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  • ¿Puedes decirme unas peliculas interesantes?
    Jajajajajajaja.quiero ver unas películas de español. ¿Quién decirme unas? Gracias. Veo el tele de España ,ángel o demonio.
  • 我为什么喜欢数学?
    为什么要学数学呢? 如果你是一个学数学的人,那么几乎所有的人都会问你这个问题. 大部分的人搞不明白,一个人怎么可以喜欢上这样又复杂又抽象,并且没有实际意义的科学. 花很多时间来证明一些所谓的数学定理有什么意思? 换句话说,数学可以吃吗?我女友爱这样问我。。这些疑问是很正常的。 别人如果不喜欢数学,那么我也不会看不上他们。 数学,一个人可以喜欢,也可以不喜欢,这是我们各人的自由。...
  • Life, Danger and Sports
    I'm very passionate about dangerous sports, but my parents are often too scare of my beeing severely damaged. The worst part for them is that i'm just starting. I started with Longboard about one y...
  • Benvenuto, from the story of Diana Wynne Jones "Magicians of Caprona" PART 2
    Right over the nose of Benvenuto three white stains stand out giving him a furtive and suspicious air. But the stains haven't nothing to do with his position as Casa Montana's cat-chief. They wer...
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  • Merhaba!
    Merhaba! İsmim Tatiana. Ben bir çevirmen olarak çalışıyorum. İşimi seviyorum. Oğlum iki aydır. Onun adı Michael. Ben Türkçe seviyorum. Ben Türkçe Türklerle konuşmak istiyorum.
  • Traurig Nachrichten
    Heute bin ich traurig, weil einer meiner Lieblingsschreiber Gestern gestorben hat. Seiner Name ist Gabriel García Márquez. Ich habe allen seinen Romanen gelesen. Aber "Cien años de soledad" gefiel ...
  • Грустно
    Грустно и одиноко сидеть дома. Так хочется гулять((((
  • the best blogger eva!
    Oh boy, I've been absent for so long :o However, I'd like to continue "blogging" here as it definitely can help me improve my writing skills and make my English more natural as well. Therefore, it ...
  • Qulcuno mi farebbe la cortesia di correggere questa composizione? Ne sarei molto grata!
    Storia del turismo 2 Parte Nel ottocento secolo grazie per il sviluppo del tecnico il turismo sviluppato molto velocemente. Tutti invenzione nuovi hanno aiutato il esplosivo del turismo. Con la n...
  • Qualcuno sarebbe cosi gentile a correggermi questa composizione? Grazite tante!
    LA STORIA DEL TURISMO I Parte Durante la storia del turismo, viaggi, ristorazione, alloggio hanno sviluppato insieme e pari passi. In inizio, ante Christo i popoli hanno usato cammelli come mez...
  • Can you help me to understand a word in lyrics.
    Here are two lines from Memory. If you are familiar with it, can you help me to understand the word 'touch' here? If you touch me, You'll understand what happiness is. We know the character ...
  • Mi casa
    Bueno, no es una maravilla de casa, pero se puede vivir bien. Tiene dos habitaciones y una sala espaciosa que usamos como un dormitorio más. Tiene también una cocina bastante grande, lo que e...
  • Several tips for self-taught learners
    With the development of economy, the international communication is a must for business, education and politics. Learning foreign languages is a trend for many people. If we only stay in ou...
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  • Composition
    Nowadays, there are many students who call for the reform of English Education. There are a variety reasons for it. First, the English Education in the college just likes it in the Middle School w...
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    • Lily
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  • les voyages forment la jeunesse
    Les voyages forment la jeunesse De nos jours, il y a bouceaup de jeunesse à choisir les voyages pendant les vacances ou après finir ses études. Ils pouvent s’entrainer pour posséder la via...
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