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  • Daydreams
    Today more than ever, I am very dissatisfied. I'm disappointed with myself, with the world, with people. I'm not what would be, what I know I can be. Many people just want fun, this idiot her...
  • I wanna study abroad but i dont know what i can do
    ah maybe i will choose study in Europe and i am chinese i want to know if many foreigners are racists and i dont know what i should prepare when i go there and could you tell me something ...
  • come back
    it's long from the last time i come here. Nothing to say, just want to announce everyone that i come back...:))
  • The Summer Holiday
    Time passes! The summer holiday's ending is coming.But it seems that I didn't do any meaningful things. The best thing is to go dancing.Though sometimes I was depressed.When I dance with my hear...
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    • English
    • heyly
    • 40 minutes ago
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  • Please tell me how I say.
    Please tell me whether following expressions are correct. 1) I'd better talk on voice chat rather than video chat. 2) I can't hear you because a train passed away and made large noise. 3) ...
  • Why its important learning English in Colombia
    I consider that english is very important in a country like Colombia , not a lot people speak english here unlike others countries , for example if you speak english and you are a secretary you wil...
  • Is College Education a Necessity for Everyone?
    Honestly speaking, although I am a college student, college education is not necessary for everyone. College education provide us with both an oppotunity to study and a chance to enhance our person...
  • Introducing me
    Hi, my name is Thayná, how you probably saw. I'm here because I'm very curious, I like learn languages and I love chat with different persons! I'm very interest in music, politic, culture, people, ...
  • What do you do ?
    If you happened to see your abhorrent anything,what do you do? My house is top of hill. it's nice area and there are lot trees and flowers. I'm glad to live this house. But, the big spider appea...
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    • ai_ia
    • 1 hour ago
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  • The Footstep
    I insist on learning English everday, I am so entranced by language learning,but some issues continually come up and bother me, so I understand why a friend told me that I would face kinds of barri...
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    • Ray
    • 1 hour ago
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  • A little about my Family.
    Hello today I am going to write about my brother, I love my family of course but we are a lot diferent for example my brother is the other side of the coin while he is a funny and sociable person I...
  • Well "The book of Disasters and Mistakes" Hahaha
    When iTalki ask me: "Write something.." My face was like.. ok, i'll wrong all grammar but i'm more strong than it so i want try. xD I can talk about my city, so... my city is Naples, Campania. It ...
  • I wish learning English!!
    I try to learn english when I was 12 years old, now I'm 20 years old and I'm still trying. I don't know why but I can't improve my english, when I look for a job they always tell me that they looki...
  • My life style
    What I want most in life to be able to speak English very fluently. so I'm here... best regards saygılarımla...
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    • Emrah
    • 2 hours ago
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  • Why is important to travel to another country?
    I think there are many different reasons to travel another countries and cities, and it depends about you want. However, I think there are some reasons besides that know a new place, to take nice p...