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Thank you my teachers on Italki.

When I had my first class on Italki I was nervous. I was nervous I wouldn't have any friends. I wasn't sure I could find the place I wasn't sure about my knowledge of English. I didn't know what to expect and it made me uncomfortable. I was however pleasantly surprised. That time when you asked me to tell something about myself I did. But I did that in a simple words and when conversation turned out to be harder I couldn't tell anything but simple "yes" or "no". That what I was taught during all of those days at my school. It's almost like the memories introduction we all have and pull our first day at school when teacher asked you to introduce yourself:
Hi, my name is Malik. I'm twelve years old and I study English.
It wasn't complicated to say but my teacher told me I should say much more. How on earth I could tell something's even about me written on a few pages? There’s no way... Well it's so easy to do now...
First I want to say thank you guys who helped me by answering my questions here explaining me of grammar and idioms. And thank you my teachers who taught me immediately.
Thank you Josh I had my first class and who'd I thought been drunk. Sorry.
Thank you Tacha from California who freaked me out by telling me I should learn much more words speak English fluently.
Thank you Rachie from Iowa, friend of mine on the Facebook.
Thank you Amy from Lancaster, England we had class only once but I know she’s professional teacher who can explain any things of studying English. With a nice British accent.
Thank you, Danielle from Michigan. Who has a beautiful voice but not talking a lot during our lessons.
Thank you Ms. Helmer from Indiana my best friend on Italki. Having a big life experience you can talk about everything and being a nice person you've a lot of friends around the world. I really appreciate you.
Thank you guys from Philippines where I’m now. You’re guys awesome.
Thank you rest of you we had only trial sessions.
Thank you guys who create this site. Keep working.

Hi, my name is Malik. I’m twenty seven years old and I can speak English as so much better…



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