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Sentence Construction Practice

I appreciate everyone's feedback but this is primarily for my excellent Dutch tutor Roderik so please keep in mind that our focus is currently on sentence construction and not spelling. However, like I said, all feedback is very much appreciated!

Ik heb ietz eten. - I have something to eat

Ik vil ietz eten. - I want something to eat.

Ik heb nietz doen. I have nothing to do.

Wat wilt ew eten? - What do you want to eat?

Ik gaa thuis blijven omdat Ik nietz heb doen. - I am going to stay at home because I have nothing to do.

Ik ben heel moe want ik ben de Nederlands leren. - I am very tired because I have been learning Dutch.

Hoe gaat het met je. - How are you?

Wanneer wilt u eten? - When do you want to eat?

Wilt u ook eten? - Do you want to eat also?

Ik wil het kopen maar het is heel duur. - I want to buy it but it is very expensive.

Ik zou hou van je maar ik ben heel moe. - I would love you but I am very tired. ;-) (for my husband) haha

Thanks for the feedback! - Chris




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