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  • Andy’s italki 2014 October Language Challenge Public Pledge
    Hi everyone! Here my video pledge, check it out! You can even share it on wechat by scanning the qr code attach...
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    • English
    • Andy
    • 27 seconds ago
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  • 日本語の発音の問題。want some Japanese friends to help me!
    「わたし」の「た」sounds like 「だ」I feel comfused and how can I pronounce? Are there some differences between them? Another example,仕事(しごと)と遅刻(ちこく),「ご」and「こ」sounds similar.....want some Japanese friends to h...
  • I am beginning of myself business
    Over the past one month, I have seen some pitchers on my Wechat that is some beautiful shoes and closes from my friend. So I ask her could I put there pitchers on my friend cycle in Wechat. She agr...
  • Enter to a new life
    I'm now a senior college student. Like others, I have experienced happy and sorrow, exciting and mourful, hoping and regreting life. In the beginning of this new semester, my life plumb to a deep c...
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    • English
    • Luigi
    • 20 minutes ago
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  • 22 Septembre 2014
    Salut tout le monde ! Aujourd'hui étais une bonne journée ! J'ai reçu une bonne note pour mon examen de biologie et sur mon examen de calcul intégral. Mais, en le cours d'anglais, j'ai reçoit un ma...
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    • French
    • Emi
    • 21 minutes ago
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  • My blog
    This is the first post of my blog. The main reason I created this blog is to improve my writing skills in English. I've been practicing listening, reading and even a little bit of speaking. However...
  • College Shape My Life
    Most students goes through college life.College is a time when one grow from adolescence to adulthood,prompting us drive to maturity, I am proud of being a college student.I love my college life as...
  • To zlp
    It's my faults. I don't put the attention to your life anymore. The worst things is i can't realized your change.Only has one reason.I love you not enough than before. I don't care you than before...
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    • English
    • Gill
    • 34 minutes ago
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  • think too much
    I work in a technology company in Suzhou. It is in the east of China. I am responsible for English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation.At the beginning of my work, there were some foreign visit...
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    • English
    • molly
    • 47 minutes ago
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  • My first day here!
    This is the first time I go for help on the sites like ITALKI as it is said to be a good helper for language learner. I hope to meet guys who come form English native Speaker country and wanna lea...
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    • English
    • Erven
    • 56 minutes ago
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  • РУССКОЕ ПОЛЕ ~ Лучшая песня о Родине ~ 1968
    Любите свою РОДИНУ! Песня РУССКОЕ ПОЛЕ. Слова Инны Гофф, музыка Яна Френкеля. Это лучшая песня о родине. Я бы предложил сделать её Государственным гимном России. Расул Гамзатов ~ ~ ~ ~ ~...
  • A little pasional thinking about Paleolithic Age
    I'm fascinated with Palaeolithic Age. It's amazing how a primary image of movement was conceived in their paints. The fire provoked in these deeper caves dancing shadows on the draws, which in com...
  • この世界
  • Response to a friend
    Someone please correct this. どうもありがとうございます かな、 いや。長すぎない。あなたが滞在する歓迎されています。 私は私の日本で多くの援助を必要としています。 私はあなたを満たすために非常に興奮しています! English: Kana, Nope. Not too long. You are welcomed to sta...
  • Letter in insurance company (IELTS writing task 1)
    On a recent holiday you lost a valuable item. Fortunately you have travel insurance to cover the cost of anything lost Write a letter to the manager of your insurance company. In your letter -des...