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  • Can anyone translate this with the vocalisation to egyptian arabic , pls?
    I study Arabic language. I also speak Spanish and English . I go to school for opera singing, but I sing almost everything. Jazz is one of my favorite musical genres of music . My favorite jaz...
  • Never is late
    Hello It's not easy to face a situation like this. Currently, I would like to speak, read and write english much better, especially speak it fluently. I've been learning English many years mayb...
  • Strive for a Better Future
    Each of us is a story, which is more wonderful than all the stories we have read. Today I am glad to share my story with you. This story is about the growth experience of a girl from the countrysid...
  • Daily food and salad.
    I usually have a little breakfast, so I only drink a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. Some days I eat a piece of toast with a bit of pâté. It is depend of how hungry I am. To lunch, I pre...
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    • Susana
    • 12 minutes ago
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  • Life is full of paradox.
    I really want to do what I want, but I don't know what I want. I want everything but I want nothing at the same time. If I get something what I want, then the thing which I wanted to have is not...
  • Hola!!!! I am in Barcelona!!!
    Who wants to learn English? I am thinking about becoming a teacher?
  • My sleepy day.
    I got up at about 8AM, and I had a nap at this noon. But somehow, I felt sleepy all day long. I don't know why, maybe because I remembered too many new words. Besides, if you ask me "how is your da...
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    • Eric
    • 19 minutes ago
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  • My last (but not the least) vacation
    My last vacation was a long trip across Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. I travelled from 5th August until 24th August. My friends and I (we were 5 altogether) travelled by riding our motorbikes for...
  • Take Picture
    Last week I went to climbing the mountain, I didn't take picture, because it was raining. I were warried about water getting into the camera.
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    • Helen
    • 47 minutes ago
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  • First moments
    Good morning... Today I'll speak about like is being mine practice in this language. I'm with some difficult for remember the words correct when I write. Too I think difficult with the rules...
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    • Keylla
    • 50 minutes ago
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  • The Ending of a Story
    Each person is a unique existence in this world. We have different families,different childhoods, different levels of education. We choose different majors, experiencing different life. To me, I ha...
  • During in Bangkok
    Today my boss assigned to attend a meeting at Chaophya Park hotel. It was located in Ratchadapisek road, Bangkok. We had an opening ceremony by our Director-General. The topics were so interestin...
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    • Bogy
    • 55 minutes ago
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  • There are 2 persons, who powerfully showed at me.
    1. It's my friend and ex-collegue, Sergey. He's self motivated and real professional. He holds himself principles and purposes. He never makes steps come back and all finds ways for solve problems....
  • Key People Who Inspired me.
    1. My Parents. I live without the father. My mother, grandfather and grandmother had played key role for me. They helped me to be himself. They gave me strengths and inspired me for study, for work...
  • Chinese girls really too pity
    Tonight my monther said i need consider find a boy friend and seriouse think about marry.But i think i am too young to think of marry,I am only 23years old,when i find job i hope i can enjoy my lif...