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Stories from Siberia

Stories from Siberia
Translation from the memoirs of Irena K.

Everything changed for our family in 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland and the Russians established army bases all over Lithuania.
At that time, my father Lt Colonel Victor K was still in the army and was in charge of discipline at the Sixth Fort military prison on the outskirts of Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania. That year we saw a lot of Polish refugees in our country, some were soldiers, others were just ordinary people fleeing from the Germans.
There were quite a few Polish army officers interned in the military prison. My father was fluent in Polish and German. The Polish officers asked him to give them a plot of land where they could plant vegetables so that they could have extra food in winter. They also asked whether they could go into the city centre of Kaunas to have a look around, buy some food and they gave my father their word of honour that they wouldn’t cause him any trouble or run away. At that time my father agreed, because a soldier’s word of honour was respected.




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