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  • Think before you act
    I do not have many friends at facebook. Some pairs of hundred that I added whet this become to being popular. But thougth the years I have delated some of my "facebook friends". It does not matter ...
  • Why I'm learning English.
    Once, when I with my family arrived to Izrael and went to frontiersman he asked me about the reasons of my arriving to his country. He spoke Hebrew, English, but not Russian. And I couldn't tell hi...
  • A brutal armed robbery
    The following article is fictional. So let's begine. A few minutes ago, in the centre of Yangshuo city, a gang of people broke into ICBC bank, all of them covered with a pair of black glasses a...
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    • sam
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  • Dating.
    Do you like dating? Meeting new people may give you the pleasure of finding new ways for thinking. It is amazing how difference or similar people might be of you. If you are lucky you will find dat...
  • my first entry notebook
    Well. I'm trying to improve my english. Listening skills are the main aim. So, today I watched a vídeo in my Blackberry. I think is a good and ver y useful to bring two por three vídeos loaded ther...
  • My mom.... can you help me to correct it
    My mom is a wonderful person with amazing characteristics that makes her unique. First of all, she is very tender because my mom shows her love with her loved ones. Second, my mom is especially be...
  • Trying
    I am not sure if this work
  • 20141002: about a travel experience
    this is note about a travel experience 이것은 여행경험에 대한 노트입니다. i like travel. but i can not speak foreign language. so japan had never been in the very near neighbors. I finally got the courage p...
  • My goals on the 2014 October's language chalenge
    I have decide to write this entry with the intent of setting my goals for the 2014 October's language challenge and at the same time an opportunity to have my writing corrected. I have just read a...
  • I'm trying to improve my listening with series, movies etc.
    Last days I have been trying to improve my listening comprehension watching movies, series and documentaries with audio in english. I think it's a good way to understand quickly and it works a lot ...
  • Our Birthday Party
    Happy Birthday to all of us who on this picture. That was our birthday celebration. I made a trip for celebrating my birthday and also Rozi’s birthday because we were born on the same month, Septe...
  • Sweet Escape
    I hate when love is impossible...I saw him ,he saw me..but I can't tell him that I like him.. It's so hard to look at someone and think it's impossible.Maybe it's better like that,my relationship i...
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  • José from Canada
    We have long cold winters in short hot summers. I have a vocation home, or collage, as we say here. It's near a lake. So in the summer a go sayling a lot and I play baiseball. In the winter I often...
  • Lesson with Philip, Oct 1 (No corrections, please. English speaker. For my own benefit.)
    Today we discussed opinions about various topics, guided by the textbook. We read through some stories about different couples and how they met each other. For next time, I'm to write about...
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  • Dream Big!
    Dream big! Dreams are free. If you only make it half way to your big dreams, its still much more than if you dreamed smaller. Don't give up on your dreams. Your hard work will bring you good luck, ...