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  • Check grammar
    I have so much hobbies, but the hobby the most I like is exploring about Japan. When I was a lower secondary pupil, I used to be attracted by Korea because the bands of this country have been famou...
  • no article
    Look forward to future, just be what you really are,dont be afraid,dont hesitate,just go for it ,have a happy life,just ,smile and endeavour hard. always hold the faith of giving complete love to w...
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    • English
    • shelly
    • 6 minutes ago
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  • Diary
    i just feel a little upset. It's the first time i change my work in china, and now, this new company agreeed to give me this opportunity by email, but up to now, i still not receive their offer le...
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    • English
    • coucou
    • 8 minutes ago
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  • saying no is not easy
    Because I am always worrying about not making bad impression on somebody else or upset them. there for I can not refuse something that I am not agree or interested in.
  • Are you mobilephone addict?
    Walking on the street, it is likely to come across many phubbings who never rove their eyes on anything else but only their smartphones. Although there are many denouncements against phubbing, peop...
  • HELPPPP :(
    Dear Mr.John Doe, I am writing to apply for a position of junior chief as advertised in my local newspapers. I believe that I have all the necessary skills and qualifications for this post since ...
  • work efficiently
    As you work too much ,it doesn;t mean you are a work super.If you do it smarter then you can light your burden on work.So pay attention to the way to work better.It's good for yourself.
  • Hello
    Hello. I'm May from Saudi Arabia. I live in Riyadh. I'm 24 years old. I'm single. I need spake English very will. there are many reasons to learn and spake English, travel, work and communicatio...
  • English
    my name is zhanhua zhuang,I like English yer~
  • I want to be a home tutor.
    I want to be a home tutor because since I have good school performance, it would be relatively easy for me to help people with their academic performance. Actually I rank top in my department and ...
  • How to start learn Arabic from initial to next stages?
    How to start learn Arabic from initial to next stages?
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    • English
    • Shami
    • 41 minutes ago
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  • How to understand - question
    Perfect choice for: Any hair type – but even the finest, skimpiest locks will transform before your very eyes.
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    • English
    • Olesya
    • 43 minutes ago
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  • My inspire leader
    I like too much Mr M.G.Ramachandiran, He is a legend in tamil cinema industry. He is my favorite hero becasue he acting againtst to richness and support poor people. He is wonderful acting in tami...
  • Question
    My name is Katherine Mendoza, a Master Student in Public Health Management in the Institute for Applied Sciences, I have been in contact with dr. xxxx about the possibility to do my internship in y...
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    • English
    • Katy
    • 55 minutes ago
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  • hello world!
    Hello everybody! My name is Alexey and I’m from Ukraine. About 2 month ago I started to learn English. It’s difficult for me, but I’m working hard on it. I’m a dentist and I had a lot of work last ...