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Does technology development good for us?

When the technology developing, there must be both advantage and disadvantage to us. But when time goes by , we can find that the good part take to us are far more than the bad part . So I think it's perfect if we can do the balance of that . And if not I still choose the development . Only with the developed technology ,can our world become better.
It's easy to see , technology around our life. We can't live without that. The refrigerator,TV,air-conditional,these are the essensial equipment in our daily life . We use that construction almost everyday. Not mention the electric things in kitchen. They are all the development of technology. Without them what do we do after our dinner, and how to cook our dinner?
With the development of technology, we can see the power of our countries,16th June 2012, China's Shenzhou-9 manned spacecraft are going to start there space travel.We all know it's the big step for us and the big step for our technology.
But someone stand on the other side. I think what they considered just the environment problem will exist side by side. There we should not ignore. Because the fast of the technology development, as the same time we can see green house effect , water pollution, air pollution. These things we must find a way.
From above I agree with the one who think technology development are sometimes bad for our life . But I know the technology is too important to us .It's impossible to do not use any technology . I can't live without it. But I still want our plaint we lived in are hearth too . So It's good to find a balance.




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