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  • Chinese Martial art
    Chese martial art is divided into two types: inner style and outer style. The outer style martial art has longer history than the inner one. Many people think Shaolin boxing is a representative o...
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    • English
    • Slim
    • 4 minutes ago
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  • Tradition - Trig or power source?
    Traditions are very common in most cultures. There are very general traditions (in my country, Germany) like collecting eggs at Easter or hand over presents at Christmas. But there are also mor...
  • Indonesian Regencies Government Association (APKASI)
    The activities of APKASI reflect their overall legal and statutory responsibilities. Their main duty is to assist regional government in establishing regional autonomy. They cover three strategic a...
  • What is love???????
    I don't sure, but I think Love is happy, heartbroken, is have fun as heaven, sometime you feel terrible as hellish. I think that's not good but when you are loving, you can't anything. I used to lo...
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    • Hoa
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  • Please check and correct my paragraph writing (study abroad)
    It would be a good idea if you study abroad. Firstly, it is a good opportunity to study a foreign language. The environment with native speaker will force you to use this language, so it makes you ...
  • 4/23/2015
    Throngs of people, with pale faces mixed with some confusion, crowded at the place where the lifeboats were located. There were buzzing and hectic at the background; negotiations were going on; peo...
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    • Misa
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  • What a busy year!
    It's not only busy, but it's also a critical year for me. What a life. I'm going to sit on a huge exam by the end of this year. It will determine whether I'm able to further my study in a universit...
  • Art of dating
    - Hello. Oh, I'm sorry, are you okay? - Yes, sure, and you? - Oh yes… of course yes, I just think… - What? - The weather is good, isn’t it? - Oh yes! Nice. And warm. - E-e – e- h… I was wo...
  • Goose Eggs 鹅蛋
    It's the weekend and I bought seven goose eggs in the market, five yuan an egg. I'm going to make a new dish that goose egg fried leek. It is the first time in my life to eat goose egg. It bluk...
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    • Kim
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  • Checking grammar part III....
    I think this novel I wouldn’t recommend, because it is so slow and the font number is too small. When you need to choose a novel you should have in mind several things like vocabulary, and length. ...
  • Checking grammar part II....
    Reading a novel could be a challenging because it can have hard vocabulary and content, so it can be difficult for you to understand the story or to keep enthusiastic about reading it. For example,...
  • Sometimes
    sometims I want to sing,sometimes I want to go a new place,sometimes I want to watch TV ,sometimes I want a new style of life . But sometime I need to do have to .Maybe the sometimes is curiosity,m...
    I'm not sure how to use this phrase "ALL THE BEST" . But I can understand today! I can use this phrase from now! ALL THE BESTの使い方が、いまいちよくわからなかったけど今日使い方がわかって良かった!
  • practice partner / exchang language my chinese for your english
    Hi! I am Norton. I am currently at university and my major is Chinese painting. I am going to Nanjing to pursue my Master degree in September. I am a regular guy and I hope to make more friends all...
  • Writing English as a second language——Thesis (week6)
    1.Coherent:logically connected; 2.Give the reader some reason to be interested in; 3.Common knowledge:reasonable people don’t dispute it. 4.Think smaller 5.Concession:for example,if you are arg...