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  • Travel experience
    Hi, I arrived last week from Mexico city, where I was a wedding, My niece has married !I was so excited! I leave in Costa Rica with my husband and our children, we all could travel to the wedding ...
  • Practice English #1, Make up story
    It was about 6 PM when last lecture finished, she went out class slowly. It was beautiful Saturday evening the weather was nice but she felt tired and wanted to reach home soon. She hurried her foo...
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    • English
    • Yuli
    • 5 minutes ago
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  • Trials (Work, home, family, health)
    These two last days I learned that Trials helps us to grow spiritually and to help us to leave the pride and to come unto Christ.
  • kim and eminem
    i'd like to listen eminem's songs frequently. and today i listened mockingbird. it's melodly and lyrics make me feel so sad. so i googled about eminem and kim's marriage life. and i found manyth...
  • my "little" problem
    Today I have a "little" problem. After 2 years I'll study in University (now i'm in lyceum/school). So I decided that I'll go in St. Petersburg, but I don't know which University to chose. I dr...
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    • Julia
    • 44 minutes ago
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  • The number one
    Hi, this is my first post in this virtual book. My vocabulary is small, I speak just a little bit in english. This year, maybe november, I will do a proficiency exam: IELTS. But the time is agains...
    Bands Competition here in “Samaniego” is a very special celebration for us for three reasons. First, this competition promotes music in children and teenagers. That’s why “Samaniego” is called th...
  • Where can I find Монгол Кирил бичгийн зөв бичихзүйн толь
    Does anyone know if this book Монгол Кирил бичгийн зөв бичихзүйн толь is also available outside Mongolia?
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    • Edwin
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Today I learn something new
    I want write a great book, however too many things round and round in my head. Very soon I will begin a blog for young people, and I hope can enjoy it.
  • July's message from one of my team member
    One of my team member wrote a small note for team member in Korean, so I just tried to write it in English. ========================================== I entered this company 7 months ago. When...
  • In your opinion, what things can cause sudden good personality changes?
    I also want to know if you know in person someone who was "good for nothing", but (she/he) now has become a completely different person? If so, please tell (her/him) story.
  • I am going to move home
    In one or two month I am going to change home. Now I'm living in a small city in the north of Africa although it's a spanish city. It has around therty thousand population (people is right?) and it...
    I advice to you keep in mind for your living. That is " Five thing to do for your mental well-being on everyday" : GREAT It is printed by New Economic Foundation in the UK. Can you spell ea...
  • My beautiful hometown
    When i recollect how long had i undergo,now i will ba a sophomore in the next term . The sky dream will come ture closely.But now I can not concentrate on these ,on account of I have a wonderful su...
  • "Run On" sung by Johnny Cash (also called "God's Gonna Cut You Down" Lyrics for the song "Run On," a gospel song popularized by Johnny Cash (also known as: "God's Gonna Cut You Down") . ...
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    • Bruce
    • 2 hours ago
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