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  • SOS! Need Help in Learning Englush!!!!
    I need help from some native English speakers in learning English. Please help me to improve my English... Please..Someone help me..
  • Football Match
    It was much time ago that I went to a football match. Last Saturday I have the opportunity of attending one. The match faced two competetive teams. Both are playing in the first spanish football ...
  • Expressions from Everybody Loves Raymond
    I just watched an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and tried to summarize the interesting expressions I learned from it. I am still in season 1. In this episode, Raymond's brother conducted ...
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    • English
    • Kailin
    • 13 minutes ago
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  • courage 勇氣
    Last week, I visit Singapore, this was my first time to travel alone. Because a friend whom I met once at a accordian concert in Taipei. I bought a cheaper flight tickets and booked a room before t...
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    • English
    • Sonia
    • 16 minutes ago
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  • South Park for learning English
    I've started watching South park recently. I've got to say that is absolutely trash! When you learn English, it might seem arduous to understand because the characters speak quite fast. A...
  • Methods of study (first part)
    There are many methods to study, them depend by the person, by its experience, by the subject it's studying. Languages are among the most particular subjects of study, because to learn them it...
  • Bus Fair Intolerable in Dhaka !
    The government decided to increase the city service fair from 1st October because of the increasing of CNG price. The fair increased 10 paisa per kilometer whereas most of the services are asking t...
  • holiday
    October 1st is National day in China, so we have a week off to have a rest. I travelled to Xian. It's a city of ancient. I came to there with my boyfriend and his friends. I am very happy to ...
  • Is it correctly?
    - Have you ever loved a man (woman) from another country? - It would be very interesting. It has to know common language necessary.
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    • English
    • Sergey
    • 58 minutes ago
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  • English expressions from a textbook : dead or alive?
    Hello there. I used to study English in Malta sitting for CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) and learnt certain English expressions for a speaking part. As a matter of fact, I have never...
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    • English
    • Eri
    • 59 minutes ago
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  • My first EOI class
    I have been admited into the Official Lenguages School. It's a cheap English academy wich is owned by the Government. My level is intermediate 2 :). This academy is absolutly awesome because w...
  • How can I insist on down?
    Since i decided to take part in the exam after,every day i insist on reading book. Because i don’t want to only have specialized Subject degree,i want have Undergraduate course degree. And i want...
  • challenge
    tonight i learned paragraphing which I have to try to summary the main ideas in each single paragraph. generally speaking, this task is quite difficult and challenging for me to take in the beginn...
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    • English
    • Jimme
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Some sentence need to correct
    It's so long time I haven't written down something get a trip with my friends ,have a dinner with my family It's hard for me to keep doing the same thing I'm ...
  • My attempts to interpret the text
    Max Beerbohm is an English well-known essayist, critic and caricaturist. I'd like to speak about one of his works "Seeing people off". This story is about a man who is seeing off ...