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  • Could you explain me how to tell the time in polish?
    Thank you for your answers!
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    • Polish
    • Kewin
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  • 이 비오는 날은 임시직입니다
    오늘 저는 오빠와 함께 점심 하고 버블티를 사러 Burger King 하고 버블티 카페에 거러서 갔습니다. 버블티 카페에서 밖에서 같이 앉은 고등학교 반친구들을 봤습니다. 저는 어색했는데 아직 인사하고 싶습니다. 버블티를 받고 밖에서 앉은 반친구들은 그후에 인사합니다. 그런데 저를 안인정할겁니다. 아마 안인정할겄기 때문에 제가 모자를 썼습니다. 그는 ...
  • Una nota rápido .....
    Pues, he estado en mis vacaciones hace 10 días y no he hecho nada de ejercicio. Yo comí un montón de comida porque mi lugar touristico es todo incluyendo. Aunque yo nadaba mucho y tenía mucha s...
  • Mein erster Eintrag
    Ich habe über die Musik zu sagen angewählt Die Musik spielt eine wichtige Rolle in meinen Leben. Sie hilft mir wann ich Problemen habe, sie lockert mich. Sie finde die richtige Worte wann ich w...
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    • German
    • Anna
    • 10 minutes ago
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  • Aprender idioma
    Eu sou Nilton Furtado. Eu espero que aprendo muito como o "italki". O meu objectivo de aprender uma nova idioma é uma interesse pessoal, pois gosto muito de aprender idioma e vou dar o meu máximo. ...
  • La mia ultima settimana...
    Non ho scrivato qui per tre settimane, ma ho progressato molto. Adesso non ho bisogno un dizionario per scrivere o dire, e faccio meno errore. Questa è la mia ultima settimana in Italia, purtroppo....
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    • Italian
    • Anna
    • 17 minutes ago
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  • Great suggestions about how to get loans
    If you wish to buy a specific thing and don't have sufficient money for that, the first thing you can think about is the loan. The banking institutions established a whole system that is linked to ...
  • Muscle Building Secrets ( space ) Musclebuilding Physical exercises & Musclebuilding Ideas
    Within the last Twenty five years We've tried using various courses as well as utilised several strategies to discover a muscle building exercise regime. As a slender child, also referred to as any...
  • Dobrý den!
    Dobrý den. Jmenuju se Vadim, jsem z Ruska. Chci mluvit český, protože mam moc rád ten krasný jazyk. Jsem rád, že mluvím rusky, protože to je prostší pro mě. Dnes jsem skoro volný, budu ra...
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    • Czech
    • Vadim
    • 22 minutes ago
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  • Llevo días sin dormir y estoy hecho .....
    Llevo días sin dormir y estoy hecho ……….. a) café b) fuerzas c) polvo
  • I want to pass BEC
    I want to pass BEC Higher , how can i prepare for it ? 我想考高级商务英语证书 , 我应该怎样准备呢?
  • Здравствуйте.
    Здравствуйте. меня завут Дидие. я живю в Тулуз. я инжениер самолиет. я не говорю по-русский. я любю музика н литература. До свидания.
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    • Russian
    • Didier
    • 25 minutes ago
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  • Muscle Building Secrets - Musclebuilding Routines & Musclebuilding Guidelines
    Over the past Two-and-a-half decades We have used a variety of plans as well as applied various techniques to locate a muscle building work out program. Like a lanky little one, also referred to as...
  • אני צריכה עזרה
    שלום. שמי גיטל. שני מורה אנגלית ואני רוצה לשפר נעברית כי שמי גרה באראץ ישראל. בקולג' למדתי מדע כללי. גם אני מוזיקאית. אני נגגנת פסנטר. אני חצי דואו עם חברה שנגנת חליל. אני מתעניין בפוליטיקה...
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    • Hebrew
    • Gitel
    • 38 minutes ago
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  • about nervers time
    I have learned Engilsh for about twenty years and attened hundreds test.But I still feel confusing when I listen to the BBC. when I was talking with American,I often feel nervers rush to me. All my...