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  • A love that never fail!
    I'm sure everybody already had a setup friendship, that for some reason, cheated trust feelings and acted up your life and your soul. Actually, we do the same with God almost everyday, sometimes no...
  • The cheap airline ‘trap’ that’s snaring travellers (Title of the article I referred)
    I am always sceptical about connotations behind the term of "cheapness". I am not sure whether the New Daily's information is always genuine or not, but what I simply understood is that purchasing ...
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    • English
    • Masato
    • 11 minutes ago
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  • Help me.. I am making a script of this video. The first part is "Sweets past my bedtime, but it is hard to see when I know the babysitter's treating he...
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    • English
    • Terry
    • 12 minutes ago
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  • Luca and his playstation
    I have a son, his name is Luca and he is 5 years old. Luca loves To play videogame. He plays lego games in his playstation, but now he asked me to buy a new game called GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto V). A...
  • My life
    My name is Gleiçon Belo, was born in Rio De Janeiro but i live in Belém, north of Brasil. I am married and I have two children Lucas 10 years and Vitória 5 years old. I am company manager and fi...
  • Living in another country
    Living in another country like :eeuu, eroupe, australian, New zeland is my dream but it is also my goal, can dejar atras this country and to take my family to a safe place with more opportunity for...
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    • English
    • angel
    • 49 minutes ago
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  • my former supervisor
    Well, a few years ago, when I first joined the company for which I am currently working, I was assigned to a software project as usual. To be honest , I didn't like the project manager at all, but...
  • Exams
    Exams are in all of our lives our work ,study and our personals lives . It's like agift from the God to make us more stronger , to get responsbilities and to be patient .I think God always give us...
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    • English
    • Menna
    • 52 minutes ago
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  • (this is becoming a kind of diary)
    I've been a little bit busy since last week because my classes have already begun. Everyday I try to practice more English; I watch videos, I listen to the radio, and I try to talk to myself wh...
  • Mi first day here!
    I'm not sure what this journal thing is.... But seems interesting, and everyone can see it, so I will be nice and not know what to write hahaha. Good day/afternoon/night everyone ????
  • Putting on my serious face
    Today I got serious about learning English. In the Dutch high schools it is normal to study English, and I was honestly quite bad at it. It wasn't until I went to an English speaking country once ...
  • writing an advertisement
    I can offer you the opportunity to learn Spanish language i am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. i am a native spanish speaker, i´ ve been teaching for 8 years and my goal is to give everyone the abi...
  • QA #5 Are you a 'morning' or 'night' person?
    I usually wake up at before 5, so I'm definitely a 'morning' person. However, I had been a 'night' person for a long time. I used to study English and read books at night after coming back from wor...
    I am excited for will travel a California, I went know Sacramento, San Francisco and the beaches. I have to get a family to live in California by 3 months but I do not haven a family. I need fi...
    In this oportunity. I´m goin to talk obut of me. I´m Angélica Hernández I´m from Colombia I 25 years old I´m single I live in Bogotá (The capital) with my mom and my niece I´m bussine...