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  • young and old people
    Nowadays, several scientists are trying to clarify the relationship between old and young people mainly because time are changing and new generations are modifying their behaviours, appearing more ...
  • Daily Post: Watching movies
    Today I spend my pleasure time by watching movies. I seldom watch movies because I prefer reading to watching movies. I watch 2 movies and they are an old movies. Maybe you've watched Hulk and The ...
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    • English
    • Elisa
    • 14 minutes ago
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  • My day playing cricket.
    Last time I played cricket on one of the very sunny summary days. It was too much to play cricket on the sunny day. The sunny day is energizing human body as well helping the body to get vitamin D.
  • Do you agree or disagree: Teacher should assign homework that students must do everyday.
    Imagine a situation: Finally having got your favorite baseball team ticket, you have been looking forward to it for a whole month. Tonight is the night. However, your teacher assigned loads of home...
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    • English
    • Irene
    • 29 minutes ago
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  • CONCENTRATION (English writing-Homework)
    For many years the way of how to enhance our brain capabilities has been a theme of discussion among neursocietnist. To be more precise, how can we increase our concentration.Many consider impossib...
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    • English
    • Jaime
    • 50 minutes ago
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  • Cheaper English Lessons
    Hi people, Money's tight for everyone, so I've reduced my prices for English conversational lessons. I am currently charging £8.00 per hour, instead of £10.50. Feel welcome to ask me abou...
  • There house is such a mess! I don't know how they can live in it.
    There were so many people at the party! There was no where to dance. I'm so hungry! I could eat a horse. Jam and Pet are such nice people! But I can't stand there kIds. I spent so much mo...
  • Exclamations!
    We were all so happy! That's such an old picture! It was such a cold night! He has such lovely friends! We had such beatifful weather on vacation! There are so many places I want to ...
  • Automn days/ fall days
    Hello everyone ,this morning the weather is bad , it's raining it's a pity but it's not really cold about 6 degrees then I avoided to do mountain bike today, forecasts will be best the next days...
  • Hi Friends
    Hi Friends I am Anurag from India. I am Law Student in India I am here to make my English Fluent and also have some good friends from all over the world :)
  • Action in The Cage.
    I went to paintball with my collegues last weekend. I knew how to play and rules. Because I had played before. Beginning of the match was warm up round. We shoot each other from long range and we ...
  • My favorite TV program
    I want to talk about ProjectRunWay, it's a American realist television about design. if you are interest in fashion and design, you should see it!! this program has folded for 10 years, Each season...
  • A feedback Letter
    Dear Mr./Mrs., I am writing to give you some opinions on the train session I have attended. This was a elementary French course especially for beginners of this language, lasting for three month...
  • Practice
    Hello. I am new here in italki. I am not used to converse in English that's why I am here. My grammar sometimes sucks, I know right, that's why I want to learn. I am currently residing in a p...
  • Every Cloud has A Silver Lining
    Once ever I watched a movie because of a hollywood movie star named Jennifer Lawrence who also was born in 1990 gave me a deep impression. But at first ,I just downloaded it ,then do somethi...
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    • English
    • holly
    • 2 hours ago
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