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  • What are Penis Pumps
    - The outcomes usually are not often everlasting since you are merely drawing blood in your male organ. Attaching a Penomet penis pump can also be an option, which reconstructs the erection of pen...
  • Hi I am new !
    Hi !! I am new in this web and I don't know how it works yet. I live in Barcelona and I have finished economy in the university. Now I am studing MBA and english but...the english is dificult for...
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    • English
    • gemma
    • 12 minutes ago
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  • Photography
    Photography: Photography is one of my most go to things when I have free time.I love taking pictures of strange people different moods and different places .I usually use my canon 70D DSLR camer...
  • Accuracy
    Creating financial statements for short periods is not a difficult issue anymore. Using an ERP system and an accounting application gives the chance to get accurate results in an efficiently. The b...
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    • English
    • Ahmed
    • 39 minutes ago
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  • how earthquake happen
    An earthquake is a natural phenomenon that results from underground movement along a fault plane.Shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement. Tectonics ...
  • my English
    I want to practice english in order to get the good job and now i have no money. May be somebody could help me? I want to practice speech.
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    • English
    • Olga
    • 55 minutes ago
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  • The End Of Summer (夏の終わり)
    Today is clear day after a while. It's called "Aki-bare" in Japanese, and it's meaning "fine autumn day" or "clear autumn sky". Is it still early to say? The sunlight is still strong, but wind is a...
  • Just notes)
    I'm gonna write notes here for myself) ------------------- 25 Commonly-used Idioms in the Corporate World
  • Intresting facts about English:)
    1..... A sentence that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet is called a "pangram". 2..... The word "alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha, bēta. 3..... The...
  • Can and can't
    We studies verbs can and can't.
  • We are what we eat!
    Obesity is the great problem nowadays. Many people are suffering from this disease. It leads to the great number of deaths. It is very weird that government of many countries does not consider it t...
  • sprängning
    Tag Heuer erbjudanden bergborr lösningar . kolla in vår hemsida (
  • A Late Assigment-A Touching Story
    I saw an excellent video named "Validation" that my English teacher shared with me last Tuesday. I should have to submit homework as soon as possible, but unfortunately, I went to Kaifeng on busine...
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    • English
    • Sarah
    • 2 hours ago
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  • Farewell Letter
    Hello everyone. I have written a Farewell Letter but unfortunatly, my english is not so good and i think this letter is very basic. I would like to use phrasal verbs but i don't know how and where....
  • Learning Thai could be fun
    When I took my first trip to Thailand in 2013, i thought English would be enough to travel around. One day, I went to a local market for food and people started talking to me in Thai because of m...