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THE BEHISTAN INSCRIPTION, how to say persian language???

how to say persian language???:
. I am Darius, the great1 king, the king of kings, the king in Persia, the king of countries, the son of Hystaspes, the grandson of Arsames, the Achaemenide.
2. Says Darius the king: My father (is) Hystaspes, the father of Hystaspes (is) Arsames, the father of Arsames (is) Ariaramnes,2 the father of Ariaramnes
(is Teispes3), the father of Teispes (is) Achaemenes.4
3. Says Darius the king: Therefore we are called the Achaemenides; from long ago we have extended; from long ago our family have been kings.5
4. Says Darius the king: 8 of my family (there were) who were formerly kings; I am the ninth (9); long .aforetime \ we were (lit. are) kings.
- 5, Says Darius the king: By the grace of Auramazda I am king ; -Auramazda gave me the kingdom.
6. Says Darius the king: These are the countries which came to me; by the grace of Auramazda I became king of them;—Persia, Susiana, Babylonia, Assyria/ Arabia, Egypt, the (lands) which are on the
sea,2 Sparda, Ionia, [Media], Armenia, Cappadocia, Parthia, Drangiana, Aria, Chorasmia, Bactria, Sogdiana, Ga(n)dara, Scythia, Sattagydia, Arachosia, Maka; in all (there are) 23 countries.
7. Says Darius the king : These (are) the countries which came to me; by the grace of Auramazda they became subject to me; they bore tribute to me; what
was commanded to them by me this was done night
and (lit. or) day.

Says Darius the king: Within these countries what man was Watchful,1 him who should be well esteemed3 I esteemed; who was an enemy, him who should be well punished3 1 punished; by the grace of Auramazda these countries respected4 my laws;5 as it was commanded by me to them, so it was done.
9. Says Darius the king: Auramazda gave me this6 kingdom; Auramazda bore me aid until I obtained7 this kingdom; by the grace of Auramazda I hold this
10. Says Darius the king: This (is) what (was) done by me after that I became king; Cambyses by name, the son of Cyrus (was) of our family; he1 was king- here; of this Cambyses there was a brother Bardiya (i. e. Smerdis) by name possessing a common mother and the same father with Cambyses; afterwards
Cambyses slew that Bardiya; when Cambyses slew Bardiya, it was not known to the people that Bardiya was slain;2 afterwards Cambyses went to Egypt; when Cambyses went to Egypt, after that the people became hostile; after that there was Deceit to a great extent in the provinces, both in Persia and in
Media and in the other provinces.




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