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  • Need help
    Hello every one: Today is tuesday,it is raining,I must be starting work now. I'm a salesperson from HaiDi Energy Technology Co,.LTD.we are a professinal company which has manufacted li-ion bat...
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    • English
    • anson
    • 15 minutes ago
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  • Learn English languge
    My name is Rosmita, I'm from Bangkok,Thailand. I need to good at English languge l. Please help me for a writting in English and everything to develop it.
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    • English
    • ANON
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • chad edward hatten first notebook entry
    Chad Edward hatten from the usa learning Spanish some basic knowledge of Spanish, 500-600 words known already
  • Be wary of the supicious, who might be not well intended and might bring you trouble
    Earling in the moning today, I was waiting for the bus to work at the stop when a car pulled over and the driver said "I am going to the same direction as the bus, will you take a lift?". I rejecte...
  • Remy real human hair extensions, Clip in real human hair extensions
    Sometimes you're going to need a immediate change in appearance or are simply in need of your hair to look gorgeous instantly and you might ask yourself, " how can i make this happen" ? There's a s...
  • Remy real human hair extensions, Clip in human hair extensions
    Sometimes you're going to need a timely alteration in appearance or are merely searching for your hair to look beautiful instantaneously and you may ask yourself, " how can i make this happen" ? Th...
  • My present life
    My present life is just OK, my wife is pregnant for more 6 months, I am struggling for the future life, you know life is not easy. I am now working in a medical devise company, it is not the bes...
  • Introducing...
    Hi there. Briefly, I d like to say I am a very open-minded guy. I like people and more if they are smart, have good mood and re cool about life and everything. So.....This is me. Just come an...
  • A got a good advice
    Today I got a really good advice for learning English and for everything in general. The advice is building good habits that allow you to improve every day, and train your brain with repetitives id...
  • My daily trip to the work
    After of my hard fight to leave my bed and i do all necesary with my appearance. I start the short trip to my work. The first image when I get out of my apartment is the trafic, my building is on t...
  • elections
    Next month, Brazilians are going to vote to senate, governors, president, and parliament. Many people decide to null you vote or vote in nobody. They are angry with corruption from Brazilian politi...
  • Four Womens
    Four elderly womens were sitting onto the sea sand. They ate breakfast and drank a grape wine. One of the toast was "for the love". Women's voices became louder and more subtle and gentle feeling c...
  • RUSSIAN PRACTICE Hey, is anybody available to have a conversation in russian with me right now?
    Hi everybody, i'm gonna try and have my first russian conversation with whoever is willing right now, i'm trying to practice some common phrases. contact me here or add me on skype: f.rod50
  • Fire Tonight Lyrics
    Hello. I like the song "Fire Tonight" from Information society. Here, in Brazil, it's not a popular song, not in the levels of "What's on Your Mind", "How Long" and "Repetition". I put it to play, ...
  • I gmt up early
    I got up a bit early today. I am not sure why. I need to sleep more!
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    • English
    • holly
    • 3 hours ago
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