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  • 日本のクリスマス
    今年は外国で初めてクリスマスを過ごします。今まで八月から日本にいているのに、時間が飛びました! イギリスにはクリスマスのことは絶対どこでもあります。すべてのデパートはプレゼントを買っている人で込んでいて、ずっと陽気なクリスマスの歌を聞こえます。実は、クリスマスに至るまでの日は私を少しストレスをさせますから、日本はイギリスのめまぐるしいほどではなくて嬉しいです。しかし、クリスマスの日は私の家...
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    • Ellen
    • 3 minutes ago
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  • Dimanche
    Aujourd'hui est le premiére dimanche que j'ai rester a la maison depuis il ya beaucoup mois. Il a été une journée tranquille. J'ai fait mon arbre Noël aujourd'hui, finalement! Il est simple, mais j...
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    • Charity
    • 11 minutes ago
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  • about me
    i hope to find someone help me to learn japanese and italian lanuage ^_^ im still a student (21) years old im not talking english properly, but im good enough :D i can give myself 7\10 or maybe...
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    • Menna
    • 26 minutes ago
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  • Relevant things you need to have to understand about cellular apps
    Using the new age mobile phones, we now have the flexibility to do so a good deal added from the palm-sized gadget. You possibly can make phone calls, deliver messages, do your on-line chat and per...
  • Big Hero 6
    I like Disney Pixer movies so much I've watched some of them in English. For me, they're great materials to learn English. Although I need to repeatedly watch the same one to understand what they a...
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    • Rio
    • 30 minutes ago
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  • Germanu
    I watched a video yesterday about the productivity at work in Germany. It is very brilliant. The philosophy is when Germans are at work they are very focus about what they do. Facebook, SMS and per...
  • Bonjour à tous.
    Bonjour à tous. Je m'appelle Derek et j'habite en Amérique sur l'ouest côte. J'ai appris la langue française depuis un an et six mois, mais j'ai besoin de pratiquer parler la langue. Je souhaite...
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    • Cogito
    • 51 minutes ago
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  • Háskóli
    Ég er að leita fyrir háskólanámskeiðar. Ég vil að læra skandinavískur mál eða málvísindi. Ég vil að læra í annaðhvort Aarhus eða Trondheim. Ég valdi Danmörk og Noregur því að dönsku og norsku tung...
  • 回家了吃中国餐
  • Kerstmisdagen
    Deze donderdag was de laaste les in dit jaar van mijn Nederlands cursus. Wij hebben twee weken Kerstvakantie. In de cursus gaf de docent naar ons een Kerstmis chocola. Het was lekker. Hoewel ik twe...
  • 日本語の文法質問。Beginner Japanese
    When I was a child, I often ate hamburgers. I often ate hamburgers when I was a child. 英語にはこの分は同様な意味です。 In English, these sentences are the same. 英語人はどちらもを言えます。An English speaker can say both. ...
  • 겨울 연가
    요즘 감기를 걸렸어서 테레비를 많이 보고 있었어요. 그리고 오늘은 "겨울 연가"를 보 시작 했어요. ...좋아요... ㅋㅋㅋ 하지만, 왜 성인이 고등학생으로 연기를 해요??? 아직 그냥 제2화까지 봤어서, 다음에 인물들은 성인이 될거죠? 아무튼, 정말 중독성 드라마이시네요 ㅎㅎ
  • let's have an conversation
    Hello everyone. My skype ID is Mike-so So any body a warmly welcome.
  • Pleasantly surprised...
    I don't know exactly why but this year I decided to study English. Maybe because I must have a goal into my life... last year I attended a photography course and this year I have English classes. I...
  • La alt det du drømmer om snart bli oppfylt!
    Kald i været og den varmeste for sinnet er desember. Alle begynner å forbedere gaver, drømme. Enhver er i forventning av noe spesielt for seg. La dere ha i nytt år alt det man ikke kan kjøpe: Kjærl...