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  • Being fluent at English
    I have a question. Am i able to be fluent at English only in Korea? My answer was 'No'. When i was young, i thought i can not be fluent at English unless i have ever lived in the coutries where the...
  • こんにちは!
    はじめまして! イリナです。28歳で、モスクワに住んでいます。 3年間ぐらい日本語を勉強していて、一週間に2回学校に行くのに、なかなか上手になりません^_^日本語は難しくても、とてもきれいだと思います。日本語は何が一番難しいときかれていると、迷わないで、漢字だと答えます^__^ 今日本と日本語のことをいろいろ説明してもらいたいです。よろしくお願いします!
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    • Japanese
    • Irina
    • 4 minutes ago
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  • He estado escuchando la musica en español para ayudarme aprender más.
    He estado escuchando la musica de Manu Chao. Creo que escuchando la musica en español lo que va a ayudarme para aprender español. Sus canciones son bastante simples y repetitivas. Tambíen estoy esc...
  • ゴールがかわりました
  • Temel gelir
    Çok zaman önce dinlediğim 'temel gelir' konsepti hakkında son birkaç gün içinde okumaya başladım. Temel gelir, temel ihtiyaçlarını ödemek için zengin veya fakir olan her insana verildiği paradır. S...
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    • Turkish
    • Nick
    • 26 minutes ago
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  • 다음 ( ) 안에 알맞은 단어를 고르십시오.
    다음 ( ) 안에 알맞은 단어를 고르십시오. 3. 어제 쓴 편지를 ( ) 보내지 몾했습니다. 더, 요즘, 자주, 아직. It seems appropriate: (아직). 4.주말에는 ( ) 사진을 찍으러 산에 가요. 아주, 주로, 별로, 제일. It seems appropriate: (제일).
  • Little Song
    If you want to traveling, come with me we'll be free, let's fly problems I take care of everything, don't worry be happy is not a shame. Don't be afraid, believe in the future Forget th...
  • Обманщица.
    В прошлый раз Влад и Екатерина не поняли, почему я узнал что та японка была обманщицей. Но Алекс понял, потому что он правильно догадался, что я никогда не сказал ей, на каких языках я могу говорит...
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    • Russian
    • aegis
    • 34 minutes ago
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  • Une collision.
    Deux voitures entrent en collision. Un vieux homme et un prêtre étaient en les conductions. Les voitures étaient pleins craqués mais les conducteurs n'avaient pris que les coups orbes et avaient e...
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    • French
    • Dmitry
    • 36 minutes ago
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  • Hi guys!
    I have had several people ask me about learning English. I have no objections to helping and I am very excited to get started! However, I just started on here. So please let me get situated and we ...
  • Lo que nos espera!!
    A veces en la vida, uno cree que todo se termino o que por la edad no se puede alcanzar algunas metas; en realidad, eso es ver la vida con poca luz. Hay que ver la vida de otra manera. Cuando ha...
  • Amore mio
    Raggazzi auito me con Italiano....nоn so come scrivere.. Sapere diverse parole ma non so grammatica . Who can help me with my Italian?
  • First time
    I don't know to use this website because it's a first time for me .I need someone help me.
    It is not easy to speak about just one specific music album due to the fact that nowadays it exists such a big quantity of music groups, singers or even dj’s available, that is difficult to choose....
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    • English
    • Mario
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Bad day
    For some reason, I am really sad. I don't feel like doing anything at all. I probably never felt worse before. I still have a lot of homework and things to study but I don't even feel like touc...