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  • Writing Test - Example 3 - The Teacher
    When the teacher walked into the room we were very surprised at his appearance. His face was very pale, his trousers were dirty and his shirt was torned. During some minutes nobody told anything...
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    • English
    • Neto
    • 2 minutes ago
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  • She fight and win
    I guess I will never tired to talk about these or that tip of sport. It have a special place in my life. Today I would like to talk (to write) about tennis, big tennis. It's almost five years that...
  • Introduction.
    Hello. My name is Honami. I live in Japan. Mt.FUJI is here. Rainy season now. I went to go Helsinki last month. I'm So happy.
  • My Little Fussy Thing
    When I meet people in the very first time. I will always say: my name is Lisa, and I am serving at XX Company as XX. At that moment, what I really think of me is: I am an ambitious sucker. I a...
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    • English
    • yomuko
    • 18 minutes ago
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  • What am I Like? (Career)
    1. I believe something is worth doing if it delivers satisfaction to you and it makes the world better. 2. I am someone who enjoys action, progress, visible results. 3. I am passinate about ecolo...
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    • English
    • Camila
    • 24 minutes ago
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  • knowledge
    hello my name is Andre am a resident of Brasilia capital of Brazil try to make new friends and this train also my English to speak and write better, I am a student of language, quite fond of other ...
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    • English
    • Andre
    • 28 minutes ago
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  • Third Comment - My English learning
    Hi everyone again! I want to give a greeting at all and to wish to you a nice day today. I want too, give thanks to that people that take a little of your time to review and to correct our posts...
  • The present perfect
    How long have driven racing cars? Since five year Since when has this team raced? Since last June How long have your instructor known? For about seven year Since when has in Switzerland lived? S...
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    • English
    • Jaime
    • 1 hour ago
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  • How a Person Can Change After Some Years
    Today I was sitting in a bar drinking a cup of coffee. I've noticed a Chineese barman called Kevin, as one of my old classmates, but I couldn't imagine he was the same person. When he arrived near...
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    • English
    • Laura
    • 1 hour ago
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  • My last travel
    Today I arrived from my holiday travel, I was in Galicia in north of Spain, It´s a marvellous place where there are lots of vegetation and the weather is very funny in summer. I love the weather in...
  • A memorable day.
    To begin, yesterday I got up at seven o’clock p.m. I went to my job, like every day. I have been working in this job for two years. In the morning, I had breakfast in my house, then my son told me...
  • thank you everyone
    i want to make friends here and also i want to learn hangul thank you i have nothing to say more this is my first time doing this kind of stuff so im sorry if i can talk much.
  • “The last time you felt embarrassed”
    First of all, I think that I haven´t felt embarrassed a long time ago but there is a moment in my life that I will never forget. I remember it was the summer of 1992, at that time, my friends and I...
  • Watting for me
    I am going to British recently for improving english. My girlfriend has been there, we will get different experience live from my country. However, I have to leave my stable job that makes me har...
  • Write about the disadvantages of internet
    Could you help me to correct this essay please? Thank you. Nowadays, the internet is one of the most powerful tools in the world because of its benefits. Besides the massive benefits the...