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  • What I want to do
    I 'm going to tell you about what I want to do. I want to be a graphic designer. Making video and motion graphics are important things that I'm going to do in my life. I guess it will not ...
  • Did I do it right?
    태무 새겨 혁명 점수 ㅑㅡ 쇼를?
  • Eggs ,how do you like to cook it?
    Eggs,how do you like to cook it? As known ,there is not only one answer. Someone want to have boiled eggs. And someone will like one-side fried egg. sunny up fried egg,or sunny down fried egg.
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    • English
    • fred
    • 1 hour ago
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  • My Bedroom
    My house is separated into many rooms just like the other houses. I have a big living room where we usually place the guests and a smaller one where I and my family usually have a conversation in. ...
  • Should employees be allow to participate in decision-making
    Some people think that managers alone should make decisions in the company, while others think that employees should be involved in the decision-making process too. Discuss both views and give your...
  • 'When I was little"
    I don't like to say "When I was little", because I don't grow much :(
  • Pros and cons about package holiday.
    A package holiday in a resort ‘all inclusive’. One of the many ways to holidays is a package holiday. Pros and cons about package holiday. There are constantly more people that decide ...
  • Bored
    This language (english) has been a problem for me. There are three years I am trying to learn it, but I can't! I confess don't have discipline. Well, I swore to myself that I would change my habits...
  • Sexism
    I have been a member of Italki for a year and half a now, and when I used to message English speakers I got the same kinds of answers. If you message a woman their answers are always: "I'm married"...
  • Me, just me.
    Hi, my name is Alexis Berli. I am student. I like the English and I would visit England.
  • Hello italki community!
    This is my first attempt at writing in english here, Honestly I don't have any topic to talk about, only I wanted to write something to test my writing. Well I have one question. How do you organiz...
  • Act 1:Scene 1
    Italki - great idea. But I am a lost sailor in this unexplored linguistic ocean. Keen to learn Italian, German and French. Able to contribute time, effort and grit with an end goal to master the af...
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    • Alwin
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  • Jack and the beanstalk
    Jack and the beanstalk Story Once upon a time there was a beautiful day. In a ugly and poor house lived a mommy and her son a boy named Jack. One day, Jack’s mother told him to sell their onl...
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    • Carol
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  • Notes from my lesson
    I just finished a lesson with a new teacher in Spanish - I wanted to write my notes in Spanish, but the "virtual keyboard" is confusing me, and I'm still waiting for the support site to explain its...
  • I think Everybody On Italki Hates Me To Death
    Just as the title says I have come to the conclusion that everybody on Italki hates me and would like to wipe me from the face of the Earth. No matter what I write and no matter what I comment I ge...