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  • Chenchen
    Chenchen is my son's little name.His chinese name is Liu cheng qian. we called him chenchen becouse he was born at 1 a.m in the morning. "chen" means morning in chinese.He is two months old.He is l...
  • Today 28.08.2014
    Today is good day! I chated with a lot of people, they are all nice people, who can help me to improve my English. I met with Billy. He is from England. We talk about ourselves, our families, hobbi...
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    • English
    • Zhanna
    • 17 minutes ago
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  • A New Begining
    A new school term is start.I'm a junior now,but I still confused for my future.I don't know how to earn my life in this cruel society.My aunt asked me to make a life plan but I even don't know what...
  • God's Not Dead
    Hi Guys, Today i watched the movie God's Not Dead. Wow, it's an amazing movie. To renew my faith. Watch also. :D
  • factory
    Today, i'm going to write about my job i got 2 days ago. i make a cell phone ingredient. like a case,battery board before i got this job, many freinds of mine scared me about factory. there are ...
  • Help me
    It is rainy now, a heavy rain. Sometimes, I see the rain and wondering that if my life is so hard? I always feel busy, stress.. I always feel tired, exhausted with everything: learning, family, fr...
  • Saving Money
    Today, I was reading a news on a website and, for my surpirse, I read that: A 10 year old boy saved money and bought him a car! I thought: "Oh my god! He is only 10 years old!". He saved money f...
  • Now, I know I have a dream
    Last night, I got off job at 11PM. It was rainning. I just wore a thin coat. I felt cold and lonely. Every night, I often go to bed late. I often watch film all night and wake up late on the next d...
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    • English
    • Lotus
    • 56 minutes ago
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  • Thanks to Tamara
    Thank for being so patient. It is difficult for me to explain a lot of the things but I will follow trying it.
  • IELTS TASK 2: (13). Artist. Please help me with corrections. Thanks a lot.
    Question: Creative artists should always be given freedom to express their own ideas (in words, picture, music, film) in whichever way they wish. There should be no government restrictions on what...
  • mixed tenses letters
    Dear Sir, i wrote to you three week ago, asking about conditions of entry into your college. You replied, enclosing an entry form, which i fell up and return without delay. Since then, however, ...
  • A dangerous experience
    Last month, my family and I wanted to go on holiday to Almería to visit the city and the stay for some days in a hotel near the beach. So, for a weekend we got up early to set off in the morning. ...
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    • English
    • Diego
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Do you know "AutoLib" ?
    Autolib is an electric car rental service in Paris. It consists in having an annual subscription, then going to a border of rent, and taking a car. You can drive in Paris and some cities near Pa...
  • (If you can correct my mistakes) I do not think about my past
    I do not like to think a bout my past. I think the past is pasted so it is not necessary thinking a bout that in addition thinking a bout it , make wast my time. I live at the present and I hav...
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    • English
    • mahsa
    • 2 hours ago
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  • correction
    More than twenty boxes is being stacked on the top of each other so. the boxes which are remained bottom hardly damaged. we have to use separator each ten boxes it helps to decrease press on the ...