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  • We were talking about adverbs and adverbs creation.
    I met new interesting web site with info about English: Also we were using for image discussion (
  • Las paredes me miran y el silencio me vigila.
    Estando sola con mi soledad y me veo rodeada de tantos ojos, ojos observantes, bocas cerradas y silencio que me susurra: ¿pero qué te pasa? Me despertó de aquel estado en que estaba...rió el silenc...
  • Learning a language
    I was reading some comments and i think i need more vocabulary because i don´t know many words. i have translator open for can understand some time. I know that i write bad but i hope learn every d...
  • 升级网速
    我每周想使用新的词汇,所以今天的日记是关于“升级网速”。 我回家后我们的网速,总是卡。其实我不太确定为什么,但是这个变成很大的问题。我想跟我妈妈说,我们应该换成新的路由器可能这能修理我们的问题。 明年我看到谷歌广告了,告诉我们他们就会来亚特兰大装光纤,这让网速改善那么多,升级网速1GB到。我听到这个消息时候我很高兴,因为我觉得美国的网速太慢了。我们有公司像Comcast谁不喜欢谷歌升级网...
  • Image of a hotel room
    This picture shows a hotel room. The room is clean, comfortable and modern. There's a shower, but there isn't restroom. It's crazy. There's space for two people, with a double bed and a satellite ...
  • Ilk Bugun - İlk yazı atama
    Merhaba, Adim Kenan. Inglizge ogretmenim
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    • Turkish
    • Kenan
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  • Don't waste your time...
    These days the time running as blink of an eye, we must take advantage of our time and don't postpone today's work to tomorrow....
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    • English
    • Nahla
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  • にほんごはたのしいです
  • 第十三课的句子
    第十三课的句子 1.开学 我哥哥去年已经毕业了,再也不开学了。 2.叫 不管他有没有作业,他的父母都叫他把房间清理清理。 清理-qīnglǐ-clean up the room 3.聚餐 我们在一起常常聚餐的话,我们的关心一定好了。 4.既。。。也 她既学汉语,也学俄语。 6.沟通 我跟他们不常开班会,因为不管我给他们打了电话多不多,跟他们沟通难得很。 8.报道 在...
  • Mein Studium
    Ich bin Studentin an der Fakultät für Fremdsprachen. Ich mag Fremdsprachen. Ich studiere Englisch und Deutsch.Jeden Tag habe ich einige Unterrichten. Deutsch fällt mir schwer aber ich mich bemühe e...
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    • Olia
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  • Someting new!
    Hello! I'm new here! Everything here is new for me! This place looks very interesting! Curious!Curious!Curious!
  • Myself
    I have been living to Perpignan since 2 years. I studied at a lot of school, I would like to find a job as communication manager. I will try to leave in UK for training my English aboard.
  • Crisis de Graecia
    Estas son los primeros frases tan yo escribir en Español. Yo veía hoy una documentaria muy interesante de crisis de Grecia. Las historias de personas pobres estaban muy conmovedoras. La lengua G...
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    • Reino
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  • Wazzap !
    - 23 Jahre alt, aus Syrien - einfach will ein/e Partner/in damit ich meine Deutsche verbesseren kann. - freundlich :D
  • Le cambrioleur endormi sur le canapé du salon.
    Le dimanche 20 mai à la ville de Mulhouse à la maison d'une riche famille trouvé le cambrioleur qui est tombé endormi sur le canapé. A la veille les propriétaires de maison sont arrivé en vacances....
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    • French
    • Andriy
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