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  • Ubiquinol is a Japanese discovery
    Time goes on, we are getting older...Age is affecting our mental and physical state. Age affects our life-style. Heart related illnesses, tiredness, muscle aches and memory issues are commonplace f...
  • Shrewd company owners concentrate on Web Design agencies!
    In the present day, people throughout the world shoot for financial independence. These days, persons start off their internet business. The internet has transformed our manner of operating busines...
  • I want to improve ability in British English and Mandarin.
    Hi. I'm Korean and I live in Seoul, South Korea. I'm a 25-year-old woman. I've been interested in British English and Mandarin. I want to make some friends to exchange languages.
  • Vivid Horizon
    One day we will find our dove again and kindness will take beauty's hand. The day that the least singing is kissing and each person is brother for other persons. The day that the houses' doors...
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    • Khosro
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  • Hello,everyone!!
    Hi, there. My name is John. I am a taiwanese work in China. I am 35 years old, and not married. I wish I can make friends and get my english ability better here.So, please kindly give me some suges...
  • Will I learn english???
    hi!!! My name is Corrado I live in Milan since 2010 but i come from old city that 'speaks' wherever you go: in the streets of old Rome,in the various districts...'trastevere' testaccio' ...
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    • Corrado
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  • The good online presence is vital for achievements
    All of us dream about good results. All people hope to make a profitable business. All people view the need for online marketing st. Louis. This day and age, a lot of people start their online busi...
  • Linguistic issues
    I need help from someone who has expirince in the field of linguistics. I'll hold (?) a Power-Point presentation in English. In this presentation I discribe some syntax issues of a non-european lan...
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    • Arman
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  • Coq10 Ubiquinol - Your Actual Age makes no difference
    Health is the greatest value of anyone's living - nothing is more significant than your body's condition as it is an assurance of a great disposition and better efficiency. You can have the cash yo...
  • 1. -wspolmalzonki jak i rowniez petenci. Uklady i zebranie
    To byl cieply cieplawy wieczor. Wybralam sie z przyjaciolka na piwo do pubu i spacer po miescie. Ale zanim poszlysmy sie upic poszlysmy platforma obywatelska sklepach. Zwiedzilysmy chyba kazdy akce...
  • Let's create a kind of languge by yourself
    I think the German language is the hardest language I'm learning. For a Chinese, I already learned the world's hardest language. But I want to try others. German is so hard with grammar, so I'm thi...
  • Dance In The Skies (Dragon Song 1)
    Dance In The Skies (Dragon Song 1) The Sun is behind the cloud I feel like I live in a crowd Of tiny and silent people Who always try to be simple But if I had a tail and two wings I'd b...
  • My job
    My job is very interesting. Every day I have to do new things. Is related with information technology. For me is necesary to learn english because the best technical documents was written in englis...
  • italki_002
    There are full of Ice bucket challenge video on the media, even some of celebrities are just showing off their richness and to get attentions, but i think this idea is really creative and do helps ...
  • The Mid-Autumn festival
    China's Mid-Autumn festival this year on 8 September.we well eat moon cake and full moon on that day. Usually with family,Perhaps drink wine.
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