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Guitar OhShalalaa~...

I played guitar since i was at13 years old. The first time i played guitar was when I just finishing UPSR examination. I became interested in playing the guitar since
I saw my dad playing it at home. I tried to ask him to teach me on how to play it but he ignored me as for him I was just an unmatured kid during that time. He told me that he will never teach me the way to play it by saying that " As a father I feel guilty to teach my son to play guitar , because music is not relevant in our Islamic religion. However i you really want to learn it, just learn by focusing the way I play." Starting from that moment, I always rushing to him once I heard guitar sound, to learn it by myself. Everytime I caught him playing the guitar, I will focus on him and try to copy the skill my remembering , and practice slowly in the my room until I become the one who i am now. In secondary school, I started to perform my first show playing the guitar on stage when I was in Form 2. For me, it is unbelieveble that i ever played guitar on stage. However, it was a reality, and so far, I have made about 7 performance which up until now, my dad never tend to believe it once I said to him. Deep in my heart, i said alone ,"Dad, I know that you are jealous with your talented son, since you never got the chance to stand on the stage.." :D




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