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  • Be creative
    God created a great organ for us , called (the brain). It is a multi-function organ and has a great variety of abilities and powers. Also each (brain) had been created with some special capabiliti...
  • 蒙學漢文初階 第三十六課 Beginning Chinese - Entry Level Lesson #36
    馬車 horse carriage 或駕一馬或駕兩馬 or harness one horse or harness two horses 其輪或二或四 its wheels or two or four 四輪者二大二小 four wheels of two big two small 小者在前 ...
  • Au pair
    Au pair is a good oportunitty to learn and improve my english. I will work with children and the same time I will practess and study english. I love chlidren. I think this is good for me!
  • translate
    how can translate the meanings of this Turkish Davut Güloğlu Seni Seni?
  • 蒙學漢文初階 第三十五課 Beginning Chinese - Entry Level Lesson #35
    一夕月色糢糊 one night moon color blur muddle 半夜睡醒 half night sleep awake 聞窓外雨聲淅瀝 hear window outside rain sound [onomatopoeia "c"][ onomatopoeia "lee"] 簷馬丁東 ...
  • Lo zucco verde
    Oggi per la colazione ho mangiato due salcicce e un uovo. Piu tarde ho preparato un zucco di verdure verde fatto degli spinacci, un cetriolo, due pezzi di sedano, e una mela verde. Non ho gia accu...
  • An introduction in French
    Bonjour. Je m'appelle Sara Jane. Je suis Australien mais maintenant j'habite en Bridgewater, Canada. J'aime lire, écouter de la musique, à tricoter et à voyager. Au revoir!
  • Je voudrais d'avoir plus du temps pour lire.
    En ce moment, il pleut. Je ne peux pas faire rien ce soir, car demain c'est encore un jour ouvrable.J'aime travailler, mais j'aime plus étudier français.Quelques uns me disent que aimer étudier et ...
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    • French
    • Elaine
    • 38 minutes ago
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  • 좋아요 and 좋아해요
    Can someone PLEASE explain how to use 좋아요 and 좋아해요
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    • Korean
    • Christa
    • 39 minutes ago
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  • happiness
    Happiness is a relative matter.It's vary man to man. but I think happiness is working for other and making difference people in need.I do believe if we think about people to our surrounding who re ...
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    • English
    • nadim
    • 41 minutes ago
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  • Flamenco sunset.
    In Zahara de los Atunes , after of a beach day, people meet in the chiringuitos ( wood huts which serve as bars) that there are on the beach by enjoy of a drink, flamenco music and sunset. The ...
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    • English
    • Fer
    • 46 minutes ago
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  • One day in my Country (Venezuela)
    There is a lot of good people in my country, but, the the government is very bad. Does not matter. There a many beautiful places, beachs, mountains. The life is very expensive here. So many people...
  • Mis pasetiempos - Mi primero cuaderno en iTalki
    Hola! Mi pasetiempo favorito es practicar yoga. Despues que, me encanta jugar la flauta y nadar en la piscina. Estude reciemente que puedo cantar y bailo la salsa! Quiero ser un "jack of all ...
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    • Spanish
    • Will
    • 56 minutes ago
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  • I told you...
    I cheated myself Like I knew I would I told you I was trouble You know that I'm no good...
  • 一个资讯科技工程师的弱点
    。。。或也许只我的、没有其他资讯科技工程师有这障碍。我不会设计。大体、不管网站或应用程序、我所有的设计看似平淡、甚至在我看来。所以我通常根设计师合作做项目。 不相信我吗?看我的博客、它们所有真少的品味。我以前问一个DA用户会不会我用她的设计在我博客。对于交流、我会旋颤她的自由。但她还没回复。:( a programmer's weakness ... or maybe ...