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  • Mañana es mi cumpleaños!
    Mañana es mi cumpleanos! Estoy muy emocionada porque tendrá vientiuno anos! Entonces, yo podré beber bebidas alcohólicos y comprare las bebidas alcohólicos también! En Estados Unidos, ningunos pued...
  • Shall i study French or Chinese¡¡
    I am studying economy in Peru , for that reason I had to study English ,because it is helpful for my career and if I did not study English I would not have success in my life .Since Many years ago ...
  • Hello,everyone.
    Hello,everyone.I'm Angelina Baby.I'm from china. I was born on May 11, 1997.I was born in Dandong and i study here now.It's a small city.It lies in the northeast of China. I like music a lot.i a...
  • Who am I?
    I am a person who likes to learn and I always looking for new things. I like to study everything, sometimes I study music or something about new technologies, other times I prefer to improve my Eng...
  • movies.
    I really love movies and I love to watch it on cinema. Movies are better on the cinema!. I enjoy to find information for coming movies .
  • About Last Weekend
    On Saturday, I went to MacDonald near my house in the morning and studied English. I was learning writing English then. After that, I went home and watched a American TV show, "FRIENDS". There are ...
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    • Mana
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  • Have you ever found that someone never really understand you all the time?
    From the first day when I started to make friends with others, i experienced several pains that some people became my friends but in fact they can't realise my inner thoughts, my intention always...
  • Hello
    First note in English whereas I want to learn Portuguese... My bad ! But just give me time to learn more words and I will be operationnal :D
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    • Fiona
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  • Wonderful trip to west coast
    We finally come back to Tampa today after 21days travel in west coast . We've been magnificent Grand Cayon, beautiful Great Titon and amazing Yellow Stone, of course Yosemite too. I was shocked by ...
  • family
    I am Verõnica,have a family big,I are married and have three sons,I want much learn Englis.
  • My day
    Today, I wake up and went to university. I do my experiments and read news papers. And the final day I went to de gym. Now a do my profile in this site.
  • the first week working after 1 week holiday
    Hello, i am Santi from jakarta, indonesia. i am here to practice my english to be fluent. Yeah from the title above we have had finish our long holiday for 1 week. And on the roads are starting to ...
  • My today's diary.
    It's a sunny day today so I went to school in a good mood.At first class,we played a warm-up game, which is lead by one of our classmates ,Shin. The Game was pretty fun. The leader gave us 16 lette...
  • My family
    Hi people! My family is very big ; I have three siblings, two brothers and a sister. My older brother his name is Javier, he is a statistician. My other two siblings their name are Omar and Mar...
  • Hereditary Or Trauma?
    I have already known very well that don't need to care of the future which doesn't come to me yet. But I can't do that. because I am a plan man, So like making the plan for anything to do in fut...
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    • Kyle
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