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Statement: The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide.

With the development of nowadays society and the increase of our living standardslevel, travelling become more popular and is considered as a relaxing entertainment during holiday or even for retired people. As a result, a growing number of groups of tour guiding appears in the tourist business traveling. I am a person who loves traveling. In my opinion, getting in a group by a tour guide is not the best way of travelling.
Initially, the tour guides always plan tourists’ travel with a busy and tiring agenda. The initial aim for travel is to relax, but how can we get an enjoyable, laid-back time relax in a well-knit schedule? Consequently, many travelers who go with tour guides just spend a few minutes in taking photos at each scenery spot in a landscape,and then get into the car and go to next one. That does not make any sense! They lose the value and purposert of taking on a journeythe travels. Just as I mentioned told above, the meaning of the travel is relaxing and enjoying the landscape.
In addition, the tour guiding companies have commercial business interests motive. They most time do not lead travelers to some local special shops but many big malls or restaurants. It is the understanding of the local cultures that is always the key value of travelling. is comprehending more about the culture of a strange place that is the meaning of the travelling. How can people know the culture of a new strange place in a shopping mall or a gorgeous commercial restaurant? I just experienced an awful journey tour like this. In a summer, my family decided to travel to Bali Island, Indonesia. That is a beautiful island which is excellent beyond comparison. We have known the peculiar sculpture and the seafood are the special trait of Bali. But what offended us is that the tour guide did not take us to the local food shops and the sculpture exhibition, and even took only a little time playing on the beach. We were more upset when the tour guide took us to spend almost a day in What is more out of sorts is that we have been 3 big shopping malls which showed nothing about the Bali’s local cultures. by following the tour guides’ planning. We felt meaningless about the trip when we left from Bali, and regret permeated our inner thoughts.
However, going without tour guides do have a better feeling in travelling. Firstly, travelling without guides has fewer limits. We can go any




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