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nya dia

What is different from "Apa kabarnya"to "Apa kabar dia"?




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    nya dia

    What is different from "Apa kabarnya"to "Apa kabar dia"?



    Your question is about "-nya" and "dia" which is pronoun in Bahasa and what's its meaning in greeting such as "Apa kabarnya?" and "Apa kabar dia?".
    I will explain it in two part, here we go:
    First, "-nya" and "dia" as pronoun.

    In Bahasa, both of them is used as pronoun. Which "dia" as subject pronoun that can be mean as she/he (there's no particular pronoun to refer male or female subject). While "-nya" refers to both personal and possesive pronoun.

    For example: "-nya" as personal pronoun:

    In English: His parent happines is the only purpose of him.

    In Bahasa: Kebahagiaan orangtuanya merupakan tujuan utama hidupnya.


    Last, What's the meaning of it in question such as "Apa kabarnya?" and "Apa kabar dia?".

    In Bahasa, "Apa kabarnya" is usually use as greeting (informal), in English just like, "What's up?". In formal greeting we just say, "Apa kabar?" (without -nya). 

    In the other hand, "Apa kabar dia?" is use for asking condition of someone. In English like, "What's about James?", "How's James?" (CMIMW). 


    The pressure point in learning Bahasa, you have to know which is the formal and informal. The informal way usually use for conversation.

    Is my explanation clear enough for you? Thank you for reading.

    nya dia

    What is different from "Apa kabarnya"to "Apa kabar dia"?


    "Apa kabarnya" it has similar meaning with "Apa kabar dia" BUT "Apa kabarnya" is incorrect grammatically.


    When you want to know your friends or someone's condition or you want to greet you can say "Apa kabarmu". But if want to know the condition of someone by others you can say "Apa kabar dia"

    See the following dialog:

    Rina:(Saya bertemu Susan kemarin) I met Susan yesterday

    Won:(Apa kabar Susan/apa kabar dia) How is she?/is she okay?

           you can change susan with dia.


    I hope you can understand know..hope it helpful.


    "apa kabarnya?" same like "how are you?"


    "apa kabar dia?" is the question when you want to know someone's is he/she?


    What is different from "Apa kabarnya"to "Apa kabar dia"?

    apa kabarnya is the simple word. but sometimes it used to ask with friend. Apa kabarnya is similar with apa kabarmu? or apa kabar kamu? it means how are you?


    apa kabar dia? it means how is she/he?


    that's great:)

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