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  • Could you check my small post? Manythanks in advance!
    I hope you are doing great and all is well with your family. Yesterday I went to the hospital and I was told that my hormones are disbalanced and I need treatment. Tomorrow I will try to get ref...
  • Children's education
    Children education is a theme that can give rise to long discussions. While parents can transmit to children their personal beliefs, such as religion, school must be more generic, because there are...
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    • English
    • Dani
    • 9 minutes ago
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  • I need practice :D
    I'm very excited because I start to know people that want to learn Spanish from me. But, I need people that want help with english. For me it's very difficult the verbs in past and future. Anyw...
  • I adopted a dog and I'm a happy person now
    One year ago my husband and I decided to adopted a dog. At the begging I was afraid because we always lived in a flat and I thought he'll suffer to live in a small place. But I changed my mind ...
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    • English
    • Diany
    • 42 minutes ago
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  • about myselfe
    this jule i have complited succesfully internship, and now i'm a doctor - pediatrician))) yeah, i do it :-D
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    • English
    • Sergey
    • 50 minutes ago
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  • About Thrash Metal
    Hi there, i'm listening some nice music genre called Thrash Metal and I realised since no many years ago the young ones (around 13-16 years old) are loving this genres like If they were born in the...
  • My life in ten years
    In ten years I'll be the best actor in the world. I'll be working for cinema and theater. I'll be living in New York or Barcelona. I'll be married with a smart and handsome man, and I'll travel all...
  • Resume
    Free Software enthusiast since prehistoric times, self-educated, developer, web designer, technological consultant, entrepreneurial, teaching and speaker. Curious by the hardware, agile methodolo...
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    • English
    • Jinme
    • 1 hour ago
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  • my first write))
    so, i'm here! forward to English!!!
  • Fonn 3 p.3
    [ ' ]is a fada gaolta> relations fiu'>even faoi la'thair>at the moment forming sentences off the top of your head 1 san indine'is Ans. Ta' mo chara ag saoire san Indine'is putting Eng...
  • Please help me. I will take Ielts in August 16. I need your help. Thank you so much :)
    Topic: the negative of globalization. Nowadays, the spread of globalization has been the focus of of the the heated debate. Among all the related problems that people are highly concerned with, ...
  • Very upset with telephone companies!!! >:(
    I´m going to ask you a question which is very easy to answer...Have you ever argued with the telephone company staff (in example, technique service)?? I guess that you would say YES. It is extr...
  • Apresentação
    I'm very glad that I've met italki, because it's an opportunity to meet people from different cultures and to improve my hability in other languages. I've been studying about human rights and this ...
  • Don't Forgot about Your Age
    It so happened that the last three weeks had become the solid sequence of work and celebrating of anniversaries of my friends and relatives including my own jubilee. It might be written that it was...
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    • English
    • Peter
    • 2 hours ago
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  • A surprise
    On Sunday, I was sleeping in my house in the mountain with my son while outside it was raining cats and dogs. My friend Giampiero phoned me at 7.00 a.m. and asked me if he could come to my home wit...