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  • Tonight I cook!
    After work I come back at home, I relaxed on sofa and I have decide to cooking for my girlfrind. I prepared pork in puff pastry with Parmigiano Reggiano. The result has been excellent and my girlfr...
  • Someday
    Someday Humanity will be freer and I want my name among the people who will be remembered for saying the truth. Today I could be wrong, but tomorrow at the end of my life, with my heart on his hand...
  • Neem deel aan deze wedstrijden en win hun aardige picnicmand
    Le Gout Mattina schenkt iedere 2 weken twee ontbijten weg. Doch u moet er wel een kleinigheid voor presteren: je grijze hersencellen benutten en een antwoord vinden op die wedstrijdvraag. Normaal ...
  • for to day
    hay to day my first time write in my notbook . i hop to learn and know more english with other mombrs and teatchers
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    • English
    • Djbob
    • 56 minutes ago
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  • Improving english
    Someone for exchange english with spanish?I' m from Seville ,Spain
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    • English
    • Ruben
    • 59 minutes ago
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  • i wish
    i wish learn english but very important in life
  • Russian Students Learning English - Special Offer
    I understand that my lessons have become more expensive because of the drop in value of the ruble. I am offering my Russian students a discount. I wish I could do it for free, but this is my job an...
  • Traduction
    I need to translate correctly all this message: Dear Donna, Help! I'm an 18 year-old. I'm high school's student in Chitre. In eight months, I'm going to take the university entrance exam. To ...
  • CAPE Spanish
    I did pretty well at the CSEC level but I didn't see this coming at CAPE. It is soooo hard and I need a pen pal to help me.
  • My Book launch
    After the christmas-holidays I will present a book in the subject german. I don't know, what book I could use. I thought about "Das Erbe der Geschichte"(The heritage of history) or "Ansichten eine...
  • About Me
    Hello. I am a photographer from Ukraine. Began to learn English, and now I am looking for penpals to learn more about it. Kind and funny guy Forgive me if disturbed or incorrectly written. I'm n...
  • My hollyday to dubrovnick
    I Would like to warn you, if I make a speeling mistake, I 'm apologize ! please tell me, i would be grateful. I would ti describe my hollyday on crroatie last september. Me, my wife and my wen...
  • Strange weather
    Today is December 19. Usually in Belarus at this time we have pretty cold weather, something about minus 10, and a lot of snow. But now is raining. It is very unexpected to have such weather during...
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    • English
    • Alla
    • 2 hours ago
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  • hello dear friends
    i wish you started a good day in your life so now iam going to say the main point that i came in Italki because of learning Turkish language and i know English language and i can teach English lang...
  • An essay about a film !
    Hi, thank you for you correction. If you have some texts in French I can have a look. The Day the Earth Stood Still is a science-fiction film released in 1951 by Robert Wise. To sum up the st...
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    • English
    • Minny
    • 2 hours ago
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