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  • A Homecoming Dance
    In October 11th I went to a school's dance of homecoming. It was extremely fun, much of dancing, and funny people there. There was good music i was surprised. In the dance was many people. I wish i...
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    • English
    • Asiaa
    • 5 minutes ago
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  • Hello people
    Hello, I'm looking for friends who can hold a chat with me so I can improve my oral English, I can help you with anything you need about Spanish, or we can also learn another language, so I'm just ...
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    • English
    • Diego
    • 14 minutes ago
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  • Spanish practice for English practice
    Hi I would like to exchange some Spanish practice by English Practice with someone who wants to learn Spanish and know how to speak english :D
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    • English
    • Juan
    • 46 minutes ago
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  • Preface
    Before going on Explanation our paper , we don’t forget to convey our thankful to God, the Lord of the Lord , The King of the King and the sequel for those who kept his duty until the end of time ...
  • New here and want to make friends!
    Hello everybody, I'm a new user of this amazing website. I can speak English and I can follow the teacher teaching in class in English, however, after-class, I still can't really have a good chat o...
  • Descring a Photo
    That picture was taken in the begining of my last work.I was guide at a museum. I'm in the middle, wearing a blouse written "cultura", the other people around me were students of Touristic Informat...
  • How much do Aliens know about us?
    I was watching this video about alien and it was very interesting to know that this aliens are actually real. I'm skeptical about it. But after watching few episodes i realized that aliens do exist...
  • Learning English is a good way to learn another language.
    I've figured out that English is a terrific tool for learning other languages. I'm studying Japanese now and unfortunately the learning resources written in my native language (Portuguese) virtuall...
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    • English
    • Joabe
    • 1 hour ago
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  • English conversation
    I just came back from the English conversation which was from 6 to 7 PM in the library. Today two new people came to join us. They all came from Columbia, one of them speak English very fluently. I...
  • I love travel
    I like to travel. anywhere travel make me happy. I can releave my stress. and meet many various friends. alse I like taking picture. so after traveling I make a photo book. It is very fun! I...
  • A little cry for help...
    I don't remember when was my first contact with English. I know it's a universal language that is everywhere, but I can't remember when I began to realize that "windows" and "notebook" (two common ...
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    • English
    • Luiis
    • 2 hours ago
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  • Foreing languages
    I have been studying English since 2011. From 2011 to 2012 I studied English three times a week. During the year I studied it less because that was very busy. Now I do it more often. I would like t...
  • myself
    hi my name is Abdikariin, Iam from Somali and i live in Canada i live with my parents so i want to improve my English i need teacher to help me please i hope to enjoy this group thanks everyone
  • The Nightmare of the Inhabitants of Bogota
    The public transportation system of Bogota named "Transmilenio" was implemented and built by former Mayor Enrique Penalosa in 1998. A wealthy man who has spent most of his life outside of Colombia,...
  • Fiber Optic Cable Measures Antarctic Ice Melt
    Monitor - In my job the people always monitoring something, like the effluents, emissions, environmental permits, and others. Fiber optic - Fiber optic are used for transmissions over long distanc...