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My first record

I very want to visit Miami.




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    My First Notebook Entry


    I really want to visit Miami. "Very" modifies adjectives and adverbs; for instance, "She is very pretty." (adjective) and "She ran very quickly." (adverb) To modify the verb "want", you need to use "really" instead. You could also use "so much" but in this case, it comes at the end of the sentence. For instance, "I want to visit Miami so much." I hope this helps.


    My first record

    I very really want to visit Miami.

    My first record

    I very want to visit Miami.


    Hello~Your sentence is correct,but I think "really" this word is better than "very"

    You know why? I guess this is a kind of feeling for languages.

    And I want to tell you something! Don't go to Miami,except summer.

    You know what I mean,right? 

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