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What is CELTA? (for teachers) #1


CELTA - Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages

Basically, it is a certificate that allows you to teach English all over the world.

Things to remember before taking CELTA
- if English isn't your native language, you DO have to know it really well. I'm not saying perfectly, but well enough to communicate fluently on various topics.
- you WILL have to teach, which means that if you terrified of standing in front of an audience, you shouldn't take CELTA
- you WILL be criticized and told what to do (in a very nice way, but still). Just be ready for that.
- CELTA IS recognized all over the world. There are few alternatives to CELTA (you can google them), but I have to say that if you have CELTA you will most likely get the job. I'm not sure about other certificates.
- CELTA will teach you how to use the communicative approach in teaching English. If you are already an English teacher, think that YOUR method is the best and DON'T want to change your mind, well, then don't waste your time and money. The creators and tutors of CELTA are professionals. They have been doing it for ages. They do researches and test new methods and techniques and they will probably (no offense) know better than you. Be open to new ideas, ready for new discoveries and you will have one of the best experiences in your life.

Who can take CELTA?
A native English speaker or a non-native one with fluent English.
You don't have to have experience in teaching English. You don't need to have a university or college degree; high school will be enough.
You do need to complete an application form and have a Skype interview with one of the tutors. If you've passed both, you are accepted.
It is possible that you won't get accepted. Money doesn't open all the doors.

Where to take CELTA?
My advice is in any British Council (BC) or International House (IH) school. They will definitely be authorized to give the course.
If you choose to do CELTA in an IH school, you might as well get a job with them after the course. However, do ask them about this opportunity before taking the course.
BC, on the other hand, hardly ever employs inexperienced teachers. Moreover, if you aren't a native English speaker, to work for BC you need IELTS band 9.
There are other schools that provide CELTA training, but I don't know much about them. Therefore, not going to make things up.
(to be continued)




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