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    Thank you italki for helping me with correcting my essays. Thank you teachers and friends who helped me by kindness and warm hearts. It is not important that what the result would be, the most impo...
  • The real wealth :)
    Hello,guys! on this time I'd like to tell about the greatest people that we have. so,do you know who are they? the greatest people who always make you smile? the greatest people who are always a...
  • I took the test!!!!!!!
    I took Ielts exam on 18th October which was too hard! I was shaking in my shoes when i wanted to go in the building in which the test wanted to take place! The first exam was speaking. I just sat i...
  • Self-introduce
    I am a girl who come from China. And, i can speak both of Putonghua and Cantonese. I have a lot hobbies, such as listen to different styles of music, play yoga, learn different types of languag...
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    • CocoLee
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  • Is Urbanization Making Our Life Better?(part two)
    As cities are closely linked to each other through urbanization, people will travel more times ever than before, which promote communication, strengthen cooperation and complement in economic devel...
  • She's Carol Backer.
    She's in the classroom. She's stundying up. She's talking to the teacher. The teacher is sitting dow. She's sitting at hor desk. Carol is young. The teacher is old. Carol is short. The teacher is t...
  • Is Urbanization Making Our Life Better?(part one)
    With the expansion of great population and size of cities in China, urbanization has been greatly changing China recently. Literally speaking, urbanization is to migrate people from rural to urban ...
  • learn
    I want to learn english very well and seem like foreigner speak englishi.
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    • gulzar
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  • Exercises
    They are in the classroom. He is sad. They are talking to the teacher. It is in the lanchbox. He is reading. They are writing. She is in the classroom. She is happy. They are studying is En...
  • the Importance of Being Punctual
    We live in modern society where punctuality matters, but a lot of young people can not be aware of the importance of being punctual.Without it nothing can be brought to a happy ending.In consequenc...
  • Ingresos pasivos para lograr dinero en las familias
    Justo en este momento estamos en tiempos de ahorro, en época de crisis internacional, sueldos bajos y muchos casos de pérdida de empleo. Pero, nada como poner al mal tiempo buena cara para agudizar...
  • Make and Do
    Yesterday i made a mistake when i was doing my homework, i couldn't make up my mind to do the correct thing, so i decided to do the shopping to clear my mind and i made a decision... i decided to ...
  • My favourite shop
    My favourite shop is a bookstore which is named 'July Time'.Though it looks like a shop,l think it is a coffee house actually. The owner of this shop is a forty-year-old painter.He started this sho...
  • ^ ^ !!!!Life With Flowers!!!! ^ ^
    Hello! Resently i leaved Donetsk and started to live in Russia. I live in Aprelevka, not far from Moscow - it looks small but there is a lot of modern buildings, big shops and just 3 schools ( real...
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    • Angel
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  • Every Question has its answer
    If you want to learn something, first you must learn to ask. Nobody is perfect by birth. We keep asking and asking again and again then only we learn. We have created for education...