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Hindi Number System

digits and their equivalent Arabic/English figures are given below.

shuny ek do teen char panch chhah saat aath nao
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Though Hindi numerals are quite different than Arabic ones, you can use Arabic numerals in most of official communications in Hindi language too. The use, however, should be consistent throughout your written page.

Hindi Numbers
In Hindi Number System, this is how Hindi numbers are written and spoken.

Word Hindi Numeral Number Name
how many? ? kitne
ten das
eleven gyarah
twelve barah
thirteen terah
fourteen chaudah
fifteen pandrah
sixteen solah
seventeen satrah
eighteen atharah
nineteen unnees
twenty bees
thirty tees
forty chalees
fifty pachas
sixty saath
seventy sattar
eighty assi
ninety nabbe
hundred sau
one hundred ek sau
one thousand ek hazaar
one hundred thousand ek lakh
one million das lakh
ten million ek crore


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