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Me VS mr. Xerxes(the king of persia)

This is conversation me and mr. Xerxes (he is king persia)

Mr Xerxes say : "hi little Boy. who are u??"

I say : "i am leonidas and i will come to you".

mr Xerxes say : "for what you came to me??"

I say : "to take something that you say......"

mr Xerxes say : " you challenging me??"

I say : "yes....."

mr Xerxes say :"Do you not fear me?"

I say : " no, I'm not afraid of you. I was just afraid of something that
you say."

mr Xerxes say :"hahaha(mr Xerxes laugh and confused) hi little've lost Give it up ".

I say : "no, but you are losing, because you have not understood
what I wanted"

mr Xerxes say : "yes you're right, exactly what you want??, I've to
cut down your neck!.(mr. Xerxes angry)".

I say :"easy mr.Xerxes, I JUST WANT TO LEARN SPEAK

because it causes the Leonidas (me) and Xerxes did not fight, and they live in harmony,mutual respect and peace.




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