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  • Second day in italki
    Good afternoon. It's a good day. How about you? I have been trying to find out a way making my summer more meaningful. It's a pity that I spent my July watching dramas and movies,ignoring my firs...
  • A romantic guy
    Yesterday night, I saw a Korean TV soap opera. I was very surprised when the main man character did a very romantic behavior. Let me explain the behavior. A woman and 3 men live in a house, wh...
  • IELTS writing task 2 answer (18) (specialist vs. generalist)
    Question: "University students always focus on one specialist subject, but some people think universities should encourage their students to study a range of subjects in addition to their own sub...
  • Curious about web fiction in other countries
    Usually attractive by some interesting web fiction, and I also try to write it myself. But not I'm curious about the web fiction which are written in English. How's your web fiction publish(Usually...
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    • Alice
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  • my new car
    yesterday I went to My frenid to see his car will bout it and I told him I should try it first He sead ok u can and sudinnLy the car stopped and we saw a fair in the back of the car when i saw the...
  • What I do today
    I was going to a poetry club every wednesday, but today happend something... The professor never he never came. Then, I go to a peruvian restaurant in a neighborhood called La Candelaria a tourist ...
  • You have forgotten an important document in a taxi on your recent trip. Write to the Manager.
    Dear Sir / Madam, I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Gary Collins, I’m a British citizen, and I was in a business trip in Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, I forgot an A4 yellow envelo...
  • My problems
    I don't know how to start with as i am writing for the first time I want to write, speak make new friends. I belongs to small town of India. I know my problem but due to lack of concentration and...
  • Tracy Chapman
    I'm simply in love with all the songs of the singer Tracy Chapman, her voice is sweet and engaging. One of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.
  • introduce myself..
    Hello everybody.. I'm studying English in my college, and i took a lesson here in italki.. As you know studying the language not like a practicing it.. So this website provided this experien...
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    • rana
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  • Hello
    Hi, I ' m new here. My name is Cecilia, I ' m from Argentina and I would like to practise my English skills!
  • Taglish
    My girlfriend will often text in Tagalog leaving it up to me to translate. I really do appreciate her trying to teach me, but the vast differences in our languages makes it very difficult to convey...
  • Hi everybody!
    Hi there! My name is Juan, I'm mexican, I am studying the major for being an English teacher as well as Translator, I love languages and well my favorite language is English because is an unive...
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    • Juan
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  • Brain control
    Our brain is so interesting and amazing. Sometimes it acts in mysterious ways that we can't even explain, plus there are so many things to discover about it. Wouldn't be cool if we could have a bet...
  • Greetings
    I hope you had a great day in your lives, Blessings :)