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What is CELTA? (for teachers) #2


When to take CELTA?
When you have time and money :)

Firstly, it is an intensive course (4 weeks, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day - full-time course) and it will be better for you if you only study during this time. Make sure that you don't need to worry about anything but the course and I promise you will enjoy it a lot. There are also a part-time and an online options available. I wouldn't recommend them because full-time CELTA is an awesome experience (especially if you go abroad) of meeting new people, living and studying together.

Secondly, CELTA course is quite expensive, but 100% worth it. The tutors you meet are real professionals and they love what they do. The information you get about English Language Teaching (ELT) is very well explained in an enjoyable way. CELTA is definitely a valuable investment if you want to become an English teacher. However, you should bear in mind that price varies from country to country and school to school. So, do research, if you have limited assets (IH Kiev was the cheapest in 2010).

How is CELTA assessed?
You have to teach 8 lessons (you can fail 2 or 3), complete 4 assignments (you can fail 1) and attend most of the sessions. There is no exam at the end of the course. The grade you receive (pass A, pass B, pass or fail) will depend on your overall performance.

Is CELTA very difficult?
Yes and no.
It will be difficult if
- you are working at the same time
- you have personal problems
- you put everything to the last moment
- you aren't open to new ideas

It will be easy and enjoyable if
- you remember that you aren't on your own. Your tutors will be happy to help you
- have all your time for the course
- do everything on time
- listen to your tutors and do what they tell you
- do a bit of reading before the course (not necessary)
- take it easy and enjoy it

I think you should take CELTA if you want to become an international English teacher.
You should do it outside your city/country. That way not only will you have all your time for studying but will also combine studying and holiday :) Therefore, enjoy it even more. You will also be away from your family, friends, partners etc and won't need to worry about their problems.
You should not be afraid of standing and talking in front of people. Many people are, but get used to it eventually.

Good luck!




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