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  • Listening to a drama called Neverwhere (Day 2)
    The story is now going on the chapter that Richard has gone back to his ‘real London’. I haven’t finished hearing it yet but I believe that Richard will finally return the ‘London below’, because h...
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    • English
    • Alexis
    • 41 seconds ago
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  • MAKE and DO
    What business shall I do to make money? I would like to make a fortune… I have to make time to make a plan and do a project to make sure that I will not make a mistake. I will do my best to do...
  • Feeling
    I decide to take part in analyst, Because.....It is a long story. I think many people think it is not easy to reach the requirement of the job. But I think it is easy. I dont know informations bu...
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    • English
    • DIDI
    • 11 minutes ago
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  • introduction to teacher
    This is my first meeting with Teresa. We discussed my level of Spanish learning to date and in what areas I need improvement. I received some good reference material with regards to the use of pr...
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    • English
    • davep
    • 12 minutes ago
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  • 阿信嘅日文 / 阿信嘅太太
  • meine Lieblingleider
    meine Lieblingleider Einige Leider geben Vergnügen für mich. Jetzt mag ich diese Leider: In deisen Leid singt eine Frau mit die süße Stimme: Sage (ode...
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    • German
    • Ulyana
    • 18 minutes ago
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  • Zwei weitere Monate Hospitation bekommen
    Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. S. Turial und sehr geehrte Frau Georger, vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort und für die Einladung. Ich habe mich sehr darüber gefreut. Und ich kann es nicht erwarten, in I...
  • my first day
    hajimemashite! 私の友人のファンタジアコール、私の家族ピピコールミー、私は二つのdattebayo一つでアドレスを自由に感じる! 私はアニメと学習が新しい言語愛。 私は、スペイン語、日本語、フランス語、ロシア語学習しています。 私は友人と非ネイティブやネイティブ・スピーカーとにしたいと考えて
  • Hello to everyone!!!
    How was your day today? Hope you are all well:)
  • Hablando como abogado
    En el futuro, me gustaría ser abogado y hablar con mis clientes en español. Obviamente, esto solo es un ejercicio para mejorar mi español y no estoy dando consejo legal. Gracias por la ayuda! ...
  • Is it correct?
    She didn't have anything against hurting you. She didn't have nothing against hurting you./to hurt you.
  • my son and me
    My son is 3 years old. He likes active game and hides anywhere. I made up game for him, which we call “Monster”. I should cover myself with blanket and make sounds like uuuuuu….. to imitate monste...
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    • English
    • Denis
    • 36 minutes ago
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  • Share picturns
    This is me . I was busy when i in school.
  • Easter holidays
    Since last Friday I'm in Easter holidays. My A-level tests are all written :) . This week I spend my time in Bavaria. I'm here by my uncle and grandpa. Next Monday (Easter Monday) I will visit ...
  • Medito pri romana monero
    Kuŝate sur la skribotablo antaŭ mi estas romana monero. Ĝi estas preskaŭ mil sep cent-jara. Mirinde ĝi kuŝas, forĝis en fajroj de romana imperio markis militisto sur la vizaĝo. Portite trans imperi...