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  • Eurovision
    This is the very first year I actually check out all the songs in the competition. I only know the winning songs of 2009, 2012 and 2013. Those are the only songs i knew since 2009. I have my favour...
  • 07月我可能返去香港。
    今年我可能得留喺香港呀。如果係,我就會教英文喺英文camp.. 每個星期我要教十個學生啦。 This year I may get to stay in HK! If I can, then I will be teaching English at an English camp. Every week I must teach a group of 10 students.
  • Exercise
    Note: I'm still learning characters and don't really know that many, so I had to look up quite a few characters in the dictionary for this one. Let me know if I chose the wrong one! :) And of cours...
  • 好攰啊
    以家我好攰。。 我冇瞓覺十五個鐘頭。。雖然我只係起身十五個鐘頭, 因故我仲好攰。
  • Cantonese Lesson 1
    nei gong taai faai. ngo teng m ming. m goi gong2 maan6 di1. 你話太快. 我聽見. 話慢
  • 我應該去賭錢喺香港定係澳門呢?
    有人話俾我聽香港之前有賽馬, 係啱唔啱呀?我想我之前得去咗。。澳門有冇多啲賭場過香港?每個年澳門收入十千二億元from gambling!Crazy! Someone told me Hong Kong once had horse racing, is that true? I wish I could have seen it.. Does Macau have more casino...
  • 如杲你想小小認識我
    Hello! 我係加拿大人同理我住喺哈利法克斯。我愛音樂但係我只係識彈吉他。 我去香港我成日食腸仔包同理雞尾包。 :D 我開始學廣東話我有好多差誤(mistakes?)啦!特别我買餐。。“唔該!我想要嘔肉咖喱飯!...哦! 牛肉牛肉牛肉。” 哈哈哈,好尷尬啦!。。。
  • 開心 (happy)
    佢 唔係 好 有錢 不過 佢 係 好 開心。 He is not rich but he is very happy. He not is very have money but he is happy. keoi5 m4 hai6 hou2 jau5 cin2 bat1 gwo3 keoi5 hai6 hoi1 sam1.
  • 天氣 (weather)
    粵:今日 天氣 唔好 因為 有 太多 雪。 粵萍:gam1 jat6 tin1 hei3 m4 hou2 jan1 wai6 jau5 taai3 do1 syut3. Literal: today weather not good because have too much snow. English: The weather's not good today because the...
  • 你哋明唔明白我?
    點解同幾時你想學中文? Does it makes sense to ask, "Why and how long have you wanted to learn Chinese" this way?
  • 好多落雪!
    係4月同仲有好多落雪啦!呢度有落雪二百米深。。。 今年我好怕冇春天。 我好嬲!Haha
  • 學緊廣東話
    有時間, 我覺得學緊中文好難啊, 但係我keep trying.. 我希望我可以返去香港!
  • 了爱人宁吃呢色
    合理咯 没有 那么 就哦刷 按的 按摩 了爱人宁 吃呢色 好哦平 他哦马克 呢我 反日恩但是 按的 个哦 他哦 吃那 是哦么打印
  • 290315
    Bought a couple of books at a French book sale on Sunday :) And I'm in no mood for assignments and exams...
  • Medical History
    你有冇D咩唔舒服?Are you sick somewhere? syu1 fug6 你宜家有冇食藥?Are you taking medicine? 你有冇住過醫院或者睇過門診呢? kut1 = cough 咳 全身麻醉 cuen4 sun1 maa4 zeoi3 Regarding Tones: 194056 Flat tones: 1-3-6-4 (from hi...