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  • Wich will be your Sunday?
    I´m going to go to Seville center and I´m gointo to see the brotherhood of Sevilla. Tomorrow, they do penitence station for the Seville´s street, its beautiful and is a traditional art since 1605 d...
  • Sabanas / Sheets
    Hola! he intentado traducir uno de mis escritos al inglés... corregidme sin miedo! os lo agradeceré! :) Hello! I tried to translate one of my writings into English ... correct me please! Thank y...
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    • Laia
    • 17 minutes ago
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  • Beautiful Cities
    Well, it’s not easy for me to say what city was the most beautiful, that I have ever seen. That because, I have been to three beautiful cities. Cites that I have been to; were Izmir in Turkey, Ista...
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    • Telly
    • 18 minutes ago
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  • my close friends
    if there somone ask me about my preciuos things, I'll tell them about my close friends. They are the people outside my family I most appreciate. I'm have too close friends and I think it's the n...
  • confusion of middle age
    I am 35 years old. This is a certain age when people will call you a middle age guy. You can't excuse yourself with something like "sorry-I-am-still-young-give-me-more-time-I-will-get-it" from then...
  • Hello everyone
    My name is Lai Rui, I come from China but currently living in New Zealand. I have been study English for ages, but still struggling with speaking and listening. I go to VOA special english progr...
  • A little description about the place where I live
    Hello everyone! At my first input, I want to write about the place where I live. I would like you to correct the text I have written. It would be so kind if you can help me. Thank you! I live in...
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    • English
    • Teresa
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  • Russian and English by Skype
    Let's try to talk by Russian and English skype - vvltignyan
  • Watch
    Continuing to walk along the coast he continued to thin... "We go to the movies, that we are watching a film. While we are watching TV, we are watching. If we Surf the internet, we watch... We go...
  • Apologies
    Hi all, I'm really glad to have received messages from people who are truly interested in language learning :) However, I'm rather busy currently because my university semester is ending and I h...
  • Israelis and Manna
    The children of Israel went out of the land of Egypt with Moses. All the children of Israel were crying out against Moses in the waste land: You have taken us out to this waste of sand, to put ...
  • what a chinese people need to do with ENLISH?
    As a chinese highschool student ,i need do enlish test and paper every day.but i think that is nuisance.yet it is the must -do thins that you cannot obey it.sovi am confused.want do something useful
  • After wishing my clothes
    I usually wish my clothes in weekdays, almost not wash one or two but save a week's dress . I take a shower, watch a movie or not . Then I go to wash the clothes.ohh, I don't like washing machin...
  • Phrasal verbs
    Phrasal verb: Get on with Meaning: Continue doing something, especially work Example: I need to get on with my homework project, otherwise I won't finish it for tomorrow. Phrasal verb: Do up ...
  • Someone could help me? to correct this job description for my cv thank you in advance!
    As IT Admin I was in charge of all technological infrastructure of the company such as server, computer clients and CCTV system. My day to day duties were to analyzed and support the server (window...
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    • Elian
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