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  • I like this song " Tempo Perdido" or "Lost time" in english
    Todos os dias quando acordo Every day when I wake up Não tenho mais o tempo que passou I no longer have the time spent Mas tenho muito tempo But I have a long time Temos todo o tempo do...
  • Can you help my listening to this video from 2:45 to 3:02?
    He says the word "know" a lot of times, but his rapid speech makes me mix the word "know" up with the word "no". Can you help my listening to this video from 2:45 to 3:02?
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    • English
    • Shao
    • 7 minutes ago
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  • привет!
    привет друзья! вы хотите дружить и изучать русский язык вместе? большое спасибо!
  • Be Confident
    A white pencil,looking proud and scornful ,is laughing at black pencil,"You're nearing the end!"The white pencil is much longer than the black pencil,however,the black pencil remains calm,he falls ...
  • Um Hilfe bitten und Hilfe anbieten (ein Dialog)
    Ich stand beim Flughafen in Dormund und ich wartete mein Flugzeug auf. Eine alte Dame fragte mir nach : -Können Sie mir helfen? -Ja! Brauchen Sie Hilfe? -Ich suche eine Toilette. Entschuldigung,...
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    • German
    • Mariana
    • 27 minutes ago
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  • A Kindly Old Woman
    An old woman takes bus every day, but she does a different thing:when young people give seats for her,she will take photos for them.The people on the photo all have a shy smile.Now the old woman ha...
  • 我的学汉语经历
    我在深圳大学学了两个学期汉语。去年春学期我在入门B班(每个水平有A班和B班。B班的水平高一点)开始学习。 去年七月份春学期结束了,然后我参加了六个星期的暑假班。秋学期我跳级到中级A班。中级A班的水平比入门B班肯定高多了不过我每天好好学习,天天向上。 上星期秋学期结束了。目前,我自己认为我的阅读能力还可以。我大体上看懂中文的新闻。另外如果有字幕的话, 我百分之七八十分明白中国电视...
  • the first snowy day of 2015
    taday is snowy,the first snowy day of 2015.though it will snow every winter in our hometown,it still makes me excited every year. i will very happy when it is snowing since i was a ...
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    • English
    • yuliya
    • 30 minutes ago
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  • перевод
    "All happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way" "Все счастливые семьи похожи друг на друга, каждая несчастливая семья несчастлива по-своему" May I...
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    • Russian
    • selim
    • 31 minutes ago
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  • Estudio
    Hoy después de trabajo yo participé una clase de conversación de español. La maestra, Sara es de Sevilla, España. Hay 3 participantes japonesas. Ellas dijieron que les gusta el futbol de españa muc...
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    • Spanish
    • miki
    • 37 minutes ago
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  • misunderstanding!
    today i like to write about misunderstandings that can happen between people, in this site we all gather from all around the world, different cultures, different ages, educations and so on, we are ...
  • The 70th Day
    I went to the cheap & folksy Japanese eatery that is popular in my town today. I have lived in this town for about five years but I have not been there. Though all of those looked delicious, I at...
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    • English
    • Utalki
    • 46 minutes ago
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  • Could you please correct?
    We are not a member of CHAS or Safe Contractor but if it is necessary we can certainly apply for that. I will fill in and scan to you a stage 2 assessment for the Centre tonight if that's okay?
    Dear students, my name is Sofia and I teach English on line! Improve your grammar, writing, reading and speaking skills by joining a short intensive course! For any further information please feel ...
    The plot of "Imitation Game" is about the life of Alan Turing who was an english mathematics during the middle of the twentieth century more or less. He was hired by the English government for bre...