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  • an interesting programme
    Today there was nothing special happened and I have nothing to write. And tonight I have watched a entertainment programme and had enjoyed very much. seven people consisted of the group and they pl...
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    • yanglh
    • 38 seconds ago
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  • My projects in Java and C++
    With the C/C++ language I have done two projects. The first concerned with the design of a game called Kalah. There were many things to do into that project, such as implementing all the rules of t...
  • Chinese High Schools
    I'am a Chinese girl,and now I'm study in a Chinese Senior High School.I think the education of China is diffrent from other Countries,We put the point at the test .Every week I should do lots of pa...
  • Could anyone help me to check whether what I wrote is natural and grammatically correct or not?
    Thank you very much for your correction!!!! 1. These questions are used skilfully to give students a reason to read. 2. The second activity required students to check whether what they know about...
  • Why there are more images of disasters and violence in the media?
    Nowadays, disastrous and violent images could be seen frequently in the media. This trend is, radically, an outcome of audience's psychology and directors' trick. It is obvious that these images...
  • Les théâtres d'Ekaterinburg
    Ekaterinbourg – est l'un des plus grands centres de théâtre en Russie, le nombre de salles à Ekaterinbourg prend la 3ème place en Russie après Moscou et Saint-Pétersbourg. Actuellement, selon l...
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    • French
    • Mary
    • 18 minutes ago
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  • Chinese wedding ceremony
    I've just come back from my schoolmate's wedding ceremony. I attended several ceremonies including my own.Basically they look the same,no traditional features and increasingly weird.Most of these w...
  • Le premier jour
    Je suis un étudiant dans un programme de soins infirmières et aujourd'hui c'est le premier jour de clinicals. J'ai utilisé le mot anglais parce-que je ne sais pas le mot français mais je vais essay...
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    • Joshua
    • 31 minutes ago
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  • '' 琴日'' 同''尋日'' 有麼分別叻?
    請問各位 '' 琴日'' 同''尋日'' 有麼分別? 我黎自馬來西亞! 我識講同聽廣東話((完全冇問題呀 只不過我冇麼識寫>< 加上大馬呢度大多數唐人都係用簡體字 所以我系寫個方面好水皮啊 YAY 我依家努力學緊寫好廣東話因為我有興趣 如果可以嘅话,請路過各位大大幫手改正同解答問題呀 或者做個朋友黎交流交流~ 多謝!
  • La cirugía estética en el extranjero
    En los últimos noticias veo que una británica ha fallecido durante un operación de cirugía estética en Tailandia. Todavía las autoridades no han hecho público los detalles de su nombre. La mujer de...
  • Negative inversion practice
    Never again will I vote for Work´s Party. Rarely do I take longer than 5 minutes in the queue to vote. Nothing annoys me more than a corrupt candidate criticizing another corrupt one. Little did...
  • Notice Translation 2
    【活动细节】 【Activity details】 日期 >> Date >> 8th Nov.(Saturday) 时间 >> Time >> 9:00~18:00(我们会在下午6点左右离开崇明岛) 9:00am~6:00pm((We will leave at around 18:00 from Chongming Island) ...
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    • Cuir
    • 38 minutes ago
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  • 今天是二零一四年十月二十五日六
    我很好今天。 我的弟弟是不好。
  • Free write1
    When you desire for something you can barely get, you get depressed. When you want something that you can acquire after making great efforts you feel stressed. When you can easily get what you want...
  • What If Steve Jobs Had Been Chinese
    Here's a link to my speaking practice. Thanks for your help.