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  • The world is changing
    When I was a child I used to go to a glaciar near to my town. The glaciar used to be extremely big and it had a lot of caves where you could enter. At the front of the glaciar there was a big place...
  • 2015 – My Personal Year Of The Breakthrough
    I cannot await the New Year 2015. It is amazing. While the world seems to fall completely into terror, wars and poverty, I will finally start my personal Breakthrough. While the world was not like ...
  • La mia piccola presentazione
    Ciao a tutti! Mi chiamo Serena e sono cinese. Adesso studio l'italiano da tre mesi a Pechino e mi piace molto. Vado in Italia fra due anni e quindi sono molto( looking forward to it). L'italiano è ...
  • Check out, please
    1)请你介绍我。 2)我今年十九岁。 3)我正在大学学习。 4)汉语语法很难。 5)我喜欢画人。 6)我比较喜欢吃苹果橘子。 7)他工作银行。 8)我们是从学校的朋友。 9)我家有四个成员:爸爸,妈妈和我。
  • 我不很想圣诞节
    12月24日是圣诞节。我不很想圣诞节。人不知道基督教的爱,他们也不认识Jesus。人说他们爱你,但是你不可以去圣诞节的庆祝活动没有礼物!圣诞节是一个商业的节日。人要钱,不必要的东西,油腻的饭菜和性。这是圣诞节? 不是!圣诞节是凭穷的人庆祝活动。 我不要你的饭菜,我不要你的礼物,我不要你的金子也不要你的光泽。我要自由,尊敬,信义,荣,京,爱跟老实的姑娘和一个很高兴得生命我可以生自由的我宗...
  • Discover Vietnam
    I have been to many asian countries and would like to visit Vietnam and HCM city to explore the wonders of this nation.
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    • English
    • Abbas
    • 50 minutes ago
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  • Mientras
    Mientras, he encontrado buenos videos para idiomas en YouTube. Son les llama 'Easy Languages'. Estoy sorprendido sobre el español entiendo, aunque son rápidos, y francés, no he estudiado ese en cin...
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    • Spanish
    • Rachel
    • 56 minutes ago
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  • Castle of Saint George, Lisbon (Is correct in english UK)?
    Castle of Saint George, Lisbon Visit St. George Castle, one of Lisbon's oldest monuments and a symbol of Christian victory over the Moors.. The São Jorge Castle is one of the most symbolic ...
  • Session 02 - 19 Dec 14
    These are notes from my session with my italki teacher. This is what I learned: Learned Il I La Le Lo Gli Un Una Learning Alcu...
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    • Italian
    • Mark
    • 59 minutes ago
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  • 直感は私に助けた!
    昨日、仕事をしてた時、いきなり頭の中で考えがあった。すぐ先日のデータをチェックした。やっぱり一つミスを発見した!大間違いを犯す前に直しちゃった。危なかったなぁ~ 神様、ありがとうございました!!!
  • Una frase(174).
    En ese día, llovía a cántaros por lo que yo estaba buscando un lugar donde podía esconderme de la lluvia. Sin embargo, no había un lugar adecuado. Me puse hasta los huesos y me dio un gripe muy pes...
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    • JGW
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  • La influenza
    Yo fue a ir a tratar de establecer sesiones de español y ingles pero estoy infermo este fin de semana. ¡A tiempo para Navidad, también!
  • A very special gift on Christmas for me!
    This is the second times in a row that has happened to me. I wonder why I always meet this misfortune! On December last year, my company went bankrupt and this situation is still happening to me....
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    • Fonso
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  • We dоn't have war
    I'm from the city of Dnepropetrovsk. This is the central part of the Ukraine. It has always been quiet in our region. We didn't have war. The difficult situation was only on the East part of the ...
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    • English
    • Iya
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Frightened rabbit runs thru the forest
    Frightened rabbit runs thru the forest. The fox see at him and asks: - Why you so frightened? What happened? - Crazy lion comes to our forest! – rabbit answered. – He counts tails of animals and ...