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i have some questions in studying hungarian...

i have just started studying hungarian.
First, i tried to get used to hungarian alphabets.
As for me, since they are still similar to english alphabets and pronunciation, i didn't feel it difficult, only except for some confusing characters like U parts and O parts.
And since then, i learned some Hi/Bye in hungarian words like
szia, szervusz, yo napot kivanok, yo reggelt kivanok, yo estet kivanok, viszontlatasra, mi ujsag, kellemes napot kivanok etc
and memorizing such sentences and words, i realized i have no clue why the sentence's formed like that. Like for example, i only know the answers of math, while i have no idea why the answers should be like that.
So i perceived myself that i gotta get on studying grammar.
And then, I got lost at where to start with....
can recommend me some proper way of studying hungarian.....
do i have to finish grammar part first?




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    Hungarian is an agglutinative language.


    auto - car 

    autom - my car

    autoim - my cars

    eladtam az autoimat - I sold my cars


    Furthermore in Hungarian the order of the words can more or less modify the meaning of the sentence. 


    eladtam az autoimat - I sold my cars

    az autoimat adtam el - I sold my cars (not something else)


    I might recommend this link for further information: 

    If you have any question please let me know.


    Sok sikert!



    jó reggelt, jó napot etc. in written 'y' sound should be 'j' letter.

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