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How I soent my last vacation?

In China,manychildren like the winter hoilday.Because they can play with friends sometimes,what's more ,they can get red packet with much money from their parents or the elder.But when I grow up,Idon'tlike the winter holiday any more.I don't know the reason by myself.So,in the last vacation,I took a Part-time job in a vietnamese restaurant.Although I worked from 11:00am to 8:00pm everyday,I can learn something that I never know. Such as seting the table,making the particular drink,toasting the bread and so on.I worked happily everyday.I can met with different persons from diffferent countries.I talked with them in chinglish or Japanse.They were all friendly.In the restaurant,the employees were so kind to me.At last,I had to get back to school and each of them were attached to me.I think it's the most special winter vacation in my present life.



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