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  • IELTS TASK 2: (17). Problems with environmental pollution
    Question: Problems with environmental pollution have become so serious that many countries are trying to solve these problems. Answer: Nowadays, this is a debate over problems caused by va...
  • "A mysterious blonde girl"
    But the meeting was never held! Something must happened between dawn and noon tuesday, but I could’t remember. I racked my brain for hours trying to revive that morning and I was going to throw in ...
  • September
    Yesterday began September, this month is very important in Chile, because is the national month. We celebrate the independence day on September 18. The celebration are a lot of days of typical food...
  • 9/2/2014
    Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, England, is not just simply some stone monuments I had previously thought. I have spent three nights to read up some materials on the internet about it. Based on carbon d...
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    • Misa
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  • Hey there, im using italki!
    Well, i dont know waht to say, but i will try to write something with sense. I have been looking for some page like that, where a can learn english talking whit nativs, and where i can help that ...
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    • Carlos
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  • introduce myself
    hello everyone, I'm Út,I come from Việt Nam and I'm 19 years old. my hobbies are listen to music, watching tv, and so on...i usually listen english song in my free time, it's really interesting and...
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    • buiut
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  • Writing practice
    Technology advancement has changed the lifestyle of people,especially in interaction. The way people interact with each other is not only by letter. There are many ways we can choose such as mobile...
  • Hello everyone!
    How are you?? I hope you are very well. I am enjoying the last days of summer and studying a bit too. I want to pass the B1 exam and I am studying for it. Today I am studying the hobbys. It is very...
  • English Students! Check this out!
    If you can understand all of this video, you have officially completed the English learning process. Good luck!
  • Could you correct my English?
    I went back Japan in the middle of August for my wedding ceremony. My wife and I went to city office to submit our marriage document at the end of last year, so we are already married in law. But w...
  • My advert..
    Hi!! I'm Manuel. I'm 27 native Spanish speaker with experience teaching math and statistic with spanish teenager. I have a degree in Finance and I'm currently preparing Chartered Financial Analy...
  • Songkran festival day
    Songkran festival day is a traditional Thai and Laotion holiday,I had the good fortune to celebrate the holiday with Thai exchange students this year.They made a very attractive performance to us,i...
  • Internet
    Nowadays, the e-commerce is growing very quickly. Each day more and more people decide to buy their new mp3, TV, cameras, flights, etc through internet. Sometimes I ask myself if the big supermarke...
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    • jesus
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  • 2. Company profile
    CINVICO is an economic organization that always follow the rules of the market economy. When the market is not perfect, CINVICO will be adapted to exist and growth. Along with the long side link ...
  • What did I do on this weekend?
    Hello! I am Viktoria. I want to tell you, what I did do on this weekend. On Saturday I had a practice. I was working all morning. Than I went to my home. I was playing with me little sister Ania. ...