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  • Ex. #1
    I looked and see you. Who are you? I don't know who you are. You're looking and seeing: it's me. Who am I? I do not know who I am! You know who I am. You say: "My Baby." I'm your baby! You know...
  • About three verbs: do/ make/ have
    I'm Vietnamese and learning English. I want to take a Ielts exams as soon as possible but my current level is very low. Now in my book there is a exercise about three verbs: do/ make/ have and ...
  • What happened yesterday
    I met with my academic adviser yesterday, to have him sign my program planning sheet, and we also discussed about my future plans. He is very nice and patient to listen to me, make me feel more hor...
  • French is beautiful!
    Hello ! I'm a french native, and artist in Paris. I'm passionate about the language, as it allows us to express our feelings, emotions, wishes, and all we really need. That's the reason wh...
  • Translated and original books
    When I read a translated book in Portuguese, my native language, I sometimes compare it with the ones written in Portuguese by Brazilians and feel like there's some differences. I can feel somehow ...
  • How to come up with unusual ideas?
    I am studying for the FCE (First Certificate in English). I have a book which has 6 tests simulating the exam. In the Writing Part, I find very hard because you have to write some essays and mos...
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    • milena
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  • 2015.07.28
    Today, I defined a soul as a memory+logic sysyem, which is able to aware of and response to external inputs. I might be wrong at some points but they are the best I can imagine from my experiences....
  • Shot Me Down ( Portuguese Subtitles )
    That's my tip for who is learning Portuguese ... I really like this song, I hope you like it too. =) Check it :
  • Hi, my first entry
    Tris is my first entry, I don' t know write a lot, so I want leave a grettins flor itaki' community.
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    • Sonia
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  • Who I am?
    Hello, my name is Camilo Lopez, I live in Bogota Colombia and I´m Cycling of route I like the Architecture and Urbanism and I love much God I am learn English now, I understand a lttle English...
  • I am stay at night
    I want go sleep but I can't sleeping, because the temperature is very higher in this city I living. I hate the summer with day is very hot. I also dislike the winter with the day is very cold. If i...
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    • Alice
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  • A slow month
    Good Moorning, I want to share an opinion about the time as excuse for check my writing skills. This is a very slow month, I feel that the time don't go, all the day pass very quickly but the...
  • Practice writing comment notebook.
    I thought online friends not the same real friends because we don't know about background and don't know each other enough for exchange story or maybe about difference of free time or someone not s...
  • Manage one million dollars of a charity.
    Dear Mr Richard I really appreciate about your help for our education charity. One million dollar is a big number, and to manager this money, the first we're going to lend it to bank (Bank of Amer...
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    • Huynh
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  • About my job !
    My topic is about massage and more precisely massage ayurvedique. I’m going to speak first to ayurvéda origins. It’s come to India, and it’s a traditional medecine, a sacred medecine. It is even r...