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Why I cannot teach my friend Chinese

One of my friends, recently married a Chinese girl named Na. I had tried many times to teach him Chinese. Sometimes, I taught him some inappropriate things to say.

One day, long time ago, we were sitting in a Chinese restaurant, and I ordered my favorite tofu dish. I wanted to eat it all, and then Na was eatting some, and she was like "hehe, Kelly, I am eating your tofu" and then I said fairly loudly, "NA! 不要吃我的豆腐!!!" so then she was laughing, and my friend was looking at us dumbfounded, so I taught him what it means to eat tofu.

So anyways, this is one of his favorite things to say now. This weekend, I got to see his wedding his wedding vow, he promised to love his wife forever and promised that he would always eat his tofu. He first said the vow in English, and I guess I wasn't listening, and then he repeated again in Chinese "吃豆“ and that got me listening, and that was what the Chinese subtitles said on his video too....His wife blames me for this now.

I was also sitting with the master from our kungfu school, and he said he didn't think he heard that right, but had to look at the subtitles to make sure that he did (he also didn't like that I wore a shirt promoting a 白酒 company to class).

This has me very worried now, because I was teaching him how grammar works in Chinese, and my example sentence was "我真的喜欢我的女朋友的 大咪咪“ and....well, he didn't learn anything about grammar, but he did learn to say the sentence well, as my coworkers said he was saying that to them :)




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