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#1. Ego māter mea amō (I love my Mother)

Salvete! Suntne hæ sententiæ rēcta?

Lātōna: Ego māter mea amō. Diāna, amāsne māter tua?

Diāna: Amō. Lātōna, amās pater tuus?

Lātōna: Amō. Galba non amat pater eius. Is est nauta malus!

Diāna: haha

Gratias vobis ago!




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    #1. Ego mātrem meam amō (I love my Mother)

    Salvete! Suntne hæ sententiæ rēcta rēctē scriptae?

    Lātōna: Ego māter mea matrem meam  (amo + acc) amō. Diāna, amāsne māter tua matrem tuam?

    Diāna: Amō  (The question here is if someone loves another person or not, so the answer should be "yes" or "no") Ita est. Lātōna, amāsne pater tuus patrem tuum?

    Lātōna: Amō Ita est. Galba eius patrem non amat pater eius (usually genetivus is before the word to which is connected), Is qui nauta malus est!

    Diāna: hahae

    Gratias vobis ago!



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