I will not say a word.................................................................................................yes it driven me crazy,someone silence.You can keep your secrets but you can...
  • Why I don't share a bed with my husband...
    I wake up around 8 in the morning. My little one usually wakes me up. Even if he goes to bed very late like 10 or 11 pm, he seems to wake up almost same time every morning. He goes straight to hi...
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    • June
    • 16 minutes ago
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  • Reading Book and Watching Movie All day
    Yesterday is my culture day XD A few days ago, My friend that love to drink said that such everyday drinking is meaningless. So we racked our brains trying to devise a solution. The Solution w...
  • Hello!
    My name is Carlotta. I'm from Mexico. I'm so happy to learn English! ^_^
  • Hello. How are you today. please let me know how to tell this.
    - Today I went to Bank to check where my card is. I was supposed to get my visa card last wednes day. My friend who applied making visa card with me at the same day already got a visa card. I tho...
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    • Ji Hee
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  • Cani e gatta
    Ho due cani e uno gatta. Uno cana ha dieci anni. Lui e nero e il sui nome e Abu. Altro cana ha tredici anni. Lei e dorato e Il suo nome e Ladybug. Ladybug e malato. Mio gatta ha due anni. Lei e gio...
  • べんきょうだけ。。。 じょせない!
    今日は とてもうれしかったから、学校をはじめました。大学院をべんきょうしています。 だいがくいんはとてもむすかしですけどとてもおもしろいです。二年におわります。 今日本語少しを勉強していますからぃかんが画ありません。。。とてもいぞがしいです!!! わたしはかのじょにあいますけどじかんがありません!インテネトのかのじょがほしです! ありがとう!
  • IN or AT ???
    Somebody, help me please how will be right: It's a nice live video IN The Royal Albert Hall. or It's a nice live video AT The Royal Albert Hall. Thanks.
  • שלום
    שלום, זה הפעם הראשון שאני כותב באתר האינטרנט הזה. שמי מיכאל ואני בן 30. אני צרפתי, אבל אני גר במקסיקו עכשיו. אני מורה שלהשפה צרפתית. אני גר במקסיקו כבר 3 שעות. אני לומד עברית, כי אני אוהב מאוד...
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    • michael
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  • 萎靡不振 愁眉不展
    萎靡不振 愁眉不展 这个怎么读?求拼音? 我想表达的是我很投入感情去做一件事,可是结果没有我希望那么好,让我非常失望
  • 1月20日のクラスのノート
    新しい単語 高級 (こうきゅうな) high class/high grade 教師(きょうし) teacher (classroom) 医師(いし) doctor/physician 占い (うらない) fortune-telling/divination 占い師 (うらないし) fortuneteller 缶詰 (かんづめ) canned goods ブランケット bl...
  • oyasumi
    I guess u spell it like that.. Oyasumi
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    • miriam
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  • 日本の仕事
  • Aula de Terça-Feira
    Todos as manhãs acordo por começando uma aula de portugues as 7 de manhã. Mas as vezes ainda estou com muito sono porque tenho um hábito mal de ir para a cama, então antes de adormeci, começo assit...