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  • The little sister of Oktoberfest - do you know it?
    Many people know about the Munich Oktoberfest, but I guess almost no one knows it's „little sister", the Dippemess in Frankfurt. It’s origin is a fair for household goods first documented in the...
  • practice english
    hello, i want to practice my english , i can help you with your spanish
  • My first note.
    Hi I am Miguel. I am learning english in a english school, but I do not speak very well. I need to practice because I want to make a mastery when I finish my school, but I need speak, write and rea...
  • Just arrived here
    Hi everybody, i have just joined this group. I am very excited about all the things that i can find here.i have been practicing english for several years but i don t feel i am fluent. I hope this ...
  • Physical exercise is more vita for older people than younger people. (Body 1)
    First of all, I had two grandfathers, one for my father's side and one for my mother's side. However, My paternal grandfather did not really exercised and usually stayed inside home, on the other h...
  • Help with my essay!! :)
    These days the media is full of stories about famous Peruvian or international people, in fact all these people give us an idea that be famous in Peru could be easy . Having a good looking, perfec...
  • A letter to Oliver
    Dear Oliver. I'm really glad to hear about you're really well. Sorry for not writing for ages, but I've changed the city where I live and I have been very busy. Regarding my new job I'm reall...
  • Confused
    Last week I met with one of my highschool mate .I haven't seen him for awhile . He become taller than me .While we are chatting and remembering the old days he invited me to his weeding . I asked h...
  • correct please! thanks :))
    Hi families! I am a Spanish girl interested in working as a au pair in usa. I'm 20 years old and I'm studying architecture. I have lots of experience with children because it's a job that I really ...
  • Academic Writing. Difficulities with stylistic mistakes. How could I make my text more academic?
    It seems to be that the German respondents know what they are talking about, and are not afraid to express their opinions (in their answers is presenting internal empathy for the raised questions)....
  • New words: blustery
    I've always been an avid English learner, I can't explain why I do like it so much. Everyday I learn a little, but I currently live in a small place and I can't practise my English skills as much a...
  • "The sky is falling" , ring a bell?
    Does the title ring any bell?? This's one great novel by Sidney Sheldon. How he focused on the crime but never ignored the lives of the characters, making it a big deal for the reader was really in...
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    • Radwa
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  • What do you think?
    I am unstable for What I do? I want to read a book and I want to watch a movie. I like thats but I can't do its together, İt is impossible :D
  • Unforgettable Picnic.
    William and Marjory with their two young children, went for a picnic on a lovely beach. They locked their car and left it on the nearest road. The children had a wonderful time swimming and buildin...
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    • Lisa
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  • Dexter.
    It is a story about serial murderer, who was a witness of a bloody massacre with his mother in his 3 age. He had been adopted in family of an outstanding police officer. And his adoptive father tau...
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    • Nina
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