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  • 4 years and still learning.
    Languages are amazing. Full of different words, and vowels. I started learning English since I was 14 years old; now I'm almost 18. Many things have happened since. I entered to an English course a...
  • Fastest car in the world
    If there are ten people, there are ten fields of their curiosities. My major in college was organic chemistry. I was curious about the structure of the substances. I wanted to know about them, a...
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    • English
    • Terry
    • 21 minutes ago
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  • Hopes
    humorous, enthusiatic, careful, helpful, active, talkative!
  • Lovers
    I used to think too simply about relationships between lovers. There's nothing but trust, loyalty, tolerance and understanding,in my view. I should have known how harder it is to do rather than jus...
  • i want to learn english well
    i am 25 years old i gratudated for unisivety should be a chinese teacher , but i didn't . i like my home welcome you come to Shandong i will glad
  • Sieze the day
    When I saw the sunset, I kew another day had gone. And I began to look back at it thiking what I missed and regreted . Did I do something meaningless? Or I just let time go without retrieving.I und...
  • The "Paramo"
    This thrusday, Im going to the "Páramo": a high mountain ecosystem in the tropics that supplies from water all the big cities. Im excited because i love nature,and there I will can see all the shad...
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    • English
    • Yeimy
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Laba Festival
    The winter of this year, 2015, is rather warm and snowed is very less than last year. to be honest , it feels like autumn as to me. yerterday is Laba Festival. we had the Eight-Treasure Porri...
  • Make 10 sentences I‘ve never...
    1. I‘ve never travelled out of China. (我从来没有去过国外旅行。) 2. I’ve never watched a super stars' live performance. (我从来没有看过明星的现场演唱会。) 3. I've never gone up in a hot-air ballon. (我从来没有坐过热气球。) 4. I've ne...
  • Making A Plan For Future Is Important
    Making a plan for future is commonly recognized as an effective method to achieve long-term goals. However, the conflicting view of this is that concentrating on the present is more significant. Al...
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    • English
    • Roger
    • 1 hour ago
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  • dream
    The strange and funny things usually happen on me, I want to know whether you have the same experience. Condition as follow: the same people or story usually repeatedly come to my dream. I don't...
  • dog shows.
    Good morning dear sir or madam. My name’s Aleksandr.I’m employee in IKU -International Kennel Union. I am looking for a very good judges for our dog shows which will be in May and in December C...
  • Interesting News
    Some people lead interesting lives. This morning when I was having breakfast, an astouding but interesting piece of news caught my eyes. A woman originally living in Germany with her husband and ...
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    • English
    • Ivey
    • 1 hour ago
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  • my dear older
    I feel sad when I walk down on the street and I watch some older without opportunity; without happiness and with their old clothes and the more important without a smile in their face. I feel angry...
  • For Correction Please
    Yesterday I went to training program to other factory in my company. There is other material produce here, that company is very big, it is fourth time big to my company, there was two other factory...