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cullen的小作文: May 08, 2010

Summary: a society in harmony is an ideal society that the Chinese nation has been seeking for thousands of years. In order to realize the dream, China is conducting a systematic and great program forward a society in harmony. It plays a significant role in theory for setting up a society in harmony that we popularize the traditional Chinese idea of “hehe” in this program. Therefore, We should draw on its merits and refer to correct advocacies while combining it with the features of new era for the construction of a socialist society in harmony.
This chapter first gives a presentation of the emergence and development of the idea of “hehe”, then points out the challenges facing the harmony between humanity and nature ,between mentality and phsicality, between human relationships and between society and community ,finally presents that the idea of “hehe” enlightens us about setting up a society in harmony.
Key words the idea of “hehe” a socialist society in harmony




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