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  • Dog-狗
    I even and a dog. It is small and very cute and clever. It will sit, shake hands, and open the door. When it died, I'lm sad, and no longer a dog. 我曾經養過一隻狗。 牠小小的很可愛也很聰明。 他會坐下,握手跟開門。 當他死的時候,我很...
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    • English
    • sharol
    • 6 minutes ago
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  • introduce myself
    My name is Masahiro Kaneda. 19years old. I'm from Miyazaki, and I live in Okinawa. I'm a college student. I can't speak English. I want to be able to speak English well. And, I w...
  • i want to live in happines.
    i have a good heart, and looking for some persons like me.
  • Droplet lenses for smartphones.
    This could be really interesting . A video of some work done at a University in Australia. Now where can I get one.
  • Practice for a exam.
    Hello. I am practicing because I will have exam to get a certified of english in my school. I am nervious because I am not a good speaker, and my listening is terrible. This is the motive of why i ...
  • Nonfeasance
    It's common to ask for help when we are in trouble. But whether it helps depends on the people you turn to. How to deal with the nonfeasance of the project managers?
  • My love story. ( 1)
    Let’s me tell you about my love story. 2 years ago, when the first I met my boy friend. I had Iistened to his speech. He gave a lecture about dream, success, what can we do to make dream come true...
  • Last class of course about design
    On Wednesday I had the last class of course about design. The last class was interesting because we showed the posters that we made with knokledge that we learned in the course. We all did differen...
  • personal statement 2
    Therefore, I chose another option which is engineering, for it is the project which is a not just a kind of practical science but also another kind of art. It is once said that the modern society i...
  • personal statement1
    Engineering is the result of the equation: Scientific knowledge + Mathematics; and holds the purpose of creating processes from which all Earth's inventions develop. It is a concept which dates bac...
  • Winner
    Time seems to be always a winner. As time goes on, most people are getting older and losing their health, very few people can live without illness until they die in a dream. As time goes on, ...
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    • cathy
    • 2 hours ago
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  • I´m Lawyer
    I´m Lawyer, with interest in economics, Customs Branch, Administrative, Labor, Management. Dedicated and responsible with constant preparation purposes and provide the knowledge gained along the ca...
  • Golden Week
    I'm not a morning person so I prefer to work after 11 p.m.. I can't start my day without coffee and have more than 3 coffees a day. Is it too much? Hope not! The Golden Week is a collection of fo...
  • donation
    I donated some books to a library of an university. I have many books on my bookshelf. When I arranged my books yesterday I decided to donate some of them. So I searched on the Internet and found a...
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    • English
    • Don
    • 2 hours ago
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  • hi, greetings from colombia
    my name is linda alcala, i am from barranquilla, in colombia, i am nineteen years old, and i study agro industrial engineering, i wish meet friends from other countries.
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    • Linda
    • 3 hours ago
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