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Learn Tagalog.. ^0^

Sorry to say if this is only what I can share to you.. Have fun'!! ^_^

When you speak Tagalog, be careful to whom you are talking with.
Use "po" to respect the person who is older than you. For example, the word "yes" is "Opo" in formal conversation while in casual form is "Oo" as in oh-oh. "No" in Tagalog is "Hindi po" while in casual is "Hindi or some says Hinde"..

All of these are Casual
What - Ano
1. What are you doing? - Ano ang ginagawa mo?
doing - ginagawa
2. What is that? - Ano yan?
3. What is your name? - Ano ang pangalan mo?
name - pangalan (pa-nga-lan)

Where - Saan (as in sa-an) or Nasaan
1. Where are you going? - Saan ka pupunta?
going - pupunta
2. Where are you? - Saan ka? or Nassan ka?
3. Where have you been? - Saan ka nanggaling? (nang-ga-ling)

When - Kailan (kaylan)
1. When is your birthday? Kailan ang kaarawan mo?
birthday - kaarawan (ka-a-ra-wan) you can say also "kailan ang Birthday mo?"
2. When will you go to Philippines? - Kailan ka pupunta sa
Pilipinas? (the word "you" is used as singular and that is
"ka". If it is plural, "you" is "kayo")
will you go - pupunta

Why - Bakit
1. Why are you crying? - Bakit ka umiiyak?
crying - umiiyak (u-mi-i-yak)
2. Why are you learning tagalog? - Bakit ka nag-aaral ng Tagalog?
learning - nag-aaral

How - Paano (pa-a-no)
1. How is this? - Paano ito?
this - ito

Well that's all.. You can ask questions..



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