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  • I envy him!
    I see Mischa Dohler today. He is a professor in King's Colledge London. It is amazing that he is fulent with 6 languages.
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    • English
    • Silvia
    • 9 minutes ago
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  • My day
    Hello! Now I'm at work. Today I didn't sleep enough. hum.. Yesterday I wantched a video about Grigory Lemarchal. I like dthis video. This guy was so nice and I like his songs. Now I want to ...
  • Hello,friend
    Hi,everyone,nice to meet you!This is Yulia from China,I want to make friend with foreigner and the I can improve my English skill and travel around the world.Could you mind adding me on Facebok:Yul...
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    • English
    • Yulia
    • 36 minutes ago
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  • Muhammed مُحَمَّد صَلى الله عليه وسلَّم
    A Muslim doesn't drink alcohol. المسلم لا يشرب الخمر A Muslim doesn't commit adultery المسلم لا يزنى A Muslim doesn't cheat المسلم لا يغش A Muslim doesn't kill innocent people المسلم لا يقتل...
  • Which do you prefer: a higher-paying job w/ long hours or a lower paycheck but shorter hours?
    Hello everyone. I am really curious to know! Which do you think is preferable: a higher-paying job with long working hours, or a lower-paying job with shorter hours? And why? I also wrote...
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    • English
    • Juliet
    • 55 minutes ago
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  • Whether... or not
    Whether we find a joke funny or not largely depends on where we have been brought up. Whether we feel happy or not largely depends on what we are looking for. Whether you could think ...
  • Airline ticket
    I get a ticket form Macau Airways. Now, I am so exciting to think about which places are better!! South Korea or Japan……
  • Please do the correction If you find any mistake
    I have to get some forms from my head office. It is correct if i write a mail like this Kindly Send "C" forms to XXX Company, from past 7 years we have not sent any forms to them. Because of ...
  • Write about Learning a Language
    I'm learning English and Korean know. and I'm learning English for more than 7 years,but it's still awful. well, I just have studied Korean for everal days, which is still intersting for me now. ...
  • ed hardy與英國的路邊畫技文明的源頭以及進展
    歐洲的街角ed hardy outlet文化陸續皆為人所津津樂道,盡管關於遠在海洋的另一邊的我們,亦對這類修養形式具有一衆深厚的喜愛。在藝術大學學習了三年,最終一年,亦然特別難過的一年,因為結業事件每回引人特出的糾結,俺把論文主題定為歐美的路邊畫畫文化的源頭和生長,只是一時間又下不了手。提到到街路禮貌,頭腦裡就會很自然的再現一衆塗畫、噴墨、紋身之類的ed hardy後背包成分,雖然在本地守舊...
  • Travelling to Madrid. Stereotypes
    I'm going to travel to Madrid in December with my two sons. The Spanish capital is amazing, full of cultural life. I want to show my sons things like "El Retiro" park wih its crystal greenhouse, th...
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    • English
    • Lidia
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Breakfast
    I like to eat breakfast in Taiwan, I think Taiwan breakfast is very delicious, than Hongkong, no time to sit down to eat breakfast.
  • Description on a favorite piece
    I have a favorite painting named "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas" by Caravaggio. In the painting, Thomas looks surprised when Jesus guides his finger to his belly, into a wound. It seems to me ...
  • ed hardy包包和歐美的街邊繪畫文明的來源以及發展
    巴黎的路邊ed hardy文化不斷全為人所侃侃而談,就算在乎遠在大海的那一面的俺們,也對這個禮貌模式心懷一波濃厚的喜好。在繪畫大學讀了三年,最後一年,也是特別難受的一年,原因是畢業事情次次令人另類的糾結,俺把論文核心定為日本的街頭彩畫文明的源頭以及前進,然則一時刻又無從下手。說到到街邊禮貌,頭腦裡就會很自然的展現一股塗改、油漆、刺青之類的ed hardy台灣元素,即便在本地保守的美術教程裏面...
  • Priscilla Ahn
    Priscilla Ahn is a american singer & writer. At present, she are visiting all parts of Asia. She'll be arriving here the day after tomorrow. She'll be coming by plain and most fans in the city w...