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  • My 3th Composition - About my favorite movie
    My favorite movie is Titanic. Yes, I'm talking about the James Cameron's version. I've been totally obsessed with that movie since 2000 when I saw for the first time. In December 2000, a Brazilian ...
  • I'm the new one
    Hello friends, my name is José and I am from Mexico. I am 23 years old and I just finished an english course and now I want to practice the language with natives and people who speak the language. ...
  • Malaysian food 1
    Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country. The Malays, Chinese and Indians and other ethic groups live in the country. There are as many food cultures as there are ethnic groups. They have influenced...
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    • English
    • May
    • 6 minutes ago
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  • mi life between books
    i will start a blog about the books that i'm going to read, this blog will be written in english because i'm learnig this language and please everytime you can correct me, do it! please the truth...
  • My weekend
    Hi there My weekend was wonderful i went to cafe and i met my old friends we talken about every thing
  • Entry #10: Maria
    Maria is a book written by Jorge Isaács. It is a novel and is about a family. They adopt a girl (Maria), son of the father's brother. The older brother has to go to study out of the town and when h...
  • Hi Everyone!
    A pleasure meeting them, but I need learn more English, please, helpe me!
  • Hello! I need help with this! :) engineering
    Calculated the prior distribution, it proceeds to find the posterior distribution given criminal incidents sequential events in chronological order. The Figure \ref{fig:Post_IS_R} shows the result ...
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    • English
    • Dani
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • I don't feel good
    I feel bad but I am tring to be happy. My life is not easy. a teeneger life is not easy. I have headache. I try to have a rest but I can not.
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    • English
    • Claudio
    • 53 minutes ago
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  • Expired Foods
    When I was checking what was inside the fridge, wondering what to make for dinner, I found a pack of natto in it. But it already passed its expiration date. They usually sell a set of three packs o...
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    • Rio
    • 58 minutes ago
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  • why people are in love suffer because in love is not only beautiful
    I have bad experience about love. When I star to love. All it is good but when relation it is going to be more serious, some blem is going to star. I prefer to stady because I don't lose my time bu...
  • Improve my English
    I live in Madrid, always the English are around me but not control as I would like, I feel need understand better.
  • Planning to travel for Canada
    I am planning to travel for Canada next year, I want to watch Niagara Falls, Northern Lights, CN Tower, etc. ¿Anyone knows Canada? I think is a beautiful place
  • .....
    Hello everyone I'm here to improve my English , I would like to learn it from a native speakers .. I will do my best and I can help you with Arabic .. Contact my if you are serious .. My dear citi...
  • Powerful statement, might touch you ....
    Between the language and the ability there's a strong and tied link. Once the ability becomes powerless, the language becomes meaningless. " بين اللغة والإرادة وثاق ووشاج، فإذا ما فقد المرء إرادته...