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First notebook entry: Introducing myself

kapla! ghojmoH jIH Klingon DaH!




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    kapla! ghojmoH jIH Klingon DaH!


    First off: Enough with the Qapla's. Klingons do not greet.

    Secondly: Adverbs come at the beginning of the sentance(with a few exceptions)

    Thirdly:klingon needs to be at the beggining of the sentance, since klingon follows a object-verb-subject word order, and the klingon word for the klingon language is "tlhIngan Hol"

    Fourthly: Since i'm assuming you want to say "i teach myself" instead of "i am learning", JIH needs to be the indirect object of the verb, becoming jIHvaD

    Fifthly: ghojmoH needs a subject. Add the vI- prefix to indicate first person subject and third person objec and you get vIghojmoH

    Lastly: I assume you're not done, add -taH to indicate that (you can use -lI' if you have a defined ending point)


    "DaH jIHvaD tlhIngan Hol vIghojmoHtaH"


    Klingon has wildly different grammar, you need to look into it if you want your sentances to make sense


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