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  • What are the suitable words in the brackets
    Break time Adjusting • (Are you over)______ your jet lag? • (Do you have)_______ traffic this morning? • (Are you) _________________enjoying the rain?! • Are you adjusting to (adapt th...
  • Welcome
    Hi, my name is Marce and i´m from Mexico, i´d like practice this language, because is very interesting and the most important, is the language universal. I think that my english isn´t perfect, but...
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    • English
    • Marce
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  • A souvenir
    a famous person you would like to meet. I would like to meet Jim Parsons, my favorite actor. He is an American television actor, whose most well-liked role is in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory...
  • an old thing
    an old thing I would like to talk about an old photo. It has been kept in my family for twenty years and was considered my family treasure. Twenty years ago, my mother's best friend—auntie Wu—...
  • My daughter's first chat with her foreign friend
    My daughter was glad because she spoke with Lucy, which is the first time she talked to a foreign friend with same age. She was a little nervous before the talk, but she like it after the talk. She...
  • My scientific interests
    I studied the department of geography at the Karelian State Pedagogical University. I always was interested in physical geography more than economic geography. During my student days, I wrote a res...
  • Fruits
    I love fruits. If I not eat a fruit for a long time (like one week), my body screams for a piece of mango, or an orange. Today I go in the market for kill my needs; buy apples, oranges, mangoes, pa...
  • I'm sort of in a dilemma.
    I'm thinking about whether I should apply for the dormitory in my university. I just need to take 6 credits and I think I'll be going to school only Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the next s...
  • Animails
    Q:Did you ever visit a zoo when you were a child? the zoo is not far away from my house .And we went there almost twice a month with my family when i was a there is my one of the most fav...
  • My hobbies- Books
    One of my favorite free-time activities is reading. I really love reading books and magazines. My favorite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It's about many generatio...
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    • Sandi
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  • like something better vs like something more
    which one of these two is correct? are both correct?
  • About me
    I am Manuel, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 35. I work hard every day but before to go sleep I enjoy read a book, watch a movie or TV series. Actually I am reading "Song of Ice and Fire" by Geo...
  • Obama announces third pack of sanctions against Russia
    President Barack Obama announces today the third pack of sanctions against Russia because of his support to activities of pro-Russian activist in East of Ukraine, and warned that "the costs are goi...
  • Work.
    Undoubtedly everyone wants to find the ''perfect job'' or at least an endearing one, however, is there really a dreamy job for each one of us? The possibilities are interminable, nevertheless, many...
  • I want a book
    Hello everybody, I read a book called ''The eye of the tiger'', and I woukd like to find this book in the web, but it has been impossible, if somebody know where I can find the book, I will appreci...