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    La costumbre lingüistica que la tienen los argentinos vale la pena para averiguar en un aspecto.
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  • Menemukan bermain saham
    Segala sesuatu yang anda lakukan saat anda melaksanakan kesalahan? Memperbaikinya atau meninggalkannya? Bahwa pun anda sudah memperbaikinya, apakah anda bakal mengulangi lagi kesalahan yang sama di...
  • Examen 5 tarea 2
    Hola, Fausto. ¿Cómo estas ? Escribo este correo electrónico para ti porque quiero decirte que quiero cambiar de trabajo. Mi trabajo actual es bueno pero me gustaría cambiar de otra empresa. Estoy...
  • silly conversation:p
    me:"what if someday we meet some bad guys who want to rob us? " my husband:"I will hit them ." me:"awesome!will you?I doubt it." my husband:"why not?I am good at running." me:"shit!so what abou...
  • Examen 5 Tarea 1
    Buenos días, me llamo Margarita. He visto un anuncio de trabajo de su empresa y lo intereso. Estudio negocio inglés y tengo las formación de TEM-8. Además, tengo 6 meses experiencia en un centro de...
  • Prayer and ... sports?
    When a person begins to do gymnastics, the coach says to him, it is important that you do the exercises every day. This is the first thing. Secondly, that you did it correctly. To do this, some ath...
  • First step
    Hello everybody, my name is Jenniffer and live in Madrid. At present, I'm trying to improve my English, this is very important for me because I've just finished my degree and I've been looking for ...
  • Your " Special " Day Should be Special! Select Finest Hotels For Marriage ceremonies
    What is your main life value? Do you consider yourself a money lover or perhaps a man, who's solely functions are to spend your time in entertainments and private joys just like good food items, lo...
  • Absolute best way to cope with bad student debt will meet your requirements
    It's no big secret that education and learning is critical. In the end, the more you know and the better you managed to graduate, higher are your chances to locate a considerably more reasonable wo...
  • Project 34365: part 315-317
    ================= (二百四十五/三百六十五) 今天是二〇一四年十月十七日。 ------ 你吃什么早餐? 我不吃早餐非常频繁。 我早上吃早饭七点半。 ================= (二百四十六/三百六十五) 今天是二〇一四年十月十八日。 ------ 今天我跳过午餐。 我在13.00吃了午饭。 我吃的蔬菜汤。 ...
  • Hace dos díás
    Hace dos díás había hablar de mal tiempo viene aquí, me desperté este manana pero no había ningún signo de ella. leí la noticia mientras comiendo desayuno, ellos dicen esta noche habrá viento fu...
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  • Wedding party in Hotels - Let Your Wedding party be Excellent
    Men and women fall madly in love, individuals date and many of them think that matrimony is not so important to remain together. They think that an formal course of action will never make the love ...
  • Some people think that the most important things in life are free, and they could not be bought.
    Some people think that the most important things in life are free, and they could not be bought. Do you agree or disagree? Due to the fact that the time of life is precious and limited, a sizabl...
  • Extraordinary approach to deal with your student debt will save you your nerves as well as energy
    It is no large secret that education and learning is critical. After all, the more you know and the better you graduated, greater are the odds to find a far more decent work possibility round the a...
  • Introduction
    こにちわ、私はオデットです。はじめまして!ごめん、わたしのにほんごはよくないです。でも、わたしがべんきょうをします、がんばれます!! ありがとうございました :)