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  • Behavior Caracters and Physical Apparences.
    First of all, what is the important thing for accepting others, is it their behavior caracters or maybe their physical apparences? Both concepts are accomplishing themselves, if we meet somebody ...
  • Someone wants to practice?
    Hi, I'm from Brazil, i'm a Web Developer and Designer, living in São Paulo. I realized that English is very important for my career. I want to improve my English skills, and i can help someone tha...
  • Important and vital stuff you ought to find out about christian women
    Christian Women Speakers who will be in the relationship scene all too often address the lads with the best possible facts that they can do. There are a number of fascinating factors about single C...
  • Apostasy
    Recently, I heard from Evangelical Pastor's testimony about how a person complained him because an 'Evangelical' said to this person 'the solution' to all his problems making a convenant with God i...
  • Ebooks or Ordinary Books?
    For those who love books there is no question about it. Normal books have a special touch that makes them unique. Not to mention the smell of the paper which they are made of. However, with the de...
  • My corporate culture
    I want to present some aspects of my company's culture. First, we have a very supportive culture. New employees get a mentor, which coaches them in their job and helps them doing their first steps...
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    • English
    • Susi
    • 1 hour ago
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  • The age and hierarchy in my suite
    There are 6 rooms in my suites. I have 10 suite mates. There are 5 korean suite mates among international students. Three of my korean suitemates are 23 years old , and two of them belong to 12 gr...
  • help me with this please..
    I'm writing an essay about living longer... so I have to write about overpopulation, consequences of living longer... and I wanted to know how to write something about housing problems like for ex...
  • Looking for someone to practice spanish conversation
    Hi everyone! Ma name's Nelson from chile. I'm an engineer looking for someone to practice my english. Obviously, I could return with spanish practice conversations about culture, sports, academics,...
  • Few hours here..
    ok. my first impression.. too many russians. looks like for each who learn russian we have ten or more russians, who is ready to help. So probably I have no a chance to do the same, since every ne...
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    • English
    • Rion
    • 2 hours ago
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  • My best travel experience.
    I want talking about my most memorable experience. It was the trip to Bulgaria, I had three years ago with my dance group to participate in international dance festival. This journey was already se...
  • i form china my name is tongkaibao
    my english sucks, i from china ,I can speak Chinese, we can learn from each other, how
  • Please correction my sentence
    1.Are you busy with someone ? 2.Today will you come in my office? 3.I'm waiting here just only for you. 4.Just finished my lunch. 5.Have you finished your lunch. 7.when you come to your office...
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    • English
    • Sagar
    • 2 hours ago
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  • English Students!
    Hello, I hope you're having a good weekend! I have times open this week and I'm hoping to meet new students! I've had a great weekend teaching and watching American football. I hope you've had an e...
  • First contact on Italki
    Well, i wanted to find someone to practice spoken english with me and i finished here. I think my english isn't very bad, but i need to improve it as much as possible, i always say that i speak en...
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    • English
    • Rafa
    • 3 hours ago
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