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  • Winter came.
    The first snow fell.There are fresh and frosty on the street. When I came to the shop near the house, small snowflakes, almost transperent, was falling down on my face, shoulders and hands. Sidewa...
  • starting my holiday :)
    Today starting my holiday. so, I go to cork in Ireland. I departured at 6.00 in my house. because my bus shcedule is 7.00 o'clock. but bus lated 1 hour....T.T I don't know, why lated it. My tr...
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    • Sally
    • 8 minutes ago
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  • Voice12
    READING: THERE has been a wild storm, and the good ship is a wreck. Do you see how the men cling to the mast of the ship? The life-boat has been sent out to sa...
  • Today,I start learn English
    Hello,I want to learn English,becase I'm going to canada for living after this Chinese new year.In canada,I want make a new friends,find out a new job or get into a collage.Could you help me to lea...
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    • luo
    • 24 minutes ago
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  • Problems with Water Resources
    It goes without doubt we are losing fresh water globally at an alarming rate. In this assay, I will explore some reasons for this phenomenon and suggest some possible governmental measures for this...
  • Waiting your coming
    Waiting your arrival, sleep had eluded my tired eyes! Like a traveler I have been traveling down the sunlit road with cool breeze caressing my body, while my hands caressed those white bearde...
  • How To Find The modern outdoor furniture?
    The home is really a haven and greatest resort. The home looks pretty plus beautiful can feel soothing for your residents of the home. Most of the factors which make the state house is unattractive...
  • Wedding culture in Indonesia part 2 - Costs, Foods and Dances.
    Like I wrote in previous entry, wedding parties in Indonesia are usually held at large venues like front yards of private houses. Someone asked me "What happen if it rains". well, if we want to ho...
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    • Rifki
    • 45 minutes ago
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  • Vietnam Women's Day
    Today is Vietnam Women's day. I have received some congratulations from my colleagues and my friends. I'm going to buy my mom and my sisters clothes, then I and my team will have a small party to ...
  • Deskripsi main saham
    Apa yang kamu lakukan saat anda melaksanakan kesalahan? Memperbaikinya atau meninggalkannya? Jika pun anda sudah memperbaikinya, apakah anda hendak mengulangi lagi kesalahan yang serupa dikemud...
  • Notebook Entry #3
    Long time ago when i was a child, the word “dream” always conjured up the image of something shiny in my mind. Something holy. Like a shiny trophy on a wooden table on the clouds illuminated by sun...
  • Notebook entry #4
    Be grateful they say, am I grateful? Am I grateful enough? I’m grateful for my health, I’m grateful for my sanity, I’m grateful for my siblings, I’m grateful for my family,I’m grateful for my frie...
  • Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you didn't know
    It was 2 years ago when I was having my study year in France. In my university, there was a facility that we called City Center where we could rent a bicycle for free. As most of students, I had re...
  • Cara Cari indikator forex online
    Seorang yang telah professional tentunya telah ahli serta terampil dibidangnya. Itu adalah orang sudah melewati beribu - ribu jam buat menciptakan keterampilan dengan luar biasa. Sebut saja seo...
  • GB Training - V2. Could someone help me check the grammar in this article? Thanks.
    Green Belt Training, from January 1 to 4, was completed smoothly in Wuhan. 100 employees of TAC(company name) China attended this training, of whom 60 were from MNST(short name of company), includi...
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    • Kurt
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