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  • A checkout
    1.1 comparative and degrees Sweet - sweeter- the sweetest Far - further- the furthest Good - better- the best Expensive - more expensive - the most expensive Rich- richer - the richest Ugly ...
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    • English
    • koul
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  • How we can do the Earth a better place?
    Humans think are the most important specie around the world. It's true that we aren't satisfy following the path marked by the evolution but not for that we can destroy others paths. I think the E...
  • My English
    Hi People whow are you? I'M from Brazil
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    • English
    • Thiago
    • 35 minutes ago
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  • I made error
    This year was very informative. I knew many interesting information, made new friends. But only now I understand that I must do everything to have income. I spent a lot of money that isn't mine. It...
  • Do You Know Cashflow Board Game?
    It is one year since I have bought that game and one day since I have ended on 4th place in Czech National Championship. I like that game! The game teach players to understand their personal fin...
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    • English
    • Pavel
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  • My study
    i have been studying English since 1 month and i think that i have improve very much. I have known a lot of girls that they have teacher english while we talked of us. If Italki had not been, I w...
  • Hi everybody! i'm learning english and i'd like you to help me for improving my english
    Pls let me know how to create a good way for being good at english to teach a beginers group. Thk u all. I'd like to get some resources, activities etc
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    • English
    • Ruth
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  • Introduction
    My name is Irina, an international student from the south of China. It is terribly hot in summer and cold in winter. Before I came to Canada, my past education experience and life are like most of ...
  • The Black Figure
    Some fifteen years ago in the summer time, two teenage girls discovered by chance some neglected kittens in a cemetery. The girls felt sorry for the kittens and decided to feed them. So they would ...
  • Grateful
    Thank God for all the wonderful things in my life
  • Drop Dead Diva
    This is the American drama that I was watching, called 'Drop Dead Diva'. When I was choosing American dram in rental DVD shop, I was attracted this full figured woman on this DVD package by chance....
  • Hello
    Hello, mi name is Maria Lorena i'm from Ecuador, my nacionalidad is ecuadorian, i like watch tv, an travel, my favorite eat is carne, chuleta, idont like fruts. Ihave a one douther fifteen old years.
  • I have to decide what to do with my life.
    I am about to graduate from the university, I have to start looking for a job and get some experiences if I want to study my master in the next 2 years more or less, the problem is that I don't wan...
  • Trip and holidays
    Hi teacher Erika! I'm back for English classes. My trip was very nice. Maceio is very amazing. I walked buggy, I went beach cliffs Gunga. It's is paradise. The beach Gunga is located in the Barra...
  • November 23
    I've not written for a month or something. Maybe it's because in my life hasn't happened someting special, but it should be better for me to do writing practice more frequently. Even a few sentence...