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  • New life
    Today is a nice day. I finished my homework, and my firiend called me to tell me her new life in Beijing. We were flatmates in college and she is a good girl. So we become good friends. Then we b...
  • The phone rings again!
    I haven't been able to finish my assignments today. I have had calls from my users all morning. They have a lot of problems with the System, but I'm never sure whether the problem is a software err...
  • I was locked out yesterday
    Yesterday I forgot my keys on my office table, after I picked up my baby and went to home, I found I didn’t bring the keys, My baby was hungry and I decided to bring her to a restaurant first,when ...
  • American smile(nothing new,just some thoughts loudly)
    Hi! Actually I don't have enought information about the American smile. It's more about my own small experience. Such thing as the American smile is related to Americans and,I think, citizens of UK...
  • The movida madrileña.
    The movida madrileña was a cultural movement born in the eighties. It was very important throughout Spain for music, painting, literature and cine. This fact was motivated for the political situati...
  • Im sorry , 米なさい!
    ごめん忙しいです。:( Sorry! I was busy. :( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got very busy with school and summer. I know it has been months, I also said i would help teach english with others and never go...
  • IELST Wrighting task:if it is fair that successful sports professionals can get more money
    nowadays,with the delelopment of economy,a social issue came out,famous sports stars can get more money than people in other important areas. some people believed that it is not fair at all for th...
  • My Neighbor
    A lift slowly sank to the first floor . The doors opened and released my neighbor. The plume her sweet perfume covered me and my dog. I politely greeted her while as the dog was growling menacingl...
  • A persentation on the new better health insurance
    To:All staff From:Vanhom Date:21.Aug,2015 Subject:A persentation on the new better health insurance To offer staff betther health insurance,the company has recently changed its insurance ...
  • What Friends Are For ?
    Hi there. Only hard and real situations can let you know whether you have real friends or false ones. Month ago, I was driving me car, then I did not know what happened. Opened my eyes, founding...
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    • Lima
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  • A provert from UK
    Yesterday my article is a faliure art,my teacher said ""The story and your thoughts are too scattered. They aren't connected in any way"",so today I continue my mess,,, someone named W** from...
  • About today
    The day was started as usually.After finishing my breakfast, I have started to do my office works.. Checking the mail, resolving the issues Bla Bla... Then went for jogging and once it has done, g...
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    • Emma
    • 2 hours ago
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  • A effective way to talk generally, and tell your opinion.
    As an English learner, I'm facing a conversation skill issue. When I'm in a conversation, I tend to start a sentence with "I ~." or "You ~." Starting a sentence with those makes you sound you ha...
  • I wish
    I wish I had someone to speak English every day ^^
  • Exploring the Ethics Behind Self-Driving Cars
    Imagine a runaway trolley barreling down on five people standing on the tracks up ahead. You can pull a lever to divert the trolley onto a different set of tracks where only one person is standing....
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    • Amir
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