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First notebook entry: Introducing myself

Hello ,I'm Only ,I come from Wuhan,China .Firstly I must say sorry that I Can't speak Thai language ,so I have to use English to introduce myself.I'm interested in learning foreign language.For me ,learning language is a very enjoyful experience.It can enrich myself and interest my daily life. I've been learning Japanese by myself.By now ,I can say some daily words. I believe that as long as I insist on it ,I will speak fluent Japanese.Resently, I set fire on Thai language .It's a very beautiful language,especially sounds.Thailand is a nice country ,the scenery there is beautiful.I hope one day I can travel there.If I could speak Thai language,it would be very wonderful.And I also think people there are nice,I hope to make some Thailand friends.In one word,I want to learn Thailand language,I hope you can help me.Thank you.



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