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Must Watch American TV Dramas

If you're learning English and you don't watch English TV shows, you're doing it wrong. You might disagree and say that a better way to learn a language is by talking to native speakers; let's agree to disagree. That's not this notebook entry is about anyway. In this entry, I'm going to write about some American TV Dramas that I have found worth recommending. Being a learner of English Language, I watch all kinds of Dramas, be it about some close adventurous friends or about failed relationships. However, I do check the ratings on and I really don't watch a Drama if its rating is below 8 unless a friend begs me to watch it. Following is the list of must watch English TV shows:

1. Game of Thrones

2. How I Met Your Mother

3. The Big Bang Theory

4. Entourage

5. The Office

6. The Modern Family

7. Rules of Engagement

8. Sherlock (UK)

9. Two and a Half Men

10. Merlin

11. Arrested Development

12. Suits

13. Franklyn & Bash

14. Lost

15. Dead Like Me

16. The Simpsons

17. 30 Rock

18. White Collar

If it was not for the word limit, I would have written about each drama in detail. You can find ratings and description of these shows on IMDB. So get hold of DVDs and have fun with learning. If DVDs are not available in your local retail stores, then there is always an option to download illegally using torrents. I hope you know how to download torrents. If you don't, you better learn how to use computer before you learn English. Just Kidding.


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  • Oct 21, 2011
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