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  • Messaging Apps
    Today, I realized that there are so many apps for chatting, and I use all of them. It would be easier if all of my contacts used the same app for texting me. However, some of them text me via Wha...
  • The table compares the numbers of people working....
    The table compares the numbers of people working in 4 certain sectors by different age groups in the UK. Figures are given for 1998 and 2006. It is clear that the majority of people aged 18-25 i...
  • Today
    Today, I had my fourth rehab session. I had a injure on my foot so I'm getting a treatment to feel better and finally to get heal. For this reason, I'm not working out and that make me feel annoyed...
  • I'm leaving to London for next week
    I apologise but I have little time in this days particularly for Skype's conversation. I'm leaving to London on 14th March with my English teacher and a group of italian students. I'm coming back...
  • In Brazil
    It is raining a lot here nowwwwwwwwww !!! But we need very much, because the water is little. :-) In Brazil, our reserve of water is running out, and the population should save more.
  • Be batter
    Try to be batter than you of yesterday =)
  • Environment in Cubatão “Death's valley in 80's”-part 4 - the tragedy in shantytown Vila Socó
    In the end of 80's the shantytown Vila São José, people called Vila Socó, socó is a kind of bird very common, it was on the petrol pipeline and happened a leaking of petrol. The Petrobrás workers k...
  • Classes
    Today I received a great bad new my University class are suspended for undetermined time, it's been taking more time than I've been thinking because officially all classes started in February,9. As...
  • My diary
    Hi! I am going to try write something here every day, because I am conscious that I have to improve a lot with my english in all aspects: reading, writting and, of course and overall, speaking. But...
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    • English
    • Iván
    • 2 hours ago
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  • Pluralism x Individualism
    Amartyan Sen is an Indian philosopher and economist, that wrote "The Idea of Justice". In this book the author brings out his vision about human beings. For him, the people have to think by yoursel...
  • basically this is a school assignment and feel free to correct my grammar
    Lucas Hemmings 221B Baker street ...
  • Talkative person. Could anyone correct this for me? Thanks
    Are you a talkative or a quite person? I think I am a talkative person, especially when I have explain something or I have some arguements to convince someone to do something, on the other hand...
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    • Tonia
    • 2 hours ago
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    Few days ago I got home as usual, had dinner as usual, made a phone call to my wife as usual, and as I'm get used to doing took my iPad and began to watch an interesting video on Skype. After start...
  • Scorpion's sting paint used to beat brain tumours
    It's well known that performing a brain surgery is a delicate issue. For this reason, scientists got to find a substance which is one of nature's deadliest venoms. It's able to paint tumours in ord...
  • Love-Wanna Hear from You
    I read a saying about love today. It makes a lot sense to me, so I wanna share with you and hear what you think. Love itself is a catalyst. If your life is boring and yourself is a bored one, l...