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  • 昼御飯
    昼御飯は黄焖鸡を食べに行きました。 (黄焖鸡は鶏の弱火蒸し煮ています)
  • Translation-Part 1
    I was so touched by this story and thought I should try to translate it. Here is the first part of it. Lonesome | by Wu Nien-chen (Part one) A Zhao and her father were not close at all. She...
  • 介绍以下你花钱的方式
    当代钱是获得幸福的方式之一。你有钱世界上什么都就能买到。大部分人一有钱,就要大手大脚。其他人差不多都精打细算。这些花钱的方式都靠什么呢? 值得注意的是均工资是多少。高新的话,那工资够他们花的钱。底薪的话,那不得不要节省钱。拿我来说,我自己不工作,所以我靠我父母发给我的钱。大家有目共睹,我肯定要花钱很节省。怎么样呢?虽然我喜欢让自己过得舒服一点儿,但是我一般不买奢侈东西,因此同时也会攒钱。然...
  • Jour 13
    Ça sera peut-être un peu drôle mais un des mes films préférés est "Scott Pilgrim vs le monde." Il est basé sur un serie de bande dessinée canadienne par Brian Lee O'Mailey. Un des raisons pourqo...
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  • Sleepless Night
    Looking for a soulmate, but can't step out. Because I'm still waiting someone impossible. Although I know whether I move on or wait , he's not going to come back. So lonely, the one I care has...
  • 28/11/15
    Oi gente! Com tempo e prática, posso falar Português um poco. Há muitas coisas que eu quero falar. Talvez, eu posso falar sobre as idiomas eu quero aprender? O talvez os países quero ir. Quero ...
  • thanks giving
    hello my name is carolina and in my contry Colombia we dont celebrate thanks giving, we have other festivities like passion week, i dont know if in US or UK celebrate this festivity, but in my coun...
  • ビッキの自己紹介/jikoshoukai
    こんばんわ! 私の名前は ビクトリア です。ビッキってよんでもいいよ! Konbanwa! Watashi no namae wa Victoria desu. Vicky tte yondemo ii yo! イラストレーター です。漫画家になりたい! Illustrator desu. Mangaka ni naritai! おいしいものが好き! しかし, 好きな食...
  • Rater une correspondance
    Nous avons pris notre avion à Houston, Texas. Le vol a décollé très tard. Nous avons dû faire une escale à New York pour une correspondance. Malheureusement le vol a atterri trop tard. Nous jurions...
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  • Do you like rottweilers?
    Hello! my name is Pamela. I´m from Argentina (the end of the world). I´m 31 years old and I really, really like dogs. I like any dog, specially Rottweiler. They are gentle, loyal, funny and so big...
  • Living Away From Your Parents
    In most parts of the world, many more young people choose to live with their peers instead of their parents after finishing education. Personally, I believe this is a good thing for both the young ...
  • my English school sucks
    Hi, I'm so frustrated, let me tell you the reason. Today at English school I had exam, we are supposed to be evaluated about two unit of the book, but... We were evaluated just with one unit ...
  • Greetings to all in this festive season.
    May the whole world enjoy peace as we enter into a new year. Put aside the weapons and reflect on the things that matter most in life.
  • I went to the concert of Sam Smith yesterday.
    Sam Smith came to Australia for his world tour of the album 'in the lonely hour'. It was held at Perth Arena, where is located in Perth city, Wastern Australia. Although I am living far from th...
  • I practicing my vocabulary with somethings new words.
    NEW WORDS: matter, cucumber, mash, grill, label, biscuits jam, measure, staright. I don´t matter that you say, She like the cucumber. The cucumber is rich. He loves mashing. The mash sound ...