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  • Is English Easy?
    I have heard many times that English is an easy language to learn in comparison to other languages. However, I can't agree with it. The more I study English, the harder it becomes to learn. In addi...
  • Public Transportation Problem
    There is a problem regarding public transportation in where I live at the moment. (Can I just say "There is a problem in public transportation?) The train that used to go directly to the city cente...
  • How to Establish a Love for Life— Part II
    Being able to love also requires the ability to enjoy loneliness. I mentioned in several pieces of my previous diary that "Loneliness is my greatest mentor", because the serenity of time and space ...
  • Sitting
    I'm going to sit in lotus position after work to see whether it can help me for the cold~~
  • Hello!
    I'm from Russia.I learn English.I love travel and I want to be fluent in English and Turkish.I can help you learn Russian.
  • one day
    one day or another I will be sitting on my wood chair and thinking about my funny days, looking after my grandchilds...)))
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    • English
    • aidana
    • 36 minutes ago
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  • I got a cold.
    I got a cold when I slept at 25 degrees. and now I feel really bad. my nose is running. but throat is okay. sometimes I feel a little bit cold. maybe , I got a fever? It's really hot these days, a...
  • My lovely football team.
    My favorite team is Manchester United . This team has a very interesting history. Every week I look at their matches . For me, the best match was with Chelsea in the Champions League final. This ma...
  • Short plot of The Imitation game
    Nowadays I try to learn English trough movies. I always liked historical movies so this is the reason when I chose The Imitation game. It is a no-line film . The plot is on three different time. ...
  • About my Friday
    Today I'm meeting some friends to practice English. We are all Spaniards, so it's easy to understand what we say because our pronunciation is quite similar. However, we are likely to make mistakes ...
  • business English
    Please advise if the following is correct and polite in formal business English. Thank you. Could you please let me know if any other documents or information is needed.
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    • Julia
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Michael Fassbender
    Michael Fassbender,the actor got several movies,is famous for the Magneto in X-Men: First Class.Why I want to talk on him?I have to say, I'm falling into his excellent acting skills and his fancina...
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    • Maggie
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Beauty
    There are many beautiful girls!... But I'm married)
  • Writer's Muse
    Now I seldom write my feelings on people and life. I went to travel for days but nothing I want to write. I used to share every happy and sad story to a person.One day I accidentally opened the cha...
  • some toilet rules!
    Dear guests you are kindly asked not to throw in the toilet toilet paper, sanitary napkins and other products that can clog the drain. The sewer pipes of the entire village are often invaded by the...