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  • what did I do today?
    First, I woke up at seven o'clock, I bathed and I had breakfast at eight o´clock. Then I went to my english class that started at nine o'clock. My classmates and I were talking in english, but I w...
  • About italki, Ideas to improve the site, share your ideas too .
    1. My exeprience : In my opinion and after few days in Italki, I see Italki is the best social network for learning languages, at least from the sites I know. The best thing in this site is t...
  • "LOVE"
    In your view what is "LOVE"...? Mine is It is the only thing make the world Happy and peaceful.....
  • My niece was born :)
    Yesterday, according to Vietnam time zone, my niece was born. Her weight was 2,9 kilograms. She's the first child of my oldest brother and sister-in-law. He always wants a daughter. Now his wish co...
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    • Tammy
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  • 100 Words for Madam Mumford (Correct it please)
    An hour ago, I had a trial session with Madam Mumford, I really appreciate her for giving me 29 minutes from her tight schedule. Although my internet connection was little noisy but she adjusted he...
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    • Awais
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  • My New QQ ID
    It seems my last QQ account will not let me sign in, so I have created a new one. It makes me a little sad because I had people that I spoke to on a regular basis, that I have no way of contacting ...
  • flu : (
    I just feel so bad, this flu is horrible,just a lot of sneezes........................ : (
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    • chuchu
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  • Smart phones, Dull people
    There is no invention more prominent in today’s society than the smartphone. It is used everyday for things as simple as making a call to as complex as using an application to pinpoint your exact l...
  • "Get on Up"
    Last night I saw this James Brown biopic with my grandparents. Before the movie there was an interview with the director and the star (Tate Taylor and Chadwick Boseman). The movie was very interest...
  • New Tutor
    Hello everyone! I am a new Community Tutor here on italki. I have been teaching English online for 6 years now. I can help you practice your English skills, just view my profile or send me a messag...
  • Dinner
    Hi, I'm Sharon! At the moment I'm waiting for dinner. My boyfriend is cooking for me. I'm very lucky =) He's making a pasta with garlic, persil, oil and chili pepper and obviously I'm not helping h...
  • What I do wrong?
    I think that each person, who try learning English or another foreign language tries to understand, how learn other languages more effective. This problem isn’t so easy for solving. Of course it’s ...
  • What is your favourite TV series?
    My favourite TV series is "The Sopranos". It is a ficion series but it says that The Sopranos is based in a real italian family. It was recorded arount the year 2000 and it was premiered in USA on ...
  • A rainy day.
    It was a rainy day, the streets was wet and the sky was full of clouds. We wanted to go walking at park, but we could not. So, my sister was very sad, and my cousin was angry. I said her: -Calm dow...
  • Please help me find the English subtitles for this movie.
    Could you please find the subtitles for : Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1991) Or let me know where I can request the English subtitles for movies. Anyone who will be the first per...
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    • Bunch
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