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  • Instructions to drink a glass of water
    The right measure to start it will be with a cup (8oz). If you are a beginner, it isn't advisable starts with a higher measure, as you could have retching, drowning and frustration against the cha...
  • Listening!
    Hi everyone, I was listening a speech and I need to write something about it. Could you tell me is that correct? "This course change her life because she can apply it on self, other courses foc...
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    • English
    • Hugo
    • 5 minutes ago
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  • I don't know what to tell
    I really don't know what to tell or write, but I feel to say something. Particularly I wanna talk about how my studies level has reach so far. Right now if I check, I can tell that am in the midd...
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    • English
    • L Lord
    • 27 minutes ago
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  • Day 21 Homework Cher Hale Iceberg Project
    1.Non posso decidere tra il francese e l’italiano per il semestre prossimo all’università. 2. Fra quattro mesi andremo in Svizzera. 3. La mia nuova cucina è tra il soggiorno e la veranda. ...
  • Stereotypes about Russia.
    Hello everybody,My name is Mark and I'm from Russia. Today I tell you stereotypes about Russia and russian people. First stereotype is Vodka. In Russia vodka is like water .Vodka is drunk by al...
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    • English
    • Mark
    • 33 minutes ago
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  • Hello.Everyone
    So nice to meet you here.I'm a college student.I like to make friends and know their way of life.At the same time,I want to improve.I like to watch USA TV play.>and>are my favorite TV play.I like t...
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    • English
    • Regan
    • 39 minutes ago
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  • My first writing in English
    My favorite film is Dogville, a film of Larns Von Trier. The film speak about a small village, the village is far away from the cities. Grace arrives there and the village´s people help her. the vi...
  • Tips to improve my english
    In these last months I am trying to improve my english in different ways, I had signed up in several page like these one, I listened music in english (of course with lyrics), I watched series witho...
  • Hope someone can correct my grammatical mistakes~thanks~
    Digital media becomes more popular in peoples daily life which can offer abundant information improving the perceive to the world. While others are the vindicator of print media which they believe ...
  • Music
    By participating in the Stations of the Cross in the passion of the Lord last week in the Church I attend, I heard music that I can't stop singing over here. It some like this: ♫ ♫ ♫ They wante...
  • My problems about the English
    I don't know how to start, even I don't know that write so I'll write my problems with English and other stuffs. I'm trying to learn English since almost two weeks and I think that is a little dif...
  • How is learning English?
    I am studying English almost 2 years ago, why?, well, I always want to learn English, but I decided that 2 yeras ago :(. I would have wanted to learn it, when I was as a child. I think it could be...
  • Hello World!
    There's a song by one of my favourite bands called "Hello World". It makes me feel soooo good when I hear it, and the lyric is so lively, unlike most of the songs I call my favourites. It reminds m...
  • Physical exercise is more vital for older people than younger people.(Body 2 & Conclusion)
    Second, people start to work to earn money as they get old. Working for the company is not quite easy and they also have to over-work sometimes. Thus, they can be simply exposed to stress and doi...
  • J'apprend français, mais je ne parle pas français.
    I am doing everything I can to get integrated into the french language, I truly believe it is a beautiful thing, but I do not get a lot of time to talk in french so if anyone wants to practice engl...
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    • English
    • Dave
    • 2 hours ago
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