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  • Lesson 2 (verbs)
    To eat = Taberu   たべる To see = Miru みる To go = Iku いく To stay = Tatsu たつ But, in the sentence : -my name is.... how can I tell ??
  • Help me with my English text, please.
    I lost the pleasure of enjoying many classics of literature, mainly because I could not read between the complex lines of social interactions. Some classic books are very realistic, reading them i...
  • shyness: a big problem for learning new languages
    Since I was a little child, I have enjoyed reading and listening new languages. However, speaking is another matter...I'm aware that it's absolutely necessary speaking if I want to have fluency. Bu...
  • Apple of Discord
    Eris, goddess of Discord, wasn't invited to the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, because of her nature. Eris become really mad because of it, so she decided to take revenge on the gods of Olimpus. So ...
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    • English
    • Naiara
    • 45 minutes ago
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  • Introduction
    Hi there! I'd like to acquire actual proficiency in English (one can dream, right?) and help learners of Portuguese (I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil) and French (I'm not a native speaker but lived in Pa...
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    • English
    • Rafael
    • 52 minutes ago
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  • nice to meet you
    I`m Jeferson, I`m 24 years old in this moment I study English in the university,I wish know many people for talk in English, of course I can help you to learn Spanish, also make friends, we talk ab...
  • Ok Let's Go
    Falco began to sweat and padded his forehead with a handkerchief. This ‘calle’ (typical name for Venetian street) was a hell. The air was unbeatable because of the hot temperature and the aspirator...
  • Regress(
    Last two weeks my english is very bad( I feel, that I forget simple words...
  • the perfect baby
    in the world there are many couples who can not have children.thanks to scientific advances may of these couple may have children, through to in vitro fertilisation. Today with the genetic engineer...
  • describe the place where you grew up
    I grew up in Casarabonela , a village of Malaga. It is located in a plateau of the big group of mountains. All houses are white and it is beautiful. The village is bordered to forest, mountains and...
  • a simple question
    I'm the native speaker of farsi. I'm a Farsi native speaker. which sentence is correct, or common?
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    • English
    • Ali
    • 1 hour ago
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  • Some Thoughts
    I have been finding for a meaning of my life since my 13. And I'm sure that I will always find it. Have you ever had such thoughts? My mother said me that the meaning of our lives was a love. A lo...
  • see the truth
    I had a hick and two faced boss. He was saying ı boycott israel and israel’s goods but he also trade to day ı said him boss you are saaying ı boycott israel and its goods, so why do you ...
    I think how would be my life in ten year´s time and I imagine that I will be living in Ciudad Real but in another house bigger than house where I´m living now. My job I think will be another. I...
  • I am here
    Its awesome i think and stuff