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  • Streets of Hong Kong
    呢次我寫我嘅經驗喺香港。我同我嘅香港嘅朋友出去行街。我哋探太平山同埋。我哋夜晚去旺角。我哋喺旺角嘅街跳舞。 香港女有興趣外國人啦。我同兩個朋友被邀請一幫女晚飯。晚飯真棒。 我餘日做好多朋友。一個星期之後出去香港,我好悲啦。下目的地係廣州。我真係愛廣州。 This time I will write about my experiences in the streets of...
  • Counting (Cantonese)
    jui3 gan6=recently yat1= 1 yi6 = 2 leung5 = 2 (counting) saam1 = 3 sei3 = 4 m5 = 5 luk6 = 6 chat1 = 7 baat3 = 8 gau5 = 9 sap6 = 10 sap6 yat1 = 11 sap6 yi6 = 12 yi6 sap6 = 20 saam1 sa...
  • First Time in China
    This time I want to write about my first trip to China. It will be the first time telling a story in Cantonese, so you will find a lot of things to correct. Also I'm not sure, if I have to use a sp...
  • First Notebook entry
    你好。我九月去香港,因爲我想學轟動話。 我每星期會作文一篇文章。 我先介紹我。我叫julius同我埋係德國人。我係大學生同我嘅主修物理。我而家作文我嘅學士論文。我嘅兼職係跳舞老師。我真係鍾意跳舞。我識跳舞breakdance同hiphop。我而家只係跳舞breakdance。我日後我想初學ballroom dances。我第一次去中國由於跳舞。 我(for 3 months)讀緊,不過...
  • Dates
    hou6 yat6=the day after tomorrow yat6=day yat3 yat6=a day leung5 yat6=two days gam1 jiu1=this morning gam1 maan1=tonight gam1 yat6 haa6 jou3=this afternoon kam4 maan5=last night kam4 yat6...
  • More about me - Shawn and my obstacles in learning English
    Hello, everyone. I have been quite busy recently. It has been around a year since I logged in this site and posted some articles about me. I have been thinking about my future plan and also the thi...
  • 廣東話語法
    If someone asks “點解你仲以打飛碟呀?” Can you respond with, “冇點解呀。。”? If you have any alternative ways of asking/answering please let share your suggestions with me! Thanks ahead!
  • 好勁啊!我可以去香港喺英文營教英文呀!!!
    好開心啦!我嘅英文謍會喺寶林。 我哋就會打好多玩同理activities.. No clue how to say that lol So glad! My English camp will be in Po Lam. We will play so many games and activities!
  • The story of Elsa!
    我 俉 頭 痛。Mei 俉 頭 痛. I don't have a headache. Mei doesn't have a headache. 今天 Elsa 有 頭 痛. Today Elsa has a headache. Elsa 企 虊 房 門口。Elsa stands at the pharmacy entrance. Elsa 買 頭。Elsa buys m...
  • Eurovision
    This is the very first year I actually check out all the songs in the competition. I only know the winning songs of 2009, 2012 and 2013. Those are the only songs i knew since 2009. I have my favour...
  • 07月我可能返去香港。
    今年我可能得留喺香港呀。如果係,我就會教英文喺英文camp.. 每個星期我要教十個學生啦。 This year I may get to stay in HK! If I can, then I will be teaching English at an English camp. Every week I must teach a group of 10 students.
  • Exercise
    Note: I'm still learning characters and don't really know that many, so I had to look up quite a few characters in the dictionary for this one. Let me know if I chose the wrong one! :) And of cours...
  • 好攰啊
    以家我好攰。。 我冇瞓覺十五個鐘頭。。雖然我只係起身十五個鐘頭, 因故我仲好攰。
  • Cantonese Lesson 1
    nei gong taai faai. ngo teng m ming. m goi gong2 maan6 di1. 你話太快. 我聽見. 話慢
  • 我應該去賭錢喺香港定係澳門呢?
    有人話俾我聽香港之前有賽馬, 係啱唔啱呀?我想我之前得去咗。。澳門有冇多啲賭場過香港?每個年澳門收入十千二億元from gambling!Crazy! Someone told me Hong Kong once had horse racing, is that true? I wish I could have seen it.. Does Macau have more casino...