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  • My favorite serial.
    Today i will speak about my favorite serial. This is "Real boys". This serial about life young man who name Nikolay Naumow ang her friends. The first scene show us when Nikolay in police and he hav...
  • About me
    Wassp People !! The name is VIVA GREEN. I might take night schooling in The Easily Boarding School of Lifetime People built at Des Moines.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Protocol
    Yo bros !! I am CAMMIE TREVINO. I am taking admission in The Revealing School built at Kissimmee. I want to become a Financial analyst.
  • I am looking for someone who was born on August 31, 1990.
    I am looking for someone who was born on August 31, 1990. I was born in China on August 31, 1990. If you were born on August 31, 1990 please contect me. My wechat : beejoy007 and my Skype: be...
  • Help me translate
    Hello, everyone! Thanks for your attention.Now I have some articles in German. It's a pity that I can't understand ,because I just know little German words. Who can help me translate those arti...
  • Trying to be more patient
    The last weekend I sent a lot of messages inviting people to practice my spoken english and I received just an answer. This girl gave me her skype but she never answered my call. I feel a little bi...
  • Make some sentences
    Obsolete My computer is very old ,and it's obsolete now. Decree The goverment decreed that a new tax be imposed. Counsel When you were arrested ,you should find your counsel first . ...
    I was writing to some people, i hope yours answer to start soon with the practice in a time determindated although if they dont answer me , ill practice alone in mi house ... My job today was bo...
  • sentences practise
    1. I borrowed some money to tide over until my paid day. 2. I desperately want to know my onions. 3. My mom would have screamed with full delight when I left home. She wanted to be alone occupyin...
  • English lessons
    Hi everyone! :) I'm still practicing my english. I go every tuesday and thursday to my english lessons. It's a small group and I don't talk to much. The teacher is so funny and nice, his lesso...
  • be happy
    everything is pls don't need be happy.good lucy for everyone.
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  • Job decision
    As far as now I collect many kinds of job. There are normal and adventureful I met the cheating company again last night. I guess he is like chinese cheating beggar forgeting me who want me money ...
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  • A week rest of university
    Hello Today finished my Four-month period in the university I have a week free. I go to study English for improve my level, I have thought when I fence go to the United States From 18 to 23 June...
  • やばくね?
    The final is coming up as if a mantis creeps up on my stomach. In the end, it beheads me. Just joking, but it is serious. I took five classes this semester, which are analog photography, graphic d...
  • New Here!
    Hello, Salut, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo! I just wanted to put this note here because I know that my availability to this site is limited. Feel free to leave me a message if you like and I will do my...