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  • Joining ItalkI a good start !
    I was in search of a forum that helped me in learning English. Fortunately, one of my friend from England suggested me to join ItalkI through which I could learn a language I wanted to learn as wel...
  • 5 sentences nepali about how are you conversation
    how.are you- tapaile kast cha? timilai kast cha? what did you eat? timi ke kayo? kayen? what sleep????? what did you how have you been??????
  • 5.questions.about How.long.will.yo...
  • my favorite food.nepal.5 sentences
    Mo Woo.derai.ramro Maile.chow.main.kai (i ate.chow mein) I mo.huff.parcha I like eggs mo.anda.khana.p...
  • आज मौसम धेरै जाडो छ​।
    यो बिहान हिउँ आए। मत्रै -३ उपाधि सेन्टिग्रेडमा तापमान थिए। बाटोहरु धेरै बरफ जमेको थिए। धेरै गाडीहरु दुर्घटनाग्रस्त थिए। गर्मी पाएर दुध चिया पिउन्छु।
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    • Nepali
    • Rebecca
    • Nov 22, 2013
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  • मेरो नेपाली साथी हरुले मलाई नेपाली सिकाये
    I started meeting Nepali speaking people and they taught me some of the language. I don't know how to say this correctly in Nepali.
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    • Rebecca
    • Sep 25, 2013
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  • म नेपाली अलि अलि बोल्छु।
    मदत गर्नुहोस्! म नेपाली पड्न​ सक्छु. म नेपाली लेक्न सक्छु. तर के पद्न मैले बुजेन. I also am not good at speaking Nepali. I definitely need help practicing. I am very happy to help you with your Eng...
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    • Rebecca
    • Sep 24, 2013
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  • Nepali Paragraph.
    Mero nam Godwin ho. Mero nickname kale ho. Mero nepali sathi haru sikne nepali. Ma nepali ali ali bolchu. Nepal ko khan dherei ramro chaa. Mero favorite nepali rapper Laure ho ani mero favorit...
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    • Godwin
    • Aug 06, 2013
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  • To my nepali bf
    Sushil, me timilai maya gorchu!
  • hi good mornning
    hi everybody ! i want to learn korean language. i'm santosh paudel,38, anybody who wann"na help and discuss for more better language confrence .please mail me @ s***@***.com
  • Practice...
    Namaste! Tapai lai kasto chha? I visited mero sati, Ganga today. (How would I phrase that in Nepali?) Mero sati, Ganga, saktra years old (how would I say?) ho. Uhau-ko (She?) Nepali ho. She Un...
  • Practicing simple questions
    Yo ke ho? यो के हो? Yo khairo ghoda ho. यो खैरो घोंडा हो। Tyo ke ho? त्यो के हो? Tyo kalo chata ho. त्यो कालो छाता हो। Please correct me if anything is wrong, used the wrong word, word ...
  • Practicing chapter one
    Hi, this is my first entry. I'm learning Nepali with the help of the book Teach Yourself Complete Nepali. I'm starting to practice writing that comes up in chapter one here, that's why it's very ba...
  • First notebook entry: Introducing myself
    I WANT to learn Nepali.Bcoz my bf he is from Nepal. He is such a good guy and learn Cantonese for me . So I want to do sth for him tooooooooooooooo. Today is Valentine's Day.but we r in differen...
  • Valetine's Day
    I love you in Nepali is म तिमीलार्इ माया गर्छु।