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Stargazing (Part 2)

I was so comfortable looking at the sky while lying on top of a very calm and warm pool until the kid who happens to be the owner of the swimming lap that I got that afternoon popped out. Unfortunately, she wanted to have her lap back. It was terrible because I was really having the time of my life floating around the water while gazing at the sky but on the other hand, I really have to let go of that swimming lap and return it back to the owner.

Good thing, after some few minutes passed by, I saw another one sailing around and automatically grabbed the chance to go back and continue having the time of my life. Then suddenly, I began to reflect on a lot of things in life. The conveniences that you may be enjoying right now could possibly disappear anytime, and so as the people who makes you feel comfortable and safe when you're with them.

No one actually promised that one's life is always gonna be better nor will it be at its worst all the time. But it doesn't mean it won't really happen. The thing is, in the real world, good things don’t just come on your path the way you think they would, or else you'd be so naive to think that way. Sometimes, you have to chase them so hard for them to come to you all by themselves. Perhaps, they just wanna see how sincere you really are and what you're capable of doing to reach them.

In life, you'll eventually lose some, but it never really means that you can never have it again, or something similar to what you just lost, or even gain something greater. But what's really great is, life is not just about keeping, losing or regaining some, but there's also a thing called winning some.





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