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Birthday is one of the meaningful day to everyone in the world. It should be the most cheerful day that we are waiting for since the new year started. People usually are very excited and even impressed while waiting for their birthday. However, it is different with me as I had a memorable moment in
my school last year. Lets start.

It was 29th Jannuary 2010. A week before that, I started to feel nervous of thinking what kind of killer surprise I am going to face in my coming birthday which was in 30 Jannuary. I knew already that I'm going to die once my friends realize with my birthday. They were over 'kind' and also too cruel in
celebrating someone's birthday. Once there was a birthday boy,surely he would 'die'!
For me, my friends at school were all devilish,including Muzakir and Syaiful,who are still being my classmate now in this Diploma programme.
On the 29th's night, I prayed all the times so that my friends would not be aware of my birthday. I saw my friends behave just like usual. There was no signal that they were going to kill me tonight. I felt really grateful to the God. Sharp 11 o'clock, I slept earlier because of too tired. At the moment, I
did't felt nervous anymore as I thought that I was safe from the 'cannibal'. An hour later, I heard something noisy around me while I was sleeping.Then, I was very shocked to see that I was surrounded by almost all of my batch members,which is about 60 people.
Having no time, they carried me together on their shoulders by force,rushing to the lake nearby,and threw me like a rubbish into the pond. Ahh! it was really hurted.My clothes wet and became smelly because of the greeny mossed water.Not enough that, they threw a few eggs toward me while others bathed me with a bundle of flour.Can you imagine that,friend? This is how we call a devilish best friend.Hihi.
Almost my body became sticky of the egg,and white of the flour. However they still not satisfied yet.Once again they forced to carry me to the behind of the girl hostel, and tied me at the wire fence.They tied my hands and legs so that i can move even a little,while others were laughing and touching sensedly on my body.Then,they surrounded me together,and sang the birthday song.I felt very touched, and even wanted to cry happily.You are the best friends forever guys.When finished singing the song, they left me alone in the darkness,while I was watched by all girls like a fool clown.Well,this is what we call FRIENDS!




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