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  • Capitalism and Workers, Part VIII.
    The Second War is a complicated topic to try. However, as a lot of people, I have my personal opinion about this event but in this part, I will try to talk only about economic implications. Aft...
  • High school graduates should take a year off before entering college
    Graduating from high school is considered to be the landmark of each student. Therefore, concerning to this event, it the is claimed that high school graduates are in need of taking a gap year bef...
  • Why finding a very good language partner can take so long?
    I joined to Italki around 2 years ago and I have talked with many people, unfortunetely most of them just stopped talking or disapeared. When I thought that we were going to be very good language p...
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    • Nelson
    • 44 minutes ago
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  • Need to correct - A little text about Samara region
    In the middle of the country there is Samara region. Its capital is Samara and it's surrounded by river Volga from one side and grassy fields from another side. There is a famous place for visiting...
  • I'm confuced
    which is the correct form I like taking photographs I like to take photographs and why? and explain me a little more. Thanks
  • Informative speech
    This recorder is my studying tool. I really appreciate this small technology, and I guessed that students who lived 100 hundred years ago must be jealous of me with this convenient tool. However, a...
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    • Mai
    • 1 hour ago
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  • A short introduction about me
    I'm very bad introducing myself but i'll do my best... My name is Marcos and I recently graduated from college, currently I'm unemployed that's why i'm using my time to study. I live in the bea...
  • Rainy day
    Today is a rainy day,the drizzles has been dropping down on the floor lightly and slowly.My home have a little cold.I drank hot water before become warm.It is Tomb-sweeping day(Pure Brightness Day)...
  • Thinkings
    Some times we need to do sacrifies that in the future we will get our goals.
  • Short Story: I never grow.
    Like a summer cloud my eyes were dry for three entire years, for I believed dad lied to me. Tossing in bed back and forth, trying hard to catch one of the pale blue small stars hanging on the edge ...
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    • Ghaima
    • 2 hours ago
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  • I would be to practice in description of change of dollar
    The story of yerstaday's drift of change of USD(dollar)/RUB(ruble). The dollar against the ruble was fixed 58,17 by the end of 31st march. At 8 am by Moscow the dollar slumped to the level of 57,6...
  • Sometimes
    “Sometimes I want to do everything / Sometimes I don’t want to do anything,” says a song of Cheer Chen –at least is what I think it says, since she sings in Chinese. Today is one of those days when...
  • where can I find source of inspiration?
    Sometime i don't understand myself, like today. I don't have any inspiration for my job although nothing bad happens. At this time, I just sit front of table and on the desktop screen, write a note...
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    • Mit
    • 2 hours ago
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  • I like it
    I like our hometown,do you like here?
  • Today~
    I waked up at am 5, brushed hair and cleaned teeth went to church One of the Tradition in Korean Church is Dwaning Praise, I'd love that I praising god and using the guitar at any Street,