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  • Halloween:)
    I'm gong to make the party today, so i have some tasks: + invite my friends - i've DONE + cook scared sausages covered by the pastry. its look like mummies. + cook bell peppers with spaghetti in...
  • English jokes_2 请改一下
    有五个英国人上火车。 以前有五个买一张票的苏格兰人上火车。列车长进来以前, 他们藏在火车尾的一所洗手间。 列车长进来,敲门喊【请出示票!】。 一个苏格兰人把票在门下滑出来。列车长剪票以后把它在门下推动一下。苏格兰人一感到比较安全就走出来坐下来。他们的创造力给英国人非常深刻的印象。回来的时候, 五个英国人下决定跟苏格兰人一样只买一张票。但是他们发现这次苏格兰人没买票。好奇怪!苏格兰有一次列车长...
  • English jokes_1 请改一下
    麦克和他的怀孕的老婆住在英国西部的一个农场。自来水、 电力等等都没有。又一夜,麦克的老婆开始生产。身边有一个本地的大夫服侍。【大夫, 你咬我干嘛?】 [拿着灯笼, 麦克。他快要来了!】 大夫把婴儿拿出来。 然后把他举起来给骄傲的爸爸看一看。 【麦克, 你是一个健壮婴儿的骄傲的爸爸】【感谢上帝, 我。。。】大夫打断他说【等一下。 拿着龙灯,麦克】。过了一会儿, 大夫再拿出来一个婴儿。【你...
  • A Heavy Fog And Haze In Shenyang City In China
    Today, in Shenyang City in China, there is a great heavy fog and haze. The air pollution is great severe. The air quality index is more than 500. There are full of foul odour in the air. People don...
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    • SongKe
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  • five Excellent Option Diabetes Treatment Choices For Sort 2 Diabetes
    Twenty-five within the previous, in situation your physician informed you that you had diabetes, it could be a life shattering moment. Diabetes, by its inherent nature, or contact it simple coincid...
  • Please correct my mistakes If possible. Playing Games Teaches us About Life?
    I think playing games can help children a lot. They can learn a lot of things by playing. Nowadays we can see education systems use this kind of technic more and more. I think any plays help people...
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    • mahsa
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  • Este es un resumen de su visita de hoy.
    Este es un resumen de su visita de hoy. Este formulario es para sus registros médicos. ¿Qué dijo el doctor acerca de su programación de su próxima visita? La causa de su pérdida de la v...
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    • Mary
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  • This form is for your medical records.
    This is a summary of your visit today. 방문 오늘의 요약입니다. This form is for your medical records. 이 양식은 귀하의 의료 기록입니다. 의사는 당신의 다음 방문 일정에 대해 무엇을 말 했나요? The cause of your loss of vision is be...
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  • Buenos dias los costarricenses!
    Temprano proxíma años, mi esposa y su hermano y su esposa y yo vamos a viajar a Costa Rica durante varias semanas. Me gustaría estudiar un poco español para hablar con los costarricenses. Yo no N...
  • Festival
    There are many traditional festival in China. Such as the Spring festival, the Lantern festival,the Dragon boat festival, the Mid-autumn festival, the Double-ninth festival, etc. Of course the Spr...
  • In October 31, 2014
    My English is not very fluent, today is my first time to login.Glad to meet you.
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    • helen
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  • joy of life
    Recently,I like watch TV .I have read some chapter of this book.But didn't read all it every time.It's so long .Then I choose watch IV,because I didn't watched all yet.This time I choose listen oth...
  • Меня можно найти
    Это мой электронный адрес
  • 3)for ielts test ,plz!~
    topic: Young people are often influenced in their behaviours and situations by others in the same age. This is called "peer pressure". Do the disadvantages of peer pressure outweigh the advantages...
  • Mes devoirs pour cette semaine de mon cours de L'Alliance Français
    Votre assistance Rapporter les paroles de quelqu’un Rapportez les questions d’Émilie à sa copine Fabienne. a.) Est-ce je serai remboursée si l’achat ne me plaît pas? Émille a demandé à...