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  • Chinese Valentine's Day
    Today it's a traditional festival in China.Tanabata Festival is Chinese Valentine's Day.It's July 7 in every lunar year.牛郎 and 织女 will meet on the Magpie Bridge.Girls will compete who is more ingen...
  • The Language and Culture
    Teaching a new language is teaching a new culture. Language and culture are so tied up with one another. I think that the teacher has the responsibility to consider what am I really teaching here. ...
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    • English
    • Emir
    • 4 minutes ago
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  • My first experience here
    Hi every body. I am new in italki. It looks very good for improving a language. As you can see i am learning English, so it would be very helpful if someone that speaks English as his firs language...
  • Friday is not friday without a beer
    Today was not a very great day, first I didn't rise early so I got late for college and, suprise the teacher decided to do a quick quiz!, that I missed it. Then, things not went better, the classes...
  • Lego Affect Me
    I'm interesting certain game which is on sale by Nintendo in Japan. It is 'Lego City Undercover' which you operate the Lego's character and go around over the world of Lego's blocks with magniffic...
  • Summer Day
    I was thrilled to know that school ends and summer begins because I could have all the free time I wanted throughout the entire summer. Before summer has started, I planned my summer programs to ke...
  • YouTube: Commonly Mispronounced words by English Learners.
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    • English
    • Anne
    • 36 minutes ago
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  • Hi everybody..
    Hi... My name is Joel.. I am from Argentina.. I have been studying english for 4 years and I want to improve my skills with somebody who talk in english. I also speak spanish so I don't have any pr...
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    • English
    • Joel
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Bad habbites .
    sadly i have a bad habit which is staying a wake at night and sleep all morning . When i wake up after this long time of sleeping i feel dizzy and have a bit of headache, Because normal life...
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    • English
    • Eman
    • 2 hours ago
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  • An english conversation
    I work in a shop. Today has come a tourist to buy. He talked in english and he has asked me if I could speak english. I answered him I could speak english a little. I have understood almost everyth...
  • Advantages of technology to communicate with people
    I remember when I was a teenager that the only way to communicate with your relatives and friends was the conventional phone or through letters. But this situation has changed. Now there are tablet...
  • At the end of a perfect day.
    It's all in a perfect day, just a part of the perfect way and as long as the world goes around I will pray as I lay me down at the end of a perfect day. As every day I wake to greet another m...
  • english , arabi speaker
    if any English native here want to know about Arabic language , i'm ready
  • commerce
    my purpose coming here is learning english, also if there are friends who want to trade maybe we can help each other.for example if you want to buy here or we can buy more cheap things in your cou...
  • My best friend
    I'd like to write about my best friends. Possibly, they're the best friends that I ever had in my short live. We went everywhere together, yeah, I could say that we were together 24/7. A lot of da...