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  • Learning two languages at the same time.
    Next week I'll have an exam. I'm quite worried because i have to take it in english, and, to be honest, I'm not really ready to do this. Not because I've not studied the materials of the exams, but...
  • Fear to receive calls
    This is true but i will have to admit this in front of you, that i really feel afraid to receive telephone call from unknown number. i always think that the person on the other side will surely co...
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    • VARUN
    • 2 minutes ago
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  • Tudo bem
    I am happy to be in brazil and want to know how to speak the portuguese because its interesting and I like it so much
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    • Enario
    • 6 minutes ago
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  • nice to meet you, guys!
    Hey guys! My name is Kathy and I am a Chinese girl who is going to graduate from university. I am going to take part in the IELTS Examination in 2 months, so its rather important for me to improve...
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    • English
    • kathy
    • 11 minutes ago
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  • Italy
    I went to Italy three years ago and it was my best trip ever. I had never been in Europe before this trip so I was very exited when I finally traveled in Europe for the first time. I went to Rome, ...
  • Exercise 1
    1. (someone is thirsty) Why don't you have some drink? 2. (someone is going away) Bye! Have a good journey! 3. (someone sneezes [atchoo!] and has a red nose) Oh! have you got a cold. 4. (someone...
  • About myself.
    1. I have got one brother and three sisters. 2. I have English lessons every day. 3. I have tea and sweet-stuff for lunch. 4. I have to go to lessons every day/ I have to go to work every day. ...
  • Thinking about Marriage
    Many years ago, one of my acquaintances asked me why I had not tied the knot although I was mature and had a good job. I quickly and unhesitatingly replied to that person that I had been looking fo...
  • today I spent all my money
    I know I can afford,but not always.Today I was writing in starbucks during my spare time.What really comfort me is that I can finish my article eventually.I am proud of it.That's made me happy and ...
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    • English
    • diana
    • 43 minutes ago
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  • About myself
    My name is Sergey. I'm 29. I'm designer and front-end developer in big company. I'v a son. He's 2. I love him. I would like to play with him in my free time. My wife is a beautiful women. She is 29...
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    • Sergey
    • 47 minutes ago
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  • My Hobby
    I have two hobbies.They are reading books and playing computer games.Reading books can make me not only knowlegable and relaxed,so I like it and I read books almost every day.My favourite b...
  • World water consumption
    The two charts show the water use in different part of the world in 2000. The first indicates that almost three-quarters of water consumption (70%) was for agriculture, while 22% was used for indu...
  • please check my business email.
    please check my business email. thanks^^ Hello. This is dh Kwon from Bussiness Support team. We didn’t receive the Debit Note. Please send me the file attaching the debit note about [INV NO. ...
  • A amazing day!
    I received a call in the morning. It was a friend who asked to me if I already ready was. I was very surprised because I did not hope any visit. Anyway I quickly went to my uncle's house because I ...
  • I need to translate for Korean
    Processing your application I have begun considering your application for this visa and require additional information. A summary of the information required for each applicant and a more det...