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  • About -ness -hood -th
    I'm wondering if there are any rule or something about how to use these suffix e.g. you can say happiness depth brotherhood and all of them expressed the same idea about its roots but How to know t...
  • For you,from every where..
    I insist Anyone who owns eye , please join me Anyone who owns heart, brain Please join me Commence and stay up till God is coming and listen us May be rain come back and wash earth's bitterness
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    • English
    • Rahiil
    • 17 minutes ago
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  • Learn English!
    I am currently looking for students who are interested in seriously improving their English fluency. I am a native speaker and can teach you to speak properly with elders or professionally; I can a...
  • to be or not to be? (present)
    būti aš esu tu esi jis/ji yra mes esame jūs esate jos yra aš nesu tu nesi jis/ji nera mes nesame jūs nesate jos nera
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    • English
    • Dora
    • 30 minutes ago
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  • how can i help you?
    So, dear friends, I know Russian in quite high level as I am a native speaker. I'm always very happy to help you. But at the same time I want to improve my English skills ...
  • Hi everyone
    hello everyone , I'm beginner in italki. My english is no so good, but i'd be very happy to do chatting with anyone.
  • an email to the admissions of a university
    To Whom It May Concern, Hello and good day to you. I am a student who applied for the XXX program in your school. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I check the Portal, it still says “pe...
    How well can you describe this photo? Create 5 sentences using this photo and let's see if your sentence construction, grammar and vocabulary are on point.
  • Dear Mike
    Dear Mike First at all I will thank you to do this course so entertaining, as I’ve said to my school lead staff today, it’s very difficult to spend all the morning teaching at the same group wit...
  • Today's diary
    I started to take private Swedish lessons a few weeks ago. My teacher came from Sweden and was studying Korean. We could be close each other quickly because we were of the same age. I like...
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    • English
    • JSY
    • 1 hour ago
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  • want to learn english
    hello everyone i want to improve my english,if any one will free help me to improve my english.
  • English and Italian sayings
    I'd like to share with italian learners some interesting comparisons between English and Italian ways of saying and proverbs I have recently found. It's curious that both of them have the same sens...
  • Hi i am beginner in italki, nice to meet you :)
    I wanna make friends who can conversate with me by using English.
  • I recieved e-mail!
    Few a days ago, I applied for the overseas volunteers program. I had no time for writing resume. Because I saw recruit notice lately at first time. I though my resume is not good. So I didn't exp...
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    • English
    • Boram
    • 1 hour ago
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  • This is my first writing
    I dont know what to write lol Lets be friends guys!!
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    • English
    • 지훈
    • 1 hour ago
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