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Translating ATM Error

I'm watching the movie ATM Error with Thai subtitles, but there's a lot I don't understand!

At the beginning when they're interviewing everyone about whether they have a boyfriend/girlfriend, one girl says:
ถามแรงค่ะ - I think this means "That's a bold question"
มีก็ดีสิค่ค่ะ - ??

Then she says (when talking about preferences)
ต้องเจ้าชู้สิค่ะ - "He has to be flirtatious..."
คบแล้วตื่นเต้นดี - "I'm excited to meet him!"

Other people say:
ชมพู่อารยา - ???
หมวยๆไม่เอาเลยนะครับ - ???
ถามว่านำตรงสเป็คใครบ้างดีกว่าคะพี่ - ???

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    ถามแรงค่ะ - I think this means "That's a bold question". Yes, she said this question is bold.


    มีก็ดีสิค่ค่ะ - She said "It'd be great if I have a boyfriend". This means she doesn't have a boyfriend so she is single at that time.

    Then she says (when talking about preferences)
    ต้องเจ้าชู้สิค่ะ - "I have to be a woman who attracts men and enjoys my company"
    คบแล้วตื่นเต้นดี - "I'm excited to date with him!" or "I am excited to date with two or more men"

    Other people say:
    ชมพู่อารยา - This is the name of actress. You can search this word on Google and see her photos.
    หมวยๆไม่เอาเลยนะครับ - I don't like chinese girls. You can search หมวย on Google too.
    ถามว่านำตรงสเป็คใครบ้างดีกว่าคะพี่ - It's better if you ask me "Who likes to date with me?". She thought that she is not good looking girl or no man wants to date with her. Maybe, she was kidding.

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