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  • I got a email
    September 4th It's hot and humid today. I received a email from my ex-colleague for the first time in a while.She lives in Bali with her family. I went there about two years ago. Thanks to t...
  • Presentation
    Hi!I'm Giorgio i have 31 years old and I come from Italy.Stay here why i would learn inglish lenguage.I'm a free professional and i live in Rome. i'm studyng english three mounts ago, but is very ...
  • informal email
    Hi Nora, I’m writing this email because I have decided that next holiday I’m going to see you, just, when Alex finish his work, in February month. We have thinked to rent a car and visit the N...
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    • English
    • Gina
    • 3 minutes ago
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  • elections volume two: 2 weeks to go
    Stealthy people live among us. Worms dressed in suits and uniforms, pretending to be humans. Illegal bipods who defecate from the mouth, who infect our eyes and ears with their rotten words and dee...
  • Hi guys! Help me correct my essay, please)
    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts. Use specific reasons and details to suppor...
  • Day 1
    Today, I registered on site, I learned language at school, but my teacher was bad. I hope i will learn english here.))) Sorry for my mistakes.))))
  • Hi Im Brizio
    Hi My Name is Brizio. Im 16 years old And Im from Bari,Puglia,Italy. Bari is a cool city But My dream is living in USA. I like USA beacuse is My favorite Place in The world, Good peaple,cool cit...
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    • Brizio
    • 31 minutes ago
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  • Imagine. John Lennon Day. Peace And Love On Earth
    Online Petition: ( or (
  • Rainy Day
    Today is a rainy day. I like to hear the sound of rain, to look outwards through the window in the house, to breathe fresh air. It feel great. But I don't like rainy day in winter, it's too cold a...
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    • English
    • Flora
    • 51 minutes ago
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  • Quick user introduction
    Hi! My name is Marina. I'm from Russia. My city is near 450 km from Moscau. I want to meet more people for learning English. I will be very glad if you' d help me) And I can help you with Russian, ...
  • Newsweek’s Challenge(2)
    Under the challenging circumstance, the Newsweek found its own way to survive in the competition of publication industry,which is living on in a new digital tablet edition named Newsweek Global.In ...
  • Please, Might anybody to correct my the entrys in notebook without correction? Tanks for your help
    Please, Might anybody to correct my the entrys in notebook without correction? Tanks for your help Carmen
  • Newsweek’s Challenge
    This is an article assigned as a homework to practise and prepare for a writing competition,but I didn't finish it(cause I'm supposed to write at least 800 words,and I didn't have so many "ideas" a...
  • Write about your school
    My school just like any other schools in every place but for me my favorite school, I do not know Why, but probably because I spent all my time out with my friends
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    • Bil
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Traffic and Transport in my hometown
    There are several different means of public transport in my city, namely bus, train, airplane and boat. But bus is the only choice can be used to travel around the city. However, there aren’t many ...