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  • Study
    These day i study english by myself,eventhough it diffcult ,but i can do it better .I had download a app ,this is very useful,Of course i need a teacher help me to correct and practice my spea...
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    • Faith
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  • Something about Vietnamese history ♥
    My english skill is not good. So I hope someone help me fix it. Thank you so much. It's a part of an email I sent my friend :) ... About Viet Nam, it has 63 provinces and 5 big cities: Ha Noi, Ho...
  • Morning
    Hi! I have a bad morning!! I overslept!! It is frightfully!! (((
  • A Practice of Picture Writting
    Being one of the most outstanding painters,Claude Monet once said:"To draw is to reflect the real world."And the picture here perfectly expresses his word.As symbolically and subtly portrayed in th...
  • Untiled
    I come to the "italki" for several days. I can meet many friends from different countries, we can communicate each other ,it's very interesting . I had corrected some article from people who want...
  • I have not writen the notebooks for a long time.
    As I have been busy, I have not writen the notebooks for a long time. From last mounth I have started working in a new company. Even though I already used to Japanese cultures and Japanese live, bu...
  • Decrease The Impacts Of Again On Your Body
    Whoever stated that age is a virtue needs to not have looked in the mirror after waking up. Aging can be difficult, particularly as wrinkles and gray hair start appearing and your middle starts bro...
  • Short movie scene - the sentences make sense in English? How I can better say?
    CHARLIE: Hello guys, what are the good news? RAUL: Sit down Charlie, you are blocking the view. ROBERTO: Sit and soon you'll see what is the good news. CHARLIE: Wow! I see the news guys. Who are...
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    • Tarik
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  • Cold people
    Lately I've realized this is the type of people I dislike the most. I think it's not usual to meet people like that where I live. Actually, I met this person through the internet and even though I ...
    Basically our thought, ideas and feeling are expressed in two ways, they are verbally and in writing. In writing an essay piece, your method of writing depends on the kind of essay your have chose...
  • All you have to do is stay
    Last 20th, November is my birthday. That was the same like mine last years. Same boring, same holiday, same movie ,no congratulation, no presents. That was the day people celebrate teachers` day to...
  • Practicar
    Hola me gustaría practicar mi inglés escrito, alguien?
  • An Unreliable Dead
    Yesterday I took bus to school,an interesting thing happened.There was a couple with their baby.The baby couldn't speak,maybe about 1 year old.because it was too hot in the bus,that mother took the...
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    It's been a while from last note I wrote. I came back to China in August and have been little busy on working issues from then on. Today is Thanksgiving day, which remind me some precious memory I ...
  • The devastating boat journey
    It is apparent that most asylum seekers are victims of their country’s civil war; they may have been persecuted and thus have experienced or witnessed a range of traumatic events, such as violence ...
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    • joyce
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