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Developments of democracy in the Reform Era

Democracy is the system of governance state as effort to render democracy on a state to be carried on by state government itself. One of the democracy pillars is trias politica which divided into 3 politics power such as executive, yudicative, and legislative. The term of ‘democracy’ comes from the Greek word, ‘demos’ means people and kratos/cratein means governance. Democracy is a government run by the people or in other words the supreme power is held by people and their elected directly under the free electoral system. In democracy, government is only one element of many institutions, political parties, organizations, and associations. Democracy becomes the important thing in division power a state bases on trias politica’s concept and principle. With acquiring power of people, this principle has to be utilized for welfare and people prosperity. Indonesia has experienced 4 period of democratizes with several versions; the first is Liberal democracy in independence period, the second is democracy who headed by Soekarno after he has declared himself as Lifetime President, next is Pancasila’s Democracy in Soeharto’s President era for 32 years, and the fourth is Democracy in the Reform Era until now. In the Reform Era, democracy has a lot of developing in politic, law, and socio-cultural area.




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