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  • hey hey
    1. Depending on my mood I surf the net, play on the guitar or just sleep, sometimes I cook I try out new recipes. 2. John is incredible computer junky. 3. You're forever watching TV go for a walk...
  • The Tree House
    I want to live in a tree house , my own place where I could draw and save my paints, a secret place where I could read my favorite books listening the sing of the birds, a tree house with a rope la...
  • The lonely abroad life
    I've been staying in Ireland for 3 month Today, I've strong headache If I staying in Korea, I will be helped by parents or friends but I'm alone here I have friends, but all of them are just li...
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    • James
    • 24 minutes ago
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  • Is revenge good or bad?
    Many contend that revenge is a “dish best served cold” and are willing to do whatever it takes for get it. Paradoxically, there are those who argue that it’s better to leave revenge to karma or God...
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    • Zack
    • 40 minutes ago
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  • Boring...
    I'm at work right now... It's so boring... I really want to go home!!
  • Greetings, this is my welcome letter, :D
    Hi everybody, this is you new friend José Luis, and i get come here to meet someone to learn a little of spanish, and help me to come better my english, :D
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    • Micha
    • 59 minutes ago
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  • Well This Will Be Different
    Hey people that go on I need a language partner or partners and the situation is dire. If you can speak Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, ASL (American Sign Language), or Korean your serv...
  • A short dialog about free time in my life.
    A short dialog about free time in my life. Do you have more or less free time than a year ago? Now I spend more time on working and especially working on computer then a year ago. And Yes, I ha...
  • Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer is your Key to a Successful Defense
    I get very emotional when I think about my family and whenever I watch a movie news, the blood begins to boil in my veins whenever I see a guy hurting a woman. You know, it seems to be a standard s...
  • Outstanding LOL surge in to turned into a successful in Category of figures
    Our generation is most likely the most fortunate since the application has many of advantages because of the progression in engineering. We're designed to utilize our computer systems day to day an...
  • The greatest criminal defense attorney agency!
    Being wrongly charged is really irritating since it breaks your plans for the following weeks or months and it may destroy your image. Even so, you should fight for your legal rights and make an ef...
  • Use League of legends Elo boost have fun with an impressive play!
    Hunting for the top opportunities to have a nice time making use of the world net, lots of internet users throughout the world prefer to spend their time playing the net multiplayer games. These da...
  • 30 hours a day
    Hello everyone!! One day should be thirty hours. I woke up at 7 a.m. today. I´ve prepared breakfast for four people, then I dressed and I´ve gone to work. After a heavy morning, I´ve came back hom...
  • My favourite book
    My favourite book is "Three compeers" written by Remark.
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    • Alisa
    • 2 hours ago
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  • Can you please correct this text. Thanks. №4
    There were many reasons for this: convenience and simplicity of working with objects, fast imaging, well-known ways of staining and a host of other things. Finally, after many years of hard work it...