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  • The sound of dead coffee (part 2)
    THE CAT There was a huge noise coming from outside the house. I woke up immediately. My sense of hearing started to complain to my little feline brain. It left me stunned. My curiosity once trie...
  • У малыша первая травма
    Ой ой ой. Мой Милый малыш. Он упал вчера вечером. Мы ходили вокруг доме перед он купаться. Мы смотрили на рыбах в акврауме. Я слежила за его, но вдруг он упал. не ловила его. я не могла. он упал сл...
  • Vacation
    Are these sentences correct? «Hello Wendy, Thank you for letting me know. I hope you will enjoy your vacation, which I'm sure is well deserved !»
  • Among the dark.....
    He woke and found himself in a dark forest at middle of the night. -Where am I? I remember I was going to my bed in my room... Later I began to sleep. Some nightmares came to me. Maybe this is on...
  • motivation
    Nobady can deney that motivation is something very important for us to acheive our goals so if everyone found motivation and encouraged it would be easy for him to get what he want...
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    • English
    • Samira
    • 9 minutes ago
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  • Кто хочет со мной почитать книгу Игра престолов?
    Привет. Кто из вас хочет почитать вместе со мной книгу Игра престолов? Я буду делать фото страниц и отсылать вам. А потом мы свяжемся по Skype, и почитаем вслух. Это поможет тебе улучшить свои на...
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    • Russian
    • Amir
    • 13 minutes ago
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  • Somthing I discoverd in my personality
    recently I discoverd that I really have a problem with managing my time .. once I have two things to do in the same time .. I feel confuse and I couldnt handle with the situation at all .. even t...
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    • English
    • Asmaa
    • 20 minutes ago
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  • Hello to everybody
    Hello, I´m Lizethe, but you can tell me Liz, I´m 30 years old, I´m from Mexico and I´m trying write correctly in English, really my English is basic as you see. Well I am a financial analyst and I ...
  • Primeiro dia
    Hoje estou começando a usar o italki !!!
  • 汉语练习复习 3-1 我为什么学汉语? (Why do I learn Chinese?)
    我的工作是移动通信关联的国际业务。现在在日本和美国有事业。我会说英语和日语。在将来,我想去中国开始事业。为了更好地在中国做生意,我需要说流利地汉语。 (I am a global salesman for mobile telecommunication. I have business in Japan and US now. I can speak in English and ...
  • Learning to write in english
    First text, written with a little help from google translator.
  • 2015.07.31
    How did Silla take over "Pusan" from Gaya? It seems Gaya took everything. The heart of Gaya was located at Gimhae[1], which was the perfect place near the south sea and one of the biggest river ...
  • I need to practice too much
    I have a fun conversation and entrerprise conversation
  • Sunshine
    If I were sunshine, I would kiss leaves, I would hug the flowers, I would stroke birds, I would company sky, I would disperse the dark, I would warm the world, No soledad, no ...
  • Le peur d'apprendre une langue.
    La plupart des gens ont peur d'apprendre une langue, parce que il ressamble difficile, parce que il s'écoute très difficile à parler, etcetera. Vraiment, personnellement, je pense qu'on ne droi...
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    • French
    • Liam
    • 54 minutes ago
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