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The Make up Kiss.

My Daddy and I had a little fight.

He was trying to comb me with, "The Furminator" it was nice and I was purring, but then he must have hit a bone or pulled my fur, because it hurt me and I clawed him to ask him to stop doing it!!

He said, "**** off!!" and instinctively pushed me away, I hit the corner of the wall, and let out a hiss, so he knew I was upset!!!

He put the furminator down, and stroked me, his hand bleeding, I felt bad.

"I'm sorry darlin', did I hurt you???" he said to me.

I ran away because I didn't know what else to do.

Moments later I went to see him, he was washing his cuts that I'd inflicted, I felt very bad.

Miiiooww, sorry Daddy!!

I was so happy when he said, "Hello darlin'!" like nothing had happened, and he lifted me so high to cuddle me, I couldn't help but purr in his safe and strong arms.

We're best friends! He even gave me some fishy dental bites as a treat, he knows I love them!!! Purrr purrrr..




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