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  • Improve my english knowledge
    I'm Sri I'm 20 years old.try to my english skills improving.In this novermber i will atend IELTS examination.therefore i will like to improve my vocabulary and phrases.
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    • Laal
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  • Happy Eid Day to all Muslims.
    May Allah bless you on this auspicious day of Eid, and may it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success and happiness. I wish a Happy Eid Mubarik to you and your Family. Regards. Saad F...
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    • Saad
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  • En plein milieu de la route
    Un homme a tombé et a couché en plein milieu de la route. Voici comment des femmes de différents pays ont réagis: La russe: - Il est bourré, le cochon ! Sa femme et ses enfants probablement affam...
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    • Dmitry
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  • Robert t kiyosaki
    today i read the book called "RICH DAD'S CONSPIRACY OF THE RICH" i didn't get the meaning of conspiracy until now even though it mentioned so many times in the book. anyway, robert has so many bo...
  • My confession.
    I confess, I have a big difficult in write here,make my brain think in english, for me, it's a huge sacrifice. It's like walk in one leg, when I have two perfect legs! You know that the other leg s...
  • erste Text in deutsch
    Hallo! Ich heiße Barbara, ich bin Brasilianerin und ich studiere Psychologie. Ich habe gesehen eine Video an Youtube über das Sprachelernen und ich versuche die Methode. Die Methode ist sehr Praxis...
  • please correct mistake for me.I hope for your help
    The bar graph depicts the total quantity of minutes people use to make phone calls which spilted into three kinds in the UK between 1995 and 2002.In general, while both mobiles and national and int...
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    • Gấu
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  • 学习语言
  • My part-time job
    I'm very glad that i have a chance to get a part-time job, which is a English teacher. Although I am still a student at university, i want to get more experience and money according to this chance...
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    • Bella
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Career change is difficult I think
    I don't really like my current job. I want to have a career change. But it is hard. If you don't have the job experience, you have a few opportunity to have the job you like. For example, my job...
  • 我在中国的生活
    我从小在中国长大,当我已经习惯了这里时,母亲却突然告诉我,我是个日本孩子 小的时候,我甚至连日本在哪里都不知道,我3岁来到中国,汉语成为了我的母语,相反,现在我连日语也不会说了 最早我住在北京,从小说的就是京片子,后来12岁时,和父母去了西安生活(和我的爷爷,他在西安) 我去了一回日本,到了东京,我有一种说不出的感觉,虽然我从小就穿和服,不过小时候我以为那是中国的服饰 有时候我也会学...
  • Self introduction.
    Hello,every one! My name is Lily. I'm a 17 years old girl. I live in the large beautiful city of in changzhou, china. The dinosaur park here is very famous . I'm also an active ,lovely and ...
  • "Google" como verbo
    Como se diz "google" como verbo em português? Por exemplo você escreve, "eu preciso à googlar uma palavra que eu não entendo." É correcto? Ou é? eu preciso à "guglar" um palavra. Ou é outra coisa?
  • Just English.
    Learning a new language is such a remarkable experience. It's nothing but a trouble! It takes your time, changes your mood and hits you at the face when you can't fix mistakes such a pronuncing rig...
  • She is...
    She has a world below her hair, a world which in some occasions She let me come in, a world that invades in the real life and this sometimes becomes she in a be vulnerable and She distrust even me,...