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  • “Banking in Spain: friend or foe?”
    Firstly, I think that the banking system in Spain has always been enough stable, in fact, our country has practically passed the global financial crisis with large number of problems but successful...
  • Faith No More in Costa Rica
    I'm so excited because yesterday the legendary band Faith No More, announced their concert in Costa Rica. And for very first time they'll visit us. It's such a great oportunuty, I'm a huge fan of t...
  • Hello
    Hello, I am Antonio and I am here to learn my bad english xD I need to improve it because of my future job. I am gonna be - I hope - Telecommunication Enginnering
  • The weather in Hanoi in July!
    Recently, the weather is very hot in Ha Noi capital, Vietnam. So, people get sick easily. The temperature are from 38 degrees to 40 degrees, it is sometimes higher. If the family doesn't have an ai...
  • Homoseuality
    Homosexuality has been a controversial topic to discuss for ages, but now lots of humans have the freedom to speech and show their diversity, and recently an American court judged that homosexuals ...
  • Presentation of Marco
    Hello, My name is Marco, I am of Bogota, in Colombia, I want to learn english, because it is necessary for my studies. For this reason I seek conversation (chat) with people who teach me English an...
  • Short love story from the view of point of the hands of a girl
    If we had known we would meet him that night, we would have tried to make her get us cute and soft. But neither we nor she did it. The first time we saw him we straightaway started shaking. As long...
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    • Cintia
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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of living abroad for a short time?
    Many people contend that living abroad can be a good experience. First of all, you learn about other cultures so you can become more open minded. Furthermore, you can taste different dishes instea...
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    • Marek
    • 32 minutes ago
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  • I've not found any language partner yet.
    I'm 17 years old and i'd like to keep on improving my English because i'm in a rut , so I'm looking for a language partner who is interested in improving his Spanish and even skype. PD: I'd prefer ...
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    • Pedro
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • Hello people!
    Good evening! I have to write a bit every day, so today I whant to tell you something about me and my history. I have some problems with past forms, so I try to write in past! Sorry if I get yo...
  • synopsis
    SYNOPSIS PREFACE I explain the reasons because I propose a new spelling for English. 1 - AN AGE-OLD PROBLEM I explain briefly why English spelling is so complicated and inconsistent. 2 - PRO...
  • people in developing countries are happier than before while people in developed countries are not
    People’s living standard has been continuously improved with rapid development of science. The transportation facilities run more efficient, children get better educated, people’s health are guaran...
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    • Miao
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  • I don´t feel ok.
    Today has been a hard day because I have headache, all my body hurts and really I don´t want to do anything. My old brother told me I have to rest and take medications suggest to improve my health,...
  • mail to Oxford University Press
    Dear Miss/Mrs ..., as you asked me, I send you a synopsis of my work. Please see enclosed document. As regards my intended audience, I think that my essay could be read not only by linguists, bu...
  • Dream
    My Dream is to be profession in English language