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Ladino: Alphabet (Alef-Bet)

Shalom a tudos! (Hello everyone!)
I made you guys wait for a bit, eh... it's what I do but finally, here you go... the Alphabet (Alef-Bet) in Ladino! Although most Ladino-Speakers don't use the Hebraic alphabet anymore, it's very important to study it before you dive into Ladino! It gives you a good idea about the orthography and pronounciation of the language! Please keep in mind, the Ladino alphabet has more letters than the Hebrew alphabet.

א alef a
אל al al
ב bed/ved b/v
ג gimal g/j/ch
ד daled d
ה e a
ו vav v/u/o
ז zayin z
ח khed kh
ט ted t
י yod i/e
כ kaf/khaf k/kh
ך khaf kh
ל lamed l
מ mem m
ם mem m
נ nun n
ן nun n
ניי nun ñ/ny
ס samekh s
ע ayin silent
פ pe/fe p/f
ף pe/fe p/f
צ sadik s/z
ץ sadik s/z
ק kof k
ר resh r
ש shin/sin sh/s
ת taf t



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