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Salve! (Latine)


Salve. Meum nomen est Storm. Ego sum XVI annorum. Loquor Iaponica, Turcica et Anglis. Ego sum Latinam. Ego Americam viveo.
Bene obviam vobis.




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    Salve. Meum Mihi nomen est Storm (you have to use here dativus possesivus - that is "I have name Storm"). Ego XVI (sedecim) annorum natus sum (you can omit the word "sum" here, but "natus" must be). Iaponice, Turcice et Anglice loquor sum Latinamque disco. (I don't understand what do you mean here. That you learn Latin? If so, it should be like that). Ego in Civitate Foederata Americae Americam viveo habito.
    Bene obviam vobis (?)

    If you want to say goodbye, you can say "Vale/ (pl) Valete", but if you want to thank for something "Gratias tibi / (pl) vobis ago".


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