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  • test test test
    test test test test test test test test
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    • 종욱
    • 11 minutes ago
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  • test test
    test test test test test test
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    • 종욱
    • 14 minutes ago
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  • Sick and lazy weekend
    Today is Sunday and i was sick all day. Only i need is a huge cup of chocolate and a Being human marathon and i'll be better tomorrow. Aidan Turner gonna be the best medicine.
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    • Karla
    • 17 minutes ago
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  • something that make me confused
    This is link for learning language right? But why there's so many people talking about another crazy things and chatting about sex? Sorry I don't like it and I don't want to speak with people like ...
  • the marriage
    Today I talked about the marriage with my friend. He said that you have to look for someone you like to be married. The marriage is not something like waiting until someone appear and you are going...
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    • Yuta
    • 29 minutes ago
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  • I’ve made a Public Video Pledge for the italki 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge
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    • Yada
    • 32 minutes ago
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  • New miss universe 2015 Colombia :)
    Amazing !! Beautiful woman. After 57 years again Colombia Miss Universe :) Que viva mi hermoso país !!
  • My favorite TV play
    I really love TV series, especailly family comedies, such as Morden Family and Rasing Hope.In addiction, I also love The Vampire Diaries and The originals. Recently, I have been watching The Walkin...
  • Don't say that
    Please help me, how do you say in Italian " don't say that, you must not speak like that" Grazie
  • Is there anything wrong with the exchange rate? - 2015 01 26
    One Euro was equal to 8.2 CNY in April 2014. Now it is lower than 7.0. I wonder how could there be such a big difference, and what can be the consequences. Maybe it is good news for Chinese who w...
  • Discretion is the better part of valor
    I'm getting off to a wonderful start this year so far. Since I was too busy and had almost no free time last year, I read books without sparing time for sleep, but I stopped doing that. What’s ...
  • map description
    It is easy for us to recognize the differences between the two maps ,unconstructed island looks more concise than constructed one . Meanwhile , many facilities increasingly fill in the island . ...
  • We Dance to the Rhythm of Mass Media.
    Some years ago, people would had access to the news watching TV, listening to radio, or reading newspapers, information was limited and sometimes manipulated. Currently, we have more news sources (...
  • Studying and playing
    Throughout the life,studying and playing are the necessary stuff. Studying is able to broaden your horizon,diversify your knowledge,enrich your experience.In light of what I said,the studying ...
  • pjs day
    Like you can see today is sunday, a unproductive day so i was with nothing to do and i watch a movie "Sinester" was a little scare but i don't expect the final.. Actually i don't eat pop corns beca...